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  1. Tooled Leather Wear Guards for Western Show Pad
  2. Please educate me on Western saddles! (I FOUND ONE!)
  3. Western folks; Is "black steel" the same as sweet iron?
  4. Western games - what is a Scurry?
  5. Best western saddle for an English gal?
  6. Western Riders - need saddle pad suggestions for prominent withers/slightly swayback
  7. Western Saddle Repair.
  8. Cleaning a REALLY disgusting western saddle.
  9. Western Saddle..It's a Simco..Update post 11
  10. Western rail class?
  11. And Coreene contemplates showing. Western.
  12. Help me outfit my self for Western IHSA
  13. Where to find plus size western show chaps
  14. Western Wear?
  15. I Need to be Educated on Showing Western....
  16. Western Riding Information?
  17. Need Western Saddle Help!!
  18. Western Riders/Trainers - Need assistance please.
  19. Fleece disintegrated off western saddle
  20. Western Folks - Bill Black?
  21. Western Pleasure 4H level
  22. Western Saddle Brand ID help
  23. Western ASB tack!
  24. Western peeps: Where to find silver saddle nameplates?
  25. Western peeps: How to clean a wool saddle pad?
  26. Western saddles are the debbil!!
  27. Western bit progression
  28. Good quality Western saddle pad... hopefully with some non-slip ability??????
  29. The Troxel Western Hat Helmet DOES NOT FIT, page four
  30. Good sites for used western saddles
  31. Oliver's Excellent Western Adventure!
  32. Western lessons in NYC area?
  33. Need western saddle help
  34. Any Western Riders- Best online tack store?
  35. Where did you get your kid-size western saddle?
  36. Western saddle solution for gnarly withers/back?
  37. English to Western Riding?
  38. Auto adjustable tree western saddles?
  39. Dear Western riders, If you were looking at a horse...
  40. Western Dressage
  41. Calling Coreene and other western bling fans...
  42. Western Covered Stirrups?
  43. knee pain in western saddle
  44. Barrel Racing in Western Georgia
  45. USPC to start a pilot western program
  46. Who rides in a western saddle and what brand do you prefer?
  47. Spinoff on Western Saddles and how to find the right fit
  48. English Rider Needs Western Saddle Fit Help: Rocking Side To Side
  49. Any Western Pleasure People? Update w/ pics #30!
  50. Western Bridle Repair
  51. Western World-- old, deep equitation saddles?
  52. Western Hunter Princesses: Custom saddle cases?
  53. Thinking about getting a western saddle but... Pics added post 29
  54. Western Saddle for Prominent Withered TB
  55. Western saddle brands?
  56. Anyone show Western Regionally or Nationally?
  57. Searching For Plus Size Western Show Apparel
  58. Western leadline...need some help
  59. Western Boot Suggestions
  60. Excess stirrup "leathers" on Western Wintec
  61. Western saddle suggestions/where to start?
  62. Fitting a Western saddle?
  63. H/J Rider Needs Help With Western Saddles!
  64. Western Show Shirts
  65. Anyone knowledgable about western saddles?
  66. Western Equitation Question
  67. Welcome to the new Western riding forum!
  68. Good source for Western (ie non-black) Show Bows?
  69. wintec western saddles
  70. Need video or good directions on how to do up a western girth, please.
  71. Shirt on the lady on the cover of the April QH Journal
  72. What do you feed your Appy Yearling?
  73. Show me your bridge!
  74. I ride in a Western saddle because...
  75. So why do western riders really do the shanked bits?
  76. Big Horn Saddles
  77. Do you post when you ride "Western"?
  78. How to get off without falling on my butt?
  79. Transitioning to curb bit
  80. Show Halters - You know you love them.
  81. Breakaway western stirrups.
  82. How about a little bit of "bling"?
  83. Aluminum cans tied to surcingle to despook?
  84. Where do you buy your western tack????
  85. Saddle recommendations for a super thick quarter horse
  86. Custom show shirts etc
  87. Any ideas on shortening a saddle blanket?
  88. Help me find a steal-of-a-deal, western saddle style
  89. Ok! Lets show off our western horses!
  90. Turning the Fenders - Broom and Water Method
  91. saddle deal seems to good to be true... what do you think?
