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  1. Foxcatcher 4/18 - who's going?
  2. Stronger Bit?
  3. Preparation for an endurance ride?
  4. Any hope getting this horse solid to tie?
  5. Totally Ignorant - Help Edjumakate Me - Re: A Poker Ride
  6. Help for a Rider Who Gets Sore Seat Bones and Poor Circulation During Long Rides
  7. My mare kicks at other horses and I'm fed up with it!
  8. which is more energy-conserving - medium trot or slow canter?
  9. English type endurance saddles - what do you recommend?
  10. West Georgia Trail Ride
  11. Utah Trail Ride
  12. camping in a truck cap
  13. Manners?
  14. Speak to me of Standardbreds as trail mounts
  15. Help! Tieing to trailer issues maybe?
  16. Rio fought the tie and survived
  17. Newbie to competitive trail riding - with update
  18. If you are in the middle of nowhere with no cell service...
  19. Self Defense for Trail Riders Clinic in Western NC
  20. Your top 3 goofiest, tell-on-yourself things you've done trail riding
  21. Hobble VS Teether
  22. Good saddlepad for use with dressage saddle?
  23. So... Why Buy an Endurance Saddle?
  24. spin off: which endurance saddles do you recommend?
  25. Equine Heart monitors, which one is the most affordable, best one?
  26. Well I got it over with!
  27. can we talk about camp food again?
  28. Working with a horse that gets fussy on the way home?
  29. Anybody checked out the Manta Flex by Abetta
  30. Widest FQHB western or endurance
  31. Does swimming help condition ?
  32. How many people's horses are completey barefoot?
  33. cantle bags/ cantle pack
  34. Help me decide what horse to ride next Ride
  35. Calling all endurance riders...Advice please!! (sorry, quite long!)
  36. If it weren't for my helmet....
  37. Senior Arabs - Competitive Trail?
  38. Here's my new guy, update first ride post 98
  39. Water Crossing I NEED HELP
  40. Types of Hackamores
  41. How the word "whoa" saved my life
  42. Feeding the endurance horse
  43. PSA for rein snaps
  44. Hoof boots for mules? Update: Epics.
  46. Please recommend a GPS
  47. Yes -- Another Boot Thread...Chose Easyboot Gloves, Not So Great Update
  48. Trail Riding accessories for an english saddle
  49. Treeless Saddle Gurus....need advice
  50. WOW -- McIntosh Reserve in GA Rocks
  51. Mohair girth stretchiness?
  52. Eating on the trail
  53. To Rise or to Sit the Trot?
  54. Big Spooks/Snorting - Was trampled
  55. new-to-me aussie saddle--it fits doesn't it?
  56. Newbie trail horse - spooking drama!
  57. ugh, attempted trail ride with ottb
  58. Shagya to compete in Old Dominion
  59. Biothane- if you could talk to the mfg, what would you say?
  60. Ride our National Parks for FREE!
  61. Hugo and I are taking our first trail ride!
  62. Endurance Riding in MARYLAND!
  63. Gaited horse folks-is this a myth?
  64. Halter/Combo bridles and response
  65. Good beginner saddle?
  66. Trail Riding in Arkansas? - went on trip: pics on post 9!
  67. Endurance saddle????
  68. Competitive Trail/Endurance Riders near Stockton/Sacramento
  69. 06/20/09 Great Escape Equestrian Challenge Benefit, Lorton, VA, CASH Prizes, FUN!
  70. ? Butler hook? or something to clip to on back of saddle?
