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  1. How often do you change your bit ?
  2. G. Heuschmann: Dressage Astray
  3. Searching for a bridle for short horse with big head :)
  4. Just wanted to point out this lovely photo
  5. Teddy fractures a bone
  6. Are there any MidAtlantic magazines with Dressage classifieds?
  7. When to use the flash attachment.
  8. Dressage Radio interviews McDonald and Peters
  9. 1/2" difference in saddle size
  10. Another interesting read on Rolkur and horse welfare
  11. Exercises to Instill Enjoyment of "Forward"?
  12. How to retrain a horse that's broken at the third?
  13. Where can I find some quality dressage tack for a small pony ? Saddle question too
  14. Finding Sponsors
  15. USDF requires HID for *rider* awards? Why?
  16. Flash Vs Drop
  17. Ahh, Dressage.
  18. Winter schooling shows in/around MD?
  19. enjoying dressage
  20. FEI Memo
  21. Fitting a dressage saddle to a QH back
  22. Seeking article sources: several trainers, one barn
  23. Dressage in Buffalo, NY?
  24. English brand/made Dressage Saddles
  25. making a slippery saddle more sticky
  26. similar bit to kk conrad?
  27. Walk for warm-up
  28. KK Ultras - are they really all that and a bag of chips?
  29. Switching to Dressage-blog
  30. Custom Saddlery (Do They Do A Good Job)
  31. I just inhereted a really interesting mystery
  32. FEI accept the use of bute. Extended List got accepted
  33. Stupid question- need a very thin whip.
  34. USA’s Anne Gribbons, Selected as US Chef d’Equipe Elected to FEI Dressage Committee
  35. why are dressage billets long and h/j billets short?
  36. too much trouble?
  37. best basic dressage/riding book for AA
  38. Dressage Trainer in San Francisco Bay Area - East Bay Region
  39. Watch Totilas live at 11.07 pm european time
  40. The Cost of the Double Bridle?
  41. I am coming over to the dark side
  42. Cross post: Boleem passed away today
  43. Good Dressage lessons near NYC?
  44. PSI Auction Catalogue A little casual shopping on a Saturday -
  45. Opinions: getting the most out of training
  46. One draw rein???
  47. German Masters Grand Prix Kur
  48. Anyone going to Chagrin on the 29th?
  49. How does PSI do it?
  50. Houston as a sire
  51. Lower level video critique? Please?
  52. Interesting first show experience
  53. What's up with DressageClinic.com?
  54. Brag on four-year-old (human, that is)
  55. Define "Dressage Queen"
  56. Spinoff of working too hard: LSD or "legging up"
  57. Laser Amulet
  58. Spinoff - I'm doubting my choices lately... vent and would love advice
  59. critique my young horse please
  60. Who Will Speak Up About The Judging At Stuttgart CDI5*?
  61. Anyone ride in a Stackhouse CC Dressage?
  62. Seeking Advice on Strengthening a Weak Stifle
  63. Update: Vets send letter to the FEI, join Deutsche Bank Aachen against ruling
  64. Interview with Gerd Heuschmann, Part 1
  65. How do i get her to use her hind MORE?
  66. instruction - Leslie McDonald
  67. Got the "Blue Tongue"? Here's the Answer.
  68. Need a saddle for a large flat backed WB
  69. Bits? Tongue lacking attachment = tongue over bit. Also has low pallet.
  70. Would you sell or keep a horse like this horse?
  71. RIP Rampal
  72. Stargate Sport Horse Auction Results
  73. Completely HOOKED! Now looking for a saddle ;-)
  74. New horse for Danish prinsess Nathalie
  75. Dressage related (sort of): Benefactor to Dressage Trainer
  76. which dressage saddle pad and why??
  77. mediocre riding or no exercise at all?
