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  1. Learned helplessness; What is it?
  2. Qualifying Rule Question
  3. Anyone here have a horse qualified for the FEI championships?
  4. Tarek the draft-dressage horse
  5. Renvers-in laymans terms please?
  6. Happy Mouth revolver legal?
  7. Maybee riders should develope their own qualifying rule ?
  8. Fess UP!
  9. U.S. Horses going to WCYH (Verden)
  10. So wheny you start getting ready for a show...
  11. Hot and humid here. How's your weather?
  12. Isabell Werth and a small reality check for the horse-poor
  13. EBAY
  14. Is this a way to boost the # of participants for the freestyle to music
  15. Haunches In?
  16. Draft sized dressage bridles??
  17. Need Help (or Miracle?) - Position Problem
  18. Your Draft and Draft Cross In Dressage
  19. So, I have this little arabian horse
  20. UDBB?
  21. Latest Kottas Academy drama
  22. Cross leading: why and exercises to prevent?
  23. European Championship Gold and Silver for the Dutch team
  24. Exercises for top-line/mid-section (Pics P.#13)
  25. Spin Off: Percherons vs Lipizzaners
  26. dealing with show nerves
  27. T.B.s as dressage horses
  28. How did you get started with dressage?
  29. So my 2 y.o. likes to piaffe by himself...
  30. 4yr old WB- How to go FORWARD???
  31. Thoughts on baucher bits?
  32. Better spinoff...WBs vs all non draft crosses
  33. Olympic Equestrian TV coverage schedule
  34. Correct or ignore the behaviour?
  35. Ottb for dressage?
  36. Our Debut at 3rd-aka what happens when horse flies help
  37. GrandPrix test in a snaffle
  38. Re Qual Stds ANA DIAZ' Letter to Editor in 7/18 Chronicle
  39. newbee seeking really basic help - (sitting trot)
  40. Must a man remove his hat at the halt?
  41. Older schoolmaster price?
  42. Help me dress up my plain bay mare!
  43. Teaching the Spanish Walk
  44. kicking chains
  45. DVD, Nuno Oliveira: In His Own Words
  46. Never mind it worked!!
  47. All Warmblood lovers- Help!!!!!
  48. Have you ever ridden with Gerd Heuschmann?
  49. Little brag and Excitement!!! UPDATE
  50. Statistics on how many reach grand prix?
  51. Baby's First Show
  52. Looking for Information on NC Dressage Trainers
  53. Inside leg to outside rein question
  54. Statement from Dressage Cmt Posted on USEF website re Perf Standards
  55. half pass
  56. Canaan Ranch
  57. Reasonably priced saddles that come WIDE
  58. Jacksonville, FL Dressage Scene???
  59. Cleveland, Oh Dressage Barn
  60. Make him move off right leg!
  61. Dressage saddles for short legs, or AP/VSD for dressage?
  62. Musical Freestyle: pre-choreographed/music available?
  63. A colt that might get noticed in the dressage arena
  64. If you could send a horse out to the best...
  65. very basic question regarding getting horse off forehand
  66. Myler Bits - opinions?
  67. no respect for whip
  68. Anatomic girths
  69. So, we're taking our 4 yr old hunter prospect to a dressage show...NEW questions
  70. I'm surprised at lack of work ethic (or denial) in some people!-vent!!
  71. What IS this video about???
  72. Best way to teach shoulder in?
  73. Incorrect scores on USEF website
  74. Can junior riders accept $ to help pay for expenses?
  75. Clinic dilemma
  76. Advice on horse with OCD?
  77. Olympics Question
  78. Bridle Brand Suggestions
  79. KK Ultra Aurigan Bits: thin, thick, heavy, light..
  80. So ARE the hackney high knee movers....
  81. Dutch Dressage Team wins gold in HongKong
  82. Some really beautiful photos!
  83. Brown Tack? Dress?
  84. Canter transition problems in the rider
  85. Help, bits causing sores
  86. FEI World Cup Finals - Las Vegas, Thomas and Mack Center - Seats/Tickets
  87. Just found out about Robert Dover's reality show!
  88. Dead birds spark concern at HK equestrian centre
  89. Video Impression of Day-2 at HongKong
  90. Talk to me about Antares Dressage saddle (not Passier, but Antares)
  91. Earthquake in LA
  92. breed logo's?
