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  1. Steffen Peters Ravel Video! Finally!
  2. Finally-A simple solution to my position problems
  3. Rules?? Lame Horse Pinning 1st at Show????
  4. Spinoff- showing a lame horse...
  5. "Worried Mouth" ?
  6. Best thin, comfy schooling gloves
  7. My dressage horse doing her 'other' job
  8. boots for shows?
  9. GP "Phantom of the Opera" Pas de Deux
  10. Sidesaddle ride critique
  11. Building the muscle in front of the withers...
  12. Dressage trainer in California
  13. Why I LOVE the new SmartSlims!
  14. Question from a hunter rider regarding head carriage and going 'on the bit'
  15. Follow up - Too much knee?
  16. Your Favorite Braids ?
  17. Opinions on this horse
  18. Has anyone bought w/o trying?
  19. Pissed off at USDF!
  20. Olympic Dressage Rider??
  21. uveitis
  22. Retraining the Western Pleasure Horse
  23. who can ride a horse in the warm-up at a show?
  24. Cross post - what would your response be to these barn policies?
  25. Sitting the Trot - Ouch!
  26. Who is the person on the cover of the Dressage Extensions catalog?
  27. Flashes and cranks and where are the snaffle bridles these days?
  28. Dressage after Hip Replacement?
  29. Top Reasons Why Dressage Arenas Are Lettered the Way They Are:
  30. Movie: The Long Shot
  31. UPDATE: He's home, really need advice pg6 One-Rein-Stop? ASB
  32. Critique please
  33. Any 'croup high' horses go above 1st or 2nd level ? ...
  34. Demo Rider for an L Session.... Beneficial?
  35. If you have a pic of reg'd QH in dressage gear - and it's your pic click here
  36. First Level do I rise or sit the trot?
  37. Young Horse (5 yo) test questions
  38. Paxton Farm is now called?
  39. What to do with five hours between rides? UPDATE: We won the first class!!!
  40. Anybody ever had dressage boots stretched?
  41. Aachen? (Coreene, help!)
  42. Why is my horse suddenly getting girth rubs?
  43. Please share your opinion on these horses -Thanks
  44. explain suspension to me -thanks
  45. Help with over achiever horse...
  46. weak RH + Haunches travel right = left bend sucks
  47. Saddle predicamit :( Prestige/Wintec
  48. spin-off: Evasions and "getting out of work"
  49. Dressage saddle recommendations
  50. How to find a horse with "heart"?
  51. So no one told me that my mare had dressage training...what is this move called?
  52. Scores
  53. How many dressage riders in the US? And at what level are they riding?
  54. Horse lugging on french link snaffle
  55. baby's first saddle -- what type saddle?
  56. Missing my boy and feeling guilty
  57. Calling all German speakers! Some translation help?
  58. Starting yourself vs. hiring "the Pro"
  59. Training Level 4?! What does this mean?
  60. CDI-Capital Dressage-Ral NEWS RELEASE Post #16!!
  61. Rules Question - Elimination for illegal equipment
  62. Dressage trainer in Georgia
  63. tricks for not grabbing
  64. General Question Re: Trainers
  65. Dressage ponies?
  66. jules anderson "actress"
  67. Erik Herbermann clinic
  68. Qualified to say "trainer"??
  69. The victims of the globalisation of dressage
  70. Other options besides sheepskin for pad?
  71. rules--showing in a skirt?
  72. My New Horse
  73. Andreas Helgstrand's Carabas revisited
  74. Spinoff: So how do you find a good qualified trainer?
  75. White breeches w/black fullseat...still "ok" for recognized show?
  76. Any tips to soften jaw?
  77. How to Improve My Hands
  78. Is overworking the horse common OR what is wrong with me?
  79. Trainer suggestions
  80. dressage barn in Akron, OH area?
  81. Guter Sitz
  82. Dressage in Huntsville, Alabama?
  83. Thorowgood T6 Saddles
  84. High withers.... Trilogy?
  85. Tipping forward
  86. The first time I picked up the curb on my double bridle
  87. Anyone going to the PVDA at Morven this weekend?
  88. Saddle Suggestions for Newcomer (to Dressage)
  89. What do I need to do different?
  90. george williams new home
  91. Does This Sound "Reasonably" Safe (longer but I need you to know the background)
  92. Clinic for Ponies with George Williams
  93. The Future of the Equestrian Sport "Quo Vadis" Isabell Werth speaks UP
  94. silly question re: "use of voice"
  95. Breaking in new boots...any last resorts???
  96. Dressage rider apparel - sources for used/consignment?
  97. Visualization to lift the front and engage the hind?
  98. At what point did you become interested in dressage?
  99. quarter horse dressage
  100. Turn Baby Turn (Andy/Lusi owner/trainers?)
  101. N. IL/ S. WI trainers?
  102. Your opinions on how long should it take to put the very basics on horse--
  103. "I have the best horse in the whole world"
  104. How do you disagree with an instructor?
  105. Differences in scoring for AA, O, vs JR...and other scoring questions
  106. Drafts in Dressage
  107. would you pay...
  108. Looking for Unique Beautiful Stock Pins
  109. Professional competing as amateur
  110. Having more than 1 trainer...
  111. Non-competing Ammies don't "need" good instruction. Discuss.
  113. morven park results?
