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  1. Can anyone recommend a Stallion?
  2. Somewhat self-taught Dressage rider
  3. Cheapest place to by a top hat?
  4. Going poor renewing memberships...
  5. Who's been through the L program?
  6. to wrap or not to wrap
  7. Help me understand training level concepts
  8. Dressage rules...
  9. saddle suggestion for high-withered TB?
  10. Need Input from Trainers/Instructors- Opening New Barn
  11. Rider with a bad back...
  12. Scott Hassler Clinic: notes!
  13. Wintec 500 Dressage Saddle - Squeaky?
  14. Examples of TBs w/good Dressage Conformation
  15. "Strangers" messing with your horse(s)?
  16. Pic's of My Draft Cross at a Dressage show today
  17. Light bulb moments?
  18. Building an indoor for dressage horses, recommendations
  19. Offended by trainer-do I just suck it up?
  20. Ok, I'm $425,000 short of buying my dream horse, drool, drool, drool
  21. Lunging a dressage horse, any tips?
  22. Work in hand, half steps.
  23. For those who use..
  24. Dressage in Great Falls, Va?
  25. FIRE SALE and new admiration for those eventing guys
  26. Best soft girth?
  27. loaning things
  28. Full Seats that FIT!!
  29. Retraining exercises for a horse that is locked into btv frame (curls)
  30. Hunter/Jumper Trainer to Dressage Trainer
  31. The difference between "I can't" and "I won't"
  32. Why I am MADLY in loff with my...
  33. What is a Go?
  34. Schedule change for Dressage Masters CDI
  35. USDF All Breeds Award for TB
  36. Andalusians & Lusitanos for dressage
  37. tell me about the 'toe flick' please
  38. This hurts
  39. American Saddlebred at Wellington
  40. Dragging hind toes
  41. Haddad's Winning Ride at Leipzig CDI4*
  42. Competition videos of Christine Wells ?
  43. Dressage saddle recommendations
  44. Does look like a scam?
  45. balance board and other out of saddle exercises...
  46. Flying changes
  47. The difference between now and than !
  48. Question about Dressage work
  49. Who's riding Rampal offspring? Show them off!
  50. How much are you willing to pay...
  51. Words of Wisdom for a Dressage Newbie?
  52. Should I Just Get a Wintec Pro???
  53. My Dressage TB (contains pictures)
  54. Name Help Please
  55. Experience w/Black Country or Fhoenix Dressage Saddles
  56. Dressage "Type"
  57. Dressage Attire: A Few Questions On Looking Smashing
  58. Critque on training level horse please?
  59. RR tie arena?
  60. When looking for a low-level dressage horse...
  61. Mare won't accept contact/Giraffe Syndrome
  62. Short billets vs long ones
  63. Pikeur Jacket Sizing and Type
  64. show names
  65. Dressage Queens: You know you want it!
  66. saddle fitter in Maryland-- I have black country, may need something else?
  67. Amazing must see...
  68. Dressage training for the EPSM horse
  69. How do you ask your horse to canter?
  70. Best Dressage Books
  71. Wanted: Shallow Seat, Narrow Twist, Wide Tree, Fwd Flap?
  72. Use of Inside Leg
  73. Adelinde & Parzival **Oops** and Catherine & Cadillac *Video*
  74. Dressage Horse 'Types', Your Definition of Beautiful
  75. Anky needs a wildcard to go to Las Vegas
  76. Welsh Cob People - Canter or wait?
  77. Sending horse to the Barteau's at KYB Dressage for training??
  78. dressage bridle for chestnut horse with blaze?
  79. Question about Dressage Masters in FL
  80. Import vs. Local
  81. Is it okay for a 2004 17H to school serious piaffe in hand & changes?
  82. Bridle with cavesson noseband & padded headpiece. Where to find?
  83. Sheepskin half pads -- underneath or on top of regular pad?
  84. What is so wrong about a double bridle?
  85. Training yourself (with lessons) or sending your horse to a professional?
  86. WOW Saddles???
  87. Stirrup length and leg position
  88. spinoff-- good saddle pad or other info for cold-backed? Back on Track?
  89. Survey says women prefer their horses to their men
  90. How to work with a horse that refuses to move forward
  91. THE POLL version: Sheepskin (spinoff)
  92. You too can own a pair of L. Parelli breeches for ONLY 3500.00
  93. Have you ever found a diamond in the rough?
  94. 'Happy Horse' on ebay...VENT!!!
  95. Fredericksburg/Spotsylvania/Orange, VA area trainers
  96. Shoulder-In Help
  97. New study: Horses tell what they think of Rollkur
  98. Exquis World Dressage Masters
  99. How Embarrassing Is It, Really?
  100. Thought you might enjoy this
  101. National Dressage Pony Cup website
  102. Katie Price buys full brother of dressage star Escapado
  103. The Joy of Judging - by Anne Gribbons
  104. Theo, We Need 4 Million Euro!
  105. What do you want to see in a dressage prospect’s sales ad?
  106. Best/Prettiest Stock Ties (not pre-tied!)
  107. Canter Training
  108. The beautiful brown boot look
  109. On the heels of the $3500 pants
  110. Saddle fitting woes...
  111. Why is my horse like this...
  112. half pass - which is easier?
  113. schooling footwear
  114. Scores are starting for Dressage Masters
  115. Tongue...?
  116. Purpose bred draft crosses?
  117. The bumpy plastic mullen bits
  118. dressage pad/clinic?
