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  1. Distance RIding Newsletter
  2. returning boots- easyboots that is
  3. Saddle Valley Campground
  4. Ponying one who lags behind
  5. My Epics came!!!!!
  6. Flex-Lite Trail Saddles - Need Opinions
  7. Circle Y saddle popping during trail rides
  8. English saddle pad with pockets
  9. How do you ride on the trail? Relaxed? Lots of contact?
  10. McIntosh and other exciting news!
  11. cages for ez rider stirrups
  12. Needing a coordinator
  13. Knee pain and stirrups
  14. What bit do you prefer?
  15. What do YOU wear out on trail?
  16. MD benefit ride this wknd @LOMH Patapsco Pk, benefits Gentle Giants Draft Rescue
  17. Action Rider Tack kudos!
  18. Bit spin-off (regarding Tom Thumb)
  19. Leg cooling
  20. hysterectomy and riding
  21. Pictures/Video of the boy
  22. Trail Riding
  23. endurance and/or trail riding in Middle TN
  24. To wear leg protection/boots or no?
  25. Saddle Survey Results
  26. It's that Time Once Again PNWers
  27. Breast Collar - glow in the dark
  28. Define: Good Trail Horse
  29. NW Ga."Dry Creek " area riding buddy?
  30. horse/herd psychology question
  31. Endurance Arabian at NorCal Equine Rescue CA
  32. First ACTHA competitive trail challenge in Nov!
  33. GMHA Member rides
  34. Endurance riders in Florida
  35. Acavallo Treeless Saddles??
  36. The Old Mac's didn't make it
  37. Ode to Trail/Endurance Riding...
  38. Has anyone replaced the buckles on their Easyboots with the Easy-up buckles?
  39. Photos from TROT JPR posted
  40. A brief moment in my happy life . . . where Fenway takes me to see the sunset.
  41. Tell me about competative trail riding?
  42. Competitive Mounted Orienteering?
  43. winter camping--how not to freeze?
