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  1. Thread number 8,504++ on saddle fit or which saddle to try next
  2. Dressage Trainer near Adingdon, VA
  3. Dressage Trainers in Lansing, MI Area
  4. Wrong forum
  5. Good quality c/s dressage bridle without flash?
  6. HDR SEF panels? Anyone know of them?
  7. Horses that drop behind the contact...
  8. Behind the Bit - Mini Rant
  9. Anyone ever done a Johanna Gwinn Clinic?
  10. Centerline Scores?
  11. Do Dressage Folks do Show Set Ups?
  12. The swaybacked dressage horse...?
  13. Help w not going into contact...kinda long, sorry!
  14. Walter Zettl clinic in GA canceled
  15. Schooling on Wet Grass
  16. MICHIGAN: Spanish Riding School Bereiter Marius Schreiner Clinic, April 11 - 13
  17. Sprucing Up the Old Romanus
  18. I want a riding shirt...
  19. non-white plastic bit?
  20. Current " Modern Master"
  21. Courtney King Dye in Kentucky
  22. Anyone heard of this trainer: Livia Winnett
  23. "S" in USEF Dressage Result--Meaning??
  24. Hector Carmona Jr.
  25. Boarding in Richmond VA- Hillbrook Farm
  26. Horses first dressage show: flinchy nervous mare!
  27. Perimeter for riding ring
  28. One of my old instructors was on the Trinidad&Tobago Dressage Team this past month!
  29. How does Submission happen? (Calling all riders/owners of alpha mares :))
  30. No takers for U.S. Dressage coach/chef position
  31. Cross post: ankle arthritis and riding
  32. What happened to Foxvillage?
  33. Does anybody know what model this Sommer saddle is?
  34. Are these pasterns too long?
  35. Interesting "evasion" -- has anyone ever seen this?
  36. FEI Proposal for 4-rider Olympic dressage teams
  37. Anyone wear a Jawbone Up while riding?
  38. Dressage oriented boarding barns in Western Finger Lakes region of NYS ??
  39. Duett Tango- any experience with brand/style of saddle
  40. musical freestyle ?'s
  41. CC saddle VS dressage saddle
  42. Anyone familiar with the older model Albion dressage saddles? And thier flap lengths?
  43. Blingy Browband for < $100
  44. Ring Stewardship
  45. Good dressage barns with turnout near Providence, RI
  46. Double Bridles
  47. Flex tree in a Marcus Krehan?
  48. Rollkur?- Senior Project
  49. Accidental piaffe changes plans..
  50. Unwanted flying changes... help!
  51. ISO: Tara Stegen
  52. Spinoff: "Modern Masters" who may be riding & competing. Or might be dead...
  53. Weird bucking problem?
  54. Leather work on saddles: Who's the best?
  55. Salinero farewell;
  56. Dressage horse prices?
  57. Online saddleries?
  58. Dressage arena
  59. Boarding & Lessons near Fredericksburg, VA
  60. Cesar Parra again?
  61. A Riders Survival from Tyranny... CDK
  62. Euro-Star breeches
  63. heads up! What an opportunity!SRS is now a possibility!
  64. 1935 Film Footage of the Spanish Riding School
  65. What are your favorite showgrounds in New Jersey and Eastern PA?
  66. Salinero retires
  67. cross posting a thread on warning on horse sales in FL
  68. Summer Rental in Hunterdon/Sussex County NJ?
  69. Mens Boots
  70. San Diego Equestrian Centers. Recommendations Please.
  71. dressage saddle trees/panels for high withers/A-frame back
  72. Putting Zippers in Boots
  73. wrapped girth
  74. Lateral work causing confusion in canter transition
  75. best way (and how long) to break in Konig Grandgesters?
  76. Question about Sport Horse - Dressage vs Hunter type
  77. dressage mare grunting a problem in competition?
