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  1. Forwardness and...many other things.
  2. what do you pay for clinic auditing?
  3. Equiform, to cast a measurement of horse back - experiences? - WOW saddles?
  4. Duelling Disciplines
  5. ewarmbloods.net
  6. Fixing Late Changes
  7. Somone NEEDS this Passier!
  8. First day of the courtcase against Christine Wels
  9. Kind Critique please!
  10. Beginning Dressage Lessons
  11. Extensive report of the first day of the courtcase against Christine W.
  12. New Riding Boots =]
  13. Q about losing trust in trainer
  14. Horse Shopping at PSI - which one to take home?
  15. Did someone read the article of Ann Gribbons in COTH?
  16. Three members of the Dressage Committee resigned allready today
  17. When are Arabian SHNs in '09?
  18. Critique me and my dressage arabian
  19. Lauriche saddles?
  20. Adelinde Cornelissen&Parzival supprised the crowd and judges + 76% (VID added)
  21. Yet another bit question
  22. Help. About to throw in the towel...
  23. Just how scary IS his conformation? Worried for his soundness... Edit: X-RAYS ADDED!
  24. Do ponies DO dressage?
  25. Dressage Bridles
  26. Proper Lesson Turnout
  27. Straight saddle trees
  28. When are field boots appropriate?
  29. Apparently, anyone can claim to be a dressage clinician
  30. 36" *brown* contoured Dressage girth
  31. Necessity of pads
  32. young horse canter frustration
  33. satchmo good again at stuttgart, past bad behavior due to back problem
  34. Rick Silvia gossip in Sidelines? Anyone got details?
  35. Where should we be?
  36. Who here goes it alone...with little instruction?
  37. Finesse...I have lost it.
  38. Girthy horse requests your help!
  39. Selling a horse nightmare
  40. helpful links
  41. Bundeschampionate winner video online
  42. Any words of wisdom on a saddle?
  43. Head wagging
  44. Young mare kicks against the leg
  45. What's making me tilt forward?
  46. VIDEO: (Robert Dover) "One Moment In Time" -- SPECTACULAR musical freestyle
  47. Piaffe/Passage differences: then and now?
  48. Are we alone in this, no leg support
  49. Is There A Difference?
  50. Wool lined dressage pads...does your sensitive horse like it better?
  51. VOTED DOWN !!!! - USDF 2009/2010 Proposed Fee Increases
  53. Dare I ask about Ansur saddles?
  54. WorldCup Competition Stockholm ONE big USA party: Anky beaten by Adelinde twice
  55. Conditioning epsm and/or slow twitch horse for dressage?
  56. Looking for the right reins
  57. Training aids for riders
  58. Help with gate sour horse
  59. Levade, capriole, courbette, etc, in the Dressage ring?
  60. Help with hands!
  61. help for a crooked rider - can't bend horse to right
  62. Willie Arts
  63. dressage lesson in Vancouver?
