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  1. Transformation continues...
  2. Education needed
  3. Cross posting
  4. CDCTA Online Auction -- We Have Some Great Donations for Eventers
  5. A Honest Critque of this horse
  6. Rider Fitness 2013
  7. So it's 2013....Where do we stand on bowed tendons?
  8. Horse Shopping in Ireland
  9. Nice looking CANTER horse
  10. Erin Flynn as a clinician?
  11. online auction to benefit an after- tb racing care program
  12. Ocala
  13. Trainer to help with getting horses off farm. NOVA
  14. Help me choose pics...pretty please
  15. New Guy.
  16. GPA helmets - do they get bigger as they break in?
  17. Three Saddles Stolen in Los Angeles
  18. New Forest Pony went Prelim :)
  19. Pure Majesty Sold
  20. Talk to me about the Hi-pique eventing watch!
  21. Matt Ryan as a clinician
  22. "Long distance" trailering questions
  23. Saddle fitter says one thing; County rep says another
  24. Better preparation for the Ocala 1* in April, Poplar or Pine Top in March?
  25. Baby handling as a 2yo?
  26. Rolex YouTube Gem
  27. new in safety: X2 Biosystems X-Patch
  28. Tess and me.
  29. Going to ride a horse for Eponacowgirl OR How I ended up with another new horse.
  30. Horse shopping vent
  31. mare with interesting pedigree in CANTER PA listings
  32. CO 4star helmet, anyone have it??
  33. Eventing barns in NJ within an hour of NYC
  34. The newest issue has me scratching my head....
  35. Ride needed Northern VA to Chapel Hill-ish beginning of March
  36. Noseband question
  37. deleted
  38. horse bolts during dismount
  39. Color Me Stupid but What does CIC1* or CIC2* and up mean????
  40. Easy Cue Dressage Whip?
  41. OEM Vests on eBay- how do they compare to Tipperary?
  42. A Rules Discussion- Placing rails in warm up
  43. EQUImeasure Kit for Saddle Fit?
  44. Trainers in Aiken this winter
  45. I talked with an Animal Communicator today...
  46. Big thanks to Deltawave
  47. Is it possible to find a saddle that will fit both my horses?
  48. Enthusiastic Jumper Goes Hunter-w/Video
  49. Has anyone ever tried the Wintec Ultra Lightweight Gel Pad???
  50. Enablers, unite...I found multiple saddles!!!
  51. TB Pedigree Analysis - Can you help?
  52. Where to find a horse to lease?
  53. Eventing near Saratoga Springs, NY
  54. FEI Ends Rolex Sponsorship
  55. Sliding figure 8 vs. rings
  56. Stormcats .......anyone? ;)
  57. Area II April 20-21 - NEW this year RHPC HT will have STARTER divsion!
  58. Really basic saddle questions
  59. TB pedigree
  60. Short brown girth with buckle covers?
  61. Cross Country Bit Question
  62. Camping at Rolex
  63. Jumping Clinic series in Central New Jersey
  64. Where to Advertise for Working Student, Florida
  65. Leather Repair in Aiken, SC
  66. Yet another pedigree query
  67. another Storm Cat pedigree from one of my own
  68. Fun Thread... What was your favorite event that no longer exists and why?
  69. Gymnastics
  70. Advise Please: Gaining Experience
  71. Eventing scenes across the country...
  72. Steal of a Deal
  73. From the H/J board--Lamplight sold
  74. Chances of finding a Slew line OTTB?
  75. Someone help explain to me these cwd saddles!!
  77. Bit Advice?
  78. Jess Takes A Field Trip! - *UPDATE* - Tadpole show - check!
  79. Saddle shopping for a classic TB-- need both jump and dressage and I'm SHORT! help!
  80. Pony's first XC! Pictures!!!
  81. those of us that purchase photos at events...
