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  1. Get in shape for spring - motivational help!
  2. Wintec dressage, do you like Isabell or 500?
  3. Best place to buy treeless saddle pad?
  4. Sad End to Long Riders Journey
  5. "Long Riders" spinoff
  6. Paragon Endurance Saddles?
  7. Specific boot question...what's your experience
  8. What do you think of this Aussie?
  9. TROT 2010 ride calendar posted
  10. Self Defense Tactics
  11. Sorry -another Aussie Saddle question
  12. Boundary Waters
  13. Thumbs up to Down Under Saddle Suppy
  14. Oh my gosh I WANT ONE!
  15. Pads for Renegades?
  16. What kind of saddle?
  17. Sharon Saare saddles and tree sizes
  18. Is 13 miles too much for first timer?
  19. seat savers
  20. Where to Advertise an Endurance Prospect
  21. Endurance Age Question
  22. Boz Saddles
  23. The making of an Endurance Horse
  24. Who has a TB?
  25. ACTHA rides? Anyone been on one?
  26. Need advice on Bareback pads with stirrups
  27. How to keep weight while increasing fitness
  28. boot/hoof frustrations- sorry again!
  29. Self Defense for Trail Riders Video
  30. Tights, Chaps, Gloves Recommendations
  31. Trainer??
  32. COTH Forums Tack classifieds?
  33. check out cross post in Off Course on expanding MD hunting season
  34. Cinch-Kwik.com
  35. Info Needed on Flex Trees (Big Horn Endurance 807)
  36. A ride in Middle England video
  37. trolling for trainers: article on keeping lesson programs fresh
  38. Feet get numb during rides??
  39. Suggestions for a 2 night horsepacking trip in George Washington/Jefferson N.F.?
  40. Waterproof paddock boots?
  41. Lead rope for trail riding
  42. What is this?? Saddle or bareback pad? :)
  43. Saddle for Trailriding?
  44. Ga. people did anyone ride at Rooservelt last Friday?
  45. HEY! N Georgia Folks - New Place to Ride
  46. Barefoot treeless saddles?
  47. What would you give up for trail riding heaven?
  48. Bob Marshall or Black Forest -
  49. Trail Riding in Chester County, PA
  50. Best Australian Saddle Pad -suggestions?
  51. Update on the boy and new photos/videos
  52. ECTRA rule gurus, a question about CDRs
  53. crupper fitting?
  54. Saddle/Abetta questions
  55. bitless bridle vs. Little S Hackmore
  56. Mt Airy Saddle Pals Ride on 4/11 at Schooley Mill in MD
  57. Sportack?
  58. working students at endurance farms
  59. Riders Choice Saddles
  60. Anyone ride in a Wintec Pro Stock CS or Endurance saddle?
  61. Yikes! McIntosh Reserve wants to limit horses
  62. Endurance horse confirmation type??
  63. Rick Pelicano Bombproofing Clinic...Who's been?
  64. Riding with your kid?
  65. Anyone Have/Had these stirrups?
  66. Places NORTH of the ATL for trail riding...
  67. Ride and Tie?
  68. Selection Trials for the WEG
  69. speak to me about electrolytes
  70. Wharton State Forest, NJ Trails?
  71. Driving trails in GA
  72. New saddle still doesn't fit...what now?
  73. Anyone have a great ride on Friday?
  74. Rider sun poisoning, need suggestions on long sleeve shirts
  75. Out of curiosity-bloodlines
  76. Easyboot glove
  77. For Those Who Want More Than A Short Ride...
  78. IDIOT Cyclists!
  79. 10th Annual SPARC Trail Ride in Hudson Valley
  80. Old Dominion Endurance News - Virginia
  81. Wide Brim for helmets
  82. What type of Tack? (Usual)
  83. Swaybacked mare. Crosspost since you guys probably know more about Arabs ;)
  84. Rider and Horse Alignment
  85. Great Smoky Mountains--Cherokee Nat'l Forest
  86. St Malachi Paper Chase, Unionville PA
  87. worn down feet?
  88. Best trail or western saddle IF you like close contact feel?
  89. EnduranceRidingForum.com
  91. VHC Equestrian Trail Guide
  92. Epics caused bloody sores on heel bulbs
  93. new to long canters--advice please?
  94. Black Forest treeless saddle...
  95. saddle fitting mystery (hopefully) solved? or, how I may be a moron...
  96. What type of martingale is this?
  97. Old Dominion Riding Virginia
  98. best seat saver for this saddle?
  99. Cavallo Sport Boots
  100. Anyone trail-ride recently at Gettysburg?
  101. Anyone have a plantation saddle?
  102. Using a bit without a bridle?
  103. Cost of cutting down western fenders
  104. Mule Days Reynolds GA
  105. Thornhill Trail vs Thorowgood Endurance- Comfort/Quality
  106. Who went to Foxcatcher ?
  107. Trail training in FL
  108. Who's going to Bluebonnett in Decatur??
  109. Freakin hikers! Hold on to your dogs!!! grrrrrr
  110. PSSM Endurance Horses?
  111. sometimes I don't mind riding in the rain...
  112. Can you use a Skito pad for any saddle type?
  113. Saddle pad solutions for the tight budget
  114. Hoof Boot for Round Feet!
  115. Lightweight saddle with good weight distribution?
  116. input on Ortho-Flex & Barefoot saddles, pls
  117. watermelon as hydration?
