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  1. deleted! sorry!
  2. Older Prestige La Selleria Saddles
  3. Need naming help, please
  4. where should i start in dressage & how did you start?
  5. Woo Hoo! A small brag :)
  6. Achieving a square halt
  7. Little dressage pads?
  8. A day in Ocala...
  9. First I1 next weekend eeeek!
  10. saddle suggestions for a petite rider
  11. SDL Lemke saddles
  12. cool medics for horses
  13. Opinions on Custom Wolfgang Solo?
  14. Sexy Rexy's Show Debut
  15. Photographer for Chatt Hills this weekend?
  16. Riders who keep horses at home and work full time, how do you manage?
  17. Saddle suggestions for horse with large trapezius muscles
  18. Charles de Kunffy Discusses: "Where in the World is Equitation Strongest?"
  19. Only one canter lead-HELP!
  20. Organising a clinic for an overseas Clinicans. Incentives if any?
  21. First dressage show - attire questions
  22. How to price a horse for insurance (proof)
  23. FEI young horse warm-up classes, final classes, or FEI test of choice?
  24. Best bridle for delicate-headed thoroughbred?
  25. Dressage Boarding Near CO Springs
  26. Pikeur Jackets
  27. Boot care- no oil??
  28. oh no i lost my hair net...
  29. Video of Sanceo?
  30. Clarify?: Half chaps OK in show ring?
  31. Best e-shop for Pikeur Breeches?
  32. Seat like a pre- 2009 Isabell, but narrower?
  33. French link vs. oval lozenge
  34. Horse stuck in WY on its way to the Colorado horse park
  35. What's your favorite exercise?
  36. USPC Training Level Freestyle - Above the Level movements???
  37. recognized show-turnout concerns.
  38. Stiff boots--why?
  39. Helmets: IRH Windsor, CO Wellington Classic, or other??
  40. How to tell when to switch trainers?
  41. Wow!! Look What Bettina Drummond Did with a Lusitano Stallion!
  42. Jim Koford in VA
  43. Equine Attorney in Palm Beach County, FL
  44. Which do you do?
  45. Is there such a thing as a bit bank or bit hire in the US?
  46. The sand in the arena tastes like horse poo! 2 days before a clinic!!!!!!
  47. Help! Need Advice: Bought an Isabell, got a Caprilli
  48. Seiberl clinic in July
  49. 1 month later...a progress report :)
  50. Seat size going from JES to a Link II or Ellipse?
  51. Show Jacket? Is this okay? I forgot to mention...
  52. Verhan Saddle on Ebay?
  53. Eventing Intermediate test A
  54. Three Cheers !
  55. Rock, Epic, Pop, Motown - New Selections Added to Equimusic.com
  56. USEF Junior Championships - interesting!
  57. Progress report--with pics!
  58. First time buying full-seat breeches-do I need to size up?
  59. Example of the Classical Seat by Linda P ?
  60. Custom boots- how much do they stretch?
  61. Big Brother Spying on the Horse World?
  62. tick prevention once attached to horse
  63. trakehner history
  64. Looking for "BODIE" Chestnut American Warmblood
  65. Hey, Antares dressage saddle experts--c'mere! (please?)
  66. Samshield Helmet?
  67. Confused about contact
  68. EQTV
  69. New Working Student Position with Silva Martin
  70. would you be okay with a beginner riding your horse?
  71. deleted
  72. Barn/Instructor near Ft. Lewis?
  73. Dressage Mule Fans -Check This Guy Out!
  74. Totilas take the lead at day I German National Championships
  75. Deleted - Wrong Forum
  76. Saddle Hunting for an Arab?
  77. Sprenger curb shank is bent.. What to do?
  78. New to dressage and curious (re contact)
  79. Super Hit had 4 tranquilizers [found during] the prepurchase exam?
  80. Stubben snap reins unsnapped at a standstill
  81. Need layover stall (1) around Knoxville, TN in July.
  82. Helen Langehanenberg and Damon Hill take German Championship!
  83. Totilas at German nationals 83.5%
  84. final placings
  85. U.S. Festival of Champions Grand Prix and Intermediare complete Rankings? Also, who's
  86. Look at these beautiful stock ties.
  87. Banged Tails
  88. Happy Progress!
  89. OTTB brag...
  90. Improving lateral work
  91. Dressage at the Park
  92. Best Dressage Instructor in NoVA
  93. 3 y/o...going nicely, but now what?
