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  1. Small Arena: Thanks everybody for you help I have the info I needed!
  2. Need Inspiration for Between Lesson Practicing
  3. All purpose saddle for dressage?
  4. How much Klaus and the other Team coaches make
  5. Restarting my youngster
  6. Bradoon/Curb for Difficult To Bit Horse?
  7. Turning over rocks: Dressage horse shopping on a budget
  8. World Cup '08!
  9. Dressage Daily - Horse Market over $100,000 -- some people are nuts!
  10. Neutral spine/pelvis alignment in riders...
  11. Help w/ resistant canter departs!
  12. Thanks for all input!
  13. Dressage boots with Wide Toes/Foot?
  14. Dressage Riders,why do you show?
  15. Dressage rider turns to ebay for help
  16. How Much For An Unstarted Coming 5 Year Old?
  17. Send thoughts and Prayers to Ricardo Amaya
  18. FEI Potential Dressage Prospect - Too Small?
  19. Favorite Brand of Stirrup Iron?
  20. videos of upper level non-warmbloods
  21. Anyone ever ridden in a Whitman "Racinet" saddle? Update - I got it!
  22. Cheap full seat riding pants
  23. High Quality Custom Reins ... Who?
  24. This may sound stupid but...
  25. Saddle moving forward problem
  26. Dressage Bridle Recommendations ($100-150)
  27. What every TRUE DQ needs!
  28. Thoughts on Changing the Collective Marks
  29. WorldCup 2008 All FTM rides on-line NOW
  30. Winging Out - Will it lead to soundness issues?
  31. Success?Yearling to FEI
  32. Courtney King's triple pirouette
  33. Wall St Journal article: JPN dressage rider
  34. UPDATE....Dressage Prospect Comparison
  35. Stock pins...why so boring?
  36. Fabulous GP Fjord - Guus
  37. Question for dressage riders who use bauchers
  38. Can this horse make level 2?
  39. Can score 60 on little horse (prospect) but Qualification only for $$$ horse?
  40. What kind of training is this?
  41. youtube
  42. USDF decides to release DATA
  43. Are my braids good enough for USDF shows?
  44. Silly question-Why don't dressage people clip their horses nose?
  45. draft horse/dressage
  46. 2nd level tests vs. 3rd 1
  47. horse shopping dilemas
  48. Exercises for teaching flying changes
  49. Legal bits for a puller?
  50. Riding lessons for adults
  51. How do I sit quieter?! Critique my canter please.
  52. Helmets for shows... ?
  53. My "baby" went to trainer today
  54. Important for All of a division to be judged by same judge?
  55. Vaule of a trained horse
  56. Horse getting Behind the Vertical, Any Suggestions?
  57. Question of all of you in the La Jolla, Ca area
  58. Bravo! HDS keeping members informed on proposed rule change!
  59. Should Dressage Equitation be open to ALL riders, and not just Jr/Yr?
  60. Steven Spielberg lost 4th Courtcase against Dutch horsetrader
  61. Should the U.S. boycott the Olympics?
  62. Ouch! Just found the cost of showing??!
  63. first dressage clinic; any need-to-knows!?
  64. Resale value on an "off" breed dressage horse
  65. Thoughts on the 'Reliability' of Dressage Scores
  66. "Exercises" for dressage...
