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  1. Dressage Boot Care??
  2. West Coast Horses Headed to Verden? Vitalis Highest US Score Ever!
  3. Fix a Test at Dark Horse Dressage June 29
  4. Kinda working student positions?
  5. second level test three movement - question
  6. Shameless Brag... Share yours too!
  7. Help for way, way behind the vertical
  8. Question about the I1
  9. Samshield Helmet - Galuchat Finish
  10. Well that did not go the way I thought it would
  11. Trainers North Texas and southern Oklahoma
  12. Mount from the ground?
  13. Showing in an Ovation Zephyr Helmet?
  14. Teaching flying changes
  15. Best dressage bridle
  16. The Seat
  17. Girth Question
  18. Dressage trainer with lesson horses Chester County
  19. Enter - Collected Trot - At the Beach - With the Dogs
  20. Advice for Having an Effective Conversation with Trainer
  21. OPINION: best fresh semen GOV Dressage Sire for selling foal
  22. Are there nice thick nosebands out there WITH a flash?
  23. Horse breaks to next gait instead of working harder in current gait
  24. Copper bits legal for dressage? AKA can I use this bit on Sunday?
  25. Undoing naughty behaviour
  26. Help - Dressage in or around Union, KY?
  27. Sporty Stock Ties
  28. KK Knock off bits
  29. Get in shape for the competition season!
  30. Echo " Take Note" by Noteworthy - Oldenburg
  31. Georges Malleroni??? Anyone hear or ride with him???
  32. Who do the professional riders turn to for guidance...NEW ENGLAND
  33. Reins spinoff: how long should reins be?
  34. fine-used-saddles.com
  35. I now pronounce you rider and saddle! The saga ends for now...
  36. USDF Regional Championships at 2 levels?
  37. Well I Think I Found the Problem...
  38. Little successes, big excitement (kind of long-ish)
  39. Dressage Coat Help!
  40. Dressage Barns near Chicago
  41. Elegant drop bridle?
  42. Cannot get horse on the bit
  43. Turning an older trail horse into a LL dressage horse?
  44. Cranky mare lashes out to leg aids.
  45. Sometimes it really is just training, in fact, mostly it iis training
  46. Global Champions Tour London.........
  47. vespucci dressage bridles and patent leather...yah or no
  48. Trying to figure out age of older County Competitor
  49. Restoring color/smoothing seat of older saddle...
  50. Andrea Hilling/ Ft. Lauderdale dressage trainers
  51. Looking for Dressage Trainer/Barn in Boston Suburbs
  52. Canter Lead: Your tips!
  53. Dressage Saddle on a Budget!
  54. Hanoverian at Rescue in Cincinnati, Anyone know this horse?
  55. Warmup for older horse
  56. Armchair saddle fitters, do you think the "equi-molds" are worth it??
  57. Locking hips/back or?
  58. Valegro on GB team for Rotterdam;
  59. Help me...really dumb question.
  60. San Diego dressage-type activities weekend of June 21-23? Or within driving distance?
  61. Would you ride in a bitless dressage test?
  62. First CHESTNUT Colt Born at the Piber Stud!
  63. Wolfgang Solo or Laser Rendezvous?
  64. Biomechanics Evaluations of the Rider Clinc - anyone interested?
  65. Saddle Reflocked I'm Amazed!
  66. The key to the perfect halt...
  67. Beating the Heat
  68. "Maintain seat during disobedience"
  69. Insert for riding boots?
  70. Heart horse euthanized tonight;
  71. fetlock wrap
  72. Rusty Clones
  73. SmartPak - Dublin On Air Dress Boot $22!!
  74. Questions for Stubben People
  75. New saddle works, new boots work, happy horse, very grateful...
  76. favorite exercises for specific purposes
  77. Riding In A Clinic On Friday
  78. Saddle Assistance for a Noobie
  79. Levade Perfection
  80. Dress Boots - Recommendations
  81. Help For Crooked Horse
  82. Dressage in Stuttgard
  83. Friends with passion for Dressage
  84. Marcel Toulouse Larrissa....your thoughts??
  85. Passier Cavesson - how wide?
  86. Dressage Saddle for a Friesian
  87. Poll for competitors regarding USEF horse recording
  88. CORRECTED Poll for competitors regarding USDF All Breeds Awards
  89. Two Olympians Perform a Pas de Deux - Dujardin & Bechtolsheimer
  90. Would It Be a Dressage Sin ...
  91. Horse Sale Terms- What they really mean
  92. Now This Was Perfect Music for This Freestyle
  93. Happy Mouth/Mullen bit question...
  94. another saddle thread, sorry!
