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  1. Spinoff: Animals you eat
  2. Has anyone bought these boots before?
  3. PSA: get your will, power of attorney, health representation agreements in order!
  4. .
  5. .
  6. Things You DO Like About New Format ~
  7. Looters! What should be done?
  8. On Oncologists and Bone Marrow Biopsies (long, vent)
  9. COTHers Advice
  10. Cardio-type exercise literally scares me
  11. How much is your privacy worth?
  12. Resumes
  13. Dyson vs. Shark
  14. Best COOL memory foam topper for bed?
  15. Benghazi... no response?
  16. Just a vent- Why is it so hard to get help?
  17. Am I a wimp? Because I don't think that I will ever have another mamogram!
  18. Michael ‘Heckuva Job’ Brown asks why Obama responded ‘so quickly’ to Sandy
  19. H. Sandy animal rescues. Any info?
  20. Anyone else a fan of Homeland?
  21. It's cool to show our genitals at Evergreen State College
  22. I don't like this crown: anyone else have this problem?
  23. Anyone ever had this problem with BC?
  24. Quinceanera celebration, what do expect
  25. Katrina vs Sandy
  26. Dr Who Fans--Wanna Talk? HighFlyingBey?
  27. How to find sitters when your kid is a monster.
  28. Sort-of Spinoff: Possibly Transgender Child (extended family)
  29. iWeb or similar program?
  30. My dad died yesterday.
  31. Sandy ate my garage roof
  32. Has anyone ever quit using antiperspirant/deoderant?
  33. no more red... but....
  34. Spinoff from Kitchen Counter Remodel -- Sprucing up a Very Old Kitchen
  35. Your workout routine and its benefits...
  36. Cell Phone - broken crystal -- can it be replaced?
  37. Child custody, does he have a chance at all? If he even goes through with it.
  38. Spin Off: What are your staple kitchen ingredients?
  39. Care to share pics of your house/pictures/decor....
  40. Securing a loan when you have not bought the house yet
  41. so why did I get a bad notification when I spoke about health care
  42. I did it !
  43. Are all professional horse women emasculating to significant others?
  44. Icky icky cycles
  45. Should NYC Marathon be canceled or postponed?
  46. Joint Supplements for People? Anyone take?
  47. Where have you traveled too?
  48. Health Insurance Huh?
  49. Mr. Burns Endorses Romney
  50. Honey Boo Boo endorses Obama
  51. Things that make your problems seem insignificant
  52. Ouchy eyeball - what gives? CoTH docs -
  53. Can I vent about my dead (as of 6 weeks ago) friend's husband?
  54. Why does this bother me so much?
  55. Joss Whedon endorses Romney
  56. Tombstones in old graveyards
  57. SANDY. Help please
  58. Waterproof Mascara on tan carpet
  59. Makeup
  61. What's up with the new ads?
  62. Fibroids anyone? I want to rip my uterus out!
  63. Okay COTHers, how did I injure my knee bending down? Surgery update page 3
  64. my clutter is more interesting than your clutter
  65. Temperature in your house?
  66. Huge accomplishment "Action Trak Chair' for disabled long but worth read
  67. New emoticon freaks me out
  68. we put our golden retriver down a week ago thursday.
  69. thumbs up/down too many hurt feelings?
  70. Anyone Else Doing Project Feederwatch this Year?
  71. Working Internationally??
  72. Things I never thought would be "me-time" pre-children
  73. Anonymous Poll! Vote here!
  74. Hurray for Nordstrom, taking a stand!
  75. Sick Of Not Feeling Well! Do you always ride when your sick?
  76. I am a grandma.
  77. Hurricane Sandy Lost Pets...please share!
  78. Malibu Country, anyone? Maybe the sleeper comedy for the season?
  79. would you buy property with a graveyard?
