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  1. Foxhunting forum?
  2. Diary of a newbie
  3. Trailriding with coyotes anyone?
  4. My First hunt..Friend doesn't think I can handle it...
  5. Future of Middleburg
  6. A little misunderstood... Apparently a good thread to learn from
  7. Moving to central VA
  8. BooHoo....No Mules at Foxhunting Camp!
  9. disciplining a kicker
  10. Hunting ban in the UK - Updated: it's now official.
  11. Florida hunts....
  12. ITS BANNED - THE M***************Rs
  13. too cold/warm/wet/dry/and today too windy
  14. Pretty sad state of affairs.
  15. VA: Development in Orange Hunt (Flint Hill Farm)
  16. Fight the ban!
  17. .
  18. P**ing technique whilst hunting (mounted)
  19. Canterbury will be 'returned to former glory'
  20. I have THE BEST husband in the entire world!
  21. Loudoun County (VA) Planning Commission wants input, 1/21
  22. prejudice and foxhunting
  23. Anyone know this horse? A different one now...
  24. What kind/brand of saddle do you hunt in?
  25. I think I want to hunt!!
  26. HR 503 (anti slaughter bill) on July 25
  27. Foxhunting singles
  28. Going foxhunting for the first time! HELP
  29. Do the hounds kill the fox?
  30. Yay! News from my first hunt! **UPDATE, photos **
  31. Jack Russells
  32. Saddles for Hunting
  33. Hunter Without A Hunt
  34. Anything in particular to look for in the good potential hunt horse?
  35. Maybe switching over from eventing???
  36. What do you wear on your head when hunting?
  37. I thought I might share some photos from hunting last season...
  38. VA: Fox hound snatched by Peta employee; facing felony charges
  39. Basic Conditioning Program for Horse?
  40. Can anyone tell me about the hunts in Connecticut????
  41. Irish Draughts in the hunting field
  42. What to do when you encounter the hunt on trails?
  43. bargain alert!
  44. Landowner question
  45. Inept hunters-what would Miss Manners do?
  46. Hunting in Colorado - How to get started?
  47. Pre-Tied stock ties?
  48. My Husband Wants to Hunt!!
  49. Anyone Hunting Draft-Crosses? Bit Ideas..
  50. Anyone seen a bear?
  51. Anyone using pads this season?
  52. Do you wrap after hunting?
  53. Jingles for a fellow foxhunter..
  54. Using Ace while hunting?
  55. Hunt Ball Attire
  56. Dumb question about jumping
  57. sheepskin pad
  58. Standing martingales
  59. Hunt Roster Issue
  60. Appointments, three ?'s
  61. Question for the men!
  62. Advice, input, thoughts...(i.e. am I being silly?)
  63. Update! We have success, Houston!!! Was: Am I not meant to hunt?!?!?!
  64. Hard ground and hunting..
  65. Thanks to New Hampshire Hunters
  66. Fence judge @ hunter trial - need tips
  67. Trivia question - hunt scene in "Marnie"
  68. What's in your flask?
  69. Trivia question - terminology
  70. A Dressage Rider and Horse Go hunting!
  71. Quarter marks on foxhunters
  72. Do I need a new horse?....WWYD?
  73. Today, my version of "Reality Horse T.V."
  74. Photos - Bridlespur Blessing photos added
  75. How many hunts are represented on this board?
  76. A Dressage Rider Readies For Hunt Numero Dos
  77. boarding schools/riding
  78. first hunt...update!! I survived!!!
  79. Opening Hunt from a newbie's perspective
  80. trivia/history - braids?
  81. Recommendations for Stirrup Cup Port?
  82. Colors question
  83. .
  84. Full seats
  85. Help a Show Hunter "Princess" Learn!!
  86. Weekday hunting attire survey
  87. Clear photo of a sewn bridle?
  88. How far do you drive to hunt?
  89. Suggestions for a puller
  90. Do I get a cookie???
  91. Thought I'd ask the Foxhunters.... hauling tacked?
  92. Who else rides in zipper-back hunt boots
  93. How does your staff stand out?
  94. Post Hunt Grooming Question...
  95. Horse Fell in Trailer!
  96. Draft Crosses & Tying Up
  97. heads up to georgia hunters
  98. Waterford Pelham? Thoughts?
  99. .
  100. Night Hunters
  101. Flared Breeches-Anyone, Anyone?
  102. Fabulous, WARM glove!
  103. Foxhunting: Should This Be Stopped???
  104. Earning Hunt Colors/Scarlet
  105. Why Fox Hunting Is Just Wrong
  106. The foxhunter who has everything....
  107. Hunting in the rain
  108. How do I get started?
  109. Cleaning the hunt coat
  110. .
  111. Braiding on a freezing cold morning
  112. Hunting in Canada
  113. In Need of Warm, White Gloves...
  114. That cornbread recipe
  115. Virginia Hunting Dog Alliance
  116. Happy Boxing Day
  117. Boxing Day Meet Photos...
  118. Western Challenge 2008
  119. Saddle pads
  120. Tips for bring along the young, green Hunt horse
  121. New Years Hunt Report - Ashland Bassets
  122. Accidents while hunting
  123. Yesterday's hunt-UPDATE added pics!
  124. Nice story in H&H
  125. Horse size question
  126. COTH Episode & Learning about fox hunting!
  127. Foxhunters - advice please!
  128. do you Ace?
