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  1. me gone -- But not Miss G!
  2. Rollkur - Out; Zwangsjacke - In!
  3. Walter Zettl Speaks on Zwangsjacke
  4. Horses For Life - Rollkur Issue
  5. How can people train horses this way? It is abusive.
  6. Draw Reins???
  7. 11 videos of rollkur (new vids added/new riders)
  8. Need help with White Trash Dressage Class
  9. That long & deep article from Holland
  10. Anyone want to watch Anky's World Cup Kur ride online?
  11. horse doesnt like to bend through his left side
  12. *pics added to OP*an opinion from both sides of the warmblood vs arab discussion
  13. Is a Bit required for lower levels?
  14. U.S. Rollkur Riders
  15. Ultimatedressage.com - can you get in???
  16. Tying a horse for a long time
  17. CDI Lingen - results disprove theory
  18. Suzy has been found. She is being held ransom by the diabolical sinister e
  19. Best ever photo of extended trot!
  20. A flow on question from the extended trot thread
  21. Aunt Esther on White Gloves
  22. do you think dressage has improved/changed/declined in the last 30+ years? pics
  23. Can a dressage horse live on pasture board?
  24. Aunt Esther on Non-Warmbloods in Dressage
  25. Rollkur--A Picture is worth a thousand words
  26. Video of WEG2006 -- Was Anky's ride really the best?
  27. Why can't my horse do grand prix?
  28. Stardoozer, Olivier and Sadie (the dog) are going to Germany
  29. DVCTA - DaD Parting Ways?
  30. Silverwood Farm/Art Deco?
  31. Salinero and the Police
  32. The Cover of "Ride!" Mag. in CA--Oh My! Is this Mr. Johnson's Bird's Eye View of Dre
  33. Anyone heard of Craig P Stevens, Wa?
  34. Choo-Choo!!!!
  35. My Thoughts on the 2006 GDF
  36. who was the 5 year old mare in the Cesar Parra clinic @ Equine Affaire yesterday?
  37. Incredible incredible horse
  38. Code of Conduct Problems in the Dressage Team?
  39. how many admired old trainers were in the Hitler's Youth?
  40. Feeling awful...horse flipped over in side reins
  41. The "I have no business doing dressage clique"
  42. Are you always that friendly
  43. American Riding Instructors Association
  44. Speaking of critiqueing a "tube" vid
  45. Clinic hell
  46. Watch & listen to this lovely rider!
  47. Please, oh please, tell me to mind my own business.
  48. long lining at a dressage show as warmup
  49. Nicole Uphoff clinics in Maryland
  50. Catherine Haddad might be upon us...:)
  51. Review of Kay Meredith at HHP in Indianapolis
  52. Gigi, your done :(
  53. Sjef Janssen quits
  54. Married or relationship people - HOW DO YOU DO IT???
  55. Was there a sale on shadbellies recently? (Warning - un-PC vent!)
  56. BNT Clinics being dominated by AA's
  57. Do dressagies even know what western is anymore?
  58. KY Dressage Federation Show - 4 Year Old Gypsy Stallion Wins 2nd!
  59. Everyone who owns horses should watch this!
  60. ok
  61. Attn Judges: Can you/would you deduct points for posting on the wrong diagonal?
  62. FEI is not concerned about health of horses
  63. Competition-legal remedy for a sore back? HELP!UPDATE - it wasn't her back..........
  64. FEI champion?
  65. How do you tell your husband?...
  66. am I being snubbed or not??
  67. Video !!UPDATED!!
  68. Removed
  69. Pics of a Balanced Trot
  70. I did not know P. Parelli publicly insulted other disciplines...
  71. Poetin has been cloned--PICTURE added page 6
  72. Contact and connection to collection-bits, bosals, sidepulls
  73. abusive German dressage rider sentenced
  74. Rearing and almost flipping over backwards
  75. Just Who Is General Burton??
  76. .
