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  1. Need help with name of breeches
  2. Quarter sheet for a bubble butt??
  3. Any dressage specific catologs/websites?
  4. Thornhill Danube
  5. Dressage lessons in western WA
  6. Getting USDF membership online
  7. Ky Horse Park Dressage Discipline Exhibit
  8. USDF Instructor Certification Program
  9. Haddad's Marriage
  10. Where can I find the #$(@^&%#&%* 2011 Intro test movements?
  11. Poll position and the training scale.
  12. eye of the beholder... draftX for what??? $$
  13. Dressage Test reprinting question?
  14. Getting the Winter horse in front of your leg
  15. USDF Horse's Record
  16. LEC dressage test clinic
  17. Stabling in Florida ???
  18. Canter Cue
  19. Edward Gal and Voice win PSG at Zwolle VIDEO
  20. contact info/Kathy Douglas
  21. Where did *that* come from? More positives from everyone, please!
  22. favorite local tack store
  23. How much is this horsie in the window?
  24. Tell me about Carole Grant...
  25. heavy on bit
  26. Bit to encourage higher head carriage
  27. Now all I need...
  28. My use of Cavalletti schooling
  29. Mathias Rath's interview on dressage radio
  30. Used Double bridles
  31. DQ Drama- Share your experiences
  32. Why could my horse hate the whip?
  33. Dressage Shoeing: What's Reasonable?
  34. Ride times for Dressage Getaway?
  35. My report on the miracle of the HS Dynamic RS D-ring bit on 6 of my horses - TL-FEI
  36. Ivan Bezugloff, Creator of Dressage & CT Magazine Passed Away
  37. Lendon Gray's Dressage4Kid Weekend Program
  38. Dressage Trainers-Columbus, Ohio
  39. Lease Or Purchase?
  40. Wrong forum...sorry!!!
  41. Improving Range of Motion in Hips
  42. Outside rein to bucking strap, inside flexion. Thank you bucking strap!
  43. prestige optimax for wide horse
  44. Teaching lateral work and changes in the Long Lines
  45. 7th Ride on My 3.5 year old - PICS
  46. Weight and horse performance
  47. Meet a Winning Dressage Mule
  48. Does one's riding style/practices affect where they can board?
  49. Saddle Fitters in Michigan?
  50. Independent parts
  51. Collegiate Dressage Saddle?
  52. A hop step upwards into trot on a young horse - test scoring question, too
  53. New to Dressage - help me out
  54. Question regarding Wintec 500 Dressage Saddle, pony versus horse.
  55. dover longeing cavesson attachment-anyone use?
  56. Gets quick during lengthen stride in trot
  57. Mounting Without Stirrups
  58. Dressage in the Midwest
  59. how to stop bad hands
  60. Seat ?
  61. Activating the Core?
  62. Daniel Stewart clinics
  63. bay vs gray (sorry, a little long)
  64. Jane Savoie DVD share
  65. Do you use technology as a training tool????
  66. Custom Saddlery Icon Coda and polyflex trees?
  67. Cheating on "your" discipline
  68. Does your horse have awkward phases then progress?
  69. My TB mare has a strange trot
  70. Showing in a helmet?
  71. Help me find a new short dressage coat that is fitted
  72. "Falling in" at the canter to the left.