  129. What to do in cold weather
  130. The Things We Do For Love...
  131. For those amused by Basset Hounds
  132. Need suggestion for a hunting quote
  133. Good Quality Hunt Bridle-Need Advise...
  134. OK, so nobody told me...
  135. Some epiphanies in the hunt field
  136. Does this make me a bad mom? (human mom)
  137. What to do in Alexandria VA??
  138. What breed is your Hunt horse?
  139. Ok guys, How do I look?? (Hunting turnout and such..)
  140. Countdown to a freakout last Friday
  141. help with fox hunting 101 questions
  142. Favorite Brands of Riding Apparel
  143. Old timey types - lend me your ears....
  144. hunts in MA, NH, VT
  145. help w/ anti-fox hunting extremists :(
  146. RAR and Mr. Blondie... CANTER!!!
  147. Hunting the "Show Horse
  148. End of season blues
  149. Popper color
  150. you favorite hunt saddle and why
  151. Flared breeches in canary....
  152. Mens Dress Boots
  153. Kroop's custom boots
  154. What is it- Fox or Coyote?
  155. Maryland Hunter Paces Spring 2009 - see post #10
  156. Hunter Paces in NC and SC
  157. Does anyone in your hunt not pay to hunt?
  158. Hunting In Military Uniform
  159. Old Style "Flare" Britches in Va????
  160. RIP Lane Loner -- 1990-March 19, 2008. 16 season ODH veteran.
  161. My first hunt is Sat. I'm excited and nervous!
  162. Hunting w/ Full Time Job
  163. Questions for people around D.C.
  164. When they just don't get it...
  165. What does your hunt horse do for summer?
  166. Opinions needed: Show Hunters vs. Field Hunters
  167. Spring Hunter Paces in CT,MA,RI and NY??
  168. What schooling method do you use?
  169. Where is the most exciting place you've hunted and why?
  170. Thank the Honorary Whipper-in?
  171. Making of a hunt horse, re: Look, here comes Festus!
  172. Impromptu lunch in Warrenton Friday April 18
  173. Ideas for hunter paces?
  174. Jumping styles?
  175. A hunter pace does not equal a free for all
  176. It is not about the ribbons but..... we "won" one!!!
  177. Calming supplements for the Hunt Horse?
  178. Runaway needs emergency brake!
  179. Impromptu lunch in Ocala (which ain't in VA)
  180. Which breed to list first in ad: draft or tb?
  181. Suburban Fox?
  182. Spinoff of Draft/TB thread - market
  183. So as hunting withdrawl enters it's second month....
  185. MD,VA, PA..any chases/paces during the month of June?
  186. Getting brave enough
  187. FoxHunter Prospect
  188. How to learn more about Hunting
  189. Attire for hunt trail rides?
  190. How many foxhunters compete in eventing?
  191. Saddle Suggestions
  192. Vacuous and shallow question about prospective hunt horse...
  193. Hunter Paces / Paper Chases SC, NC, GA ?
  194. Staff Horse
  195. What do y'all do for fun?
  196. Fox Hunting Ponies?
  197. Desensitizing Overly Ticklish/Twitchy Horse
  198. From New England to Virginia
  199. Out here in cowboy country
  200. Compliment to Fox Hunters
  201. Critique - My freebie horse (Pedigree Added)
  202. What's a poor huntress wannabe to do?
  203. Favorite Hound
  204. So, I was working w/ my 2011 Hunt Horse
  205. Where to go near Wash DC
  206. are these coats OK for cubbing?
  207. Hunting crops
  208. Pics of Crops I've made (contd from Hunt Crops thread)
  209. FAQ for the Hunting Board
  210. Well, bummer for me...
  211. Top Gear Hunting Challenge
  212. Help.... need to find a 6" waterford Bit
  213. Best place to get a pinque coat?
  214. Odd Fox Sounds
  215. Spinoff--hunt trail rides and proper etiquette
  216. I went coon huntin' last night!
  217. Cost of joining a hunt
  218. Question about Hunt Attire in other Disciplines
  219. Spinoff: Hunt-ish attire
  220. What exactly is a hunter pace?
  221. Keeping hounds in the house
  222. Tell Me About Field Trials
  223. Is there a good market for fox hunters right now?
  224. Question about fox
  225. What would it cost...
  226. Hunting/Eventing
  227. First Time Out Hunting
  228. Full drafts in the hunt field
  229. draghunt inTakenhnen
  230. So tempting - first hunt- report pt 13, question pt 16, btw
  231. How Often Does Your Hunt go Out?
  232. How High are Your Club's Jumps? Are they Natural or Manufactured?
  233. Frock Coat with Plain Black Dress Boots OK?
  234. Stock Tie?
  235. Sex
  236. A fox hunter's wedding
  237. When do you give up on a horse?
  238. Sandwich cases?
  239. R.I.P. Gordon Smith, ex-MFH
  240. Hunter Paces... (and links for ones to go to!!!) - *UPDATE*
  241. Cheating at Paces?
  242. NA Field Hunter Championship Finals and Fall races- Group trip!?
  243. BEAR on Warrenton Trails - what would you do??
  244. How old were you when you started hunting?
  245. CotH hunt roster issue -- Hunter's Rest gets a BIG surprise!!
  246. Best local hunt to cap with for new rider?
  247. Disillusioned with the show scene...want to try hunting...
  248. First cubbing last night - great time w/ my Saddlebred!
  249. Stock Tie Woes
  250. New hunter - afraid of water - suggestions?