  44. Suggestions/Tips for a Newbie?
  45. Yay for my "new" used treeless saddle tomorrow
  46. PSA: If your horse refuses something on the trail, LISTEN TO THEM!
  47. The Ultimate Spookable and Why I Have The Greatest Horse In The World!
  48. Hoofboots on hindfeet
  49. Do hoof boots allow for regular growth between trims?
  50. Anyone ride in an Abetta Serenity (Trinity) Endurance Saddle - narrow or wide twist??
  51. Looking for Western riding advice--forums, books, etc.
  52. Bob Marshall Endurance VS. Barefoot Atlanta
  53. Saddle fit - rub areas on coat
  54. Men :What do you wear to ride trail?
  55. I just give up-saddle fit
  56. Hard Labor Creek Question-Hey Pnalley
  57. How to introduce horse to new trails with no one else to ride with?
  58. Boo Ride at The GA Internat'l Horse Park - Sat, Oct. 31st
  59. Excellent Article on Saddle Pads
  60. Do you wear a protective vest on the trail?
  61. What saddle to buy? Sommer or Prestige!
  62. Overnight stabling around Las Vegas NV or St George UT
  63. Coldwater Rec Area/Milton FL: Anyone ridden there lately?
  64. Best boots for riding in loose sand--Fla.
  65. Codorus State Park, PA- any recommendations for a trail riding rental stable?
  66. Need saddle recommendations for trail
  67. NJ Canal Ride 25 mile CTR and a 15 mile CTR clinic - entries needed!
  68. Looking for trainer for trail in NoVA
  69. Anyone Use The Kedron Comfort Trail Irons or Reflex Wide Track Stirrups?
  70. Inclement weather plan for Morven Park ride this weekend
  71. POSTPONED to Nov 7 Volunteers needed Crystal Crown Judged Trail Ride Delaplane VA
  72. Does your trail horse take you back to the trailer?
  73. Camping/Trail Riding happening at Secret Passage Ranch, VA
  74. Update on Mcintosh...YIKES!
  75. Wolves and Trail - Riding on horses
  76. Good ride yesterday (VAApHC Fall Trail Ride at Morven Park)
  77. Gettysburg Spooky Trail Ride! (pics and vid within!)
  78. Whatever happened to Shadow?
  79. Lickskillet Farm Trail ride in Toomsboro, GA
  80. How would you have disciplined this "bratty" pony?
  81. when land owners change their mind about permission to ride land
  82. At what age did you start riding?
  83. How Do You Evaluate an Endurance Prospect?
  84. West Georgia Riders--Open Trailer Slot - Sat. Nov. 14th-Hard Labor Creek State Park
  85. Garland Mtn opens 21st GA
  86. rubs from boots- now using socks, how long to wait for them to heal
  87. The Joys of Riding in the Fall
  88. VA Trail riders- mtg w/ Fairfax Cty Park Authty 11/19
  89. FYI- Potomoc Bridle & Hiking Trails Ride on 27 Nov
  90. converting a human HM
  91. Another option than bell boots?
  92. Catoctin National Park in MD
  93. My (long) vent - Trail riders vs. Larpers
  94. Equine Liability Insurance Recommendations
  95. What do you think of these bloodlines re: endurance?
  96. Hey, West Georgia Trail Riders
  97. Best Trail Saddle for Under $500, Suggestions Please!
  98. Boundary Waters is OPEN!!!
  99. Let's Play a Game!!
  100. My new Endurance prospect
  101. haflinger is too strong, how to bit her?
  102. For those who live in/near Delaware - please support trails, you may lose them
  103. Tucker Gen II Bayou Planation
  104. GA Folks - Anyone Up for a Christmas Ride @ Hard Labor on the 19th?
  105. waterproof and breathable summer footwear?
  106. Hard Labor Creek State Park Ride 11/14/09 - Recap
  107. It's official -- I'm a trailrider...
  108. Western saddles that fit Arabians
  109. Opinions needed on treeless for larger rider
  110. Question for Old Mac users
  111. Portable solar fence charger
  112. Haul-A-Stall -- Anyone have one? Worth it?
  113. Kentucky Diehard Endurance Ride Photos
  114. Garland Mtn Trails, Waleska Ga
  115. Running on the beach
  116. where should the dog be?
  117. New job for horse
  118. Sensation Saddle
  119. Any recommendations for LONG western-to-english girth converters?
  120. MD Paper Chase, 13 DEC in Millers MD
  121. JPR in Delaware on 29 NOV
  122. Potomac Bridle & Hiking Trails Assoc Ride Fri 27 Nov
  123. Endurance breast collar options
  124. Looking for a trainer near east central Ohio.
  125. Has anyone tried the LAS Helmet?
  126. UPDATE! New Trails in Central GA - Went & Had a good time!
  127. Enurance Stallions
  128. Interested in Endurance
  129. Hackamore
  130. Night Time Trail Rides
  131. Western or english?
  132. Western pad - short backed horse
  133. I got a "new" saddle - a Steele Old Timer
  134. if you retired now where would it be for perfect riding life?
  135. searching for cutback/builtup pad for round skirts?