  78. Help me pick a show helmet...
  79. Schleese Obrigado?
  80. Saddle fit
  81. Bizarre ad
  82. Boarding facilities in central North Carolina
  83. Time for a happy things (big and small) thread!
  84. First lesson on a schoolmaster in forever...and, self image/confidence issues?
  85. Favorite "T-bar" stirrup leathers?
  86. Victory Canter English tack shop in NC?
  87. Problems with Importing a horse.
  88. Passier Relevant Pricing Question
  89. Nittany Dressage Boots
  90. The NEW Isabell- who has sat in one? Reviews?
  91. First CT in 20 years and looking for some help/advice!
  92. Review: County Fusion vs. Perfection?
  93. Thinking of offering my horse to a Jr for NAJYRC-Update- No rider yet!
  94. Jacket color?
  95. Happy Friday to the Edward fans -- video from Reem Acra FEI World Cup Dressage
  96. Joining the USDF?
  97. Looking for dressage barn between Columbia, MD - Annapolis, MD
  98. Dressage barns near Waterville, Maine
  99. Cut out ear headstalls
  100. So, who has shown an AQHA horse in dressage and got the AQHA points?
  101. So, exactly how long should a dressage coat be?
  102. Utah dressage instructor with schoolies?
  103. How many braids?
  104. Lightweight dressage coat
  105. deleted
  106. Pair of gray stallions found-Andalusians?
  107. Pony bits? 4-4.5"
  108. Thoughts on how to get the mojo back? Or is it just time to take a break?
  109. Tips/Tricks for Riding Down Center Line
  110. At my Wits End. Lazy horse /blocked Rider
  111. Joining USDF
  112. 2012 Wintec Pro Dressage with Contourblocs - Reviews?
  113. Fly/Ear Bonnet For Show?
  114. Bareback -What the Heck!
  115. Tips to memorize tests
  116. Shouldn't they have thought of this earlier?
  117. Neat story up at the Chronicle today...
  118. Custom mattes pad sale
  119. Butt Crack Breeches
  120. Is This the Western Cowboy Dressage We've Been Wanting to See?
  121. Where can you buy tack on layaway???
  122. Tack liquidation...some good deals are left
  123. Issues with a young rider's green horse
  124. Going to Brussels, any tack shops worth visiting?
  125. bad luck to change a horse's name?