  82. Spin off: favorite new event in the last 10 years
  83. Ideal Conformation For An Upper Level Prospect?
  84. About to venture on my first long-distance trip with my horse - advice needed!
  85. Pedigree input please?
  86. Advertised price vs what they are actually getting
  87. Help me price value this horse please!
  88. Quick ? NQR for Intermediate
  89. Took the Plunge
  90. Older OTTB's
  91. Clinic with Boyd Martin was awesome
  92. 25% off Charles Owen helmets at Beval through the end of January
  93. Keebler goes jumping with his new girl
  94. Changing my mind -- aka I have a new horse
  95. Eventing Barns near Southlake, TX??
  96. Thoroughbred Incentive Program added to Rocking Horse Horse Trials (ribbons, prize $)
  97. Jump Saddle Suggestions For Someone who likes prestige eventer
  98. Handy dandy app to calculate FEI qualification;
  99. Ground Pole "Jumping" Classes
  100. Interesting bred racehorse for sport
  101. Sir Mark Todd (aka Sir Toddy)
  102. Jingles for the best pony ever today!
  103. The Success And Inner Demons Of Mike Plumb
  104. How old were you when you started eventing?
  105. USEF/FEI Qualification MATRIX
  106. Barnsby Diablo Saddles?
  107. Talk to me about Schleese...
  108. Bit question (not another!) - slightly too soft or slightly too heavy?
  109. What?! No more Nigel at Rolex??!?
  110. DOC Recommended Reading
  111. Heritage Bespoke Saddles?
  112. Florida Eventers - Post Entry Fees waived this weekend at Gainesville's Jumper Show..
  113. Average TB jump height?
  114. saddle fitter pricing
  115. Horse swap Richmond, VA meeting place help!!
  116. Does size need permission?
  117. University of Washington, Seattle event barns?
  118. Mary King featured in Liberty Mutual
  119. Another, whatcha think thread....
  120. Yes! My Custom Saddlery Wolfgang Solo came in!
  121. Packer lease horses....are they out there?
  122. Half Chaps or Tall Boots for Schooling?
  123. Jim Wofford Clinics?
  124. Drool worthy Canter Boy
  125. Busy teens/rules for horse shows?
  126. Pippa Funnel in California this weekend?
  127. Pedigree/pics - eventing suitability?
  128. Saddle suggestions for my guy
  129. jn4jenny, you have a PM!