  136. stirrup question - english to western
  137. Bucking at canter - correction? UPDATE - it's behavioural/energy issue
  138. McIntosh Reserve
  139. Easyboot Gloves- Solution for rub problem?
  140. Virginia's 2010 Crystal Crown Series JPR Schedule Announced...
  141. Finding a trail buddy
  142. Where can I find studs for boots?
  143. Teaching a horse (and pony) to "pony"
  144. Farrier/Board search near Agawam, MA
  145. Specialized Saddles - Please Share
  146. Trail Riding & Camping - WY or CO
  147. Introducing myself
  148. Bosal and mecate reins
  149. Anyone Else Do a Christmas Ride?
  150. My Hoofwings made it in...
  151. Help correcting herd/barn sourness?
  152. Cancelled- Manassas Battlefield New Years ride
  153. Introducing myself
  154. Easyboot EDGE - anyone used it on ice/snow?
  155. Barefoot Sierra or Atlanta for Haflinger?
  156. Equine Affaire- Ohio: Trail Riding Pavillion!!!!!
  157. Rocky Mountain Horses
  158. Question on gullet and tree sizes
  159. Shoo-flys
  160. Just finished reading....
  161. Hoof boots, gaiters or no?
  162. Resolutions...
  163. Easy Boots with Studs in Snow & Ice?
  164. advice
  165. Group Ride Etiquette: Works Both Ways
  166. Anyone have a pair of Arete safety endurance stirrups to measure?
  167. Looking for Horse buddy in GA
  168. Waterproof Blankets
  169. April Foxcatcher at FHI
  170. Need input on Saddle skirt design
  171. Can I make these easyboots fit? help!
  172. excited! just ordered a GPS
  173. Thornhill lovers. check in?
  174. Biothane Halter Bridle
  175. Experience adding studs to shoes?
  176. Need to adapt a heart rate monitor
  177. De-Humidifiers in LQs?
  178. Anyone going to the PA horse expo?
  179. Camping/Riding best places - NC/SC/GA/VA
  180. barefoot trimmer VA?
  181. Maryland Horse Expo
  182. Week of trail riding in KY or TN or???
  183. I'm a Winner!
  184. White hairs under saddle bars....later?
  185. Question about Polar Heart Monitors
  186. anyone have/used an 'insta hot'?
  187. best cowboy boots for riding?
  188. Mountain Lion safety
  189. Trail Riding Resource for Maryland (and Vicinity)
  190. Runners vs. Riders
  191. bitless bridle
  192. Cross Post from Off Course: Any Western Saddle Gurus out there?
  193. great trails/great accomodations & affordable within a day's drive of vermont?
  194. Carrolton Ga. People
  195. i need a new trail wardrobe for my ponies
  196. Spotted Saddle Horses
  197. Need saddle help rather desperately; Update post 28
  198. There is going to be another trail ride at Morven- in May!!!
  199. Pedometer or ?? to track distance
  200. Sell her or keep her?
  201. Any One Tried Ground Control horse shoes?
  202. Georgia Trail Riders Reserve the Date!
  203. Darla Westlake
  204. Heat Rash?
  205. Potomac Bridle & Hiking Trails Assoc. Annual Pot Luck Dinner Feb 27, plus 17 Mar prty
  206. How to remember to keep your fingers closed?
  207. How much does an endurance horse cost ?
  208. easyboot- trouble- I think I need pads too?
  209. New member with intro. and questions
  210. getting hoof pads-which one. thanks
  211. The best laid plans...........
  212. GPS info??
  213. Sole-Guard?
  214. Coldwater Rec Area Trails/Milton FL: Trail conditions?
  215. W Central Ga. People what about this one?
  216. Hoof-It
  217. What's Your Favorite Pad for Endurance?
  218. Very strange saddle question...Help..
  219. Australian stock saddles - sizing question
  220. MI Horse People Save Camp!!
  221. Heart Monitors
  222. Guess the breed...
  223. Color opinions
  224. Thorowgood T4 endurance (Jill Thomas)
  225. QH folks- King Bloodlines
  226. Vite for my pony!! for boots!
  227. Seeking article sources: trainers who lease facility or block of stalls
  228. Riders Rasp
  229. Update on West Georgia Parks
  230. Boots over shoes
  231. What bit do you use on your Arabian?
  232. Truck Tents
  233. TROT 2010 Trail rides- looking for ride leaders and venues
  234. * Online Petition * Post # 12, Trails along Rappahannock River in VA
  235. TWH: "No Market for the breed. . ."
  236. Elmer Bandit
  237. Gel pads?
  238. Mountain Overnight Getaway
  239. Read the AERC rules but not finding...
  240. Anyone live in Michigan?
  241. Anyone in North Florida with a trailer?
  242. Endurance - Barefoot, Boots, or Shoes???
  243. Do they even make a fly sheet you can ride with?
  244. Snaffle to Hackamore - transition tips?
  245. weighing in and after the ride
  246. Mentors
  247. Where are YOU going this year?
  248. Riding alone - Does anyone carry hand held stun guns etc.?
  249. Anyone have success with Copper Supplements?
  250. Do you train alone, with a partner, or in a group?