  71. Aussie saddles: Down Under Saddlery?
  72. Old Mac's...my boy is so sore.......
  73. More drug drama
  74. trailer hi ties
  75. Mountain Camping trip...
  76. Bridle trails in the Lexington, KY area?
  77. Trail riding/cattle round up in CO/AZ in august
  78. Utah Trails near Bryce Canyon NP
  79. 1/2 pad recommendations
  80. Celery for IR horse
  81. Measuring pulse
  82. Horse's sense of smell
  83. Making a great trail horse??
  84. First time POA owner, need advice.
  85. Supplements for CTR Horses!
  86. First Long Trail Ride
  87. Bitless horses.. check in!
  88. What a nice weekend for riding...let's hear about your weekend
  89. another saddle question
  90. Making a Great Trail Horse, or "Can We Try Again?"
  91. Clinton Anderson Tix - to benefit PVDA Ride for Life
  92. Unethical Horse Race in Mongolia???? Anyone know about this?
  93. Starting today (7/1), $15 permit required for VA State Forest riding
  94. Trail riding Draft...
  95. Troxel vs. Tipperary Fit
  96. Saddle advice- wide backed short-coupled horse doesn't like his treeless saddle
  97. Advice Needed-Endurance Riding and Toenails
  98. Interested in Endurance Riding
  99. Horse flies ARGGGG!!!
  100. Camping/Trailer Advice Needed
  101. Bed n Breakfast w/ horses- any experiences in MD, VA or PA?
  102. TN/KY folks, help me with accommodations, please!
  103. Anyone ever been on these Friday evening rides in MD?
  104. Slippery Stirrups
  105. bits
  106. bits
  107. Going on long trip - use of hay pellets or buy hay once there???
  108. Best Saddle for Trail Riding?
  109. So, which should I train?
  110. ★Come On!!!Newest & Popular sports shoes brand Clothes jeans,t-s
  111. Spin-off: I am frustrated with these Old Macs
  112. Do you guys think she is suitable for endurance?
  113. Tennesee Walkers??
  114. Feeding program
  115. Utah Trails: Currant Creek
  116. Easy Boots - how to get them tighter?
  117. Anyone use a GameReady or Donjoy Iceman?
  118. I need a pad
  119. Anybody use Appendix Quarter Horses for CTR?
  120. Books or articles on conditioning
  121. New to trail riding in PA
  122. Trail buddy
  123. Training a trail Horse to stand tied.
  124. Changing an older horses barn name?
  125. Mountain Bikes and Trails...
  126. Letting go of the reins a bit....
  127. any hydration backpacks specifically for riders?
  128. potentially "duh" CTR question re: shoeing
  129. Welts from cinch, pad
  130. Nockamixon Lake state forest in PA.???
  131. need helping/arabian registry member
  132. 5th Annual ReRun Benefit Trail Ride! 9/6/09
  133. cold backed horse
  134. Maryland and Virginia ECTRA Competitive Trail Rides
  135. Would you consider buying? DIDN'T BUY HIM
  136. Saddle with forward leg placement
  137. Courbette E-Z Navigator?
  138. GPS - idea from hunting thread
  139. Cashel Quiet Ride Bug Armor - Experiences?
  140. Few new photos from today
  141. New here
  142. Utah trainer
  143. Anyone doing endurance on an OTTB? UPDATE
  144. Happy Birthday SpotnNotFarm!
  145. Mongol Derby???
  146. Trails not in Utah, but worth the drive!
  147. Goshen Hounds Hunt Club 4th annual Gallop thru the Grapes ride 8/1
  148. new to endurance riding, i have questions! =]
  149. Dawson Forest Wildlife Management Area, GA
  150. Oct 3rd Trail Ride Warm Springs GA
  151. Problems following a group
  152. Keeping a Horse's Attention on Trail!
  153. Renegade boots VS Easyboot Edge
  154. WSTR (Tevis) links
  155. Easyboot Studs
  156. Jack Monroe Beach Ride benefiting The American Heart Association
  157. Managing to get lost in a FIELD!!!
  158. Tevis Results are in
  159. Accident at Tevis '09?
  160. Sheik Mohammed gets 6-month ban for horse doping
  161. @Equitbrit- I found it!
  162. Muddy Creek or Oringi raincoats?
  163. Tevis Poem
  164. Bear Basin Reg 3 CTR - WHO TOOK MY EASYBOOTS???
  165. Tell me about a HAF pad.....
  166. Pleasure/fun trail ride at Morven Park, Leesburg, VA on 31 OCT
  167. what makes an endurance/trail/competitive prospect?
