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  1. What kind of horse do you use for CTR/Endurance?
  2. What saddle are you using?
  3. Saddles discussed already---what about pads??
  4. Why Do People Think Any Horse Can Be A Trail Horse?
  5. Out of line or justifiably upset? Vent!
  6. trail etiquette for dummies
  7. Rude Competitive Trail Riders
  8. Since we can't all get along, we might as well laugh
  9. Saddle for casual trail rider on TB and a budget
  10. Adults Riding Small Ponies
  11. Good Sense, Self Defense and Safety on the Trails
  12. Synthetic Saddles
  13. Anyone with Hilason Treeless Saddle Experience?
  14. Another hoof boot question - Boas or Easyboots?
  15. let's talk about horse camping
  16. Outfitting New Trailer: What Can't You Live Without?
  17. Conditioning the pleasure trail horse
  18. avoiding accidentally trespassing?
  19. teaching a trail horse to go alone
  20. Best breed for a trail dog?
  21. going barefoot...ugh!
  22. Trail riding safely during Deer hunting season
  23. What is the weirdest thing you have seen on the trail?
  24. Hypothetically, If A Person...
  25. Western or English??
  26. Dog attacks horse,how to deal with it??
  27. How much did your first horse cost?
  28. My first LD ride - a FANTASTIC experience!
  29. Who does Endurance/Distance or Trail in GA?
  30. easy boot bare review
  31. Arabians & Endurance
  32. How did you condition for your first 25 miler?
  33. Physical attributes of an endurance horse?
  34. Switching to a gaited breed, tack questions.
  35. Bend those Easyboot Cleats down!
  36. anyone try renegade hoof boots yet?
  37. What bit do you endurance ride in?
  38. Extreme Mustang Challenge
  39. Favorite trail essentials/goodies??
  40. Anybody going to CTR in Fair Hill this September?
  41. Which is which - my weight or her being lazy?
  42. What kind of Saddle should i get?
  43. Treeless: Not for everyone?
  44. I should change his name to Seabiscuit, how to slow him down?
  45. Hacking on side of quiet road - safety tips?
  46. first 50 next saturday
  47. Can you endurance ride in a Cashel Soft Saddle?
  48. question for endurance /trail riders
  49. Going down hills is damaging for the horse?
  50. A pic from Sat. - and yikes, upside down neck!
  51. My first 50: It was the hardest thing I've ever had to do
  52. How to get your horse to pay attention to footing?
  53. Successful 25 with boots!
  54. Wonky Ankle and Long Rides
  55. Endurance - 'Arabs Only' Club?
  56. Ex show horse success on first trail ride alone
  57. Took a good fall today :( Ouch!
  58. I need help with treeless saddles.
  59. My second 50: Rider-Option Pull
  60. Our horse habit is filthy????
  61. Trail riders: Flex tree or non flex tree? That is the question..
  62. Found a treeless saddle - Opinions?
  63. Anyone seen a Mountain Lion?
  64. Western NC riders?
  65. best prices/sources for...
  66. Aussies!
  67. Western Saddle Pad Advice
  68. Thats it! I'm going bareback.. Vent
  69. Your Favorite Thing about Being Out On Trail...
  70. Interesting summer (Long)
  71. looking for an aussie saddle with a WIDE tree?
  72. The Thing I Never Go Out On Trail Without...
  73. Sorry but more Treeless info please :)
  74. Full chaps vs Half chaps.
  75. no saddle no ridng for 2 months!!!
  76. Stirrups
  77. The best trail ride you ever had...
  78. Teaching my OTTB to be a trail horse. . .help
  79. New Aussie Saddle! I've got questions.
  80. TREC
  81. Is riding a gaited horse really easier on your back?
  82. Thoroughbreds in Endurance?
  83. Kates Saddles?
  84. Why is it so hard to find good Info on Horse Trails?
  85. Bandos Treeless Saddle
  86. How many of you are arena turned trail riders?
  87. Would you ever haul a horse tacked?
  88. Time For Another Horse?
  89. Confidence Lost! Long!
  90. Treeless convert here. Wow, you've got to try it!
  91. Help. Ex-show horse, previously successful on trails has meltdown
  92. Talk to me of itty-bitty endurance horses
  93. Heart Rate Monitors
  94. Refusal on trail- any advice?
  95. Strength of Beta
  96. Abetta -- really "a better" saddle?
  97. arena work for endurance riding?
  98. 17 yr old arab mare- 2nd career as end. mount?
  99. what makes an endurance horse?
  100. The cheapie treeless saddles on ebay?
  101. I got my GPS!
  102. What do you eat during your rides?
  103. A Trail/Endurance Rider's THIS IS ME...
  104. Warm winter riding boot recommendations?
  105. bareback pads
  106. Have you ever noticed this....
  107. Your opinions on these saddles: Tucker and Trekker Neutron
  108. Courbette Kurfurst Endurance
  109. Having fun with my endurance horse in the snow - PICS!
  110. Who here has ridden the Tevis trail?
  111. So tell me about POAs
  112. Things the horse DIDN'T spook at.... {{Continued Below}}
  113. Horses shedding
  114. Bitless trail riding?
  115. can you teach them to pay attention to footing?
  116. Cantering across the finish line?
  117. dogs and trail riding
  118. which mohair girth?