  95. Whip suggestions, please
  96. looking for dressage trainer in Central New York
  97. Awesome
  98. Bridling a young horse
  99. Back on Track- anyone know of sale or coupon code?
  100. Cross training! We jumped and there's video evidence!
  101. De-spooking Dressage RIDER* Photographic Evidence#59
  102. Meet One of Charles de Kunffy's Instructors
  103. A Well Color-Coordinated Rider and Horse
  104. Courtney King Dye clinic at Good News Farm, Boyds, MD
  105. Anne Gribbon's clinic
  106. Keeping All the Pieces Together
  107. Dressage in Colorado?
  108. Draft X and dressage...WWYD? **UPDATE**
  109. Feeling Discouraged and Struggling? You May Want to Watch This.
  110. Digital scribing
  111. Pikeur Bonita Waistcoat... thoughts?
  112. Who wants to join our clinic next week? FL
  113. Dressage Trainers/Farms in Montgomery or Frederick County MD
  114. Half Pass Question - need more reach with the right front leg
  115. Question about Intro level tests
  116. Edmonton Barn for Dressage / Flat Lessons?
  117. Gait question! (posted on te breeding forum too)
  118. improve leg yield
  119. Another Boot Thread
  120. Tomlinson/Dujardin Pas De Deux - London 2013
  121. I put muzzle on the Fear Bird! Using guided imagery to improve my riding...
  122. Konig boots: where is the best place to purchase?
  123. Teaching more dressage to teens- any resources?
  124. May Kieffer trees be widened?
  125. Dressage Lessons: Addictive?
  126. 14 Year Old Working on Levade in Hand
  127. "I Love Dressage"
  128. hiding the hail damage
  129. Soaking your leg wraps with them ON the horse? Wrapping with straw?
  130. Bridle ideas for young gelding
  131. Michael Corcoran saddles? Any experience?
  132. Steering the green horse
  133. How are the "Hotline" offspring going u/s?
  134. Wide hands, Cardinal Sin?
  135. The most versatile fit dressage saddle... Yet another saddle thread?
  136. Metal of bits on double, is same still required?
  137. I tried 2 forums w/ no responses so maybe here?? Rich Favor Transport.....Wellington
  138. Ariat Tempo Half chaps. Will they stretch?
  139. Becoming Ambidextrous w/ the Whip?
  140. Bit question. Legal or not?
  141. Can these Dress Boots be Salvaged?
  142. Filing a complaint about a judge?
  143. Well Balanced Supportive Saddle
  144. why are some buys extremely rude???
  145. Sensation dressage or HM dressage?
  146. Suzanne von Dietze
  147. Saw my pics and I need a new coat!!
  148. Bought a dressage saddle today...
  149. The Spanish Riding School at Madison Square Garden - 1964
  150. Spinoff: worst comment by judge
  151. Oh, my aching abs!
  152. Compare Bates Innova vs. Wintec Pro w/ Contourblocks
  153. Dressage Boarding and training south of Palm Beach?
  154. x
  155. DC area dressage barns with quality care and 24 hour turnout?
  156. Who pays for show fees?
  157. SI/Renvers ideas?
  158. ride for life--
  159. So is the way of the future for sales transactions?
  160. Rotterdam- livestreaM??
  161. Traveling trainers (or cowboys) near Chapel Hill, NC?
  162. Jane Savoie clinic this weekend! Squee!!!!!!
  163. New to Dressage..Help me help my students learn
  164. Sing While You Piaffe with One Hand - This Kid Can!
  165. back to riding - where do you start?
