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  1. purchasing a dressage bridle?
  2. Stanford Red Barn
  3. Shelly Francis' GP partner Dominion dead
  4. Where to find custom spurs for tall person?
  5. Which spurs next ?
  6. Really Stretchy Breeches
  7. Leslie Morse WINS Hickstead CDI*****GP Special WOOT WOOT
  8. Yes, you can LEARN to feel
  9. Finally Had Another Lesson - TONS of Pics
  10. Livestreaqm July 31st
  11. need shipping boots, recommendations please
  12. Totilas...am I the only one
  13. where would you live?
  14. Lack of saliva with bit
  15. Recommendations on Half/support pad?
  16. The Latest Video of the Totilas/Gal Freestyle at Hickstead
  17. My *possibly* new Dressage prospect = )
  18. help with reinback issues
  19. Olympic Ferro Off spring?
  20. Ravel and Totilas; so different and so much to like
  21. Why do Dressage riders never complain about judging?
  22. Best Camcorder for Lessons
  23. BPM for the Muscially Challenged
  24. Too Old For Training?
  25. Jumping/AP Saddles for the Broad Dressage Back?
  26. :( Starting to get anxiety! MOVING To FORT GORDON!
  27. Another person moving to NoVA...
  28. Ponies in Dressage
  29. help weird head thing going on
  30. tack consignment places
  31. Dutch team for the European Championships announced
  32. Can you help my mom help me?
  33. Eurostar Coat European Size 36???
  34. Wishing Karl Mikolka Well!!!!!
  35. Edward Gal interview & working in video
  36. Lientjie Schüler
  37. Faded hunt caps?
  38. A video compilation of the Dutch Dressage Riders selected for the European Championsh
  39. Breathtaking videos of Edward Gal and Lingh
  40. dressage trainer in PA?
  41. speaking of Lingh?
  42. Sjef Janssen talks about the (near) future of dressage in Holland/Germany/USA and ...
  43. USA’s Rubinio Ridden by Jennifer Hoffman Racks Up German Wins on Eve of World Young H
  44. Your favorite reins?
  45. horse hero video question
  46. Clinic of Hans Peter and Edward Gal (riding a 1.88 meters giant)
  47. Help For The "Stuck" Perfectionist
  48. What do you all think of this 4 yrs; dressage or hunter ?
  49. Do you carry a 110 cm whip or 120? Why?
  50. Can someone explain USDF shows to me?
  51. In all my years I've never seen this! What do you think?
  52. How do you pronounce.......
  53. Who is your 'dream horse' and why?
  54. UPDATE: Lost over 100 pounds now! Critique...
  55. It's a deal! My new horse...
  56. Doing an article on Brentina for school - need some help :)
  57. Leesburg, VA -Question
  58. Exercises for activating hqs in older, remedial horse.......
  59. Any good deals on browbands? Shop for me please!
  60. Welsh cobs in dressage?
  61. Looking for a scribe for 'r' program in CA August 20 and 21st
  62. Mare Supplement that is legal under USEF rules?
  63. Back on HLCS
  64. Isabell Werth
  65. Tall Riders and Their Mounts
  66. Beginner lessons in Utah?
  67. Classical Dressage--does it even exist in the US?
  68. Saddle fit experiment - has anyone ever tried this?
  69. Dumb as a rock but (leg yielding into correct lead)
  70. Fürst Romancier anyone have any videos?
  71. Need ideas for crooked horse
  72. Another Pony Question...Height Wise?
  73. Verden Livestream.....
  74. Young Horse Training Question
  75. Does anyone know if Crosby made a PSG saddle with a WIDE TREE?and Saddle Suggestions!
  76. Abusive Training of Dressage Horses
  77. Twisting an ear???
  78. Calling Tall, Skinny Riders...Which Saddles do you Ride in?
  79. German Junior Riders just won all medals at the European Championships at Ermelo
  80. Legal drug question
  81. Another young horse training question
  82. Heike Kemmer’s Bonaparte Injured, Out of European Championships
  83. Saluting with a whip
  84. The mechanics of a dressage whip's lash
  85. posting trot -beginning dressage ?