  77. Canadians...UNCART??? WTF????
  78. Why don't dressage riders wear helmets?
  79. Pics of Coby van Balen teaching student how to lunge Power and Paint in rollkur
  80. Coby tries to cover her rear in a statement on Eurodressage.com
  81. Sheepishly asking about Friesians.....
  82. Will it die alone?
  83. Do you gallop your horses?
  84. Xenophon Society formed to uphold classical principals
  85. Holy Gadgets Batman! Is it REALLY this simple?
  86. What's wrong with this picture?
  87. Who's going to Region 9 Championships?
  88. AVG bucked off during awards ceremony
  89. Warmbloods having their own class to even the score?
  90. I'm so sick of armchair trainers!
  91. dressage tests-where can i find?
  92. Tom Dorrance techniques/confusing to dressage horse?
  93. So, What *IS* the highest level you've shown?
  94. Quote from Pat Parelli regarding WAZ
  95. Region 3 Championships - who is going?
  96. balancing on reins at canter
  97. Nice work
  98. Rider's weight and test scores?
  99. Anky bucked off at clinic
  100. Why do Arabs..
  101. Equestrian Star Opinions??
  102. About rollkur
  103. Steffen Peters clinic UPDATED w/SCHEDULE AND DIRECTIONS
  104. Alex Robertson
  105. America's Eq Star --- WHO WON?????
  106. Resurrecting (or trying to...) USDF 4-Year Old Markel—2008
  107. spinoff; why I don't like arab owners
  108. Steffen Peters and Floriano
  109. GDF and info
  110. Linda Oliver
  111. RFD..Chris Cox "The Soured Dressage Horse" series
  112. proposed rule changes -#1
  113. proposed rule changes: # 2 dress codes
  114. R.I.P. Kristin Webber
  115. Moving to Illinois
  116. Helmet question for jswan
  117. What makes a DQ?
  118. Another 'DQ' question, need your help!
  119. Spinoff: What makes you NOT a DQ
  120. Trainers showing Training Level???
  121. Why all the flashes??
  122. Updated pictures of Sky, the horse I rescued at Auction....
  123. Spinoff: True Confessions. What are YOUR DQ tendencies?
  124. VENTING- need stories with good endings from you!
  125. What is Classical DressageTraining?
  126. USEF Proposal for "Movin' Up"
  127. Erin is Resigning
  128. Is this realistic for a horse?
  129. The entire USEF Proposal
  130. USEF needs your feedback...*link*
  131. When to "do it yourself" or hire someone...
  132. Winter Schooling Dressage shows in SE PA, MD, DE...???
  133. Pat Parelli Fixing Beatriz Ferrar-Salaat's Athens horse, roping her other hrs off him
  134. Back movers...born or made?
  135. Dressage Today magazine- "Clinic w/ Lisa" segment not in it anymore?
  136. Why have the FEI tests gotten so much easier?
  137. Dressage Saddle for Short Backed, Small Horse?
  138. Flamesuit on "whats wrong with the youth program in the USA ?"
  139. Where is the best place in CANADA for dressage?
  140. 3rd level double/ qualifications info from Janet Brown-Foy
  141. Gifts for your trainer.....
  142. Saddle slipping forward - suggestions?
  143. Trouble in the nether reigons!!!
  144. Go into debt for a horse???
  145. Chasing points?
  146. Dressage today cover... bridle
  147. Tell me about your dressage horse---
  148. I think I'm done for the duration... of winter
  149. Results of the WorldCup Qualifier at Londen (freestyle to music)
  150. Dressage Trainers in NoVa?
  151. Anyone suffer from back abnormalities that affect your riding?
  152. Should I just become a granola dressage rider?
  153. Your favourite dressage horses/ponies
  154. Any excersises/Ideas for this horse?
  155. Arena Mirrors
  156. Where to find dressage schooling shows in N/S CAROLINA
  157. What has irritated you the most in 2007 (I will start.. video of Anky falling off)
  158. Your best dressage moment of 2007 (I will start...)
  159. Opportunity to buy Holsteiner Mare in Foal
  160. kieffer dressage saddles
  161. Seeking Dressage Pad - Custom/unusual color combo?
  162. website
  163. Dressage saddles you avoid
  164. Coby van Baalen and student NOT GUILTY in Power and Paint case
  165. Sprenger KK Ultra B-Ring
  166. Leave for PPE or get vetted here?
  167. Irons w/ Off Set Eye
  168. Saddles that strongly influence position
  169. so who DOES do Passier trees?