  94. major kudos to Jay Stevens at Centerlinescores
  95. Drama Queen Horse
  96. Girth sore..need suggestions please
  97. Tall boots- recommendations?
  98. Barn/Trainer near Hammond, IL
  99. I have a DIY question...
  100. Are Shadbellies "REQUIRED" @ FEI
  101. Olympic Insider!
  102. Dressage Sidesaddle
  103. Higher level longeing-long lining/pony
  104. Change of renvers and travers to 4 tracks?
  105. Saddle Fitting Woes
  106. First Schooling Show for Horse- 3 Tests Okay?
  107. decanting my horse
  108. Stubben double offset irons
  109. The best musical freestyle EVER.
  110. Can't sell 16.3???
  111. Prepurchase exam for foal
  112. AHH Registration Drama!! HELP!!
  113. What's your limit to your dedication?
  114. No GP freestyle at Gladstone?
  115. The delicate topic of saddle sores
  116. How Long Do You Keep Your Dressage Test Score Sheets
  117. RIDING BRAS... FITS needs your input.
  118. Show brag...sort of!
  119. Warm-Up in Double Test in Snaffle at a Rated Show?
  120. Professional in Opportunity Class? WWYD?
  121. 2012 Festival of Champions Scores - LINKS
  122. What do you see in this video of a prospect?
  123. Compression Breeches
  124. PSA: Tighten Your Girth
  125. Sticky Full Seats?
  126. Horse bulging at specific locations in arena - advice please
  127. A photo gallery of classical dressage masters
  128. Whoops! Wrong Forum.
  129. Saddle worth? Kanon Imperial question.
  130. Wool flocking, soft vs firm?
  131. Fire Engine RED?
  132. saddle pad with "cutouts" on top at spine?
  133. Gladstone with your morning coffee
  134. LIVE streaming video of US Olympic Trials & The Festival of Champions @ Gladstone!
  135. When coats are waived, how to not look like a marshmellow
  136. Urgent need of a stall - please help
  137. FEI Young Horse Regional Finals.....
  138. A question for judges: how do small mistakes affect a movement?
  139. Is This the Ultimate in Levade?
  140. Help to stengthen the back end
  141. Dutch National Championships Results
  142. Ok... question: draw reins for lunging? Also called "Vienna reins"?
  143. Wow! Look at this Historical Painting of the SRS!
  144. Now Here is a Dressage Photo I Can Look at All Day!
  145. Shannon Peters in NoVA
  146. The new olympic GP Special test: why the changes?
  147. A braiding question: dealing with VERY thick mane
  148. swallowtail pads
  149. RV Facilities at the Rancho Mission Viejo Riding Park, SJC
  150. Fuego vid :) Newish! (That amazing pegasus horse that just wont quit!)
  151. Happy about my show adventure (oops and brag)
  152. Suppling Exercises
  153. Niedersuss back panels?
  154. Any coverage of the Para-Equestrian dressage trials?
  155. dressage baby pads
  156. Take a Look at Dressage in Hungary
  157. Sidesaddle Airs
  158. PVC arena durability
  159. What To Do When You Cant Ride (because of weather not injury)
  160. Air ride hitch recommendations?
  161. Olympic Question
  162. Live streaming-unfair advantage?
  163. Dressage horse in hiding???
  164. Golf cart rental at Kentucky Horse Park?
  165. Borne saddles
  166. Put a Piano in Your Dressage Arena and This is What Happens!
  167. Adding rubber to sand footing
  168. Where to advertise??
  169. Stephen Colbert's Sport of the Summer is... Dressage!!!
  170. pony size flash strap?