  86. A List : Dressage Breeding Stallions that are Olympic or CDI Grand Prix competitors
  87. Coach for the USA team
  88. Self Carriage/Rideability potential of young horse
  89. Can you Blackberry, too?
  90. Favorite Close-contact Dressage saddle?
  91. Lendon's Youth Festival
  92. Would he sell as a straight dressage horse??
  93. Unlocking the Jaw
  94. help need to find a really wide tree
  95. Yes, Virginia, there IS a saddle fairy!
  96. Seat of saddle question
  97. WHY are nosebands compulsory ?
  98. Cross post from H/J- Boarding/training in East Bay SF area?
  99. Show Pics from this weekend and a ?
  100. Nice horse with baggage (bit acceptance)
  101. Pics I have to share...
  102. Preference - Training 3 or 4?
  103. Speaking of Quarter Horses, Poco bloodlines?
  104. Oops, my mistake, really looking for a lighter, small QH
  105. Anne Gribbons new US Chef de Equipe
  106. LOOKING for Trainer in Ocala/Gainesville Florida
  107. Schooling shows SF bay area (sorryI know it's been asked)
  108. Jeanne McDonald Clinic - Michigan
  109. How to keep your top hat on?
  110. Lunge Lesson
  111. UPDATE Anne Gribbons & Morten Thomsen(WRONG) Selected as USA Dressage Coaches
  112. My frugal side will show but...
  113. Looking for Dressage in Victoria BC
  114. Showing Dressage in a Jump Saddle?
  115. Anthony Schmitz - New trainer in DFW area
  116. Need a dressage trainer in SFV (L.A) area for Welsh Pony
  117. 2nd level freestyle?
  118. Anybody riding/training/competing a horse with navicular? mini-vent
  119. Beginner Male Rider Attire? <dudes, chime in!>
  120. Anyone Out There in a Thornhill Dressage Saddle?
  121. Anyone ride in a bates dressage saddle?
  122. Dressage coat woe. Is Arista out of business?
  123. George Williams clinic in michigan
  124. Drsg facilities SW Portland Maine
  125. I lost my partner today
  126. Shopping in Portland Oregon
  127. I'm doubting my choices lately... vent and would love advice
  128. Who's the best Classical dressage trainer in Nothern VA
  129. mouth problems...fixable or not?
  130. Opinions on Regal Saddles
  131. Comtek vs. Eartec
  132. Need leather/elastic side reins
  133. Saddles that ride like a Luc Childeric? Calling all Luc Fans!
  134. A dressage jacket that fits? Priceless.
  135. Equation Saddlery
  136. white rubber reins are they ok at a show?
  137. Some Days Are Better Than Others
  138. maternity breeches?
