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  1. USA’s Jessica Ransehousen Speaks Out on Dressage Judging
  2. waived coats, what about fei tests at usdf show
  3. Interesting ideas about the future of dressage
  4. Need help on more 'Advanced' movements..
  5. If I want to train in Germany...where do I start?! (Formal/informal training)
  6. Developing The Trot Lengthening
  7. Open or AA?
  8. How to fix a lateral canter?
  9. Denny and the "10,000 hours"
  10. WOO HOO Lauren Sprieser!!!
  11. Is this type of past allowed in this forum
  12. Shark wither saddle question
  13. My second show with my 2 greenies
  14. Saddles again HELP :( - which saddles have 4+ finger gullet width?
  15. do you have to earn it???
  16. Small dressage pads
  17. head shaking hurting test scores...any ideas??please.....
  18. Dressage- inclusive or exclusive?
  19. First attempts at Intro tests - my 4 y/o ASB!
  20. Tilting at the poll?
  21. Gladstone results??
  22. Carole Grant / Equistride Intl Retreat
  23. Favorite Dressage Clinicians
  24. Last halt in Intro test B: through the walk or not?
  25. Of Dressage Boots and Zippers…Advice Please
  26. Roll Call- PVDA Ride For Life- who's riding, spectating, volunteering?
  27. WWYD: My hips just don't work that way
  28. The Unlevel Arena-Sustaining Dressage as an International Competitive Sport
  29. OCD and upper levels?
  30. Itty Bitty Brag- horse's first show
  31. Conformation - What do you think of this horse?
  32. Bashkir Curlies and "impure canters"
  33. Euro Monoflap Anyone heard of this saddle?--link to pics posted
  34. Is the FN (German Equestrian Federation) biting in their own tail ?
  35. Ryan Yap Clinic- Chicago, IL- July 3
  36. bridles and their importance
  37. Who's Next..... Isabell Werth suspended for using Fluphenazine
  38. Albion vs. Passier vs. Barnsby ??
  39. Trainers In The Hollwood, CA Area
  40. Spin off about dress..
  41. Press release Isabell Werth about her "doping" case
  42. Warm up tips for HOT weather?
  43. Dressage near Waco, TX?
  44. Dutch Stallion Information
  45. 'We're not curing cancer!'
  46. Are AP saddles legal to show in?
  47. Shivers and the dressage horse
  48. Spinoff Isabell Werth's doping case. The lawyers are entering the arena
  49. Freestyle demonstration help
  50. Thank you Catherine Haddad!!!!! DressageTrainingOnline
  51. Isabell Werth about the German National Dressage Coach Holger Schmezer
  52. Speak to me of Bridle Lameness or Rein Lame
  53. Dressage Daily Market Place?
  54. Is your butt a 10?
  55. Used saddles- where else to look?
  56. Congratulations Mypaintwattie!!!
  57. can't make good heel contact with my round barreled horse
  58. Market for the older style warmblood
  59. Conformation critique pls
  60. So what do you think of these jacket colors?
  61. Am I nuts? F/T grom at 37?
  62. Sports Studio Now Werth Interview
  63. Saddle Recommendation for a full Belgian
  64. Are these things becoming normal?
  65. NEWS FROM Aachen Watch Aachen LIVE this week.
  66. Too embarrassed to ask...
  67. Teaching an adult horse to tie--dressage perspective?
  68. overall stretching exercises?
  69. Only one way to catch a judge
  70. Piaffe... How to teach.
  71. Riding the flying change
  72. Help! Tense walk...
  73. Is it ever appropriate...
  74. Another drug result..
  75. Tilt at the poll when on the bit
  76. Help "de-hunterizing" my leg!
  77. Should I Ride a Second Horse?
  78. Contact and self carriage discussion please
  79. Horses should be banned not riders
  80. stirrup leathers?