  64. Narrow Horse - Wide Rider
  65. Dressage Horse Classifieds?
  66. Okay, bored shoppers... spend my money!
  67. Spinoff of "airs" post: Why humungous WBs?
  68. Brass Colored Stirrups???
  69. Drop Noseband
  70. Cat's hind end: freaky or great or Araby or what?
  71. Do you use a loosering without a drop or flash?
  72. For those of you who ride ponies
  73. My beasty, tell me what you think *pics*
  74. Yesterday was a biggie! :)
  75. Size poll
  76. Heather Blitz Otto sold to Todd Flettrich
  77. Isabell Werth Speaks Up about the Controversies in the Dressage World
  78. USEF DC to Withdraw the Performance Standards Rule Changes
  79. Looking @ a Rivermen gelding, Hol
  80. Helmet with a star, a fashion faux pas at a BNT clinic ?
  81. Totilas showing Grand Prix!
  82. Love my huge imported warmblood
  83. Shoulder Pain? In Rider
  84. Cantering Backwards?
  85. Lateral Breathing-what is it?
  86. Wintec 500 tips me forward-- what won't?
  87. Rider critique please
  88. Posting in Albion SLK high profile?
  89. WEG-2010 Kentucky (presentation at the FEI member meeting)
  90. CELEBRATING!!!!!!
  91. advice for hot mare..this is long
  92. Wow, super active hind end/hock
  93. NAJYRC location?
  94. WIDE Dressage Saddles
  95. What is this? (Bridle question)
  96. Warmblood pedigree vs registered: logos on pads
  97. Where can I buy Rectiligne Hannovre dressage boots?
  98. Starting a 2 year old?
  99. Almost "scammed" selling a saddle
  100. Chiropractic vs Adequane Injections?
  101. Saddle racks ruin flocking?
  102. Q: Purpose of the USDF????
  103. Amerigo saddles run.....(fill in the blank)
  104. Wtf is this... Scammer, I'd say!
  105. Freestyles-Need help picking software
  106. I have offended my mare!
  107. Interesting facts about the shipwrecked FEI dressage committee
  108. 2009 Dressage Cruise-Price Drop ! (see page 2)
  109. Poll: how many people here own a European Warmblood that cost over 40,000 dollars
  110. Does anyone give their dressage horse the winter off?
  111. Inter-Rater Reliability help
  112. What type of Dressage horse did you buy?
  113. Question on Isabell Dressage Saddles
  114. How many of you own or ride and FEI level (showing) horse?
  115. Cycle of Fear-What to do?
  116. Help me find the youtube video of the incredible Grand Prix Freestyle...
  117. please critique my horse and me
  118. Favorite Dressage Master
  119. Anky not going to Olympia
  120. Question about gaits and movement and conditioning.
  121. Recommendations for Qualified Instructor Help Over the Winter in Maryland?
  122. Building Suspension
  123. How many of you spent $1000 or less on your dressage horse?
  124. No turnout while in training to prevent injuries!
  125. another thread about costs
  126. Will We See Shoes Thrown at Riders and Judges?
  127. Are trainers generally willing to work with ship-ins who are not weekly?
  128. Ground Driving/Double Lunging/Long Lining/Long Reining
  129. People-Friendly Horses Are Born That Way
  130. Your favorite dressage whip?
  131. What Breed Good for Goosebumps?
  132. Flatter-Seated Dressage Saddles
  133. C'mon People, let's Take a Ride!!
  134. Is there a market for large ponies in Dressage
  135. Yes, it is another saddle thread..Detente saddles...
  136. Adelinde Cornelissen and Parzival also won the Freestyle2Music at Olympia London
  137. Younger with lots of potential...
  138. Is this the first step to ban dressage from the Olympics ?
  139. I think I'm getting confused...
  140. Lead Changes for Dummies
  141. Just heard that Courtney King is moving......
  142. Counter Canter question
  143. Favorite inexpensive riding vests
  144. My flippin' Passier!
  145. Who here is riding a Trakehner???
  146. Who here owns a Hanoverian???
  147. Who here is riding a Thoroughbred?
  148. Who here has a American Warmblood???
  149. Who here has a Quarter Horse??
  150. Who here own ponies?
  151. Who owns Dutch Warmblood?
  152. Who here owns Holsteiner horses?
  153. Who here proudly owns an unknown breed???
  154. Poll - Your future horse
  155. STF, where's my "Who owns a designer Friesian blend" thread??
  156. Who here owns an Arabian!
  157. Who here forgot to pick up their refill?
  158. Who here owns the BEST breed, Appaloosas??!!
  159. Need advice on arena sand amount & type.
  160. Who here owns cross breeds - drafts or otherwise
  161. Horse started rearing
  162. AAAH!!! How do you ARCTIC riders deal with this weather!
  163. Where is the 0LDENBURG thread?
  164. Power&Paint Retired Due to Chronic Soundness Problems?
  165. Why all the thread questions....
  166. Favorite Bay Area, CA Shows?
  167. Riding in sub freezing temps?
  168. London Olympia 2008 All rides and shows *Videos**
  169. Riding lesson in one boot?
  170. Possible move to Holland for 2 years...how to find dressage barns
  171. Shoulder In Help
  172. riders in the time of Xenophon
  173. Do ponies get a harder time?
  174. DK saddles (Bond or Freedom)
  175. rewards for volunteers at shows?
