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  1. canadien chevals
  2. What test to ride?
  3. Opinions on Cavallo Ganimedes?
  4. So - we now have to qualify. What about the judges?
  5. name of Lendon Gray's farm?
  6. Bit for horse with large tongue / low palate
  7. Critique me (constructively) please
  8. Artsy Fartsy Types -- Does the Creative Process Affect Your Riding?
  9. Riding the Sideways Spook
  10. Spinoff: I was ELIMINATED at a Recognized Show
  11. Undeserved compliments
  12. What to do with your FEI horses when you are stiff and sore!
  13. What do you think about...
  14. I CANTERED!!!!!
  15. So how do YOU deal with opinionated horses?
  16. Are high costs changing your plans for recognized dressage shows this year?
  17. what do you pay for dressage lessons?
  18. questions on lesson/showing activities
  19. what sort of trainer do you take dressage lessons from?
  20. A Scribe's Plea
  21. "Late Behind" - Any Exercises to Help Fix?
  22. What are they teaching in the "L" judges program?
  23. Question about Swallowtail Pads; re, are they appropriate at all levels?
  24. Our first show
  25. CDI-W/Y/J Raleigh May 30-June 1
  26. Paddock Boots??
  27. Is a black saddle pad appropriate for a TL schooling show?
  28. Interesting (?) device
  29. Does dressage need a change?
  30. Moving to Chicago
  31. Trailering changes at today’s fuel prices
  32. Saddle fitting Q- bounce behind?
  33. Who would you be willing to train with ?
  34. What exactly do you look for in a young "dressage prospect"?
  35. Cold backed TB, need help!
  36. What happens when we get OLDer?
  37. Help with going forward!
  38. Sort of turned into a critique
  39. Stabilizing My Leg
  40. I really dislike my dressage boots...
  41. Saddles that are holding their value
  42. Pads for a slightly too wide saddle?
  43. I need a shopping list!
  44. Boarding and Young Horse Training in Cleveland, OH
  45. Ethics and Showing
  46. cheapest stiff tall boots--or...
  47. Critique!
  48. Are there any drawbacks to a monoflap saddle?
  49. Dyeing White Breeches....is this possible?
  50. I Can Haz Ansurz?
  51. I1 Championships Qualifying Excitement this weekend
  52. Raleigh Results
  53. Do USEF judges have a ultimate authority?
  54. Dressage Suitability
  55. Removed
  56. The Cost of Grand Prix (long)
  57. OMG are they really supposed to be this stiff!
  58. Raleigh results - FEI Y/H scores
  59. Rudolph Rostek clinic
  60. so, really. Be honest and vote in this poll
  61. wak me thru the shoulder in to renver part of 2nd level test 4
  62. stars of the past vs today's top horses?
  63. diagonals
  64. Anyone know this mare?
  65. Suggestions for the dominant horse with no go?
  66. Thoughts on our progress please, oh added the old video if you want to see.
  67. One line of advice before the bell rings...
  68. Is my kid slow?
  69. Spinoff- how do you support your dressage hobby?
  70. New to North Carolina
  71. National Dressage Pony Cup- June 28-29
  72. Rider Airbag Vests
  73. ..
  74. What brand dressage saddle for Arabian?
  75. adults riding ponies?
  76. Best Drag for a Dressage Arena?
  77. Be nice to the show staff!!!
  78. Braiding with flowers
  79. 4 beat canter?
  80. dressage colors (brown/cream vs. black/white)
  81. Trotting In A Wash (To Build Muscle and Improve Overall Condition)
  82. Check out this Dressage Mini!
  83. Balance Saddle System
  84. checking claims??
  85. Morven Park Show June 7-8
  86. A tiny little brag, on my great big horse.
  87. Dressage mirrors- with shatterproof glass?
  88. Wearing Helmets while Schooling/Riding
  89. What a ride !!!! Meet Edward Gal and Totilas
  90. Best advice to improve slumpy sitting trot -- Help!
  91. Article in Chronicle features discussion on Dressage Qualification proposal
  92. How to bring judges in total confusion (video added)
  93. rider's position and effect of the aids--what does this score really mean?
  94. CanyonOak On Request The clinic of Anky
  95. Need help pidgeon-toeing
  96. How do you warm up a tense, rushy youngster?
  97. Quick! Have 2 weeks to break new boots in!
  98. Trainer in Apple Valley, Victorville, or Hesperia ca?
  99. Barefoot London Treeless Dressage Saddles
  100. Video Critique & Trakehner Questions
  101. What song have you always wanted to do/see a freestyle to?
  102. What do you wear if coats are waived?
  103. I think I have determined the way to figure out if a horse can get to GP... or not
  104. SLC2 Thanks for the advice
  105. Use of whip/voice during dressage test?
  106. Do you ever go through lack of motivation?
  107. Spinoff: Who uses a cooling vest?
  108. Quick hindleg
  109. Kerrits vs. Irideon FS Tights
  110. Brown Dressage tack
  111. help locating an old gray horse in Louisiana
  112. Ideas for cheap, portable dressage arena
  113. LJ Banks
  114. Huh? Clinic Charges
  115. Is Dressage Judging becoming more confusing?
  116. Getting my gelding to step out through his shoulder more...
  117. Model goes to first dressage show- aiming or 2012 Olympics
  118. Do trainers really care about how well clients do in shows?
  119. Help me maximize conditioning in this DEEP footing please?
  120. Personal Experience Buying @ Hanoverian Verband Auction in Germany
  121. Custom Saddlery -- Off the rack
  122. trainer in NE PA
  123. Help with right canter lead
  124. Breeches v.s. Tights
  125. Helping the horse who goes upside down
  126. Critique please
  127. In the spirit of Barak Obama...
  128. anyone ever purchased a dressage saddle off of Ebay?