  126. Dressage saddle for a Lusitano
  127. Issues with asynchronous progress; advice? Or a slap upside my head, perhaps?
  128. Max Benz Saddles?
  129. Saddle for 17.1H slab sided TB
  130. Zaldi SanJorge Saddle?
  131. Uncurling the Hot-headed Mare
  132. Dressage shows: What type of braids do you prefer and how much do you pay?
  133. Best barn in Central NJ for adult beginner rider?
  134. Good deal on Pikeur breeches
  135. What should one expect to learn in beginning dressage lessons?
  136. Spin-off on dressage ponies--what saddles do you use??
  137. Fairfax girth
  138. CNN Interviews Charlotte Dujardin OBE with Valegro
  139. Help me identify my Stubben Dressage saddle!
  140. Is this legal for show?
  141. Optimum vs. Grand Gilbert?
  142. Timing the use of inside leg for leg yields
  143. Help Me Decide What Color of Pad for Bay Roan
  144. Valegro and Uthopia update
  145. Is there life without riding??
  146. Velcro knee blocks for a tekna
  147. Is this really dressage?
  148. Oh my Gah -my first extended trot from Fella!
  149. Covered leather or smooth leather - which and why?
  150. USEF rule on bedding
  151. First Level Debut
  152. I Thought We Were Over This
  153. Jacket with a zipper instead of buttons??
  154. Saddle fitting for the fat, asymmetrical arab - Mattes pad?
  155. Susanne von Dietze coming to North Carolina in June
  156. A Couple of Tips for the Amateur Competitor
  157. Bettina Drummond Talks About Nuno Oliveira
  158. Arena Mirrors
  159. Can someone explain the Z Level dressage points?
  160. New helmet rule... Opinions?
  161. Jeanne McDonald Clinic
  162. If you knew.....
  163. Test reader
  164. Rafalca Returns !
  165. Congrats to Lilo Fore!
  166. Freestyle Judging to Be Reviewed
  167. Any ideas for finding a working student? North Texas area
  168. Interview with Nuno Oliveira - Dressage Magazine 1974
  169. That helicopter over Global
  170. Ouch!
  171. Anyone tried the FITS Treads Lite breeches yet?
  172. Any articles, handouts, etc for the scribing newbie?
  173. Scoring the dressage test
  174. Dressage in the Dallas/Fort Worth area
  175. US Dressage Coach - Dover or van der Schaft ?
  176. Its official!
  177. Gerd Zuther Clinic, The Plains, VA April 27-28/2013
  178. Edward Gal's Half Pad
  179. Janna Dyer dressage clinic in Millwood, VA
  180. News Report: 89 Year Old to Join Century Club This Weekend
  181. Saddle name plate
  182. pics posted - ANOTHER update - need feedback on saddles. sigh.
  183. Baucher translated
  184. Critique my video, please
  185. A *sensative* subject for the ladies
  186. Lucy Eddins, dressage and eventing judge, has passed away
  187. Dressage near Berkeley, CA?
  188. Relocating to the Bay Area
  189. Teaching 15 yr Pony Correct Canter Lead
  190. I got a 1!
  191. What does roundness feel like? How do you describe it?
  192. Consignment Shops?
  193. Dressage with kissing spines
  194. Sheet for Belgian Warmblood?
  195. Lack of depth in dressage trainers... as in hunter world?
  196. The transformation continues: our first recognized dressage show
  197. Sport pony for dressage price range
  198. Top 10 Things Horses Will Teach You
  199. USDF Gold Medalist Giving Clinic on Western Dressage In MA
  200. Daughter switching to Dressage - please help
  201. Creative ideas for lateral work schooling?
  202. Schooling dressage shows being expensive?
  203. Wellington parody video - Jacobs as Napoleon
  204. Plain Noseband Dressage Bridle, Does it Exist?
  205. Confused about poll height and achieving this?
  206. FEI Medium Tour
  207. Barn Recommendations South Florida
  208. Horse show stall sign - source?
  209. Please help with ex-racehorse based dissertation survey
  210. Horse curls instead of stretching during freewalk
  211. Suggestions Needed, Am I Missing Something?
  212. saddle for newbie
  213. What rides like a WG solo but with a curvy tree?
  214. Letting an old trainer go.
  215. FEI review of Freestyle judging
  216. Draw-reins: Are they a "thing" or added for rhetorical flourish?
  217. Canter to walk transitions! How to?
  218. So if you're not a western rider but plan on showing in western dressage - attire?
  219. New Student Regime`
  220. THANKS! How do I get my heels out of my horse's sides?
  221. Anyone familar with Equetech Show Jackets or other apparel? Great Prices & options
  222. Pony Sized Double Bridle and Bits
  223. Saddle fit - PDS Aldea Showtime
  224. Is Anyone Else Watching The USEF Live Broadcast Right Now?
  225. Can anyone offer info about Kathy Casey, a dressage trainer in Oregon?
  226. Best sites to advertise lower level dressage horse?
  227. Equine Affaire Ohio - Dressage Session
  228. Nations Cup Protest
  229. Saddle for a Friesian
  230. Consecutive Level Rule Question
  231. Ultimate Dressage is closed
  232. Video: A Very Young Bettina Drummond with Nuno Oliveira
  233. Del Mar April 25-28 - anyone going?
  234. Inadvertently asking for a flying lead change help!
  235. Bettina Drummond Clinic, Chicago area in May
  236. Help me out here - which GMOs offer a high score pony award at shows?
  237. Check out these Totilas babies!
  238. Pilates/Yoga for Helping the Crooked Rider
  239. Taking some Dressage Lessons - Anything I need to know before I go?
  240. Pony Dressage Bridle Help Needed
  241. German BB?
  242. Dressage daily horse market place, is it worth it?
  243. Michael Barisone
  244. Spinoff: Correct hands
  245. How do I file a USEF amateur status dispute?
  246. Trainer in North New Jersey
  247. Robert Dover It Is!
  248. Do I risk it? (Saddle ???)
  249. Arg...another saddle thread..super short backed horse....
  250. Laser saddles?