  119. Restrooms? Probably a silly question...
  120. HR monitors..can someone post
  121. Treeless for pleasure
  122. Hilasons!
  123. What qualities in an Endurance/CTR prospect? And how much is that worth?
  124. So what about NATRC do you like?
  125. Endurance riders who event--or have thought about it? Would you clinic?
  126. high withers and treeless
  127. Need saddle suggestions-
  128. Who Rides Out In Cold Weather And How Do You Dress?
  129. Helmet life expectancy?
  130. Anyone ever get a BUZZ on horse back?
  131. Does your "trail horse" have another "job"?
  132. Running martingales
  133. Shameless brag- competed in Trail Horse competition
  134. Has anyone tried this treeless? UPDATE 2-6-08
  135. 1/2 arab, National SHow horse for CTR
  136. Tips for Hot horse on trail
  137. Stirrup question
  138. Questions RE fitting Abetta saddle
  139. Trail maps for Clifton, VA??
  140. Where do you guys buy glowsticks?
  141. Favorite Brands of Riding Apparel
  142. other endurance discussion forums
  143. So I found my Trail Pony
  144. Gaited Endurance Horse ?
  145. Awesome trail horse HATES being 'arena horse'?
  146. Can we talk about saddle slippage with treeless?
  147. What's you plan for summoning help in an emergency?
  148. horse hair fly whisks
  149. Saddle suggestions?
  150. Do you think she loves the trail?
  151. FITS Endurance ride- anyone going?
  152. Breast collar recommendations?
  153. Horse that WON'T put his head down.
  154. teaching horse to stay when you fall off
  155. Endurance saddle suggestions
  156. Is this an ok training schedule?
  157. What to buy for a pad...
  158. favorite boot for riding/walking
  159. Teaching horse to lay down
  160. How to assemble a pack string?
  161. Help me pick out a saddle?
  162. Trail bit question
  163. Feedack on Wintec 2000 saddles? Other suggestions?
  164. Warmblood trail horses and riders? Update with trail pictures!
  165. NorCal Trail Riders - let's meet up!
  166. Cutting off Horn!?!
  167. Tucker Saddles/Gel Cush Seats
  168. How do you slow your horse's walk on the trail?
  169. Finding good trails for horses
  170. Whoooooopeeee! The Renegades are OUT!
  171. AWESOME ride today! How about you?
  172. COTHers rating of any/all endurance/trail type saddles
  173. Very uncomfortable in the saddle- not balanced.
  174. a different way to hold reins?
  175. NE MD and SE PA riders
  176. Pressure points from treeles saddle?!
  177. Are gas/diesel prices slowing your travels down?
  178. Australian tack experts...
  179. All hail the almighty TRAIL HORSE!!!
  180. Where to put my cell phone while on the trail?
  181. Okay, I don't want to start a revolution but...
  182. Glad I am just a low maintenance trail rider
  183. endurance riders - what kind of horseshoes for rides?
  184. Weigh too much for horse?
  185. english trail riders-what do you bring?
  186. Sigh.....need saddle help, advice. Update on new saddle.
  187. Best trail saddle for big TB?
  188. Where can I buy this kind of bridle in the U.S.?
  189. Camping at an event?
  190. One Rein Stop
  191. Swarming bees and wasps!
  192. Anybody use Thorogood saddles?
  193. What is involved in a 50???
  194. Pinetree, ME - what's it like?
  195. Mustang Challenge at Midwest Horse Fair
  196. Trail Ride in Gettysburg....Guide?
  197. To go gaited or not??? and advice
  198. Is this an inappropriate thing to ask?
  199. I have the PERFECT trail horse! Do you?
  200. foxcatcher anyone?
  201. Trail/endurance folks! What bit/hack do you ride in?
  202. How do you guys like QH's for fun trail horses?
  203. How good are GPS systems?
  204. halter bridle
  205. Boots for endurance riding
  206. Desensitizing to Bike and Road Traffic
  207. Ee GADS. Am I actually considering a treeless saddle?
  208. Really bad bolt in scarey place.
  209. best way to clear a path w/o heavy equipment?
  210. Water bottles
  211. Good breastcollar for a western saddle?
  212. Let's Talk about Saddle Bags
  213. Hoof boots -- Can I mix and match?
  214. 25 mile ride - not an endurance rider
  215. How to tell a Gaited Horse is Lame?
  216. How to make a neck rope
  217. Would you take this horse 25 miles?
  218. Anyone make electrolyte cookies?
  219. Rude Behavior: Snatching Leaves and Grass on the Trail
  220. Update with pictures - my foundered pony
  221. I've decided this mare is my new 50+ horse...
  222. lost faith in easyboots
  223. Do you have a trotter or a canterer?
  224. Dressage saddle for trail riding?
  225. When do you take your greenie on the trails?
  226. Do bossy mares make better trailhorses?
  227. What are your strategies on a ride?
  228. Warmbloods and endurance
  229. Just a trail ride
  230. You know you're a trail princess...
  231. Difference b/t nerves and excitement w/ horse on trails?
  232. Shameless BRAG on our Local(Union County,NC) Farrier Mike Stine!
  233. I'm out for the season.
  234. Gear Questions (a little long)
  235. New pictures of me and my girl - added 3 more
  236. Is there any hope?
  237. sore ankle from riding - any ideas?
  238. Barefoot saddles
  239. What to use as hoof boot pads?
  240. Music on the trail
  241. One rein stop (or more to the point, not)
  242. Hackamores?
  243. What do Endurance Riders want????
  244. Ladies Only - embarrassing question!
  246. Extreme rapid respiration - any ideas?
  247. Water Tanks for Trailering Excursions
  248. Hot weather trail riding
  249. How long before a ride do you stop riding? And some other questions.
  250. Question on vet check for ride