  166. Tradition - Past Meets Present
  167. Dressage saddles for baby horses
  168. Best all-around schooling gloves for *hot* weather
  169. Eddo Hoekstra as a clinician...?
  170. Opinions of the Passier Compact/Kiffer Inzell
  171. Can we get a Sexy Rexy update, please?
  172. Strengthening the older horse while dealing with arthritis
  173. Horse Show Binder... What would you include?
  174. (LONG update) Going for a lesson with Jean Luc Cornille next weekend!
  175. Charlotte and Valegro Rotterdam
  176. Haunches to the Right
  177. Charles de Kunffy - "What Should a Rider Bring to a Training Session?"
  178. So I am able to move...
  179. Helmet Discounts on Saturday, June 22nd
  180. Book suggestions, please?
  181. Kickstarter as a form of fundraising
  182. Rotterdam Nations Cup results
  183. Footing @ Vermont Dressage Days?
  184. There Are No Limitations
  185. Meet the Newest Century Club Rider
  186. Mattes correction with sheepskin: half pad or saddle pad? Which one would you get?
  187. Top Three GPS Rides at Rotterdam, Video.
  188. Difficulty stretching through the back
  189. Non-custom pads with colored binding or piping? (not black)
  190. Lesson pricing/fees?
  191. DuJardin/ Valegro winning FS, Rotterdam
  192. Saddle brand?
  193. Similar saddles to Luc Childeric
  194. Lost our HP to the right! Hocks?
  195. Motorcycles and Dressage
  196. Dressage for Husbands (and Other Non-Horsey SOs)
  197. Are roller bits legal in dressage?
  198. Christian Bachinger clinic
  199. Glue-on hoof boots and dressage legality
  200. Mare Suddenly Quiet
  201. Are leather covered bits still legal for dressage
  202. Roundness only at sitting trot or any time without stirrups...
  203. Dressage saddles with a hoop tree? Like the Lovatt and Ricketts Elipse?
  204. Half chaps in the show ring. Need suggestions
  205. Do-It-Yourself Dressage Letters
  206. Holding reins with one hand - how?
  207. Suggest trainers for a clinic in IL
  208. Robert Zandvoort (Holland) clinic - Central Florida - Auditors Free !
  209. Riding during isolated thunderstorms
  210. Dressage Trainers in Western Loudoun County
  211. CHIO Aachen
  212. Anatomic girths
  213. July Dressage Shows Near Malvern, PA
  214. Found A Saddle!!
  215. A sound investment?
  216. Gulfport Mississippi
  217. Dujardin Mews, Enfield
  218. Saddle Suggestions - less of a bracing/driving seat
  219. Bit suggestions?
  220. The effects of a short neck?
  221. Video of a collected trot & canter?
  222. sitting trot article in USDF Connection
  223. This May Sum Up Dressage Pretty Well
  224. To biomex or not
  225. Lesson with New Trainer - Didn't tell my trainer
  226. Resident saddle fitters... help!
  227. 14 yr old Oldenburg dressage horse won't canter when cued
  228. Rare Video - Philippe Karl Riding at Saumur
  229. Elevating the Shoulders vs. Tight Girths?
  230. How far (distance) did you go for your horse?
  231. I Think My Pony Would Be Happier as a Hunter
  232. Haddad and Winyamaro - PVDA "Ride for Life" Freestyle Exhibition Ride
  233. Suggestions for keeping leg at the girth
  234. Saddle doesn't fit rider...effects?
  235. Favourite dressage boots
  236. Saddle Woes & Decisions
  237. First real dressage outing with my 5 y/o! (with pics!)
  238. Borne Saddles
  239. You know you want to answer this bitting question!
  240. Brag thread!
  241. Estimated cost to have gullet changed by rep in Albion platimun saddle?
  242. Opinions on saddles with memory foam (Cynron)
  243. Maintaining the rhythm/energy in walk pirouettes
  244. I rode in an Albion SL and loved it, any similar saddles I ought to try?
  245. The Lipizzaners of South Africa
  246. lunging problem
  247. tips for shoulder fore
  248. Share in my celebration!
  249. Ebay find! Was someone looking for a Genesis????
  250. Which level should I do for next show?