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  1. Efficacy of / experience w/ tie forward?
  2. Contact for trainer Jim Fergason at Portland Meadows?
  3. Dvinsky on Twitter
  4. Chief Bearheart dies at 19
  5. Front Page NYT Article on Drugging
  6. TB's are weedy with little substance
  7. Color/dilutes TBs - any racing success?
  8. Racing Japan and Broad Brush mares
  9. Contact Info for John Terranova?
  10. Our Revival
  11. Murray Rojas contact?
  12. Chasing: Long-shot win in (G1-NSA) Lonesome Glory
  13. What's a fair price to pay for this 8 year old racehorse? UPDATE: ARRIVED IN NEW HOME
  14. Palm Meadows housing help!
  15. Miracle at Hoosier Horse Park
  16. San Pail to Hall of Fame
  17. Reverse look up?
  18. Old Racing Photos
  19. Retired horses needing homes?
  20. Anyone else see the Hansen's ad?
  21. Patriotic Passion any info?
  22. need contact for Double Deez Stables at Laurel Park
  23. Keeneland, 6th Race Friday, My 1st Start as Trainer
  24. Dettori and Camelot... And Godolphin
  25. Looking for contact info for Donver Stables
  26. Rinka Das get ?
  27. closing argument tb question
  28. Economist article about racing moving to Asia
  29. Any reason to get a gelding's papers? And any way to do so?
  30. Alysheba halter
  31. DRF--Save Canadian Racing
  32. A question about times across the pond
  33. Big Brush, NCR at Fair Hill in 2002
  34. Standardbred orgs like 2nd Chance in CA
  35. Yesterdays Races
  36. The Arc, anyone?
  37. Laurel Park - deadheat for 1st and 3rd
  38. Anybody registered with Weatherbys?
  39. Track photographer @ Sunland?
  40. Robert Rivera, purchasing horse from
  41. Records/invoice managment - farm based, not track
  42. Churchill Downs buys Miss. casino
  43. Strut the Stage - Canadian stallion ?/ IRE ?
  44. Some help, please... When are TBs given a tattoo?
  45. Steeplechase pedigrees - Orphee des blins
  46. Hurry or you'll miss him!!
  47. Shipping Va. to Ky./Ky. to Va. -- 10/22-23. Need a lift??!
  48. Is there a chance of renewed hope for Ontario racing?
  49. Spin off from Orphee des Blins
  50. Where are Claimer of the Year awards listed?
  51. Repole refuses to send any BC starters
  52. Need info on Arctic Action/Vertexas Star son
  53. Okay Viney, wow me with some pearls
  54. 2012 Breeders Cup
  55. EHV-1 at Hawthorne, Northern IL
  56. Eventing Prospect Advice re: Gelding with Dynaformer and Blushing Groom
  57. Getting started in racehorse ownership...
  58. TB vs Stb adoptions
  59. Chantal retires today
  60. Another TB bloodline question
  61. Prime Timber?
  62. Dr. Bramlage on Musculoskeletal System
  63. Total number of Sadler's Wells foals?
  64. Barbara Livingston on Chad Brown
  65. Ancient History, info on Red Rum
  66. Dislpay
  67. Olds College Alberta Jockey Program
  68. Inside Nature's Giants: Really Interesting; a Little Gross
  69. Cauthen wins at Keeneland
  70. 2012 Breeders Crown........