  118. Body position on the downhills
  119. Looking for endurance riders in SoCal
  120. Please recommend saddle for achy old man
  121. Trail Riding Near Southern NH
  122. Fearful situations
  123. My horse wont go downhill!
  124. Extreme Trailriding - I can't believe we survived!
  125. Want to brag on my young guy
  126. Spooking at machinery that is turned on behind us...
  127. Advice on comfortable reins for trail riding
  128. Come ride with me in Kauai, HI! (montage)
  129. Finding a trail partner?
  130. Meet Amadeus :-)
  131. Saddle Pad Bottoms - Wool, Fleece or that Rubber Looking Stuff
  132. extreme, extremer, extremest...
  133. Ride with Buffalo?
  134. Photos from History Tour Trail Ride posted to Morven Park Facebook Page
  135. Car phobia
  136. Are Midnight Dixie pads really worth it? Can't get Skito pads clean!
  137. The horse made me proud. Just had to share!
  138. customising my saddle for trail use
  139. Has anyone ever ridden any of the C & O Canal Towpath?
  140. Felt pad for abetta chisholm
  141. Anyone going to the ACTHA 'Ride for the Rescues'?
  142. Racing Arabians
  143. proper position for freeform saddle?
  144. Got a neat photo
  145. High tie line
  146. HItchock Woods Info?
  147. Happy trail ride
  148. Must haves
  149. s hackmore in colors
  150. Mytracks Android app?
  151. Best Maryland trails for first-timers?
  152. Spinoff: Best NoVA trails for first timers?
  153. thinking about a trail saddle
  154. The new little Paso is home
  155. Saddle opinions
  156. cavallo boot question
  157. Mt Airy Saddle Pals ride on 6/6/10 at Patuxent Park (Annapolis Rock Rd)
  158. summer riding equip suggestions
  159. McIntosh Reserve is now open!
  160. Cavallo Simple Boot "Pastern Wraps"
  161. Horse nervous riding with company
  162. Anybody Trail Ride with Gaited Horses in MA?
  163. Trails in Ebony,Gaston/Lk. Gaston, Virginia??
  164. help me find a bridle for my haflinger?
  165. Bad Tie-er Help?
  166. .
  167. Do artificial aids belong on the trail?
  168. Horrible "Vet-check-horse"
  169. Hoofwings boots?
  170. New member with questions about the walk
  171. Trailer set-up
  172. How old is too old?
  173. Is anyone going to
  174. Rub Marks on horse
  175. PA tack shops?
  176. GA Trail Riders
  177. Back in the saddle again and NOT HURTING!!!
  178. Fitting a Barefoot saddle
  179. Possible move to NC
  180. Anyone participating in the "Ride for the Rescues"?
  181. Riding a heavy bodied horse after riding Arabs forever!
  182. Region 15 Woman needs to place her horses & dogs
  183. Where to ride and camp in Southern GA?
  184. Slippery Trail Bridges
  185. How would you teach an older horse to be more flexible?
  186. Anyone ridden trail at Franklin Park, Purcellville VA?
  187. Abetta - chair seat?
  188. adding stuff to the saddle?
  189. Blog...
  190. tailgate fixins
  191. Anybody do an ACTHA ride yesterday, June 13th?
  192. Crazy? QH as endurance horse?
  193. Gearing up for pack trip into Yellowstone in a month.!!!1
  194. Can you generalize about CTR/endurance for me please?
  195. Sigh- loss of public riding space...again
  196. OW! BMSS causing bruises
  197. Selling an endurance/trail saddles -suggestions?
  198. ACTHA ride on Saturday June 19th at Loch Moy Farm in MD
  199. Act now to protect Sugarloaf Country! (MD)
  200. I've been introduced to Stoney Valley! (pa)
  201. down hill position
  202. Litchfield County or Newtown, CT?
  203. foregirth for endrance?
  204. Virginia Highlands CTR potluck ideas?
  205. Steal of Deal for the trail & endurance folks
  206. Western peeps - how to choose spurs?
  207. Gold Country Ride cancelled... :(
  208. Sat 6/26 Trail ride- VA Sports or Not Trail Ride, Culpepper, VA
  209. Crosspost: Speak to me of Circle Y flex tree saddles circa 2001
  210. easy ride stirrup correction for bad knees?
  211. Utah Trail Pix
  212. Anemic Horse
  213. Riding in the Great Smoky Mtn Nat'l Park.
  214. Seat saver for western saddle?
  215. 10 of 60 min. Walk, leading horse, for a rest.
  216. one rein stop - emergency breaks?
  217. Free'n'Easy Saddles?
  218. Need a bit recommendation- please help!
  219. long synthetic anatomic girth (but not wintec/cair)?
  220. Any Northern California members?
  221. Cell Phone Apps For Distance Riding
  222. New!! Summer Dinner Trail Rides at Morven Park
  223. Eagle Cap Wilderness, Oregon
  224. Looking for a Trail Ride Buddy
  225. Trailering frustration [long vent]
  226. Anyone ride Pine Creek Trail (PA)?
  227. Shameless brag on my first horse
  228. suggestions for gaited trail saddles?
  229. Question-the best endurance saddle?
  230. Anybody have a supracor seat saver?
  231. Another saddle dilema
  232. How to deal with trail ride graze-a-thon?
  233. Specialized saddle
  234. Equine Heart Rate Monitors
  235. Bay Area trail outfitters? for oversized riders?
  236. experiences with hoof boots on the trail?
  237. Anyone a ACTHA affiliate?
  238. Wing Tempo needs his Saddlebred Championship
  239. Mackinder Endurance saddle - anybody?
  240. good riding boots for people?
  241. Question for anyone who has travelled using an outfitter
  242. Looking for a trainer to come to horse barn.
  243. more on loading into a trailer
  244. Western/trail sales barns? in SC
  245. Saddle recommendations for hubby
  246. MFT does not want to gait
  247. New Awards Program
  248. Help Me Get My Horse To Cross Water!!
  249. Draft horses anyone?
  250. Help, horse rubbing the inside of her front legs