  130. 2013 Canadian National Eventing Team Announced
  131. Integrity in the sport of eventing - the am/pro debate
  132. Hi There! Planning My First Event! Have Questions!
  133. For those of you who like to do conformation critiques
  134. Photographer at Poplar this past weekend??
  135. Shipping on the east coast
  136. Repair web reins?
  137. Custom Saddle Pad to honor friend
  138. So Where Do I Fit In?
  139. Photographer at The Pipe Opener this past Saturday?
  140. IEA Novice 3 day
  141. Helmet gurus: New helmet design. Applicable?
  142. Tekna Pressure-eze girth, worth it?
  143. Penn National shipping
  144. Lucky to start our season with the Area III Adult Rider Leslie Law clinic again
  145. New Saddle: What to ask for, what to expect, and what if you like your old one better
  146. Boarding barns, va
  147. Eventing Riders : see two threads in Breeding forum re planned eventing studbook
  148. Please don't snow!!
  149. Young Event Horse Grant of 15K offered to 5 year old champ for European competition.
  150. Wow! Somebody Get This Mare!
  151. Saddle fit (pics included)
  152. My horse loves the mullen rubber loose ring, but now what for xcountry?!
  153. News clip of Torrance's farm
  154. Eventing near NYC
  155. New horse! video post 12
  156. USEF meeting- new rules- any news
  157. Swimming with Your Event Horse
  158. Horze Ashley breeches?
  159. How do you do it?
  160. Thoroughbred Owners - T.I.P. Update
  161. Talk to me about road riding...
  162. Which (sales) sites to look at?
  163. The bestest beach trip EVER!
  164. Critique this Potential Event Prospect!
  165. Bridle that relieves poll pressure?
  166. OTTB in need of some show name ideas!
  167. Clicking
  168. Just Need to Vent/Share....Horses are such Heartbreakers!!
  169. Availability of Schooling Events in VA
  170. Need Show Name for Cute Bay Mare with Chrome! (Pics!)
  171. Taking the edge off...
  172. Saddle That Fits Horse Like a Circuit
  173. Budgeting for new horse, how much do I need?
  174. Another confo critique...
  175. spinoff-- plastic bits Question
  176. Rolex makes a statement about Rolex Kentucky CCI****
  177. Coolest (as in ventilation) skull cap?
  178. Eventing Winter Support Group!
  179. Mark Todd at Holly Hill :)
  180. Let's Discuss: Shannon Lilley's 4 days of feedback on David O'C Training Sessions/EN
  181. Protective Vests?
  182. For what purpose would one use a double ring snaffle?
  183. Northern CA Chestnut CANTER Cuties...
  184. Opinions on Schleese JES Elite dressage saddle?
  185. Ballerina ISO dance partner for affaire d' amor
  186. Why do I look on Canter!?
  187. Sometimes you just gotta get out
  188. Going to look at this mare on Sunday... Thoughts?
  189. What is the difference between these two Nathe bits?
  190. Because it's cold and we like super cute things
  191. Best Figure 8 Bridle?!
  192. Dressage legal bits - 2 metal? (sweet iron with copper inlay?)
  193. Ponies?
  194. Let's Discuss: What holes are there in your riding/theory/etc that you're working on?
  195. Spin-off: Handy Guide to Your Future, Under 25's
  196. Interesting but not surprising...Mr. Medicott in Wellie with ML(formerly mlm)
  197. Custom whips: BoB or Fowlers?
  198. Jefferies JMX to try?
  199. Overnight stabling near Timonium/Lutherville MD?
  200. Any reuse for blankets with shredded lining?
  202. protective vests? for well endowed?
  203. Motivation to ride at night... bleh
  204. What do "you" expect from a sales ad(for prospects)?
  205. Rolex Volunteers
  206. First non-dressage lesson in AGES!!
  207. Legal Helmets for Show Jumping
  208. Volunteers needed for Pine Top February 8 - 10
  209. Emulating Top ULRs' galloping position
  210. saddle woes-slipping back, hard to fit horse, etc.
  211. Another Bit Dilemma Thread - Searching for just the “Right One” - Thoughts Please?
  212. Purpura hemorrhagica....
  213. JINGLES NEEDED for Colleen's son Connor!
  214. Full Gallop Photographer Jan. 27th
  215. Versatility of a Jeffries M tree?
  216. Photographer at Full Gallop?
  217. Successor to the recalled Happy Mouth Bit?
  218. I feel like an outsider in the Eventing community...
  219. Pinfiring and resale
  220. Any runners in Aiken??
  221. Help a sister out...easy bit question...
  222. WEG 2014
  223. Double vented vs single vented coats?
  224. Awesome Photo!
  225. Funny post # 42. I've come up with a show name that I love, but do you get it?
  226. video: a PointTwo failure to deploy
  227. Wimp of the herd, but a lion cross country?
  228. Cheap & Safe flags for cross country
  229. Upswing in OTTB Sales Any Comments
  230. Mattes/Fleeceworks Correction half Pad - Cheaper alternatives?
  231. Chiropractic Query
  232. Rolex...How do you get back and forth from the airport?
  233. Rodney Powell Vests
  234. Help me find this bit
  235. Decent field boots for curvy-ish calves & (maybe) elastic inserts?
  236. Feeling sad...thinking I may need to retire my pony.
  237. Nice Event Prospect Now Available by CANTER Ohio
  238. What's the minimum acreage you can run an event on?
  239. the score for January -- Ace: 1 JER: 0
  240. Equestours to the WEG?
  241. Renewing USEA membership online issue or just me?
  242. FEI catagorized rider list?
  243. Badminton 2013
  244. Has anyone seen these vests?
  245. Midwest TB's
  246. Pessoa GenX Prestige saddle for Paint/Arab eventer? Vs.Bates Close Contact
  247. Questions about what a devoucoux dressage saddle is similar to...
  248. Happy Friday ride!
  249. New Fall Rule at BN and N passed
  250. Interesting Stubben video on saddle fitting TBs