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  1. Competing Without a Bit Allowed at Lowest Levels after April 1st in the Netherlands
  2. I have a question about Totilas
  3. Anyone been in a clinic w/Sally O'Connor?
  4. Lesson Fee to Barn Owner
  5. Info please: Dressage Getaway at Thermal
  6. Looking for a good musical freestyle video...
  7. Judging Freestyles: Goodbye Judges, Hello Computer!
  8. A Mini Freestyle!
  9. Michael Klimke: 100% in agreement with K.Balkenhol letter
  10. Capability assessment central VA?
  11. OK--the BIG question !
  12. riding question
  13. ThinLine and communicating through your seat
  14. FEI Roundtable results on Rollkur
  15. Irish Sport Horse?
  16. Legion of Honor and High Point
  17. question about possible hitchiness
  18. Anxiously Waiting Something Very Ghostly
  19. The hidden dangers of a snow storm
  20. Equine Canada Weighs in on FEI Rollkur Announcement
  21. Pilates for the Dressage Rider DVD
  22. Anky clinic explaining LDR
  23. Weymouth - Herm Sprenger or Neue Schule?
  24. Go Solo Advise
  25. How Competitive Are You?
  26. padded or shaped crown pieces? do they make a difference?
  27. Western saddle reco'd for a dressage rider?
  28. Anyone have their instructor come to them?
  29. How much is strength and how much is balance?
  30. Spinoff: Competitive goals for 2010
  31. K. Balkenhol response to FEI Feb.9 meeting
  32. Would a neckstretcher be helpful in this scenario?
  33. Large sheepskin half pads
  34. Early results from the CDIs
  35. My problem legs!!
  36. Public Indoor Arenas - Loudoun Co
  37. Curing negative internal dialogue between lessons???
  38. Update! Canter aids clarification
  39. UGH why can't I SIT UP?? Along with other things...
  40. Older Riders - Bringing up a baby - Pros & Cons
  41. Reins and Girths- what's show-ring correct?
  42. Horse gets overflexed
  43. WWYD: free lease
  44. Forever an amatuer
  45. Judges comments "balance"
  46. Worst lesson ever-can we do it?-long
  47. Need a Saddle as wide as an extra-wide Albion
  48. Where to find used double bridle??????!?
  49. At what age or stage do you start long-lining a youngster?
  50. Q for judges--error of test?
  51. William Micklem Weighs In On FEI Rollkur Decision
  52. How do you get a Top Hat to stay on Your Head?
  53. Unusual breeds in USDF All Breed Awards
  54. Videos - Horse Revolution - Thoughts? Opinions?
  55. Tell me you can do it on the "accident-prone" horse
  56. Mid 5 figures horse 4sale. People asking lease!?! (details p1)
  57. Fancy Stock Tie Opinions
  58. Who is Julie Goodnight?
  59. Spinoff on leasing dressage horses.
  60. Is it OK to see a different instructor from time-to-time?
  61. Collegiate Saddles?
  62. Anky Education Center
  63. The Pink Tongue Video
  64. Hunter Spinoff: What do you expect out of a 5yr old?
  65. A Majikal thing I saw driving to Wellyworld.
  66. crosspost- Karl Niedersuss saddle
  67. How far do you have to travel to show?
  68. Braids : Does anyone still use...
  69. Trainer credentials at SRS
  70. Which KK to try?
  71. Belly Dancing for Dressage!
  72. German Horse Center Question
  73. spinoff: internal dialogue between lessons, opposite problem
  74. Any Saddles Comparable to Schleese Triumph
  75. Can we talk crotches and dressage saddles?
  76. Saddle shopping: County Warmblood?
  77. Stubben Dressage Saddles?
  78. Another Between Lesson spinoff: Frustration with not being good enough?
  79. Dressage Trainers in Western North Carolina??
  80. Disunited Canter
  81. Dressage Saddles w/Wide Gullets