  139. Jumping for joy!!! (or Ooo la la I love Hermes!)
  140. intro level horses vs higher level horses using intro level as a warm up
  141. Need some help with outside rein..
  142. Double bridle help and questions
  143. USEF Committees Summoned to Discuss Controversial Selection of New Chef d’Equipe
  144. Training a friend's horse - help please
  145. a debate on the future of the freestyle
  146. Worn out Freestyles
  147. Blue Hors Matine is officially retired as a broodmare
  148. How to sit in a dressage saddle?
  149. Elizabeth G of Elizabeth G Breeches
  150. Favorite fleece lined (horse) boot for schooling?
  151. Earning money to go to the NAJYRC?
  152. Recommendations needed in Boston area
  153. What's up with the ego ? Please, don't forget your horses when you brag
  154. I am in awe...
  155. What do you do with your tail?
  156. Dressage gurus...I need your help!
  157. When Do you Make the Decision to Move up?
  158. Schoolmaster changes late behind
  159. Dressage Apparel Confusion
  160. 1600 lb draft cross terrified of 5 lb cat, UPDATE - Eyes normal, healthy
  161. Amateur's Grand Prix debut in Germany
  162. After egg timer goes off, having major troubles!!
  163. Horse show gear and disabilities
  164. Yet another saddle thread - Albion, County, and Black Country
  165. OTTB to dressage
  166. Cheap dressage saddle?
  167. Short arms . . .
  168. Dressage show errors!!!!!!!
  169. Stubben Scandica
  170. WOW - Moorlands Totilas
  171. Reesinks vs. Spielberg case over!!
  172. Dressage saddle for wide + high withers
  173. USEF Committees meet to hear regrets over selection process
  174. Info on Judges?
  175. Spooky Dressage Horse- what to do
  176. Saddle Covers with Breed Logos--where to purchase
  177. In Love with Wolfgang...he shall be "solo" no more! Question about Fit!
  178. saddles that "shove" your leg back??? DESPERATE
  179. It must be impossible
  180. GP trainers in the northeast
  181. Spinoff - Tall Rider Needs Saddle that Shoves Leg Back
  182. The Abuse of Beauty by Sylvia Loch
  183. Lunging Attachment
  184. function of dress vs. field boots?
  185. "Rein lame"---please explain
  186. Black coat/helmet vs. Navy coat/helmet on blonde horse and blonde rider?
  187. Lazy, hazy summer daze...
  188. Myth or Fact? Shaving muzzle (NOT ears/eyes) is bad for the horse
  189. Fox Village?
  190. Classical vs... the rest of us
  191. Britches & heels, it's official
  192. Anyone else at Young Horse Champs?
  193. Loosening Exercises for Rider's Tight Hip?
  194. I want...NEED, and Albion SLK Ultima or Plat!!!
  195. How do YOU define work ethic?
  196. Need a new Schooling Helmet
  197. Robert Dover on Dancing with the Stars ?
  198. Region 1, who would you like to see, clinic?
  199. Dressage bridles?
  200. Dressage Trainer showing in own show.
  201. Canter Work
  202. My Virgo Horse
  203. Your Favorite Dressage Saddle
  204. Anyone ever check their saddle when flying?
  205. USDF All Breeds question
  206. Scribing question...
  207. Feedback from Judges
  208. how do you remember where the letters are?
  209. Where do you shop or post saddles for sale?
  210. Grand Prix starter list for Euros is up!
  211. What items do you use to make riding easier and/or possible
  212. Asking price vs. the offer you make
  213. Lusitanos
  214. Suki coming home after fire!!
  215. Hunter changing to Dressage
  216. Horse without a motor
  217. Pricing Question
  218. Next level minus one movement...?
  219. Searching for a dressage blog...
  220. Dressage Basic Training - Recommendation?
  221. What NOT being able to ride has taught me...
  222. Help!! My new mare likes to take a nose dive!!!
  223. best double bridle - widest noseband
  224. How did USEF slip this by with no comment ?
  225. Tall boot zipper just broke BAD...show this weekend! My only pair :-(
  226. likelihood of falls in dressage vs H/J?
  227. Arab people- opinions of this mare as a dressage prospect?
  228. WOW! Parzival Wins the GPS with 84%
  229. Charles de Kunffy - ride or audit?
  230. Totilas receives 23 scores of 10 at Euro Championships in Windsor
  231. Adelinde Cornelissen: Amazing Cinderella Story!
  232. 30 days of training
  233. 2nd Level Dressage Test 1 Question
  234. AQHA Dressage
  235. New to this board, New to dressage, and a couple of saddle questions
  236. Looking for trainer with schoolmaster, Snohomish, Wa!
  237. Myler MB01/MB02 bits?
  238. New to forum - saying hi
  239. Saddle ideas for Andalusian... please!
  240. High Scores in Euros Question
  241. Please tell me about your lesson experiences in the Orlando, Fl, area
  242. $3,500 breeches?
  243. US Federation Dressage Director Quits
  244. gal wins with 90.700
  245. The New Bar: Better Breeding? Training? Riding?
  246. New all time LOW score = Best Show Ever
  247. 4 y/o ASB, Intro A & B yesterday, best scores yet
  248. Eugene Abello
  249. Is the upgrade to BUFFALO or CALF leather worth the $$$$?
  250. Stretchy Trot