  176. How did you find your trainer?
  177. Those who start young dressage horses....
  178. One more breed thread -- Morgan loverz!!!
  179. Ok, one more... SWEDISH WARMBLOOD PPL?
  180. And final one - who owns a DANISH WARMBLOOD?
  181. Weighting the right seat bone...
  182. Whom owns a Donkey for Dressage
  183. Bloodlines in regards to dressage and dressage breeding....
  184. Scott Hassler
  185. Knee Block versus Saddle Size
  186. recommendations for extra wide saddle that feels more "narrow"
  187. What not to wear, dressage version ... I need fashion help
  188. Katie Price aka Jordan restate her Olympic ambitions (**Video**)
  189. *UPDATE #2* First Show, Not Ready, Going Anyway *VIDEO*
  190. Request Info on NSH - please
  191. COTH reports Graf George over The Bridge
  192. Wintec Easy Change Gullet System
  193. Okay great COTH dressage gurus...thoughts?UPDATE, new ???
  194. Touchstone Farm's Rhett and Jim Koford won the BARLOW RAMSAY GRANT
  195. Shoulder-in to half pass
  196. Returning to Riding after A Year's Hiatus
  197. big shouldered blankets
  198. Moms and Showing
  199. Lusitano Collection auction prices???
  200. Side reins - w/ elastic, donut, or all leather?
  201. Lexington, VA anyone?
  202. Only for the Die Hard dressage fans (video of the German Championship Profi-Riders)
  203. getting shifted off to the left
  204. How to flip dressage whip to other hand??
  205. Opening hip angle, post "behind" me
  206. Video of riders schooling at Olympia-World Cup Qualifier
  207. Is this bit legal?
  208. dressageclinic.com-opinions?
  209. "One rider only" mares?
  210. Rider's weight re: effect on horse
  211. humour me: Arab SHN, how the heck...
  212. 2009 is here- what is your number one resolution for the New Year?
  213. What are your showing plans 2009
  214. Leena! Happy New Years!
  215. All Dressage riders interfere with their horses?
  216. Hoof Casts - Legal at USDF Sanctioned Shows?
  217. Hermes' Holy Grail of Stock Pins
  218. And now I want to get some true answers !
  219. Your Opinion, Dressage Prospect
  220. Nevzorov Haute Ecole video
  221. How tiight is your noseband?
  222. New USEF Dressage Committee
  223. Dressage barns Frederick MD
  224. Most embarrassing dressage moment
  225. Video of new FEI tests --?THEO??
  226. Paxton Farm
  227. How do you keep full leather seat breeches from getting "crunchy"
  228. Which Dressage Horse?
  229. What are the most shapely non-Shapely breeches?
  230. National Dressage Pony Cup
  231. Advance order plea for Theo!!!!
  232. Dressage tests called or not?
  233. Andreas Helgstrand's new GP stallion Carabas
  234. Fat tongue, low palate...Bit advise!
  235. Need my enthusiasm restored...
  236. Spin-off : nutritional guidelines for riders
  237. The downfall of the perfect dressage horse
  238. Will Dressage Masters affect WC riders?
  239. *Spinoff* - Which is better....
  240. Opinions on horse please
  241. Solution for horses who are afraid to travel alone in a trailer or truck
  242. Showing 3rd level?
  243. Seat size vs. weight
  244. Dressage trainer in Middle TN.
  245. Any ankylosing spondylitis riders out there
  246. We coulda had Hubertus!!!!????
  247. Improving the natural Trot to add Suspension
  248. Feedback needed: Dany Bert - Dressage Trainer in Norcal (picture)
  249. In Search of North America's Next Dancing Dressage Stars
  250. I'm doing the happy dance..followup to my dressage guru ? thread