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  1. Abuse charges against Totilas's owners dropped
  2. yet-another-flair-question
  3. Dressage Finals open to US citizens only
  4. Training a western horse for dressage ?
  5. Breastplates in Dressage
  6. saddles again?
  7. Verbindend bit
  8. Would you pay for dressage-specific fitness training?
  9. Saddle/panel length vs. back length
  10. Off saddle seatbone exercises
  11. Riding with one stirrup? Uneven stirrups?
  12. Custom Wolfgang Solo changes?
  13. Well-bred PRE & Andalusian horses available for just cost of shipping
  14. Counter Canter Half Circle 2nd Level Test 3
  15. Stock tie question...
  16. Show Entry Question
  17. Back to the roundness thread...anyone bored and looking for something to do?
  18. Developing Young Horse Classes ?s
  19. Horse that just doesn't like a bit
  20. Arabian Makes Dressage History
  21. Monty Roberts Teams Up with Steffen Peters
  22. Catherine Haddad Finds God
  23. Your favorite available classical dressage trainers
  24. How wide a gullet/channel is too wide? *Pics added
  25. Steffen Peters and Legolas - Hagen 6:18 am sat
  26. Arabian Stallion Long Lined to Music at Del Mar Show
  27. FEI Sports Forum proposals for Olympics 2016.
  28. Lower leg problem
  29. Not So Great at the Lower Levels but Stellar at the Upper Levels
  30. Saddler Who Can Shorten a Panel?
  31. NAWD Test warning: The scores literally don't add up
  32. WTD - Information on a Crosby Dressage saddle
  33. New Century Club Member
  34. One year later: Progress Pics
  35. When should the kickbacks begin?
  36. How to know a saddle is the "right one" for the rider??
  37. Saddle Recommendations for a Horseless Dressage Rider
  38. Advise for reaching 2nd Level
  39. Smith Worthington Mystic, anyone? Update
  40. Everything you know is WRONG!
  41. Horse Crosses and Sets Jaw
  42. Famed Spanish Horses Destined for Butchers
  43. Manufactured portable arena for training
  44. Canter soreness or lameness?
  45. What's your favorite shirt for recognized shows when coats are waived?
  46. When a transition comes between two letters...? NVM - I made a mistake!
  47. Conversations with trainers and moving up levels - experiences?
  48. Dewsbury Revolver Weymouth- Reviews?
  49. What color vests are allowed when coats are waived?
  50. Western dressage
  51. Where Can I find tests?
  52. Thoughts on this stallion?
  53. Flying changes question
  54. Totilas scratched again from competition
  55. The neckware only with jackets rule
  56. Darkening Thinline reins
  57. Is this bit legal for showing in dressage
  58. Dressage for kids
  59. Advice for a rider with a strong horse
  60. Buyer woes....am I missing something?
  61. Free European TV links
  62. chances of selling a horse that recently coliced
  63. Black Country vs Prestige
  64. Could use some insight on lack of connection...
  65. ebay saddle psa
  66. Mistral Hojris Retirement
  67. Severed Superficial Digital Flexor Tendon
  68. CWD Dressage Saddle VS. Devoucoux VS. Antares?
  69. Asking here German TB stallion for dressage
  70. FEI tv
  71. Any disadvantage to riding with too long a flap?
  72. Economy and the shortening of shows
  73. Rancho Murietta, CA Show Grounds
  74. The impressive Damon Hill defeats Parzival at the World Cup Final!
  75. Deleted (Wrong Video!_
  76. soften without forward
  77. Even a Cowboy Wants to Do Dressage (With the Correct Video This Time!)
  78. Congrats Mount Holyoke College!!! IDA team results from National finals April 27-28.
  79. Is there an official letter size for arena lettering especially at rated shows...
  80. movement scores vs total score
  81. Training holes! The sitting trot
  82. We Did It! Going to RAAC!
  83. horse registration question for show eligibility....