  81. Noisy Breather-Should I Be Concerned? *pictures*
  82. Ariat Half Chaps -- specifics of each "model"
  83. judge comment on hair
  84. Travers means leading w/haunches in half-pass?
  85. Nice All Around Dressage Pad? and Girth
  86. New Jane Savoie blog- Riding On The Bit
  87. Books to add to dressage library
  88. Monoflap saddles...good/bad?
  89. Colored Horses in Dressage
  90. Fairly Dark Palomino - what color pad?
  91. PVDA Ride for Life NEWS!
  92. What would you do? Possible OCD...
  93. Dressage has lost credibility at Aachen !
  94. Steffen and Ravel rocked the boat & Dutch Team won the Gold medal at Aachen
  95. So nerdy math types- what do the Aachen scores say to you?
  96. What colour do you prefer for stockties/gloves etc?
  97. have you guys seen the ticket prices??
  98. Anyone trained a horse without "gadgets"?
  99. The whole world seem to support Isabell Werth. Sitting (lol) ovation for Sjef Janssen
  100. Where to advertise sale horse?
  101. Drop nose band vs. regular flash?
  102. How many walk steps in the simple change? See Video clips Post 15
  103. How much would you pay to ride Salinero?
  104. Steffen & Ravel Win the GPS at Aachen, Anky is Second
  105. Tears for Ulla and ...... myself. Video of the moment of injury
  106. Isabell Werth has a baby on board! Due in Nov
  107. Am I nuts? I like my Wintec better than my Albion!
  108. Lost my Husband & interest in riding!!
  109. Does Wintec Isabell put your leg easily correct position? Stirrup bar placement?
  110. Three in a row. Steffan and Ravel wins also the FTM at Aachen
  111. Steffen and Ravel win Aachen Freestyle
  112. Micklem Bridle Just Approved by FEI for Competition
  113. Princess Haya supports Isabell Werth (Interview *Video*)
  114. Who created Steffen's Anky beating Freestyle?
  115. Oh....no....what happened to Schumacher breeches?
  116. Ouchy hip question
  117. Two questions (stirrups and saddle pads)
  118. My OTTB before/after video tribute...he's sold!
  119. Natural Horsemanship... grrr! *Rant, sorry*
  120. Hyptothetical med poll
  121. I'm a demo rider!
  122. Where is the best place to search for an FEI schoolmaster?
  123. Trouble with turning toes in
  124. Reining vs Dressage: similarities and differences
  125. Top 10 rides of the Freestyle to Music at Aachen are on-line
  126. A poll- worst ickiest things
  127. Topline Ink Equestrian Journal
  128. Riding the shallow 3 loop serpentine
  129. Yikes! "Trainer" put whip welts on horse
  130. Starting a college dressage team in Atlanta
  131. In an ideal world
  132. how much can/should a lesson horse be used?
  133. Steffen Peters warming up at Aachen
  134. Best Activities at Dressage at Lexington? Weigh in!
  135. Collegiate Post Graduate Dr saddle on trial
  136. Judy Pirtle
  137. Anky & Salinero: Game On for the EC!
  138. Who's going to the Sporthorse sale at DAL?
  139. Boots.... where are you? Anyone else with this problem?
  140. The Continuing Joe Zada Saga
  141. Dressage at WEG,going?
  142. How to mount saddle plate on dressage saddles
  143. Full seats for summer?!
  144. Jan Brink Retires from International Competition Career
  145. First step to a new world of judging
  147. Tight hip flexors - or why I can't sit the trot
  148. Lunging and Falling Inside
  149. Mountain Horse Boots
  150. Question about working "long"
  151. Chicago- Area Folks!
  152. dressage arena size
  153. Random question re: keeping stock tie clean
  154. Pink Star Equestrian fire
  155. First Time Scriber! Heeeelllllppp!
  156. Suggestions for replacing Dansko Paddock Boots?
  157. Ravels' breeding?
  158. Are you or do you know an upper level rider who rides in a treeless - even sometimes?
  159. But it doesn't *feel* like my equitation is faulty
  160. Still an amateur or not?
  161. What's more important?
  162. Ladies And Gents I Need Your Help (Mens Attire)
  163. It happened at DAL
  164. Senior Games starts september 2009
  165. How Many riders on one horse at a show?
  166. Horse Shows w/ Coggins date of less than a year
  167. A scribe's dilemma...
  168. My first legit dress boots :)
  169. Done with Dressage
  170. girth to tight? cause/effect?