  71. Breeder's Cup Traditions
  72. On "paper" should this mating produce the next "Strut the Stage"?
  73. From Furlongs to Fences
  74. Dreamfair Eternal retired..
  75. ESPN documentary tonight at 7PM. ESPN's E:60. Ernie Paragallo filly who raced.
  76. Anyone Else Looking Forward to the FT November Sale?
  77. Happy retirement, Kauto Star!!!
  78. Turf Track Records
  79. Have the JC papers but they're not signed
  80. Old Saratoga catalogs - who wants 'em? 1953 & 1955
  81. Question: Santa Anita's Main Track
  82. DRF down - anyone having any luck
  83. PSA!! I Found Live-Streaming For the BC Races!
  84. Montpelier Hunt Races tickets: anyone know?
  85. What Does "Rail at OFt" mean?
  86. Breeder's Cup apathy--anyone else with me?
  87. Trying to find exercise rider at NY, PA, DE tracks
  88. Transport - TB filly from Finger Lakes to Maryland
  89. Pix from Montpelier
  90. Havre de Grace Sells for $10,000,000.
  91. Melbourne Cup 2012!
  92. Havre de Grace Halter for Auction on Ebay to benefit retired racehorses!
  93. Any Hoosier Park Folks on here?
  94. Best websites to list breeding stock
  95. Did you see this? Ontario Track does a good deed!
  96. Accounting Question for Owner/Breeders
  97. Progeny Reports
  98. New orleans
  99. Freud
  100. Woodbine anyone?
  101. Zenyatta's little sis making her debut
  102. Summer Bird is sold to Japan
  103. Flashy Gray Sells for $775,000 at Keeneland
  104. Knee chip
  105. Finding pictures of my old OTTB?
  106. Michele Hubbs - Still Fork Farms
  107. Transport - Paris, KY to VA
  108. TB Bloodline Question
  109. Nancy or Thomas Thornton - contact information?
  110. Need Transport - Penn National to Raleigh area, NC
  111. WOW - talk about a win picture!! (And he's up for adoption!)
  112. Pony Horse Equipment Question
  113. TB Pedigree Question
  114. 2012 Grand National winner Neptune Collonges posts another win...
  115. ramon dominguez
  116. Update on the Tito Moreno Case
  117. Frank Angst's article on Salix at BC
  118. Rock Hard Ten is going to Korea
  119. Need a name for my filly ...
  120. Trainers in Florida to go to for OTTB prospects?
  121. US born jockey leading the money earned title?
  122. Shackleford goes out a Winner!
  123. Groupie Doll
  124. Looking for...
  125. Finding win photos?
  126. Christmas Chaser
  127. Tattoo help....again! TIA!
  128. Interesting article on racing silks in the DRF
  129. RIP Joseph Kelly
  130. Deer Delay at the Meadows
  131. Vitamin Jug
  132. Where to find orange blinkers cheap?
  133. tracks where many of the owners are listed as the trainer
  134. Fred Stone Limited Edition Secretariat & Limited Edition Barbaro Prints! Great Gifts!
  135. Equibase abbreviation question.
  136. Michael Phelps at Fair Hill
  137. Research on Changes in Breeding
  138. Affirmed, Alydar and their people - looking for anyone who knew them...
  139. Declan's Moon to RRTP 100 day challenge
  140. RIP Pulpit
  141. Demystifying My TB's Past
  142. Spinoff from SHBreeding thread -- how are your tb yearlings going under saddle?!
  143. Irish documentary on racing continues on course
  144. LIVE VIDEO NOW- Oklahoma TB sale
  145. Sprinter Sacre
  146. Best Name
  147. Questions about workout report
  148. Baffert and Laurel Park finally after 10,375 races ...
  149. cost of shipping by airplane
  150. Congrats to Mr. & Mrs. Julien Leparoux
  151. $250.00 filly to race for $100,100
  152. Free vintage racing magazines
  153. Lazy Lane Farms ("Hansel") owner Joe L. Allbritton passes away
  154. Toomanytomatoes
  155. Byarbelle
  156. Contact info for Michael Petro / Coming home stables in Florida?
  157. Is that a Ramsey 'kitten' at Sam Houston? No man, that's a cheetah!
  158. Rock Point
  159. what makes a blue hen mare?