  73. The Return of the Dressage Queen: Anky buys Grand Prix horse to be back in the Game
  74. Off White Dress Boots--New Style?
  75. Which high(er) end bridle do you love?
  76. Dressage Trainers near Auburn, AL
  77. What would you do?
  78. Goode Rider Breeches
  79. Contemporary World/Smooth Jazz Music Added to Equimusic
  80. Dressage Trainer in NH
  81. Which disciplines are the easiest to transition to dressage? What are the hardest?
  82. Instructors near (north of) Columbus, GA?
  83. Slowness and "Natural Rhythm"
  84. stock pin- real bling, $$$ $
  85. Colored Padded Bridles?
  86. Anyone heard of German Dressage Trainer Ernst Zeiger?
  87. Getting the swing in the back, at the walk?
  88. Help Starting Back Riding After Break......
  89. Julie Richards
  90. County Owners: Compare TREE shapes on the WB, Competitor, Connection...old or new
  91. Horses for Sales / Sale Barns - Virginia?
  92. Do you get distracked.....annoyed at...
  93. Dressage Show recommendations for Southern NH/Northeast MA
  94. Trainers in NE for the Winter?
  95. Friesian Stomach issues in our sport, in general
  96. Counter canter vs Flying changes
  97. dressage naturally
  98. Please help me with custom boot options
  99. Dropping the ball in Dressage...A good thing!
  100. Albion Brentina saddle
  101. Used dressage saddles?
  102. Dressage in Greenville?
  103. Totilas filly?
  104. Cyndi just got her bronze medal!
  105. Am I the only one left who prefers the look of a velvet helmet?
  106. Are There Any Inexpensive Treeless Dressage Saddles That Are Good?
  107. Ocala, Marion Co. FL peeps.. since sh*t happens...
  108. Spinoff: Do you get distracted.....annoyed at...
  109. Schokemohle bridles? And buying from them
  110. Balanced Seat - New to Dressage
  111. USEF Convention
  112. Totilas is a daddy see the pics
  113. Saddle Sizes
  114. Clinic with David Dewispelaere
  115. Great Lessons and some Video to Share!
  116. Fulmer vs full check
  117. Biagina Lazaroni (or other trainers in Eugene Oregon)
  118. Does anyone else get charged these fees?
  119. Dumb ? re Revised tests/Tempi changes
  120. Horses are getting pretty expensive!
  121. Jayne Ayers or Megan McIsaac
  122. Dressage Under The Stars
  123. Dressage in Orange County, CA
  124. share your warm-up ring horror stories!
  125. Cavallo Polar Tall Boots? VS Ariat Bromont?
  126. Lower level free styles & music software
  127. Help me pick out a Helmet!
  128. FL shows - USDF calendar
  129. Lauriche needed for wide stallion
  130. Robert Dover clinic in NJ? Tewksbury? April?
  131. Buffalo leather saddle care question.
  132. Balimo Clinic at Lauren Sprieser's
  133. Do you wake up in the morning
  134. Dressage Saddles from Schneiders ????
  135. Anyone interested in Dressage Clinics in the Raleigh area with Brendan Curtis
  136. Show attire, mix-n-match?
  137. tell me about your Trakehner...
  138. secure seat/saddle type question
  139. Looking up scores costs $20?!?!!?
  140. 2011
  141. Apassionata has anyone seen it?
  142. Trainers in central CA??
  143. Good Dressage Saddles? Help!
  144. dressage letters on a flex rail fence
  145. How much do you pay for free longing?
  146. Most Dressage Horses are Under~ridden...
  147. Dressage trainer in Alexander county, Taylorsville area in north carolina
  148. COTH Article: Spectator at the First CDI of the Season
  149. Nevermind
  150. Letter by CKD re: Helmets
  151. looking for roomate at usef licensed official dressage judges clinic March 2011
  152. New to Dressage and Frustrated...advice needed!
  153. Any Good YouTube Videos Out There?
  154. One- Eyed Dressage Horse Suggestions on Training
  155. Place to get a list of each move at each level so I can print and hang for students?
  156. Superior Saddlery
  157. Patent Leather Bridles
  158. Spinoff: How should contact feel?
  159. Total Saddle Reflock FOAM to WOOL...Cost? Can you recommend some people/companies...
  160. Yet another dress boot thread
  161. Frank Baines Dressage Saddles
  162. Hardest wearing riding gloves?
  163. musical freestyle music
  164. What type of saddle do I need?
  165. dressage cartoons
  166. What do you pay to have your saddle flocked
  167. cheap vs. expensive girths
  168. Best Dressage Book?
  169. You know you're dressage-obsessed when...
  170. what is the Best looking velvet cover ASTM helmet?