  129. Aunt Esther on the Olympic Dressage Trials
  130. I disagree with the training scale
  131. Best contour crown bridle?
  132. At my whits end - Mare throws her head at canter transition - Help
  133. Happy Pants
  134. Dr. Hillary Clayton
  135. Need photo of mature, casual dressage rider.
  136. Young horse, behind the vertical, Help!
  137. Clinic disaster
  138. Duett Saddles
  139. Boucher vs B ring
  140. blu horse stud
  141. custom saddles
  142. Dutch team wins Nation Cup at Rotterdam, GB- placed second
  143. Poor old "cute li'l Carl"
  144. i ride 1x a week, trainer rides 5x, and i show
  145. To tape or not to tape....??
  146. Please help!
  147. Canter Pirouette work
  148. dyeing saddles...
  149. Specific bridle criteria...
  150. Olympic Selection Trials Coverage
  151. Prestige Dressage Saddle - Opinions??
  152. Nine levels of Dressage?
  153. Jane Savoies. Happy horse.. Opinions?
  154. Spinoff: Synthetic OVERSIZE dressage bridle?
  155. Stiff arms/hard hands
  156. Looking for a new bitting suggestion...
  157. Help! Choosing A Bit...
  158. Spinoff: Nine levels of dressage!!!
  159. Gaited horses in dressage
  160. Dressage tape or not? Forelock braid or not? Help!
  161. Improvement with my mare and I?
  162. competing on horse w/blind eye?
  163. When is US team going to be announced?
  164. Excersises for shoulder-in
  165. Photos from Olympic Selection Trials Week 1
  166. ..
  167. Spin off: How does the USA get its best riders on its best horses?
  168. Getting hot horse to slow down??
  169. Cueing Grand Prix Movements
  170. PVDA Ride For Life (R4L) THIS Weekend.
  171. small step for Sindarin big step for ME
  172. Turning on the forehand
  173. Am I Doing The Right Thing (I need opinions)
  174. (Poll) How many people have taken "sabbaticals" from riding?
  175. Jules Nyssen
  176. see any progress? critique away!
  177. Clean Change - Defination Please
  178. Lap of luxury for Olympic Horses in HongKong
  179. Opening mouth, what to do?
  180. I'm stuck. And my horse is stuck
  181. Tips for sitting deeper when you have a bony butt?
  182. Festival of Champions - Donna Novella?
  183. Books with Suppling Exercises
  184. Q for Judges: Why no test scores in the 10% to 30% range?
  185. My horse let me down down down and down
  186. Schleese saddle question
  187. Help! How to fee horse on 24/7???
  188. TCN Partout passed away
  189. ok theo you missed this one: robert and gunther seidel strip for olympics
  190. Best Instruction For The Half Halt
  191. How About Those Freestyles!
  192. Horse selling problem;what would you do?
  193. My STUPID core!!!
  194. Saddle question....the big IF
  195. Holland - Suggestions on what to do?
  196. your thoughts on the thinline pads
  197. Developing Long and Low
  198. thanks
  199. Dressage at Devon, Foal Championship
  200. All rides of the Olympic Selection Trials On YOUTUBE (GP-GPS-FTM)
  201. UPDATE - J(eff) Ashton Moore Clinic(pg 3)
  202. Economy and horses
  203. Are some judges getting to old to judge ?
  204. Critique this walk please....video.
  205. Dressage style - What are you wearing? (snaffle levels)
  206. Are you the customer?
  207. Dutch reserve rider for the Olympics Hongkong beats Germany's #2 and 3#
  208. Minimum vetting/xrays for the unbroke dressage prospect?
  209. Clinton Anderson training?
  210. What to look for in yearling dressage prospect?
  211. Question to USDF GMOs regarding year-end awards
  212. any welsh cob riders out there help with saddles
  213. My horse needs a bigger arena (with vid)
  214. help with developing forward thinking
  215. Weird Muscles You Got From Riding (Share Everyone!)
  216. Video clip of young WB
  217. Adelinde and Parzival did it again
  218. horse shopping USA
  219. German Olympic Dressage Team Selected at 2008 CDIO Aachen
  220. Keeping White Breeches Clean at a Show
  221. Ideas for Schooling Show Prizes
  222. Would you ever judge a horse or rider by a photo
  223. I had a great day !
  224. Dressage in Sierra Vista, AZ on the radar screen
  225. Treeless Saddles
  226. Leg aids???
  227. What is a 'falling down neck'?
  228. Having kids vs. dedicating your life to dressage
  229. Belgian Drafts for Dressage
  230. British 2012 Olympic rider program
  231. dressage trainers in Lexington Ky area
  232. Anybody else think this is ugly?
  233. Crosstraining or maybe we can find out how slc's "girls" got bigger
  234. Help with a fear issue (VENT and LONG)
  235. Dressage prospect
  236. Soft Horse
  237. Tongue Over Bit -- Seeking Helpful Advice
  238. Any of you have some up and coming your excited about?
  239. Saddle Help PLEASE I AM DESPERATE
  240. Broodmare for Dressage Prospect
  241. "This is the story of how we begin to remember..."
  242. How long for horse and rider to adjust to new saddle?
  243. horse friendly states: honest question
  244. Mike her is my entry for your competition
  245. Are recognized dressage show entries down overall
  246. Andrew McLean on biomechanics
  247. Dressage Prospect ... Now What? How to Choose
  248. Critique of me & my new guy
  249. This horse needs to come home to ME!
  250. WBLover inspired me . . . 4 year old critique?