  160. Aussie courts strike down challenge to AI
  161. Santa Anita's 71-day winter race meet to be aired on TVG
  162. Lava Man HRTV special
  163. Gold and Silver Trophies Stolen from the Harness Racing Museum
  164. Looking for a ride:Sellersburg, IN to Maryland
  165. Anyone Recognize This Horse Or Stables (from saddlecloth) Santa Is Galloping?
  166. I'm addicted!!
  167. Looking for a horse named Royal Twosome...possibly in Kentucky(?)
  168. Step Up?
  169. owner of "Misty..." who PMed me
  170. Contacts for Hawthorne? Anyone know a trainer named...
  171. Thoughts on Lentenor as a stallion prospect?
  172. Anyone remember Sly Diamond Jim from Finger Lakes?
  173. Godspeed, Lord Avie 1978 - 2012
  174. Pedigree comments??
  175. Looking for info on trainer located in LA
  176. January 1st
  177. Contact info for PJ Pain- rider out of Bowie
  178. conact/email for Jacks or Better (Fred Brei) farm FL?
  179. Looking for any information about Come on Liz, she raced at Fingerlakes Track 2010/11
  180. Another contact information request
  181. Thoughts on David Copperfield?
  182. Flashback: Jaklin Klugman at Saratoga
  183. Kissing Santa
  184. 2008 filly bred by Sid and Jenny Craig at Mike's Auction Mira Loma, CA-TONIGHT 1/5/13
  185. Class Performance Index
  186. crosspost :online auction to benefit tb's - an after racing care program
  187. Where are all the OTTBs?
  188. Bummer: Borel will be stuck at 4,999; updated 5k won!
  189. Does anyone know anything about this horse or her pedigree?
  190. Best place to start
  191. Gary Stevens - making a comeback
  192. Steve Austin Charles Town-Thoughts?
  193. Horse gets loose at Laurel 1/11/2013 - Details from USA Today
  194. NY Times Article- Necropsies Required at Aqueduct
  195. TB tattoo help?
  196. Trust The Artist Notches 50th Career Win
  197. Are there any PA trainers here, day rate question .
  198. Barbara Livingston DRF Photo Essay--In Memoriam 2012
  199. Steeplechase Times
  200. spinoff from the B. Livingston DRF photos
  201. Secret in Seattle
  202. Working Student/Intern in Racing land?
  203. Dominguez suffers fractured skull in spill at Aqueduct
  204. Eclipse Awards tonight
  205. Help wanted from Canadian trainers/breeders
  206. The Amazing Ortiz Brothers
  207. Would it be really odd
  208. Saucer Fracture- How can I help it heal?
  209. Market Quote (4yr) maiden victory - impressive at Santa Anita
  210. TX/OK Trainers?
  211. Stallion Restrictions (from STB land)
  212. Tracking down racehorses
  213. STARVING Thoroughbreds in Louisiana
  214. Do you know this horse?
  215. Key To The Mint?
  216. Exacta Betting
  217. 50,000th mount for Russell Baze (Fri Jan 25)
  218. Where to find retired steeplechasers?
  219. G1 Placed "Sam P" available for adoption through New Vocations
  220. Where is Borrego?
  221. Collateral Attack?
  222. Anyone know this horse?
  223. Racehorse paradise
  224. Mystery tattoo....
  225. Looking for layover recommendations southern SC or northern GA I95 corridor
  226. Betting at the Virginia Gold Cup
  227. More Stupid ?
  228. STB peeps - can you take a crack at a freeze brand?
  229. Irish Harness Racing on the road
  230. Racing/breeding in Libya
  232. Guideless Wonder 1941
  233. No Road to the Roses?
  234. Marquetry has died
  235. contact info for jeffrey whitesell?
  236. x
  237. Nvm - found what I needed
  238. Imperialism babies ?
  239. Visual of the phrase "Hold on"
  240. How do I find info on a tattooed TB
  241. Two horses die "within minutes of each other" at the Meadows harness track
  242. Brilliant idea from West Coast TB's
  244. 2013 Saratoga Meet - celebrating 150th Anniversary
  245. New Podcast with Ramon
  246. Mare that gave birth at Louisiana Downs in 2008 retired from racing
  247. Thought ya'll would enjoy this...
  248. Are lead ponies ever mares?
  249. I'm amazed!
  250. EDIT: Horse determined to be "Sintown", pedigree included. Anyone familiar?