  170. Need more forward momentum
  171. Do dressage riders consider "Regumate" a bad word?
  172. Riders with disabilities
  173. Your favourite dressage books/videos?
  174. Looking for OTTB for Dressage?
  175. Boarding Info Needed For Richmond VA Area
  176. How do you dressage riders get your horses broke in the face?
  177. "Cuts" in a sales video
  178. Instructor Programs
  179. Crooked boy, help please.
  180. Carl Hester - British Team rider?
  181. Opinions on the idea of "learned helplessness"
  182. Devoucoux Milady?
  183. Too expensive for my budget.....warning vent
  184. Canter from walk
  185. What helmet do you show in?
  186. Fibrotic Myopathy in a dressage horse
  187. Ughhg, Grrrrrr, Uhghg, Grrrrrrrr
  188. Hey gals! Looks like I'm moving into your neighborhood! (EEEEeeeeek!)
  189. Has anyone ever gotten a show coat tailored?
  190. buying new boots - need consumer opinions
  191. Trainers in Gainesville, Florida?
  192. confo critique for dressage
  193. how do you find your 'dressage seat'
  194. Letter to USEF BOD re Performance Standards
  195. Top Riders Who Quit
  196. Rider Medals -- Should you be able to double, triple, etc.?
  197. Warmest Full Seat Breeches??
  198. LongLining
  199. What to do about naughty horse on longe line?
  200. What to wear? What to wear!!
  201. In memory of Susan Sweet, Montgomery County MD horsewoman
  202. I Know This Is Going To Sound Stupid.. Buttttt........UPDATE Post 11
  203. I Need Help!
  204. How do you describe dressage to a non-horsey person?
  205. WOW! The difference that human boots make!
  206. Pasture Keeping the Show/ Training horse
  207. Has anyone ridden with Britta Johnston?
  208. Saddle fitter in So Cal?
  209. Dressage horse age
  210. Conformation pic... what do you think?
  211. Balance, seat and hip problems
  212. PVDA L Program B session Demo Riders Needed
  213. anyone get this email from USEF?
  214. lessons/boarding in north shore mass
  215. Do we look tense?
  216. Dressage Riders' opinions on other disciplines?
  217. Opinions on New USDF Site
  218. Memo from the Dressage Committee
  219. Oops! Trying again...dragging toes...help in getting 'bendy' hind legs
  220. neVar and her family need our jingles
  221. seriously training, but doing it all wrong
  222. Spinoff: How do YOU know you're riding correctly?
  223. Best place to find blingy browbands?
  224. From a scribe's POV
  225. Forced to "Point Out" of the lower levels
  226. Kottas Academy
  227. Explaining "timing"
  228. Conspiracy Theories? Re: Qualifying Rule
  229. horse prices in UK
  230. new proposal to rule 275-07
  231. WINNER - America's Next Dancing Dressage Star!
  232. rope girths
  233. Its amazing what you can find....
  234. Sommer Savoie Flextra?
  235. DressageDaily article re rule change proposal
  236. Swiss national coach and trainer resigns after ...This is bad for the EQ-sport)..
  237. Where to begin-dressage saddles
  238. Spin-Off:Going into Debt for a Horse
  239. Any news from the USEF Convention?
  240. Professional Choice's Leather Protection Boots
  241. Spinoff: Olympics, Canada, and cost of qualifying
  242. How to slow down after medium trot.
  243. Grand Prix Question
  244. Moving to Wash DC--ISO barn/trainer
  245. Of Stirrup Leathers, Bridles & Reins ...
  246. This is real bad news
  247. My Horse isn't respondingto my comands? what do i do?
  248. Need a little help with my youngster
  249. Anyone Know of a Great Dressage Trainer ?
  250. Sprenger KK Ultra vs Myler Comfort Snaffles