  82. Need to build her up...
  84. H/J Spinoff: Depo for geldings
  85. Comments About "The Carrot" Blog - Post Here!
  86. Brand Recommendations for Tall Boots?
  87. Spinoff...my own special crotch dressage saddle issue
  88. Critique please?
  89. Harry Dabbs Stockholm dressage saddle
  90. muscle builders
  91. Two different horses and threads by different posters. Mods merged by accident?
  92. Time it takes to go up the Levels
  93. German vs. Spanish/french or other Dressage systems?
  94. Dressage attire- bold with color or keeping it simple
  95. So, which is it? (pronunciation)
  96. Where to buy Butterfly Dressage Pad?
  97. quick question on YR/AA status
  98. Easing back into showing starting with Schooling Shows
  99. death of schooling shows in Canada
  100. Need some suppling help..
  101. Which Outfit for Dressage Clinic?
  102. double bridle for the delicate head?
  103. Proposed rule change....USEF
  104. 2011 and Rider Tests - Performance Standard Redux?
  105. Successful equine business plan?
  106. We're moving to the Norfolk area need a boarding facility
  107. Clinicians in N Central FL?
  108. Miller Klimke Saddles?
  109. The Saddle Hunt...
  110. PICS! First show of the season.
  111. Totilas - ?Spanish Trot?
  112. What Do You Put in a Riding Journal?
  113. The US has a team coach...sort of! UPDATE #10
  114. Yulia Gafni...any feedback...
  115. Wintec dressage, Isabell or 500?
  116. Making a name in dressage- need help with next step
  117. Video: Colonel Lesage and Taine - Dressage - 1932 Olympics
  118. hunting has improved my horses' dressage
  119. NPR story this AM re: Sponsorship & Olympics
  120. Bitless Dressage
  121. Dressage Pad on Grey Horse
  122. San Francisco Peeps, please suggest a place to visit/lesson
  123. Thinking about First Clinic
  124. Our First Show
  125. Try This to Improve Your Horse's Lateral Work
  126. IL Poulin Clinic
  127. shutting down the big buck!
  128. I figured out why GP riders sit so still...
  129. FITS - are they worth the $$?
  130. clinic videoing
  131. William Micklem's Multibridle
  132. Areas where dressage is very popular.....
  133. Don Principe brag
  134. Head position and how it relates to the shoulders
  135. warmblood mentality training question.
  136. Sitting Trot Help
  137. Tell me what you see... VIDEO: pg 3
  138. What do people think of this video?
  139. How do I deal with this?
  140. No 1/4" sizes, would you go up or down?
  141. New Dressage Bridle Recommendation
  142. Who rides CONSISTENTLY in a new Wintec Pro dressage saddle?
  143. Smith Worthington question
  144. Improving my seat and good discovery
  145. Can a saddle be too WIDE if it CLEARS the withers/spine w/ a Mattes correction pad?
  146. You can't handle the truth! lol
  147. Best Breed for Amateurs in Dressage?
  148. To all those I laughed at internally...
  149. Refurbishing an older saddle
  150. Godspeed, Cassius!
  151. Thanks
  152. Pics of prospects :)
  153. dressage lessons in Southern Pines area
  154. Anyone have an RJ Classics Coat?
  155. Parelli competition team
  156. Jingles for Courtney King Dye
  157. Fear creeping in..how to deal?
  158. helemt discussion thread
  159. Your experiences with Andalusians?
  160. The "L" Program
  161. do you use your dressage saddle out on trail, or?
  162. Anyone know Hank Hudson??Pa.
  163. Anky Dressage saddles--functional difference?
  164. Dressage-y Areas In VA
  165. What would be the penalty for...
  166. Wellington, year round?
  167. Palm Beach Derby results?
  168. dang....came off 17 hand WB today...