  93. American Horses are Rockstars
  94. Dressage Catalogs
  95. poll - best horse products?
  96. Did anyone go to GMHA? 91.6% !!
  97. Should I have to beg to be lunged?
  98. Who has worked with David de Wispelaere? He is flipping hot!!!!
  99. Time For A New Horse?
  100. Pony-sized KK?
  101. leslie off reserve list
  102. First Results World Champs for YH are up
  103. Do it yourself arena?
  104. Who are your favorite competitive horse and rider teams?
  105. Black dressage rider goes to the Olympics
  106. Wansuela Suerte sold to US
  107. Verden 2008 Gold for the most obedient horses ! (pictures added)
  108. Our First Recognized Show
  109. Altitude Sickness Doesn't Stop Laura Noyes from Freestyle Gold
  110. Whatcha think of this guy?
  111. All King Edwards Horses...
  112. Dressage Potential for this horse
  113. Opinions of this horse???
  114. Tongue Lolling is driving my instructor crazy
  115. Sjef's VideoBlog "The 1st OS where reporters ask me can Germany beat the Netherlands
  116. weird shoulder muscle development
  117. Olympics: Spicy Training Photos available at Getty
  118. Amateur status and helping a friend
  119. Teaching turn on the forehand and leg yielding
  120. Fixing bad dressage training...
  121. Need help fixing my chair seat
  122. Musical Freestlye Software
  123. Trying to post show pics, critique welcome
  124. Chicago Area Dressage Barns
  125. Helmet vs Top Hat
  126. I hesitated to post this but, I love this horse
  127. Coming off contact/connection in transitions
  128. Creating a round, uphill canter
  129. Dressage scene near and around Denver CO
  130. Article in 8/8 Chronicle...The Szadyr Sisters
  131. How to determine if horse is a dressage prospect
  132. So..when can I SCHOOL...at a schooling show?
  133. Looking for a kind and knowledgeable dressage mentor or two
  134. Anyone else have ridiculously short forearms?
  135. Help in finding your seat!?
  136. Are any of you having horrible heat issues?
  137. Canter Commentary, Please
  138. Trot Loop in Training Level, Test 4
  139. spur rubs
  140. YouTube Video - Klimke and Ahlerich 1984 Olympics
  141. Happy Mouth bit-Illegal?
  142. A reminder about side reins
  143. Saddle Fitter in MI
  144. That is what Dressage should look like!
  145. YouTube Video - Klimke/Ahlerich Victory Lap, 1984 Olympics
  146. Hoketsu fabulous ride
  147. Can anyone recommend a fuzzy girth?
  148. Best gloves?
  149. Conformation Critique pliease!
  150. Best dressage saddle for Quarter Horses?
  151. Relocating to Dayton
  152. Show me your non-traditional dressage wear!
  153. longe equipment-overcheck
  154. do any dressage folks tie all their horses in the arena?
  155. Judges: Opinions on the Satchmo score pls
  156. Suggestions for a cranky 4 year old?
  157. Vet Recommendation N. California
  158. treeless saddles?
  159. Steffen Peter's ride on Ravel
  160. Olympic coverage..Isabella and Sachmo
  161. Trip Harting- Bless him
  162. USDF Press Release on Performance Standard
  163. More Olympic Judging "Shenanigans" Will be Posted Soon
  164. How to get Shire to get off forehand???
  165. Scientific study of the musicality of horses
  166. Equine Lawyers in the US?
  167. What is your favourite plain white show pad?
  168. Anyone know this Florida trainer?
  169. Teaching the flying change
  170. $80K for music?