  171. When do youngster stop being ADD ;0)
  172. Young, green horse - poor contact at trot, excellent contact at canter. Ideas?
  173. Horse dislikes his drool, tries to wipe mouth. Suggestions?
  174. Changing Trainers
  175. cashel seat cover - ICK! Need other options
  176. More energy without tenseness
  177. So who is "Eggy" ?
  178. Is there such a thing as a "cool" (not melting under it...) dressage show coat?
  179. Training Scale!
  180. First USDF Award!
  181. Tennessee Walking Horses in Dressage?
  182. International Dressage Club refuses Resignation of Isabell Werth
  183. TouchstonefarmKY's beautiful Rhett is in Germany
  184. minior vent about people wanting a perfect horse
  185. stupid ? Must you get your bronze scores 'in order?'
  186. Dutch 5 year old horses selected for Verden *Videos*
  187. Markel YH Finals - Invites went out today
  188. Dressage in Boiling Springs, PA
  189. Would you take these horses?
  190. Where to Find RTS Sportline Breeches
  191. How much would you pay for a used saddle?
  192. Why all the yelling trainers?
  193. Counter canter first OR flying changes?
  194. Verhan saddles - drool - serial numbers?
  195. Anyone riding in or auditing Conrad Schumacher at Alpine Farm in MN?
  196. Need ideas to help soften neck
  197. Stiff/tense backed horse - long
  198. What do YOU think of ALTERNATIVE Jacket Colors in Dressage?
  199. Question about showing a youngster (mule!) in hand
  200. carl hester fantastic elastic masterclass, some cmts of H some may dislk but i liked
  201. Devoucoux vs Antares, foam vs Wool
  202. Where to be a Working Student in Europe?
  203. Need help on show ring "nerves"
  204. Atlas - 4 y/o ASB Second show Intro A & B
  205. Extended trot- behind the vertical
  206. Steffen Peter's Website?
  207. Maybe small potatoes, but so excited, I wanted to share!
  208. sitting trot critique (updated with one video 7/24)
  209. saddle pad for HOT weather
  210. Does anyone here compete on jumper bred horses?
  211. kangaroo arms...
  212. riding with carpal tunnel
  213. Question about picking up wrong lead at show
  214. First Attempt at First Level
  215. Weltstern fans!
  216. First Show Pics*
  217. Question about use of leg (sorry, long)
  218. 1/2 ownership
  219. The Dynamic RS Bradoon-you like?
  220. lengthen vs extension?
  221. Laid off
  222. New to dressage. Advice?
  223. So who's out there showing in a treeless dressage saddle?
  224. 2nd level "hell?"
  225. Lots of pressure on Edward Gal and Totilas
  226. Has anyone heard from Leena in Canada?
  227. Good length for Dressage "Hair" (Horse)
  228. Assessing potential of large dressage prospect?
  229. Dressage in Modesto
  230. A frustrated rant - need some support
  231. So what do you do when your plan for the days training goes south?
  232. Need bit advice (I know, I know, another one of these threads)
  233. Blog post: Juniors, more than winning
  234. New organization : UDRF
  235. Dressage in the Fourth Dimension Clinic-MD
  236. NAJYRC Dressage Championships
  237. Hickstead WDM livestream
  238. Putting A Horse To Sleep In KY
  239. Showing 4 year old, 5 year old etc. tests
  240. **UPDATE Haddad wins both GP and GPS CDI***Hickstead
  241. Dressage Trainer/Instructor in Middleburg
  242. Help NC Mountain Folk!
  243. x
  244. Video Critque
  245. EEMI Summer Fling at Morven, Roll Call?
  246. Saddle fitting, I apparently don't know diddly...
  247. Riding Without Stirrups ?
  248. We dressaged the h*ll outta that gymkhana!
  249. Are Fly Masks Now Legal?
  250. Bummed...new Schleese arrived, doesn't fit me :(