  114. Nice hair bun holder
  115. Dressage: epic fail
  116. Insuring valuable dressage horse...how to??
  117. Spinoff: How long does it take to put the very basics on a RIDER?
  118. People in Chicago
  119. Calling all Dressage saddle enablers
  120. "Schooling" the canter
  121. Riding the Dutch Harness Horse
  122. Free or Working Walk to Collected Walk
  123. Our 7yr gelding by Weltstern at the trainers *video and picture*
  124. Footing--how hard is too hard?
  125. PonyClub specialty ratings
  126. Dressage at Flintridge, CA
  127. Help me teach my horse to move off of my leg!
  128. Cold backed horses?
  129. Translation needed!!!
  130. How popular are baroque horses in dressage today?
  131. If you could recommend one book--a dressage bible if you will
  132. Para-Equestrian Dressage ???
  133. H/show scratch vent!
  134. so convert this poor sinner
  135. How Much should I charge per ride?????
  136. Frustrating observation
  137. My 2 greenies and I went to our first show !
  139. Musical Freestyle
  140. Problem w/ starting wb.
  141. "Classical" Dressage vs. Just Dressage - please educate
  142. young horse question
  143. Past students of Richard Ullman
  144. How much can you adjust a saddle- anyone know a saddle fitter in the Seattle, wa area
  145. RIP Reilly Go Bragh. My heart is broken.
  146. They weren't INSURED ???
  147. Question about sizing for Sprenger Dynamis RS
  148. We admire and respect our trainer
  149. Dressage vs. Balanaced Seat
  150. do you believe in....
  151. Crooked in hip- how do you work on that?
  152. German National Federation FN take some firm and ridiculous steps
  153. Custom Saddlery - Advantage ?
  154. Spanish Normans
  155. Help with bits for lower level dressage
  156. CDI Raleigh results
  157. Gladstone Festival of Champions
  158. Horse shows and injuries - rant
  159. Most popular approved show helmets?
  160. Yet another bit question: snaffle for a horse that likes a curb/leverage bit?
  161. Advise please ... help me buy a new bridle!!!
  162. Live feed from Wiesbaden
  163. Jumpy whip reaction
  164. introducing flash to newly under sadde horse
  165. How Embarrassing ! =S
  166. I'm stiff and tense in trot-canter transitions
  167. Level Potential?
  168. Those that rode in a prix caprilli
  169. Best Browbands...give your opinion
  170. Manufactures Identifying stolen saddle
  171. When to give up on the young horse...
  172. Strange Dismounting Behaviour
  173. Gerd Heuschman's "If horses could speak" under fire
  174. Spin-off: post from foal to FEI horse videos, photos?
  175. Foal WITH F.E.I. potential!
  176. Why is this so hard? How long did it take you to find THE HORSE?
  177. chicken arms when I sit the trot
  178. Morven Park this weekend?
  179. Videos of Raleigh CDI- GP Freestyles
  180. Saddle fit and confirmation - How did you overcome?
  181. Etiquette when your trainer is the judge?
  182. Saddle fitters and saddleries in Bay Area?
  183. Talk to me about conformation
  184. Where to find Working Student Positions?
  185. Best Cheap Saddle?
  186. When do you cry "Uncle?"
  187. Red clay and white saddle pads
  188. Rizzo goes to boot camp :)
  189. Nerd Herd
  190. How old is too old?
  191. Opinion: Polo wraps or boots for dressage
  192. Edward Gal introduces his new riding outfit
  193. Now THIS is an Arab dressage horse!
  194. Steffan Peter's stiffy peter photos
  195. Breaking A Dressage Prospect?
  196. The winner takes it all Edward & Totilas Freestyle to Music 86.70%
  197. Draft Cross doing dressage - Pics - enjoy
  198. Going to Champs... Is it worth it?
  199. "Private Treaty" ads: How does the conversation go?
  200. Pessoa Balancing System. Your Opinions?
  201. Do you smile when you ride?
  202. The Tongue
  203. The Soap Serie FEI contra FN continues
  204. Question about crops and can't find an answer.
  205. Recent VADA/Nova show had 1/3rd professional rides.
  206. Recommend bloodlines for timid ammy?
  207. Best Dressage Rein Material- New Thin Line? Plain Leather?
  208. anybody ever "convert" a barrel racer to a dressage horse?
  209. Owwie sores where seam meets skin
  210. Score another one for Knabstruppers
  211. Where's Mythilus ?
  212. Horse selling advice
  213. Improving our Long and Low
  214. How do you feel about unsolicited advice from railbirds or other riders?
  215. Prepurchase value
  216. No spook...fourth level candidate?
  217. I half-passed at the canter today!
  218. Judy de Winter
  219. Aachen 2009 Tryout for several Judge systems
  220. Dressagediosa Blogs For COTH!
  221. Head Wagging
  222. Riding Corners
  223. horse hops\wants to canter when asked to lengthen - advice
  224. Ways to keep my seat relaxed at the canter depart?
  225. Cute colored full seat breeches?
  226. Extremely Painful Ride-WHY?
  227. to potential customers...
  228. Clydesdale Cross Schooling SHow Pics
  229. Judging (schooling vs. recognized)
  230. What do you think DEEP SEAT means?
  231. Bit for horse with fleshy tongue & lips?
  232. Snaffle permitted at PSG
  233. Horse is horrid & I have a blast, in clinic with a Very Big Name - photo link added
  234. Favourite half pad?
  235. Training Process- Quick ?
  236. Tuff Rider full seat breeches falling apart???
  237. Graduate level long-lining?
  238. Finally! Found a light summer dressage coat!
  239. Opinions on a sale horse (please)
  240. Best White Breeches with a black seat? Need something to thin my thighs!
  241. Old dressage test
  242. Ever been burnt out?
  243. Getting the bell -- now what?
  244. long lining on circle - some advice needed
  245. German judge gave an impressive 80+ % for Totilas Grandprix Test
  246. Festival of Champions Live Scores
  247. Time to replace my Passier, or how tight it too tight in saddle fit?
  248. Learning to sit up - not lean forward
  249. Dr. Deb Bennet's article : True Collection
  250. Richard Castelow saddle?