  78. In the horns of a saddle fitting dilemma...
  79. Spanish Riding School Herbert Seiberl Santa Rosa Clinic - Jan 22 - 24
  80. UPDATE Dr Ober Supports Controversial New FEI Drug List
  81. Gerd Heuschman Clinic Report/ Spinoff from the Interview
  82. Does this saddle fit me?
  83. USDF symposium?
  84. Why, Mr. Peters! What a lovely horse!!
  85. Intercollegiate Dressage - Opinions?
  86. Dog bone shaped French link (Eggbutt) Snaffle?
  87. I didn't know that Friesians could jump
  88. Where did you get your thinline pad?
  89. "Doctored" videos?
  90. Haute Ecole, or haute mess???
  91. Who pays?
  92. Help! I can't get off my inside rein! :(
  93. When to add circles etc to work of rehabbing horse?
  94. Can a judge give you a lower score if they don't like your LEGAL tack?
  95. Passier Question
  96. Would you tell your friend that her trainer is a poser or would you MYOB ?
  97. another top scientist chimes in on rollkur & the drug list
  98. How Are Horses Started in Europe?
  99. bringing up the green Arab/Arab-x
  100. How many have received email from an internet dressage mentor
  101. Totilas reported SOLD??
  102. County WB vs. County Competitor
  103. understanding "through"....
  104. totilas reported not sold
  105. Releasing the tightness in RIDERS back
  106. X-post Rearing/bucking young dressage horse
  107. International Dressage Officials Express “Grave Concern” Over Abuse of Horses in Warm
  108. Arista fit
  109. My Mickelm Bridle experiment
  110. Can someone help me with registrations for dressage shows?
  111. Riding while tired
  112. River Wind Farm in NC
  113. Buying a used dressage saddle: advice
  114. wanted to share my "beam" with those who get it
  115. How Coth hath ruined me
  116. Passier trees - do they run wide, or has this saddle been altered?
  117. white gloves?plz respondd:)
  118. Dressage Trainer recommendations? So Cal
  119. German Levels -- What Do the Letters Stand For?
  120. Need help w the Pirouettes
  121. D Rings illegal?
  122. Arena Covers - where to find one?
  123. Saddle Help-Ponies
  124. Suggestions for posting a big trot?
  125. Punching new hole between holes on leathers
  126. Pea gravel for footing? Really?
  127. What's your favorite breed?
  128. Horse increasingly spooky..
  129. 2011 New Tests
  130. Opinions on this bitless dressage video
  131. Training ponies...what to do...
  132. Dobert Bridles?
  133. Spanish walk for non-spanish horse?
  134. How to untrain learned behavior?
  135. What to do with your seat???
  136. Metronomes while riding
  137. Dr.Kellon's Open Letter to the FEI regarding the Medications List
  138. Mountain Horse Tall Boots
  139. Robert Dover talks about his New Role and Dressage in Canada
  140. Stuck horse, ideas to get him moving forward
  141. boarding in California
  142. Custom Shadbellies?
  143. overuse of indirect rein on circles???
  144. Dressage Suitability Classes
  145. Thread Hijack Alert!! The Sitting Trot
  146. Anne Gribbons No longer judge at WEG.
  147. Per Hoefslag: George Williams replaces Sam Barish
  148. Explosive moments in dressage tests - what to do?
  149. Surgical revealings in sales horses - I don't think this buyer knows yet
  150. Wintec Saddles
  151. Visit the Verband?
  152. Cleveland area dressage for a day?
  153. Getting the "spooked" trot u/s?
  154. Million dollar Q: how 2 get the back UP?
  155. H/J TRainer seeks advice on marketing for dressage arena...
  156. Anybody willing to translate from German?
  157. Hanging on the right rein... what's my first step?
  158. Info needed kimberlee martin - keenan/pony stallion montgomery!
  159. Looking for feedback on trainer Dominique Barbier
  160. Horses For Life Article Rips FEI , Kittel, etc.
  161. just a brief update
  162. anky and kyra save foal
  163. Dressage now an official Quarter Horse discipline
  164. Warm Gloves
  165. Classical Dressage Trainers in Milwaukee/Chicago/Madison area?
  166. Anyone familiar with this trainer?
  167. Double pirouette with change of lead?
  168. Narrow twist for me, wide for him- which saddle?
  169. Instructor certification testing fees
  170. double bridle!!!
