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  1. My first ever trail video
  2. Bugs on the trail
  3. Tripping on the trail
  4. noseeums aka midges aka...
  5. Playing in the Water with Horses..?
  6. The Dilemma
  7. What is the most comfortable trail saddle on the planet?
  8. felt versus fleece flocking and horn versus no horn
  9. I came off today! :-(
  10. Video of Strider/Shadow
  11. Pad/Saddle/Sore back issues...long
  12. Help & tips, please! One-eyed horse?
  13. Need a bit suggestion
  14. Ok, speak to me of saddles...
  15. Can you train a trail horse to walk faster?
  16. Racking Horse Bit? Training help?
  18. Goodbye Old Friend.
  19. Abetta saddles
  20. Anyone trail ride thier draft horse? New draftie owner :)
  21. What's the common tree used for TWH?
  22. Rider's seat/position on long rides?
  23. What's your favorite western saddle pad and why?
  24. Deep Woods Off for deer flies?
  25. Western Synthetic Saddle Question
  26. Tevis Cup
  27. Getting your horse to trot comfortably
  28. Saddle fit question...
  29. What should I try with this older horse?
  30. Aussie saddles bad for horse's back?
  31. Western saddle help, seat size?
  32. TRAIL WARNING! Singing Woods/Clifton, VA
  33. Need kid advice for AFTER the big trail ride
  34. How to pick a great endurance horse?
  35. Anyone ride and carry a firearm??
  36. Wool saddle pads and heat management
  37. Saddle Fit - Banging Head on Wall -Treeless Question
  38. How would you approach this problem? Long and frustrating....
  39. Teaching side pass tips
  40. Western Saddle Questions
  41. Neck reining help
  42. urban trail riders- cleaning off the poop?
  43. Permission denied...
  44. Question about Tennessee Walking Horses
  45. Cavallo Simple Boots
  46. Pros and Cons of Whips
  47. How to pick a boot? (sorry more boot questions!)
  48. Heat Exhaustion!
  49. Electrolyte help, please!
  50. Places to take the boyfriend riding. Any ideas?
  51. How can I feel more secure going down hills?
  52. "Follower" insecure horse who can now go out alone...Any success stories?
  53. Out of curiosity... what's your horses breed?
  54. Good waterproof riding coats
  55. Tell me about cinches
  56. Western Cinch Sizing?
  57. What size horse should I be looking for?
  58. Advise for a more secure trail saddle?
  59. Aussie pics/fit
  60. Backing out from under you/refusing
  61. dixieland saddles
  62. My new saddle is here!
  63. Would you want to know?
  64. Thornill saddle pics
  65. Lost my horse this weekend
  66. Saddles
  67. Endurance riding training advice
  68. Shared recreational trails and people scared by horses.
  69. Honey Oats Cereal Bars for your horse?
  70. FREE Horse Trails Books From FHWA
  71. Bits for long trail riding?
  72. Need help finding info on arabian auction in Ohio
  73. Am I the only one that...
  74. Favorite Treeless Saddle?
  75. Annual Reminder: Tis Hunting Season
  76. Horse shoes and hills
  77. bulls and trail riding? Behavior?
  78. Lunch for trail ride that can survive?
  79. Neat pictures of my girlie
  80. BEAR on Warrenton Trails - what would you do??
  81. Good trail saddle?
  82. 20th Century Camping - UPDATE ME
  83. Rode a MULE on a CTR on the weekend
  84. Moleskin patch for equine saddle sores?
  85. Help me out -- Hackamores...
  86. Favorite Pad for Treeless Saddles?
  87. Stallion as competitive endurance horse
  88. Where to get a map for Prettyboy Reservoir?
  89. What is the craziest thing you have seen on the trail?
  90. which is the best overhead trailer tie/arm?
  91. It's Gone
  92. How often do you trail ride alone & safety tips please
  93. Yearling Training - Walks on the trail
  94. It's Coming...Winter Goals?
  95. best synthetic trail saddle?
  96. Rutledge bit?
  97. Help in controlling spooks
  98. stirrup turners
  99. Bear Poo
  100. Looking at Paso Finos--what do I need to know?
  101. what is the difference between gaited saddles and regular
  102. Qtr Sheets - Do you ride with them?
  103. White trash saddle thread
  104. Experiences with Maya Saddles?
  105. Easy Boot Users - Cant pull up heel strap. What am I doing wrong?
  106. Hyperventilating -- trying a treeless!
  107. Treeless Saddle Owners - Do they REALLY fit most horses?
  108. what are some of the best helmets?
  109. What kind of trails do you ride on?
  110. Please Wear Your Helmet
  111. Report on the Easyboot Epics
  112. Have been thrown off of big horse, now nervous to ride bigger horses.
  113. Using Treeless for the first time..
  114. Totally random spooks??? honestly at nothing
  115. Didn't wanna hijack thread ... WHO WEARS HELMETS AND WHY????????!!!!!!
  116. Riding at night - tips, stories, etc.
  117. Old Mac's G2 or Epics?
  118. Organized Trail Rides: What works?
  119. What type of saddle pad do you use?????
  120. Dealing with a hyperalert horse
  121. TB for endurance?
  122. Songs for relaxing the beast...
  123. Differences between riding short and long backed horses?
  124. Hackamore/Bosal/Bitless Bridle Options
  125. Question About Orthoflex Saddles
  126. COTH Trail Ride: Gettysburg, PA - Saturday, 12/06/08 - POSTPONED!
  127. Extreme Trail Competition..I'm addicted!
  128. my pony intimidated me today--i'm bummed
  129. Abetta Trinity Endurance Saddle
  130. Easyboot Users - Can I use standard pads, like for shoes, not the EVA pads?
  131. tipperary helmet
  132. Trailer shopping - YIKES, please help!
  133. big buck
  134. Going back to distance riding.
  135. Allow Them To Run It Out?
  136. William the Hackney- lovely videos of a terribly smart horse
  137. anyone here using taylored tack's 3 in 1 bridle?