  171. Anatomical, humane ends AND elastic?
  172. Just had to brag a little
  173. From Amerigo to Wintec Isabell or Pro?
  174. New 2010 Wintec Isabell vs original model?
  175. Katzengruber Dressage Saddle and other questions...
  176. Photo added- pg 3- What would you do with a GORGEOUS, unregistered andalusian filly?
  177. It is going to be 60F today!!!
  178. Side Saddle Dressage on a Draft Horse
  179. Head moving side to side
  180. Bit Opinions Needed for an OTTB in Retraining for Dressage
  181. Tell me what you think of this guy
  182. Help with size of tree in Amerigo saddle?
  183. Have you received a surprise lately?
  184. worth of a complicated grand prix horse
  185. New to Dressage/Frustrated gets first place Training level !
  186. Ques
  187. Region One Omnibus?
  188. saddle needed
  189. Bit question (legality) and the USEF site not working
  190. Define "hot"
  191. Longe exercises?
  192. Which Schleese models work best for curvy backs?
  193. Inexpensive (or midrange) not-uber-floofy half pads?
  194. Opinions on my mare
  195. 2011 Scottsdale Arabian Dressage FEI
  196. For pony lovers and flashy dressage, I want to introduce my new project (videos)
  197. Long-Reining the OTTB
  198. Where in the world is Flourian?
  199. New styles?
  200. Pony Dressage Begs a Question
  201. Mark Russell Clinics: Any input?
  202. Dressage Stick Figure: Suggestions for a pendant
  203. Instructor/Professional/ Upper Level Rider in MA?
  204. KWPN Stallion Show 2010 - VIDEO
  205. Dressage in middle GA?
  206. Tell me about Alpharetta, GA
  207. Samshield Helmets
  208. Saddle for the very round AND asymmetrical youngster
  209. Tekna saddle owners: how do the tree sizes run?
  210. Weight on the Seatbones during Lateral Work: Direction of TRAVEL or BEND?
  211. What Helmets are you buying?
  212. Need instructor, snohomish,wa
  213. FEI Newbie any new fees/memberships?
  214. Charlotte or Aiken: Where to move to??
  215. A difference in dressage?
  216. Something for You Quarter Horse Owners
  217. Debbie McDonald Has Serious Fall
  218. Best place to find browbands with bling?!
  219. KK Bits - ack!!! Ultra or training?
  220. Ruined!?!?!?!?!
  221. USDF Connection
  222. Hello, any Morgan dressage riders/Morgan
  223. How much give should a spring tree have?
  224. Dean Martin, who knew?
  225. Amazing New Spanish Riding School Video!
  226. Saddles Being Pulled Forward - Point Billets and Wither Gussets Not Helping
  227. xpost: How to get parents to ride
  228. Looking for a County Dressage saddle, have I exhausted all online possiblilites?
  229. Green Horse Green Rider woes
  230. Stanford Dressage
  231. Quality of this bridle?
  232. Not-so-green rider on not-so-green horse!
  233. How to figure out if you've got the chops to ride an upper level horse?
  234. Saddle brands with hoop/U-shaped trees for BIG shoulders?
  235. USEF Dressage Helmet Rule
  236. Totilas has some competition!
  237. book reviewers wanted
  238. Need a Name!!
  239. Tips to increase tempo?
  240. Looking for dressage horse to ride/lease in Alpharetta/Atlanta, GA
  241. Surcingle Woes
  242. DVD's/books for new to dressage
  243. Spinoff: CAN an elegant protective helmet be designed?
  244. Questions about Sommer SL 2000 monoflap
  245. I'm the new generation - I think top hats look idiotic
  246. GGT dressage footing
  247. Re: Helmets-gotta see this
  248. Dressage whip with flat lash?
  249. Just for 'fun' cowboy dressage v. classical dressage
  250. The 2011 "The Century Club News" is Available!