  119. Lingh and Edward Gal reunited **Update**
  120. Can I get input on groundwork?
  121. Thoughts on Dressage Masters
  122. How often do you really go on trail rides with your show horse?
  123. vent--- update/question
  124. Rein Back
  125. Best double bridle...that's not too expensive
  126. Talent seems to run in this family!!
  127. Arabian Sport Horse Collection
  128. Steffan Peters as a clinician?
  129. William Solyntjes- heard of him?
  130. Immediate Response To Light Aids
  131. Duett or Lovatt & Ricketts?
  132. Showing in hand - does it make any difference when you sell the horse?
  133. Food for thought re: current dressage
  134. How many volunteers are needed for a small schooling show?
  135. I fear the dress boot...
  136. Would You Pay $15,000...
  137. Dressage cannot be rushed
  138. Reasonably Priced Dress Boots
  139. When you sign up for a clinic do you have a goal?
  140. What takes precedence? Breed Specific or Standard Dressage Turnout?
  141. Am I wrong?
  142. Taking Your Sweet Time About It..
  143. Ken Levy...?
  144. Which of these two saddles would you pick?
  145. UB40
  146. whats your opinion on music while riding
  147. Saddle Help
  148. heavy bit = reaching for the bridle?
  149. Meditation and Schooling?
  150. Paul Belasik's short course
  151. Jules Andersen
  152. What is the best freestyle you have ever seen??
  153. pix of early training whadya think?
  154. The trot stretchy circle
  155. Cavallo vs Konig dressage boots
  156. help please finding sweet iron bits...
  157. How do YOU pronounce "dressage"?
  158. Braiding forelock...
  159. Humorous Video - Teaching Piaffe
  160. Gods Speed Laura Johansson
  161. manufactured v. c-33 sand for a dressage arena?
  162. Winning recognized shows with TBs?
  163. Wintec adjustable tree saddles. What do you think? Update & New ? post 30
  164. Wide Tree with Narrow Twist
  165. 'manufactured' piaffe/passage?
  166. Bitless Bridles
  167. Ryan Yap
  168. Tail swishing in the ring question
  169. deleted
  170. Saddle slipping side to side...
  171. Source for cream saddle pad? Custom?
  172. Have to share
  173. Presentation of Lingh at the Swedish Stallion Selections at Flyinge
  174. Roosli Pilatus saddles?
  175. Celebrating my 2nd year of cancer fighting..Cheers !
  176. Bits that stimulate salivation?
  177. Haddad & Cadillac wins Grand Prix & GPS at Neumunster
  178. Update on Brentina w/Pic
  179. Is There a Correct Term for This Evasion
  180. Trainer recommendations - Seattle/Kitsap Peninsula WA area?
  181. What do you do for the "senior" horse???
  182. Saddle Fit Question/Opinion
  183. Am I crazy? Your idea of a free lease is ...
  184. Top Hat n Tails from Hell *video*
  185. Did anyone buy a show jacket from Equestrian Collections?
  186. "Stuck" in a frame
  187. Does anyone else totally HATE the new DressageDaily?
  188. Advise needed on nervous horse...
  189. Tips for buying a used saddle?
  190. Who would you recommend for a custom dressage saddle?
  191. Poll - What Happens For Your Horse In Training When Raining?
  192. Do you braid?
  193. 1st show of season, please help with canter questions
  194. Recognized Shows - Worth It?
  195. Brown Saddle, BLack Bridle :S
  196. Goteborg starts tomorrow and Anky isn't listed?
  197. Use of Thighs
  198. Young horse trainers in Oregon?
  199. anyone have a "sneezer?"
  200. "Ruined" by dressage?
  201. where are you getting your stirrup leathers!?
  202. Why do you think he does this?
  203. Riders = Athletes?
  204. So nice to struggle - no really!
  205. Encouraging impulsion from behind when asking for more - need some advice
  206. Weight Loss Reward-A Free Lesson w/Robert Dover!
  207. Saddle causing odd hair rub?
  208. Pros and cons of the dropped noseband
  209. Horse chomping bit constantly-help!
  210. How Much Does Size Matter
  211. Suggest a saddle for my narrow, withery horse
  212. Results of W-CDI Burbank
  213. Jane Savoie on canter aids
  214. Multitude of issues
  215. Lunging question
  216. spooking at the halt?
  217. New To Dressage...
  218. sitting trot
  219. How do you "lift" horses inside shoulder on turn?
  220. Flair Air Panels on a dressage saddle
  221. Questions for the treeless fans...
  222. Spinoff- Flair Panels - ever adjust 'em yourself?
  223. how much would you expect to pay for lessons w/ an FEI level rider
  224. Rein-Aid (your thoughts)
  225. Sprenger Butterfly Bit (baucher)
  226. O the shame. Colored reins.
  227. Saddle tree - A or U Shaped???
  228. Best way to teach simple changes?
  229. A must read: Ingrid Klimke's article in Dressage Today
  230. Freestyle competitions are not suitable for lower level dressage
  231. Wanted Dressage Trainer w/ Excellent Marketing Ability ( IL.,WI., MI., IN.,OH)
  232. Packing your trunk for shows
  233. How would you feel- Trainer response...
  234. Stirrup trouble?
  235. Dressage in North Florida
  236. My horse goofs around with his bit and it really annoys me. Time for a Mullen Mouth?
  237. Interesting Editorial on the state of dressage judging
  238. Is the USA serious in trying to get the Equestrian Sport more populair **UPDATE**
  239. How far have Quarter horses gone in dressage
  241. custom Saddlery "revolution"
  242. Pricing Question on dressage prospect
  243. Palm Beach Dressage Derby?
  244. Funny PriceGiving Ceremony at CDI4* at Bremen (Germany)
  245. Discussing, openly, price paid for horse...
  246. So I hear there's a Dressage Trail class....
  247. Just gave my private Oscar award to Werth and Kittel...
  248. How to fit a saddle to the RIDER!?? Am I a princess?
  249. Legacy NOT Legend dressage saddles, anyone?
  250. What helps you ride "better"? Spin-off