  138. SPINOFF: How to handle a cow kick out of nowhere..
  139. Training question on horse that won't be "left behind"
  140. Let's talk about disrespect
  141. My friend and I have gone mad
  142. Barefoot Trimmers in SE PA
  143. Has anyone had these problems with their BMSS?
  144. Snow and Horses...
  145. Easyboot bares not working :(
  146. Side passing
  147. Need some advice - selling my horse
  148. Warmblood/ Arabian crosses for Endurance?
  149. Arabian & other equine related historical books.
  150. SMB Usage (sort of long)
  151. Riding in cold weather
  152. How do you train when it's wet, muddy, and cold???
  153. Alright trail/endurance folks! What'd you get your horsies for x-mas?
  154. comfy reins with clips
  155. Synthetic Western Saddle Users
  156. my horse is scared of rocks
  157. not shod, options for riding in winter - HELP!
  158. New to trail riding! Whoo hoo, so excited! Barefoot okay? Other tips and advice?
  159. What to look for...
  160. Bitless Options???
  161. Easyboot Gloves coming to Valleyvet.com
  162. Saddle Search Dilemma
  163. Michigan Shore to Shore endurance ride
  164. Gaited horse peolpe!!!
  165. New here and to endurance riding.
  166. Extreme Trail Horse OBSTACLE CHALLENGE -- Cash PRIZES
  167. Passing of a COTH Member
  168. Forward girth groove??? HELP!
  169. trail riding in/around Atlanta...something laid back :)
  170. Teaching a horse to hobble
  171. Need help with a horse that is going crazy at night!!
  172. Spurring the war horse
  173. Paso Fino for Endurance?
  174. Boots, or shoes?
  175. Help with halter bridle
  176. Horse attacked by dog
  177. I need a western saddle-help???
  178. Aussie saddles and Gaited horses
  179. How to tell someone "Your horse is nuts and I don't wanna ride with you?"
  180. OMG - Saddle Pad Video
  181. Thorowgood's Jill Thomas Endurance Saddle
  182. Transitioning to Bitless -- HOW?
  183. Bad Dogs...not why or how...dealing with them.
  184. What do I need to join?
  185. How to get your confidence back?
  186. Obstacle Course Challenge
  187. yet another treeless question- sorry
  188. What socks do you wear?
  189. Cold out there today
  190. Help!- HiPo charging home...in circles!
  191. Day Trip Places to Trail Ride in Georgia/E Alabama
  192. What does it take to make a nervous horse bold?
  193. Hoof Care (barefoot horse but any responses welcome)
  194. Problem with stopping on trail
  195. Using Easy Boots-marks on hooves??
  196. Age to train??
  197. endurance folks - when and for how long do you dismount and walk/jog?
  198. I'm getting a Steele saddle on demo - UPDATE!!
  199. Any have a trail dog?
  200. Don't flame the newcomer- Foxcatcher ride?
  201. What is fox hunting??
  202. Anyone have Garmin VISTA HCx - need help figuring out how to use it!
  203. the trained, mature horse and those first few rides out = jigging
  204. Photos of endurance horses/topline and muscling?
  205. Farrier doesn't like hoof boots!
  206. So, have you been riding this winter?
  207. Sick of Winter
  208. safety stirrups-cage or breakaway?
  209. Ex-race Arabs for endurance?
  210. Lunging for conditioning
  211. Teaching green unfit horse balance on terrain
  212. Portable Electric Corral
  213. Question for Shadow and others
  214. looking for direction....endurance newbie!
  215. bear bells
  216. Hoof boots for larger foot
  217. Mare tense on trail ride today, need advice
  218. Girth galls- HELP!!
  219. Need saddle suggestions please
  220. COTH "Get-Together" Trail Ride at Gettysburg, PA - Saturday, March 7th!
  221. Tuckahoe State Park/Equestrian Center
  222. Barefooter's Rasp
  223. Easyboot Glove Updates?
  224. Slipping Saddle
  225. othro-flex saddle?
  226. stirrup advice
  227. Qualities for a trail horse?
  228. Spring Riding
  229. Abetta Trinity--rider fit?
  230. What to put in English cantle pack?
  231. Anybody use Apple a day Electrolytes?
  232. What is your favorite treeless saddle pad?
  233. Going down steep slippery hills??
  234. treeless saddle question
  235. Drinking water
  236. How much is "make an offer"?
  237. Boot people - which are the best for round hooves???
  238. If you and your horse "part company"....
  239. riding log?
  240. Meet Rio
  241. First LD next month! nervous about camping...
  242. Trail Riding 1st Aid Kit - what is needed?
  243. pleasant surprise on my ride - polite children on trampoline!
  244. Endurance/Trail Riding FAQs -- copy, link, add useful info here!
  245. anyone have a Fabtron Saddle?
  246. Interesting Addition to the Trail Saddle Bag
  247. Ways to deal with trailer loading balking after a trail ride
  248. Endurance and Dressage Horse?
  249. This really isn't funny but it is and I'm still gonna cry.
  250. Help, bucking horse after working with trainer.