  171. KK Ultra Dynamic for young dressage horse?
  172. Georgia + N.C.--What countys-most dressage, trails, cheapest cost of living---
  173. Straightening the canter
  174. PPE as issues affect real life
  175. Young horse trainers in the SF Bay area?
  176. Rembrandt aficionados - model/history question
  177. Saddle fit?
  178. Canter/walk help! Update post 16 and thanks :)
  179. Need Information On Alex Gerding
  180. Edward Gal & Totilas 92.3% GPF at Olympia
  181. I'm in the January Issue of Dressage Today
  182. New Wintec Pro Dressage Problems
  183. Get her in front of your leg!
  184. Dressage trainer who likes TBs in NOVA/MD
  185. UPDATE NEW VIDEOCatherine Haddad & Cadillac's 73.6% W-GPF London
  186. FEI Young Riders World Cup in Frankfurt
  187. Please tell me this is only temporary.
  188. Do horses process lessons during downtime?
  189. shoulder fore?
  190. Some pictures before/after
  191. Score of "10" how do you see it?
  192. Staying positive in this sport
  193. Eva Salomon Accepts Position as USEF Managing Director and Chef D'Equipe for Dressa
  194. Albion Platinum Ultima Genesis Dressage Saddle
  195. TB pedigrees for Dressage...
  196. Andrew McLean Books?
  197. Exercises for Building Back Muscles
  198. neoprene surcingles
  199. Edward Gals Saddle?
  200. what do the harness horses bring?
  201. what's this saddle worth?
  202. Anyone have a JRD saddle?
  203. training level???
  204. Ride times posted - (was roll) call for Morven Park schooling show 16 Jan 2010? (VA)
  205. How do they get their boots so darn shiny?
  206. Schumacher saddle
  207. Everyone's gotta start somewhere before/after
  208. Christmas with the Lipizzans 2009
  209. BD's new ad..............
  210. Horse cantering quarters in on the left rein
  211. Thanks, Dressage Forum!
  212. Blind Date video
  213. How do you like your Trilogy saddles?
  214. What moment is this pic of Matine showing?
  215. christmas presents for barn staff
  216. Simple changes, quick question
  217. Which bit for an iron mouthed horse who needs to learn to accept bit?
  218. Got Change?
  219. Need major help in understanding this theory
  220. is it possible to improve hind leg movement in the canter?
  221. Broke My Wintec, help!
  222. Do you ride in a WOW?
  223. How much $ for season in fl
  224. Live Results WorldCup Qualifier at Mechelen with Return Isabell Werth
  225. Hey Dressage Saddle Gurus - Help!
  226. Dressage Today article re: USEF developing horses
  227. Question for Dressage Horse Trainers
  228. My TWH - video
  229. Saddle seat size question, help please !
  230. What do you think of injecting joints in competition horses
  231. Need help with a logo - examples?
  232. picture needed of dressage rider for a display
  233. When to say when? *kind of long*
  234. Horse NQR... time to retire?
  235. Blast from the Past: Granat 1976 Olympics
  236. crank noseband causes dent in nose?
  237. Two questions-Collected trot and half steps
  238. Special Report: At Home with “Normal” Moorlands Totilas
  239. What do you think of this cross?
  240. Ex-racer Sticks Tongue Out
  241. CO Dressage Instructors?? Suggestions
  242. Over excited thoroughbred and tranistions...
  243. Trainers/Barns near Portland, Oregon?
  244. sustainabledressage.com: who is this person and where did they go?
  245. Thoroughly confused, do we need a loosring? *Update 2/1*
  246. Awesome Freestyle from Japan, why do we not hear about this guy much?
  247. Reputable trainer in PA
  248. Can dressage riders jump?
  249. Building Canter Strenght - Xpost from Eventing
  250. Saddle help, please.