  67. Now that's a beatiful canter pirouette..
  68. Breaking News: FEI Condemns Hyperflexion as "Mental Abuse"
  69. Ex hunter riders...do you miss jumping?
  70. Balimo Chairs
  71. Nike riding boots?
  72. Grooms?
  73. How many white pads do you bring to a show?
  74. Clinic video "an evening with Carl Hester"
  75. My turn now for a critique !
  76. Most forgiving breeches??
  77. String test?? How accurate have you found it to be?
  78. Please tell me it's going to be ok!
  79. Spinoff- Ex hunter rides what was the catalysis for giving up jumping?
  80. Remembering Ricardo Amaya
  81. Flat dressage saddle? For a horse with a flat back
  82. Calling dressage tests
  83. Riders for Courtney King-Dye in E.A, Columbus, OHIO ?
  84. Horseshows and Mother-In-Laws
  85. Advice for lengthening leg?
  86. Insights?
  87. My Very First Dressage Show Ever!
  88. How to make that perfect "dressage" bun...
  89. The secret truth about draw reins
  90. judges! explain what you are looking for in a training and first level test
  91. Would you complain?
  92. How did you find YOUR dressage partner?
  93. arthritus in hands
  94. PMU Olympic Horse
  95. Outdoor Arena Footing??? Help!
  96. Spinoff-saddles for horses with curvy backs?
  97. Another good Jane Savoie video on You Tube
  98. Recording immunizations on passport
  99. How do you get rid of scary lions in indoor arenas?
  100. Spinoff -Judges comments
  101. Want to begin dressage
  102. Oh, Aunt Esther: Manolo Blahnik paddock boots
  103. Anky will end her dressage-carreer within 2-max.4 years
  104. Quaterback?? Any recent news??
  105. "unusual" freestyles..
  106. Dressage prospects??
  107. Nuno Oliveira
  108. Antares, Prestige or Exselle Saddles, what is your experience?
  109. Saddle for 5 Y/O TB - Bates, Collegiate, Wintec
  110. Need help on balancing the canter, also new photos!
  111. does anyone compete on a mule?
  112. Jane Savoie's A Happy Horse home study course
  113. Breaking news. FEI removes statement about Rollk├╝r/Hyperflexion
  114. Riding the shoulders....
  115. If the horse is in self-carriage, why does he need a supporting rein?
  116. FEI JR/YR Program
  117. Retiring a Horse to Me - WWYD?? Update-A Roller Coaster Ride
  118. Help!
  119. saddle out on trial - how to get it back? need help Sonesta or Yankee Laywer???
  120. What judges look for at intro level
  121. Any experience with this saddle?
  122. Verhan
  123. New braiding thingy in Dressage Extensions?
  124. American Saddlebred at Grand Prix
  125. spinoff: Lipp mares
  126. how to do correct long and low?
  127. Karen Offield wins courtcase against ex-owner of Lingh
  128. New Performance Standard Proposal is Out and Available for Comment
  129. Del Mar Saturday Night Freestyle? Anyone?
  130. Expectations and Possibilities
  131. Best Place in U.S. for Dressage
  132. Hot horse, 'faking' connection
  133. Fun Steel Drums on Equimusic.com
  134. Over 40, w/a life-how committed/dedicated are you?
  135. Well trainer worked him today
  136. Side Reins (As part of my horses training routine)
  137. How important is overstride? Added Video!
  138. Who have you cliniced with/audited/want to clinic with?
  139. Saddle fitters in Houston, TX area?
  140. UPDATE-another 1 to look at...Lower Level prospect critique...
  141. Very stiff unstarted horse, where would you start?
  142. Dressage full moon...
  143. Another thought on "half scores"--are they necessary?
  144. Raleigh peeps -need hotel recommendations
  145. what's interfering with YOUR Olympic dreams this week???
  146. Wouldn't this be great. Topriders using music from Tibet during the Olympics ?
  147. tips for squaring a dressage ring?
  148. looking for used hennig/schleese/regal for sale
  149. Exit Poll: Dressage Qualifying Rule-How did you vote?
  150. Vaquero Piaffe vs. dressage piaffe?
  151. A question about developing the dip in front of the withers
  152. slow western backing vs dressage backing
  153. Sloping Pasterns...
  154. Adult Camp/need ideas and suggestions
  155. Specific question on Schleese Saddles and the width of the Gullet
  156. Need Dressage based rider to put a good foundation on a 3 year old stallion
  157. Trainers' are you threatened?
  158. Saddle fitter in NJ?
  159. Neck Set Vs. Rideability?
  160. welsh cobs
  161. Ambidexterity
  162. 2009 FEI Dressage World Cup, Las Vegas
  163. boarding near dc? can anyone help?