  80. Guest ranches "out west"..... Recommendations?
  81. My Beans :(
  82. Event suggestions for first December weekend (1-2)?
  83. Best ways to promote new business
  84. Best Army Posts Assignments?
  85. Hurricane Sandy and the TV show Revolution
  86. Coffee Lovers- are you a Starbucks or Dunkin Person?
  87. Plants moved indoors
  88. Keurig Machines
  89. Swelling after cast removal.
  90. I wish OT could stay
  91. War Dogs
  92. Any "Duck Dynasty" fans here?
  93. Speaking of genitalia
  94. Hilarious Ads :)
  95. Vent-I can't stand my brother! He's an idiot!
  96. Useful items that have been discontinued or are hard to find- that you love
  97. Are you a candidate for TLC's what not to wear?
  98. Michelle Obama just drove by my house!!
  99. Favorite websites that gobble up your free time
  100. OK, SPA vacations! Thai massage, fruit, bells, yoga, meditations, riding would be a
  101. I love my husband but OH MY GOD, he needs to stop "cleaning"!
  102. Looking for hat display hooks- need help.
  103. Time Change and Resetting Alarm Clock
  104. first prescription eyeglass question
  105. Cleaning stains off glass
  106. Permanent sterilization options (Essure vs. tubal vs. other)
  107. What to expect from a 56 year old physical exam?
  108. Florida at Xmas
  109. Software "update" on Ohio voting machines
  110. Election Day...riots if Obama loses??? REALLY??
  111. Who loves haunted houses and which ones are your favorite?
  112. Why some people are jobless
  113. ID and voting
  114. "Secretive" parents when it comes to hospitalization/medical
  115. Who can get to diaster victims first? Backpacker in London or FEMA? Game on!
  116. Explain the Electoral College System to me
  117. New Computer?
  118. Lasiks Vision Correction
  119. Would you? Really??
  120. Besides sending money, is there anything we can do for the people affected by Sandy?
  121. Best/device to download and listen to audiobooks?
  122. Obamacare...or: Why I Went Three Weeks with an Unrepaired Broken Wrist
  123. Best relatively inexpensive video camera that uploads "idiot proof" to YouTube?
  124. Speak to me of cel phones with unlimited, no-contract plans.
  125. Rush Limbaugh News or entertainment( Howard Stern )shock jock ?
  126. Who does the cooking in your household? Can or will your dh/so cook?
  127. Any Only Children out there who cannot tolerate SO/DH's siblings?
  128. Dr. Ellie's Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye
  129. Turnips. What to do with 'em?
  130. Anyone else put up Dickens Villages at Christmas?
  131. Gas in NJ: How bad is it where you are?
  132. Advice for getting through a break up
  133. The Walking Dead!!
  134. Why can't I have 2+ debit cards?
  135. My Adventures with Equitrekking!
  136. How to Clean Silver Salt and Pepper Shakers
  137. ok, let's fix the health care system here in the states. what is your idea?
  138. Difficulties with necklace clasps
  139. Ideas to get more clients in my business?
  140. UGH - dropped my Nokia Lumia 900 in the toilet....is it worth fixing?
  141. Today's Cakes.........with a warning: No drinks when viewing.
  142. Friend possibly in abusive situation
  143. OK, please help me keep my house clean and organized, before this Mama goes crazy!
  144. Tragedy - how to set up a charitable fund for family with special needs?
  145. Career track: what you're doing vs. what you thought you'd be doing
  146. Identify this Belgian chocolate
  147. Horsie Homemade Christmas Ornaments
  148. Political Discussion - I have to give everyone here some credit
  149. giving the stink eye to a piece of Tilapia
  151. Just a whine
  152. Is it still appropriate to send a simple thank you card after a job interview?
  153. Downton Abbey Season Three?! (Spoilers, yo.)
  154. Do You Keep Your House Clean?
  155. Perfect Credit but Minimal Net Income, Can't Get a Home Loan. Suggestions?
  156. Dealing with self pity - lonely and far from 'home'
  157. pregnant, not even halfway, feet starting to swell, help!
