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  1. Owner Paragallo indicted on animal cruelty charges
  2. Going to Kentucky this month...
  3. Kessem Power (NZ)--California stallion
  4. Drilling for Oil, stolen and butchered
  5. Layover stall needed for Saturday night in Lexington
  6. Racehorse to Riding horse
  7. Trying to find Enchanted Hemp (at stud)
  8. And now for something completely different...
  9. Confused. Snake Venom...Legal or Illegal
  10. REtraining the ex-racehorse....TIPS PLZ!
  11. The Hambletonian
  12. What were you doing when....Secretariat won the TC
  13. Some Retired NH Greats Having A Day Out
  14. Rachel!
  15. Anyone Have a Cage Bit collecting dust?
  16. Racing Horse Leg Care
  17. Cross post from Sport horse breeding...I need her papers! Michael Gill wont give!
  18. Saratoga Sales
  19. Goldinrunner (2003 Michigan horse of the year)
  20. US stallion butchered in Peru
  21. RA and Zenyatta...Match Race?
  22. New After Racing Rehab/Rehome - Minnesota
  23. Tell me about the life of the backstretch workers
  24. the jockeys series to begin next week
  25. FEI bans Sheik Mo
  26. Question asked in complete seriousness
  27. Mr. Fantasy
  28. Questions about Lead Changes during a race
  29. Charlestown
  30. visiting Saratoga
  31. HOw to find out history on OTTB's
  32. Question for Uncompetetive Race HOrse Owners
  33. A grey won at Newmarket
  34. Info on horse Man o' Storm grey gelding
  35. Charles Town training centers
  36. Tattoo Research Please?!
  37. The Tin Man
  38. Old Fashioned - Like Father, Like Son
  39. can you change a TBs Name?
  40. Run down patches?
  41. Throat surgery for MTB
  42. “VICAR HANOVER” and “LITTLE BROWN JUG 1964” cup
  43. Ohio VLTs.......any idea how much $$ will actually go to the race tracks?
  44. Sweet Running Filly
  45. Thoroughbred Trainers
  46. Arroyo can kiss his career Adios!
  47. $900 a good price to remove a chip fracture?
  48. Could this be my trotters stifles?
  49. Big Brown under saddle again!
  50. Donating to CANTER
  51. Entrapped Epiglottis -surgery? Outcomes?
  52. Saratoga TB's??
  53. Record breaking sales at Deauville, France
  54. Dick Hertz or someone? Question on fees in PA
  55. U.S. Steeplechase Championship Day (Oct 17th) NJ/VA
  56. Contact Info for Trainer @ Hoosier
  57. Meet Dates?
  58. 1st Female elected to the Hall of fame.
  59. Seabiscuit/ rich in Dallas?
  60. COTH Day at the Races?
  61. US racehorse Drilling For Oil found butchered in Peru - Equestrian news, equine news,
  62. Race historians: 20's & 30's race scene
  63. Tattoo Research
  64. How much did he make in the movie?
  65. Claims races?
  66. whips! (help a h/j person)
  67. Silly Question?
  68. *6* horse photo finish
  69. NYTimes not covering horse racing?
  70. Why do horses have tattoos?
  71. MD/PA TB breeders, help, what's his breeding??? Shot in the dark!
  72. How long are win photos kept?
  73. deleted
  74. What do we do with them all? A euthanasia debate
  75. Rock Hard Ten
  76. Yesterday's Daily News
  77. England And Ireland's Racing Bonus
  78. Aggie Southpaw pics?
  79. Rider at Del Park needs thoughts and prayers
  80. osselets
  81. Best: Hind Suspensory Support & Ice Boot?
  82. Old Friends Fans
  83. Nicking experts - please explain this to me
  84. Majesty's Prince - gone at 30
  85. Conformation video w/Michael Matz, etc.
  86. Travers entries
  87. Dynaformer questions
  88. Synthetic surface study (CA): higher fatalities
  89. Birdstone's Stud Fee
  90. "Headless Horsemen"
  91. Jockey Club # look up
  92. Quality Road's Pedigree
  93. Two 'dead' horses are found alive
  94. MTB: Smith off, Borel back on
  95. Free at last!
  96. Photo of Roanoke needed
  97. cant read clearly tattoo
  98. Assistant Trainer?
  99. Kelso Jockey Milo Valenzuela Dies
  100. Historical Race Charts
  101. anyone at Presque Isle?
  102. We need more owners and breeder's to step up
  103. Standardbreds: After their racing days are over, what next?
  104. need some research help
  105. Sea the Stars... news, replays, discussion thread... RETIRED
  106. Shadow Rolls
  107. Two Apprentice Jockey's Killed Today In England- From Fire
  108. Racing on a green osselet?
  109. it's Rachel the champion!
  110. Keeneland Sept. Sale
  111. Canter Horse Question - for those who have looked at or bought one in the past
  112. Pac Classic
  113. Need help w/good racing music for freestyle
  114. How often can horse's names be reused?
  115. Jockeys TV Show - Yeay or Neigh?
  116. Very sad. Todo K broke down in the last race of the season at Saratoga.
  117. John Henry and Me
  118. Just read Da'Tara did not finish Woodward
  119. The Girls Just Keep Winning
  120. Gone West Euthanized
  121. Mine That Bird leads All American Futurity PP..
  122. Question re. Derby
  123. Older Exracer?
  124. Anyone know anything about the horse Dubai Landing from Charlestown?
  125. looking for some help...