  171. PVDA
  172. Mud solutions?
  173. Albion MN compared to Niedersuss M?
  174. Trainers, How do you handle Multiple Trial Rides on Sales Horses?
  175. Get your hands UP!
  176. Teaching a Horse to Stand Squarely
  177. Horse Hates Snaffles
  178. RH not tracking up. Causes?
  179. One More RIDING BRA question from FITS
  180. O.M.G. The Colbert Bump-Do you know what this means?? Olympic coverage!?
  181. Custom Jewel Browband Inserts?
  182. Austin, Tx barns
  183. White breeches with charcoal-colored bottoms
  184. Go Caroline Roffman & Pie!!
  185. What do you think horses are saying?
  186. Slowing rhythm; push forward or half halt? Video added to page 2
  187. Trainer hates my saddle.
  188. Teaching a precocious three year old
  189. Looking for transport MD to MI
  190. Romanov, Edward Gal make Dutch A-Team
  191. pics of new horse
  192. Dottie: 1 Matson: 0
  193. Is This a Bad Idea?
  194. century club!
  195. Pessoa Dressage Saddles
  196. Question re: fit/size of Prestige Anatomic Girths -- Update
  197. Video or pictures of how to make European sewn-in braids?
  198. In the history of the Olympics, has anyone ever competed two horses at same Olympics?
  199. Dressage at Saratoga
  200. Work in State college PA?
  201. What to wear under show jacket?
  202. spinoff: stock ties a must?
  203. custom or custom like dressage coats/shadbelly??? Where to find them?
  204. Saddle pad dirt pattern analysis. Help please!
  205. Need help with saddle suggestions for this 4 yr old.
  206. Help a newbie out...
  207. Fashionista in Brentina Cup! M-C Rollins, you rocked it!
  208. Carousel padded underwear
  209. Hauling Dressage Horse to Los Angeles from Sacramento area
  210. Grinding teeth; different in US?
  211. Just a Little Ride in the Woods . . .
  212. Do white breeches that are not see through exist?
  213. shopping for a dressage saddle... recommendations?
  214. Charles de Kunffy Discusses "War Horse"
  215. Dear Mr. Hickey
  216. Sexy Rexy Photos **VIDEO ADDED OP**
  217. U.S. sending 5 horses to London - Otto being retired
  218. What do you think?
  219. Need shopping tips! Finding a mount that is truly "amateur friendly"
  220. Thoroughbreds in dressage... UPDATE - I bought him!!
  221. Saddles: Behind the shoulder but still allowing bend in the knee?
  222. Louisville, KY Peeps - Student Relocating/Riding Opportunities?
  223. Where is Morocco?
  224. NPR Does a Report on Dressage
  225. Any videos of Tina Konyot's ride from Friday?
  226. Short Girth Sizing?
  227. Dress boots for a skinny calf and long legs?
  228. Bradley Breeches from Smartpak?
  229. MSNBC gets deserved kick in the pants for making fun of Ann Romney and dressage
  230. Is the USEF Colbert response on YouTube YET???
  231. helmet - sweat and bad smells
  232. training 3 loop
  233. Colbert acknowledged Rafalca's Colbert Bump!
  234. Dressage in the Media Now!
  235. Hot horse lazy in the back end over poles - suggestions?
  236. New Yorker Article: "Do We Have to Cheer for Ann Romney at the Olympics?"
  237. Here is the Video of the Second Colbert Report on Dressage
  238. Things to do in Bremen...
  239. Curious about boots/wraps...
  240. How do you wear full seats that arent lined?
  241. please enlighten me..... (swishing tail)
  242. bit question
  243. Schooling show attire question
  244. What features would you put in your DREAM trailer?
  245. Latest Romney News Article - "Dressage is Weird"
  246. Rooting for Adrienne Lyle and Wizard in London
  247. Rule Gurus - Multiple Riders, Same horse, same "class"
  248. Give notice when changing trainers?
  249. Custom dressage bridles?
  250. Lease fees - are they passé?