  84. Lippizan Stallions on PBS 5/1
  85. Curse You Saddle Gods! Curse You!
  86. Saddle hell update :)
  87. Updated: Picture link inside. Del Mar Dressage Show
  88. Anyone have experience with "Easy Change" Bates?
  89. Clover leaf farm in CT?
  90. I hear Bates Saddle trees crack easily.
  91. Is this a common groundwork method to establish boundari
  92. Tekna vs Wintec vs Thorowgood? Yes another saddle thread.
  93. The "transition"
  94. Anyone have knowledge of Danica Yates or Janice Dill as trainers..or other options??
  95. Can't Dismount!
  96. Charlotte Dujardin on CNN
  97. Dressage Library?
  98. Scoring Question (esp. for recent L program participants)
  99. Relaxing your seat?
  100. A Wonderful Video Moment at the Charles de Kunffy Clinic at Hassler Dressage
  101. Spanish Walk - Just Like the Big Boys!
  102. Horse depends heavily on my inside rein going to the left- exercises?
  103. Dressage Breeders! (horse or pony) Bellini 817 mare for sale this weekend!
  104. Seriously ... how much do you spend on show clothes?
  105. Schleese liberty?
  106. mouth sores?
  107. Joseph Sterling bridles -- quality?
  108. Online Trainer Support Group?
  109. Boot opinions?
  110. Can I make myself stick out any more?
  111. CHIO tickets now a subscription.....grrrr !!!!
  112. Pad to raise cantle?
  113. PSST - Pony Lovers - Cute Guy on CL
  114. Brenderup trailer help?
  115. Marlborough Dress Boots?
  116. Dutch vs., well, every other method
  117. Riding With a "Bucking Strap"?
  118. Tuffrider Piaffe Fullseat Breeches, any thoughts?
  119. Ventura Fire: Hidden Valley under evacuation
  120. Quarter Horse Performing Capriole and Levade?
  121. nosebands and tightness
  122. Looks Like There Are Some New Boots in Dressage Town!
  123. Century Ride, Newest Member
  124. used dressage saddles
  125. dragging hind toe
  126. Need help determining seat size of older Courbette
  127. Some improvement; some new issue with arms. Inviting advice :)
  128. Need fun ideas for budget-friendly DIY arena letters that actually look good
  129. Personal victories, big and small!
  130. How do Cavallo jackets fit?
  131. Valuable Things You Have Learned Here
  132. Help me get a quiet leg!
  133. The Suzy Roast is in Session!
  134. Has anyone used/have input on Jan Carrasco ?
  135. Uthopia update and Saumur Freestyle
  136. Charles de Kunffy Talks About Safely Being Around Horses
  137. Schooling show attire when it is COLD!
  138. The Temple Lipizzans - The Journey Begins - 1958
  139. Blogging our European Dressage Tour
  140. Craziest thing you've done for your horse's birthday?
  141. OTTB goes to Hamburg Equifest 2013 Dressage Demonstration
  142. Ravel's Retirement Ceremony
  143. Spinoff: bits, bridles, gaping mouths
  144. New Dress Rules 4/1/13 - ANY color shirt ok? Patterns ok?
  145. Cool yes, but can it do dressage?
  146. Good videos of tests/comparison of levels
  147. Saddle fit on a muscular Haflinger
  148. Dressage Bridle Suggestions
  149. Sheepskin or fleece cover for anatomic girth
  150. Custom Dressage Whips?
  151. Schooling session feedback - show video added post 15
  152. Dressage arena delimma....
  153. x
  154. Best wither relief/sizing pad
  155. Tribute Video with Catherine Haddad-Staller
  156. Westbrook Hunt Club (CT) and Stockade Polo Club (NY) - footing, stabling, etc?
  157. NEDA Spring Symposium- how was the facility?
  158. Isabell
  159. What can I do to better ride my big mover?
  160. childeric DAC saddle
  161. Hand holds
  162. Wintec vs. Wintec Wide
  163. Lead line tests at schooling shows
  164. RIP Jon Costin
  165. Online source for lungeline exercises?