  126. OTTB in Florida
  127. Grindstone moving to Oregon!
  128. Ring Bit
  129. Need help w/tattoo id.
  130. Do you know this TB mare?
  131. Buy Rachel Alexandra stuff
  132. Is PedigreeQuery.Com Broken?
  133. Mine That Bird! Photo Heavy
  134. Well Armed in TX - Anyone Connected?
  135. Interesting Note 3yo Filly vs. Older Males
  136. Can YOU read this tattoo?
  137. CoTH meet up at Int'l Gold Cup Oct 17?
  138. TB stallion Tri Jet by Jester - PHOTO?
  139. how to find old race videos?
  140. Would someone mind checking last race date?
  141. Racing tack and supplies
  142. Who's watching the Keeneland sale?
  143. Comments about OTTB pedigree?
  144. Racehorse Lugging out
  145. ESPN and horse race coverage
  146. Giants Causway for $5,000
  147. tat help
  148. Pimlico track?
  149. What's a "Ridgling?"
  150. Need help with a pedigree on a mare
  151. Californians--Silveyville and Variety Road
  152. How much consideration is given to the discipline or new career a retiring race horse
  153. Sales Tax on horses bought in KY
  154. looking for OTTBs near middle TN
  155. remember my grand reward colt that I gelded?
  156. Midshipman's return is today at Belmont
  157. SleepyFox, I want to see your horse this weekend in AL!
  158. Finding race replays
  159. blocking feet
  160. How is The Pamplemousse doing?
  161. Going out on a limb about a potential stallion
  162. Faugh-a-Ballagh, Australian hurdler, mid-1800s?
  163. race trainer craig cox?
  164. Bloodstock Agent as a career?
  165. quality but not xpensive vest
  166. 2009 Breeders' Cup schedule
  167. RIP El Prado...
  168. Charlestown track photographer-- is he OK?
  169. Another thread on TB pedigree
  170. Summer Squall Euthanized
  171. Visionaire? Where is he and what is he up to?
  172. Did anyone know Dawn Kemp from MD/Va racing?
  173. Meeting clients at sales?!?
  174. Was Spooky Mulder retired?
  175. Can anyone help me at Suffolk?
  176. And another one is gone
  177. Kona Gold gone !
  178. Farrier Info, please
  179. Hr it is...To everything there is a season
  180. Need Suspensory-related Advice from Racetrack Folks
  181. Can you claim your own horse?
  182. Kurtsystems "Equine Training System".. ever used it? (PHOTO)
  183. Milesian
  184. Steppenwolfer
  185. Bet Twice
  186. On the Cuff -what does it mean?
  187. I Want Revenge
  188. Notonthesamepage
  189. Tattoo Look Up?
  190. Chip Wooley
  191. Better Talk Now - RETIRED
  192. I vent because I feel sad and helpless
  193. PPE vet serving Penn National
  194. You don't see this every day...
  195. Paulick's Poll - KY Derby in Primetime ?
  196. Another TB on a broker lot- anyone recognize him?
  197. Can someone check out a TB's history for me please
  198. Kentucky Breeder Gary L. Cook
  199. Peeps that go to New Holland
  200. Just a few hours left for Calvin pictures
  201. Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe
  202. Close to Hawthorne, IL?
  203. Neat old footage of the 1965 Grand National
  204. Once on the 2009 Derby back again .. soon
  205. 50-70% race horses with IAD?
  206. neat video of Julie Crone...on a standardbred
  207. 2009 91st Jockey Club Gold Cup at Belmont - Oct 3rd
  208. Commentator - off to Old Friends!
  209. health certificate?
  210. Simon Barnes -- "Jockeys: small people saddled with big issues
  211. Santa Anita Training Track
  212. For the Penn folks
  213. Almutawakel - Info Wanted
  214. Cool old win photo from Laurel
  215. Hawthorne Vet
  216. Nice video
  217. "My" Filly is a Race Horse No More, She's Coming Home!
  218. Chickens as pets for horses?
  219. Tell Me About This Place
  220. The impending Breeder's Cup
  221. Keeneland Fall Meet - starts Friday
  222. The One And Only George Washington Getting Ready For The Ring
  223. Anyone from MD Racing remember P Day?
  224. War Relic has a FEMALE twice in lineage
  225. This weekend's races
  226. a rather provocative post about TBs and the recession
  227. Stupid Question re: Sea the Stars
  228. Encouraging start to Lexington Selected Sale
  229. Your racing "bucket list"?
  230. OMG! Kona! My heart is broken. (Personal tribute/grieving)
  231. DRF historical archive
  232. SportforceLLC? Any thoughts?
  233. Watch Mine That Bird on TV
  234. Anyone have good photos from Churchill Downs?
  235. Tattoo Lookup
  236. cooling liniment- best on
  237. Looking for Eager Lover
  238. What is the best on-line betting place?
  239. MTB to contest BCC w/ Borel
  240. 57yo jock wins Velka Pardubicka
  241. Do you know Kip Eicer?
  242. Question about the Ocala sale going on now
  243. Anyone at Zia Park?
  244. Race 2 at MNR on Tuesday 10/13
  245. Standardbred
  246. Breeders Cup
  247. Memorable Oaks wins?
  248. RIP Inglis Drever
  249. Old Friends
  250. Hoosier Park Paddock Sale CANCELED