  168. Dog Attacks
  169. Saddles
  170. Can you expect your horse to ride differently with 2 different riders?
  171. First trail ride
  172. Rattlesnakes and bears
  173. USTR Crystal Crown JPR 9/13/09, Neersville, VA
  174. English Trail Pad Suggestions?
  175. Dealing with Attacking Swarm of Biting flies
  176. those who use merino stirrup leather covers...
  177. Dressage or CT crosstrainers...
  178. Water proofing a rain coat
  179. Hoof boots for long narrow hoof
  180. Stubben Scout. Opinions?
  181. Ideas why this horse's trot is so uncomfortable?
  182. Surviving the first 5 miles (HOT horse)
  183. TROT Judged Pleasure Ride 19 SEP 09, Derwood, MD
  184. Wasn't there a thread on trailers and modifications?
  185. Endurance Newbie
  186. Vetting...feeding...?
  187. Hay for extended trips
  188. Utah Endurance riders...
  189. Montana trip pics
  190. Pink Ribbon Ride--Helping Poor Women with Breast Cancer
  191. Metro Georgia Folks - Anyone Ride at Stout Park-Powder Springs?
  192. Trail Trials, Competative trail riding, etc...
  193. Lets revisit the Wintec Endurance Pro saddle
  194. Could I change top bar sizes in E-Z Ride Stirrups?
  195. Thinking of snowbirding to FL for five months...
  196. Easyboot cleat spikes- leave them?
  197. ride to Fort Valley, Va
  198. What GPS?
  199. hoof boots
  200. This will get your horse to drink...
  201. west/central GA places to ride!
  202. Anyone in east TN?
  203. glue-ons
  204. Mongol Derby Update
  205. Virginia and Maryland Endurance and ECTRA CTRs
  206. ponying a youngster who nips
  207. good trails in RI-CT-MASS are?
  208. Easy boot pre 2005 vs post 2005
  209. Roll call- 19 SEP TROT judged trail ride in Derwood, MD
  210. anybody own a Tucker Gen II?
  211. Tips on quickly cooling overheated horse?
  212. *TEAM* Obstacle Challenge?
  213. What is the "coolest" saddle pad?
  214. Cracked OAATS Crunch Endurance Ride/Appaloosa Natl Championship Endurance Ride 9/19
  215. Camping at shows
  216. Owyhee Canyonlands Multiday Ride (ID) - Anyone here going?
  217. Bob Marshall and HIGH withered horse?
  218. Portable Corral Systems
  219. Pyne Road Horse Park LaGrange
  220. Free TROT membership for remainder of 2009
  221. Solo trailering
  222. Things to do when riding alone?
  223. Any good trail rides in early-mid Oct in MD?
  224. Kieffer has a new Endurance saddle
  225. best english water packs?
  226. GMHA Fall Foliage Ride - experiences?
  227. youngish LD horse with arthritis?
  228. User-friendly GPS plus heart monitor?
  229. Georgia Internat'l Horse Pk Ride on 9/30 or 10/1?
  230. Bareback pads - money being no object
  231. Can someone on the Treeless list help me?
  232. Light, short-paneled western saddle for Icelandic horse
  233. Just bought EasyBoot Edge Boots for my pony UPDATE: Now trying the EPICS
  234. Good place to advertise a saddle trade?
  235. Horse Boots; what kind?
  236. Oddest Spook Ever
  237. Anyone use a ThinLine pad? What other pads to do you like?
  238. Eastern Shore Trail Ride: or how I learned to love my pony & fell into the Chesapeake
  239. Labor Day Ride
  240. horse wont drink
  241. Chesapeake 30/50/80/100 CTR Fairhill MD
  242. Looking at Tucker, Freeform, Steele....
  243. Plain easy boot vs Epic for over-reacher
  244. Buying Cavallos- one question
  245. Riding without making horse's back sore
  246. MI Trails Demonstration!!!!
  247. American Beauty, Fort Valley, VA CTR
  248. A small favor asked of trail riders who ride on shared use trails
  249. Western riders-do you use...back cinch? breastcollar? halter under bridle?
  250. Georgia Flood -- Trails Aftermath