  158. Family Friend got bankrupted by her kids but now needs assisted living. Need ideas.
  159. Anyone have a Morton's neuroma?
  160. Anyone else notice Roseanne Barr is on the ballot for president?
  161. If someone is on disability....
  162. It wouldn't be Off Topic Day with out the is my spouse cheating thread right??
  163. Peeps fans--a wedding cake for you
  164. Job-haters unite! (possibly just a vent, but feel free to join in)
  165. Reflections of Widowhood (aka, what loosing my husband has taught me)
  166. When your best work friend is gone without notice
  167. Anyone else LIKE it when it gets dark early??
  168. It's the most wonderful day of the year!
  169. NY Democrats--vote Working Families!
  170. I can't vote! :-(
  171. Can you vote in a county you aren't registered in?
  172. Getting "bad" notifications
  173. Best chainsaw for women ?
  174. Dropping off cats -- Happy update post 8
  175. Voting Question - Is This Legal?
  176. Starting Them Young
  177. Getting out a blood stain...
  178. Problems Voting Today?
  179. Procrastinators, UNITE! Tomorrow....
  180. Saving for college- what worked for you? What strategies do you have.
  181. Animal Agriculture, Slaughter, and Misinformation
  182. Which is correct -- "any more" or "anymore"?
  183. How do I help DH when he doesn't seem to want help?
  184. Migraines?
  185. Living in a small town. Wow!
  186. Anyone else addicted to true crime books?
  187. Who has an Android phone?
  188. Creative ways to wrap cash- xmas presents
  189. Freebird's post has me thinking- what should I know about life insurance?
  190. Vote, dammit! Or: A Rant.
  191. if you haven't voted yet, don't worry about it - your independence has been revoked
  192. Failure to show gratitude
  193. Just stood in line for almost 5 hours to vote!
  194. Lateral Moves in employment
  195. Concealed carry permits
  196. My dad has cancer :(
  197. Tailbone injury/sensitive-graphic warning
  198. My DH Is Now A Crazy Cat Man...Prepare To Pee Yourself
  199. what number of people do you think lie to poll takers, esp exit polls
  200. Why don't Cother's put their general location or state in their profile?
  201. Funny election story
  202. N/M
  203. Crying for your momma sick..been there?
  204. Election has been called - President Obama has the re-election
  205. Obama 2012
  206. Colorado Amendment 64
  207. Les Miserables... the movie?
  208. Way to go Maryland!
  209. Mourdock and Todd Akin Lose
  210. We need a new political party....
  211. Red/Blue, Repub/Dem, GOP, & other non-Canadian terms!
  212. What Do We Do to Continue to Make This Country Better? NO WHINING. ONLY Solutions.
  213. I really really really wish I could make this face
  214. i'm worried about post off topic withdrawal already--addictive behaviour?
  215. How many of you are physicians and what are your thoughts on Obamacare?
  216. How to get dried blood out of carpet?
  217. Ways to Pay Mortgage off early
  218. My election night revelation:
  219. Weird blister/rash?
  220. Tell me again why my vote was so important..
  221. Looks like I need a new "home" computer/laptop - any suggestions??
  222. Have to read Extreme Mustang Makeover on COTH
  223. Why vote for a third party candidate?
  224. How do you not let something annoy you? Recent Update....
  225. SO with kid....experiences?
  226. Unnecessary procedures, WWYD?
  227. For All You Dog Rescue People....
  228. Hey medical smarties! - Joint injections
  229. Is Anyone Else Unable to Send PMs ?
  230. First vacation in three years...and my brother dies on the first day.
  231. Sardines??
  232. Can someone talk to me about brain hernias?
  233. Person hiding from me on FB -- how is that done? -- election aftermath story
  234. TV and holiday meals
  235. Deadbeat voters
  236. What is your small business?
  237. Best way to learn HTML?
  238. Netflix is it worth the $
  239. Is This Even Possible?
  240. Trump!?!
  241. Why would YouTube not be working on my computer?
  242. Spinoff: Food Stamps and Horses
  243. House/Apt Shopping -- Advice Needed
  244. Now that the election is over, how about some laughs
  245. Using chalk paint or milk paint on furniture
  246. Obscure OT Day Random Questions Thread
  247. What Sandy started - even horse related (to Equine Affaire...)
  248. Background checks for employment--Anyone familiar with them?
  249. Need self-help book recommendation for teens
  250. Gas stove (and landlord) driving me crazy. Help?