  169. My head is NOT round!! Helmet help please!
  170. Is this bit legal? I'm stumped...
  171. Dressage bridles for small-headed horses
  172. Attractive helmets?
  173. Consumerism at Dressage Shows
  174. Why HORSES? Why do you ride.....aka "Why is there air"
  175. How to get her started?
  176. What a Surprise! My Trainer & Joey Starbuck on VADA's Purplebook cover!!!
  177. 23 month KWPN filly-dressage prospect? (be nice please :P)
  178. Atlas (Saddlebred) Ride A Test Day, Training 2 & 4 videos
  179. Dressage Tattoos
  180. Helmet Makes and Models
  181. Show managers - why not separate AA from open?
  182. Australian equivalent of USDF?
  183. What's your biggest training problem?
  184. Looking for Wintec Pro, w/17" seat...
  185. Mr. Dover, I beg to differ...
  186. Someone to adjust Hennig in DC area?
  187. Transfer of Energy
  188. A Positive Thread! Who here is now committed to wearing a helmet?
  189. why put your title on the show entry?
  190. Rembrandt saddles??
  191. Schooling Boots: Hispar vs Treadstone
  192. What I would like to see - Now what I have done (see post #8)
  193. Splint boots/wraps for dressage?
  194. Green Ribbon Campaign?
  195. Dressage saddles for the height impaired?
  196. 170,000 of 600,000 WEG Tickets Sold to Date
  197. Dressage scene in Southern Pines NC?
  198. Dressage and the Roarer
  199. Vee shaped browbands - love them or hate them?
  200. Opening the mouth...
  201. Trainers in Raleigh Area
  202. Waterford bit - why illegal?
  203. Herm Sprenger - WH vs. KK (vs. the Mikmar cupreon?)
  204. Best sales videos
  205. Dressage training near Denver?
  206. Getting a horse to accept the contact
  207. Belgian combination blew everyone out of their socks at the CDI Bremen
  208. Anyone Bought a Trained Bullfighting Horse for Dressage?
  209. For those of you that need a new helmet...
  210. Ride times posted for Morven Park 3/14 show
  211. Help!! I'm looking for a Dressage saddle on a budget!
  212. UPDATE POST #23: Recommend some riding breeches/tights for me...
  213. Let's Talk About the FULL PASS
  214. USDF adult clinic
  215. No slc2 for a month...............
  216. Tip Top has colic surgery
  217. Black Stock Ties?
  218. The time my helmet saved me. Add yours..
  219. Where to find "NIce" brand dressage saddle??
  220. Video: Aktion with Gyula Dallos
  221. Fernando Montoya?
  222. rubber reins??
  223. Anyone else have an easily offended horse?
  224. Reactivity, spooking and training......
  225. Show jumper as a dressage horse.
  226. Riding the horse at his level of acceptance
  227. 2010 Challenge of the Americas Quadrille - First Place Team!
  228. Boxing Competition Philippe Karl against Gerd Heuschmann Round I
  229. Mountain Horse Firenze dress boot
  230. Bates saddles
  231. East San Diego trainers?
  232. Trainer Selectivity
  233. My New Blog for a rescued Dressage horse!!
  234. Shopping for new show breeches? Your faves?
  235. Trot Pictures from today
  236. Article on the Top Hat Helmet
  237. Dressage girth help!
  238. Carl Hester dominates Spanish Sunshine Tour
  239. Juggling dressage and hunters - Disaster waiting to happen?
  240. Is the Nathe or Herm Sprenger Duo Bit Legal for Dressage?
  241. World Cup Dressage
  242. Video links to young horses with TONS of suspension?
  243. Albion Saddle flocking???
  244. Question about scoring
  245. Trickle down effect? Search for high %'s at low levels...
  246. Feeding the High Performance Horse
  247. Spin-Off: Who else here has been riding around in the cul-de-sac.
  248. Dressage Show Shirts - Which do you like?
  249. Where to buy a CREME colored saddle pad (reasonably priced) or how to MAKE one?
  250. Tell me your thoughts about self carriage