  166. Soft mouth bits.... happymouth's, french links... uhhh? uhhh??? what else?
  167. Dressage near West Chester, PA
  168. The Dressage Chronicles: Book II
  169. Question about sharing a show facility
  170. Riding Journal, have one?
  171. Work ethic problem or pain issue? Would like opinions...
  172. Bay Area dressage barns
  173. Good places to look for sales of 4-5 year olds
  174. Looking for Dressage Instructor in Southeast Virginia
  175. Looking for contact number for Ryan Yap
  176. Saddle seat sizes different between brands?
  177. Paging Lucassb!!!
  178. Boarding recommendations in Virginia Beach or Chesapeake
  179. Anyone going to the USDF Region 1 Youth Team Dressage Competion Morven Park
  180. WWYD, help me choose which horse to take
  181. I Doubt Any CotHers Arrived at a Dressage Show Like This!
  182. Deleted (Duplicate Post)
  183. Qualifying for USEF Part-Bred Friesian Dressage awards
  184. Has anyone used TRUST bits?
  185. Thumbs, hands, and frustration!
  186. Relaxation at the walk - or, the jigging 23 year old mare
  187. Anticipation at the Free Walk
  188. SF Bay Area peeps, anyone know these trainers?
  189. Cream Coordination
  190. Pricing and Selling Saddle
  191. Passier tree-- Antares?
  192. The Tempel Lipizzaners on the Streets of Chicago - 1971
  193. Glock Performance Ctre live stream
  194. Paying to be a demo rider.
  195. Passier Sirius Saddle?
  196. Less- traditional looking boots?
  197. David Donnelly French Light Dressage
  198. Dressage Pads in Fun Colors?
  199. Spinoff: coloured snaffes
  200. Bad saddle wounds-ideas?
  201. Dressage Show & Tell Day.
  202. Micklem bridle, anyone elses horse hate them?
  203. What helmet are you wearing for dressage shows?
  204. Searching for a new dressage partner.... Woes!
  205. **spinoff..Are there large sales in U.S.?
  206. Ecogold Boots -- Discount code???
  207. Wiesbaden - Kur live stream
  208. PDS dressage saddles
  209. saddle fitters
  210. Niedersuss Saddle Fit
  211. Transitions, Transitions, Transitions!!!!!
  212. Dressage coat fit question
  213. suzy's been busy
  214. Lots of cool videos of last weekend's show at Glock Horse Perf ctr
  215. "An Evening with Carl Hester"
  216. Schockemoehle Bridles
  217. Does anyone have a spare copy of Dressage Today Feb 2013?
  218. Rule gurus - quick question about reins!
  219. My first show.
  220. cross post: looking for riding instructor in Smyrna GA area
  221. what is your favorite arena footing? (indoor)
  222. Trainers Rogers, MN / Minneapolis, MN
  223. Jaguar Saddles in Comparison to Albion
  224. Dancing in the rain!
  225. The Slooow Train to Dressageville...
  226. Fjords in dressage?
  227. I'll Take Me Some Uta Graf Please!
  228. What on Earth!? Outgrowing Saddles Left & Right
  229. Adjusting training during a growth spurt?
  230. Sticky stifle and the dressage horse - need advice
  231. Best half pad? A little help.
  232. Stackhouse - A Happy Custom Saddle Experience
  233. Who Needs an Upper Level Warmblood When You Can Have a Mule!
  234. A Behind the Scenes Show Day with Tinne Vilhelmson Silfvén
  235. Light Bulb Moment! It Has Been My Feet!!!!
  236. Ha ha ha custom boots, I'll show you!!
  237. help needed identifying this dressage saddle !
  238. Western Washington dressage?
  239. About your concussion?
  240. Albion 5000 Saddle Tree?
  241. saddles similar to cardanels
  242. Passier for $1180 new??
  243. Finding a used double bridle?
  244. Bit advise for OTTB
  245. For those who want to add some color to their outfit...
  246. Rider tests?
  247. the eye of the judge
  248. Spinoff: Custom half chaps?
  249. Uninterested Gelding
  250. How to get a horse in front of your leg....