  92. Used Saddle Shopping
  93. Saddle spin off, need recommendation
  94. Bent Rail boots
  95. American Ranch Horse Association!
  96. When did this forum open??
  97. Ranch-type horses that can jump?
  98. How many of you own a Foundation Quarter Horse?
  99. Les Vogt
  100. AQHA offering *HUGE* discount to register your aged horses!
  101. How do you care for this type of leather?
  102. Forget the mini van...Mama drives a truck
  103. Bosal users, talk to me!
  104. AR stolen horses update
  105. Big W saddles
  106. Rockin Y Tack
  107. Ok, new question...Martin Saddlery
  108. Older Ozark Saddles?
  109. The Quarter Horse
  110. Just for Fun....What kind of riding do you do?
  111. Show Checklist!!!
  112. Western Hair with a Cowboy Hat
  113. President Reagan's Secret Service Tack
  114. Tooled trim for saddle pads
  115. What English saddle? QH with wide load!
  116. Need saddle that fits like Abetta Arab Tree/Bars, but more comfortable for me
  117. cinch recommendation please
  118. Reiners By The Bay
  119. Boarding in Fort Collins?
  120. Galloping western
  121. Anyone good at brands?
  122. Hobbles?
  123. Setting a horse up for halter
  124. Insallah AHC May Newsletter Features Spotlight on the Theodore for the Hackamore
  125. Dennis Reis / RFDTV
  126. What would you like to see covered in a Western magazine?
  127. Inspirational: rider with only one leg
  128. Bling backlash, anyone?
  129. 18 y/o girl wins Norco Mustang Makeover
  130. Darn You Quarter Horse Journal!!
  131. Romel ?
  132. Rocking R Saddles
  133. Long Mane Care
  134. romal (rommel?) reins and buttons
  135. Comfy, grippy, western or endurance style saddle for under 1k?
  136. Spinoff: bosals
  137. Western/Endurance Saddle Fit question for horse that lost weight
  138. Stupid question - One ear bridles
  139. Best lightweight synthetic saddle to avoid chair seat?
  140. Good videos on Western pleasure, equitation & beginner reining?
  141. washing saddle pad?
  142. Headed to look at a horse this weekend.
  143. Now THIS is a trail course!
  144. How about a Western Naming Thread? Now with pictures!
  145. Western Dressage Videos
  146. How do you make yacht rope reins?
  147. is it ever ok to ride 2 handed in a show?
  148. For english riders learning western - is it hard to ride with one hand?
  149. American Saddlery- quality or not
  150. Ya know...
  151. I have fringe envy. Please show me where you get your clothes.
  152. AQHA members, can someone look up a pedigree for me?
  153. Boarding barns near Seattle/Tacoma
  154. Length and placement of a cinch on horse barrel?
  155. Is anyone here involved with the Pinto Horse Association?
  156. New project horse brag/advice
  157. Western Horsemanship
  158. Our first show is in two weeks...
  159. Synthetic saddle question and about retailer...
  160. What is the "must subscribe to" western riding magazine?
  161. Help me find a browband headstall to match this saddle please!
  162. A happy-dance for me!
  163. NRCHA Derby being webcasted this weekend
  164. Western Pleasure Pictures.
  165. Spinoff: Foundation Quarter Horse / Quarter Horse and Registration / Registries....
  166. Sweet Deal Hobby Horse chaps
  167. Reining in Western NY?
  168. "Horses should only be ridden in...."
  169. He's King
  170. Help identifying Crates saddle
  171. Anyone familar with Clinton Anderson's method?
  172. Shortest shank, most mild curb bit, please.
  173. Update on bosal question
  174. Anyone use an air-ride or cushioned gooseneck hitch?
  175. What would his bloodlines suggest?
  176. Thumbs up for Buckaroo Leather
  177. Custom Western spurs??
  178. Bidder Win? Dees Top Bidder? Moonlight Dame?
  179. Sooty palomino?
  180. QH sales catalog & N/H (HYPP) horses
  181. Laugh, that'll teach 'em!
  182. How do u measure western saddle seat sz.?
  183. Ugh saddles!
  184. Incentive programs...what do you think?
  185. Incentive programs...what do you think?
  186. bloodline questions
  187. Questions for Reiners/Western Riders
  188. Pinto Horses
  189. What is considered a good mover in a western horse?
  190. K & O Trading Company
  191. Horsey Things to Do in Denver in July?
  192. Leases in the Western World
  193. Which is more marketable?
  194. Smart Chic Olena - RIP
  195. NRHA Derby
  196. Bits: Purchase Length vs Shank Length
  197. Your favorite jeans for riding?
  198. breast collar
  199. Anyone know stock horse bloodlines?
  200. Prominent Running QH Sires Poster
  201. Need to supple
  202. Anyone headed to the Buck Brannaman clinic in Corvallis?
  203. I dismounted without pain!!!
  204. Not to re-hash bit debates...
  205. Novice Cow/Team Penning Clinics near New Hampshire?
  206. Scamper - RIP
  207. arena footing for reining
  208. Introducing a reactive horse to saddlebags...
  209. Squeaky saddle
  210. Pedigree for an Appendix?
  211. Tying w/ tie-down?
  212. Blevins buckles
  213. Cultured Cowboy saddle forms
  214. Bits with a wider mouthpiece
  215. Buying a Saddle that Fits my Horse
  216. I need to find some information on a horse.
  217. AQHA registration questions
  218. Ruffs Saddlery?
  219. Saddling the mutton-withered horse
  220. Western Movies and Western Horses
  221. AQHA Horse Look-up Request
  222. Mare's offspring points?
  223. Yay, my saddle fits!
  224. Not sure if she's a "good western mover" but... ;-p
  225. Need help deciding!
  226. Show nerves
  227. How to engage the hind end riding western
  228. My turn for a stupid question........
  229. Quarter Horse Names
  230. Another bloodline question!
  231. Western Bloodlines for English Riders
  232. bloodline / pedigree info wanted
  233. Saddle pad - ever made one?
  234. *Happy Dance!* - PICS ADDED!!!
  235. Saddle for high withered TB
  236. Sorry--another English bloodline Q
  237. need advice re saddle pad
  238. Where to find shorter fenders?
  239. Which western saddle for me?
  240. Iron Enterprise offspring?
  241. Where to sell saddle?
  242. Help with tooling for new saddle!
  243. Is it unrealistic to think I can find this...
  244. Help pricing Circle Y tack?
  245. Bit Terminology - Really?!
  246. Any Versatility Ranch Horse Competition Participants Here?
  247. Pls educate me - cutting horses
  248. Western saddle with most moveable fenders/leathers.
  249. has anyone shown western dressage yet?
  250. AQHYA Live Stream