  164. So, Aunt Esther and Coreene, The View from Across the Pond?
  165. Stifle injury-can they come back from this??
  166. Wide saddles for mutton withers?
  167. Green/young horse, MY balance + I'm riding in an Ansur
  168. dressage saddle on a budget
  169. can't do flying changes...
  170. shows and trailering....how does your trainer handle it?
  171. Debbie MacDonald saddles
  172. Spinoff: Ansur Saddles - Legal?
  173. CDL License and trailering fees question.
  174. Several day shows and braiding
  175. Opinions on my mare
  176. Question: "at X change of lead through trot"
  177. Spinoff- what is the average experience of a "trainer?"
  178. Welsh Cobs and dressage saddles
  179. If you had space in your trailer for another horse
  180. Help with a not so talented horse
  181. Instructor is confusing me
  182. WOW... Satchmo - Werth, Isabell - 79.120 %
  183. charge for using my saddle??
  184. Full training with BNT - how long do you stay?
  185. saddles!!!
  186. can you teach an old dog(rider :)) new tricks?
  187. Matinee news
  188. Saddle Moving Forward Conclusion
  189. Why the Performance Standards Proposal Can't Work
  190. Need help with counting four's
  191. Passier Elastic Dressage Girth? UPDATE - I got it!
  192. Instructors/Trainers in new England
  193. Proper way to finish haunches in?
  194. dressage jacket
  195. Sprenger bits- worth the $$?
  196. TB "prejudice"?
  197. Possibly Silly Saddle Question -- Update
  198. Question about etiquette with instructor
  199. Prices In Europe
  200. Customs even though I don't show?
  201. Well our 4th show and question and Critique Please!!
  202. Define: "Lower Level Dressage Prospect"
  204. To Post or Not to Post?
  205. Custom Saddlery Saddles
  206. Critique for a (Soon-to-be) First Timer!
  207. Sharing a horse
  208. Critique greenbean
  209. Suggestions for teeth grinding
  210. Help with horse that's very behind the leg.
  211. Olympics:Youngest competitor ever in dressage riding her pure-bred Lusitano Stallion
  212. Schooling show attire
  213. Is this a Knabstrupper?
  214. Dressage girths... which ones do you like/dislike?
  215. Dressage Horse shopping in Ocala/Orlando
  216. National Awards for Anglo-Arabians
  217. Riding Critique Please!
  218. Hard decision, What would you do?
  219. pushy new trainer
  220. is it possible...?
  221. Question for Passier people
  222. Leathers with no buckle under the thigh
  223. looking for a bit of a...critique!
  224. Stupid question... your opinion on sitting a training test!
  225. This horse to buy?
  226. Side reins for a horse that resents contact??????
  227. I scored in the 50s at a recognized show ... Yes, I am THAT person!
  228. Please...a critique
  229. Lamplight CDI 3*
  230. I might have to admit defeat
  231. I need a show name....help
  232. Buying a new horse
  233. Bates Innova opinions?
  234. Fabulous Robert Dover clinic today!
  235. Kassandra and her horses...
  236. what do dressage riders look for in a prospect?
  237. Updated: Stiff and stubbron; do chiros or stretching exercises work?
  238. Dressage getting worse
  239. hulsebus saddle
  240. Share 5.....
  241. Show Results with Pics/Vids
  242. Twin braiding - has anyone seen this before?
  243. Trouble keeping steady outside rein contact
  244. Problems with horrible customer service at Equine Canada
  245. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Saddle prices...
  246. Friesian lung size?
  247. Tell me about your German Riding Ponies
  248. Trainer sells Amway-HELP!!!!
  249. qualification process;how about the judge?
  250. sesage as sport vs. as duty