  171. Which judges do you *like*? Competitors and/or competition managers...
  172. Wireless communication systems
  173. mules in dressage
  174. Full Seat Breeches and other misc attire ???s
  175. Redesigning competitive dressage?
  176. I have a problem...
  177. YH/Developing Horse Championships
  178. Hill work for dressage horses - your routines
  179. Critique: Dressage Pony? Update Show Video Page 8
  180. Maksymilian is for sale
  181. Trainer needed in Lansing/East Lansing, MI area
  182. Anky Clothing Horse & Rider
  183. Arena letters - what is your choice?
  184. Performance Standards Poll.
  185. Exercises to fine tune the canter departs
  186. My new favorite quote....
  187. tall, comfy, cheap white breeches
  188. The only Olympic medal winning approved dressage stallion died today (video added)
  189. Schoolmaster owners....
  190. Courtney King POSITIVE DOPING at the Olympics
  191. FEI breaking news- salinero drug test
  192. SF Bay Area riders, how do you saddle shop?
  193. MDC stirrup users? Or non users?
  194. Behind the Vertical thoughts
  195. lightly backed?
  196. Sighting: Those overly-dressed Scottsdale horseladies!
  197. Some Tijuana Brass Now on Equimusic.com
  198. Take a beer and some popcorn Another view on Dressage
  199. If coats are waived, what else do you change?
  200. Let's hear from older dressage riders.
  201. Hip/Thigh stretching exercises?
  202. UPDATED**Become the #1 COTH Dressage Guru (THE ANSWERS)
  203. Klimke..Biotop
  204. Good sources for used dressage saddles
  205. Headwear, what do you wear for your test
  206. Opinions on this horse?
  207. WONDERFUL online tests for newbies!!!!
  208. Talk to me about fresians and fresian crosses
  209. Need help with farm name....
  210. 2nd Lvl Simple Changes
  211. lisa wilcox clinic
  212. the double as schooling aid vs. goal
  213. I need help with ideas for a very inexpensive dressage ring
  214. The Counted Walk
  215. To those who organize clinics-do you get a break on your ride?
  216. SRS Accepts First Women
  217. Hyperflexion already exists for over 65 million years
  218. Will Courtney be at Devon?
  219. Dawn Falisi - anyone heard of this "icon in the Classical Dressage world?"
  220. Does anybody else find this astonishing?
  221. Pelhams for Dressage Horses -- Yes or No? DISCUSS!
  222. Tails- what's your method
  223. Adult ammy's, method for learning.
  224. How often do you ride a dressage test?
  225. Holding onto grab strap on saddle - legal or not?
  226. Latest FEI-press release about the Olympic Medicat Cases (riders will stay suspended)
  227. Morgans in dressage?
  228. It's official - I'm pathetic
  229. Calming the "hot" horse?
  230. Moving up the levels
  231. Nat'l Young Horse Championships/Kentucky
  232. New version of Performance Standard is Posted on USEF site
  233. GA Peeps! Schooling shows?
  234. Judge attacked by a riders coach
  235. Dressage: ur doin' it wrong
  236. Young Horse Competition is miss named....
  237. Dressage at Devon - Exhibitions
  238. Hispar dressage boots???Opinions??
  239. Changing it up for the cranky dressage horse.
  240. Cornerstone managing CDS Championships
  241. Hurricane Ike
  242. Exercises for a Very Green Horse
  243. Dutch Minister of Agriculture to investigate Hyperflexion & horse welfare.
  244. Rule change proposal to allow snaffle at PSG-GP
  245. Straightening the Crooked Horse - the book
  246. (Region One Championships) BLMS
  247. Saddle name starts with S but is not Schlesse
  248. The Trekker Dressage Master saddle
  249. If you were instructing this crooked rider [throwing myself to the wolves]
  250. Slick impersonator????