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  1. QH pedigree gurus?
  2. Western - Reversing Direction
  3. western trends through the years
  4. Question for Barrel Racers
  5. WESTERN PLEASURE TRAINING/SHOW Barns in Montgomery/Frederick Counties MD
  6. Lost My Sock.
  7. feeding my new filly
  8. Looking for recommendation(s)…
  9. new 2 arabian western...??
  10. Question about being a wrangler for a dude ranch
  11. Trainer's services at shows: is this the norm?
  12. Trail riding reccomendations for Pegosa Springs????
  13. Lessons in N. GA (Alpharetta, etc.)
  14. Chicago Area newspaper / classifieds for selling a saddle?
  15. So I bought a western saddle... And I have a question.
  16. o.k. - another stupid question..
  17. Riding Western... is not a matter of ????
  18. Live Webcast AQHA Select World Show
  19. Fallis Saddles
  20. Riding in romels?
  21. AQHA look up please!
  22. Gaming Pics
  23. Colorful Hair Extensions ATTN Arena Rider
  24. Spinoff from the Romel Thread
  25. Western boots for a beginner rider
  26. The Reichert Celebration live feed
  27. Palomino Growing Spots
  28. QH Brand? W?
  29. Western Dressage Represented in Dr Gerd Heauschmann Clinic
  30. First western horse and having so much fun!
  31. Leg position for western rider
  32. Saddle Fit
  33. Finding a show record
  34. Bit Recommendation
  35. Tack and show clothing stolen
  36. Mark Rashid Rocking S Raised Snaffle
  37. Since on branding
  38. Sooo....
  39. QH Congress: How to go-- Update-- I'm coming! 21st-24th..P. 3
  40. Best Western trainers to watch?
  41. Stupid question: Western bits
  42. Going Western...saddle recs?
  43. Gee, no bumper bits...
  44. Train old horse to neck rein or new boyfriend to ride with contact?
  45. cuing the (which bend) for lope/canter
  46. Should I even consider this horse?
  47. AQHA Hunter Trainer
  48. Trail Obstacles
  49. Favorite western tack?
  50. What is this QH built to do? Conformation
  51. Ranch Horse Pleasure - Anyone tried it?
  52. Me again - back with the romals
  53. Need shorter saddle blankets/pads
  54. "keepers" for breastplate - terminology ?
  55. Does Anyone know this gal ? ( info please ?)
  56. Buck on the WGN nightly news OCT 2nd
  57. Round Penning
  58. Cleaning gunk off bit?
  59. Wool Felt Pad vs Tacky Too
  60. Sil-cush lining - any experience/opinions?
  61. Best consignment sites
  62. How to pick a western saddle?
  63. Novice West Show
  64. Extreme Cowboy comp. this weekend in TN
  65. Spin off: Round Penning
  66. Lester Buckley Clinic in Virginia
  67. Western Pleasure
  68. Ranch Horse Pleasure tack question
  69. Western Dressage confusion! UPDATED!
  70. western cantles, what the heck is a shovel cantle?
  71. Ring maintenece for barrel racers??
  72. Introducing the curb?
  73. Congress Live Steam is up!
  74. So I went to see Craig Cameron the other day....
  75. AQHA lawsuit
  76. John Lyons Saddle
  77. QH Congress spinoff - Showmanship video!
  78. Showed my horse!!! w/ picture
  79. Nancy Cahill Clinic~Feedback Needed
  80. Dual Piper
  81. Green Under Saddle
  82. does this make you cringe?
  83. Saddle Ouchies
  84. Accepted Rein Holds for WP
  85. Congress live feed doesn't work on a Mac?
  86. I am comfortable bareback
  87. Any new trends spotted at Congress?
  88. Great Ride
  89. Ok, I need a crash course:
  90. OK....trying to understand this....
  91. Another light bulb moment.
  92. Spin Off: Light Bulb Moments
  93. Larger Western Bits?
  94. Looking For Breeding Farm Internship
  95. Help me dress for the Show Ring
  96. cross post/repost: 1972 Western Horseman magazines - value?
  97. Nylon tie strap
  98. How do you school?
  99. Saddle help, looking for an all round deal!
  100. Looking for a reining instructor in/near west central PA
  101. Trail ridin' through the Nevada desert, with pics!
  102. Great western saddle bags: A shout out to Style Stable Products
  103. Nice very Western QH gelding trail horse on Giveaways board
  104. When you trail ride....
  105. Mountain Trail video, from the rider's perspective
  106. Youth Western Saddle sizing
  107. Indoor trail competition
  108. Anybody Competing an older QH or Paint?
  109. Saddle for high withered TB/DW ?
  110. *peeks in from English-land* - TOF and Western disciplines
  111. bit hobbles
  112. NRHA Futurity finals webcast
  113. Saddle suggestion for speed / games : too big for barrel saddle?
  114. Need helping finding woman's size 12 paddock boots
  115. AQHA Hypp status
  116. Hackamore adjustment & training question
  117. Best 2013 QH calendars.
  118. Is this saddle too heavy for the pony? trying to order today.
  119. Question About This Barrel Pad? Would It Work For English Saddle?
  120. Chics Magic Potion euthanized.
  121. AQHA Sires; How big are they????
  122. Does the pony saddle fit?
  123. "Those Western riders just sit up there, they don't ride"
  124. Interesting perspective
  125. Saddle fit
  126. Barrel racing...where to start?
  127. favorite western saddle
  128. Is there a master list of ranch brands anywhere?
  129. Recommended Western Lessons near Carlisle PA (Or Baltimore (school))?
  130. So I'm thinking of trying western dressage with my OTTB...
  131. Two 2 y/o NCHA Futurity fillies at same sale
  132. Dixie National Quarter Horse Sale
  133. Lesson/instructor recommendations near San Jose/Santa Cruz, CA?
  134. Bamacat & Austin Shepard - 2012 NCHA Open Futurity Reserve Champion
  135. Corriente western saddles
  136. okay probably a dumb question but..
  137. Anyone tried a Zoombang saddle pad?
  138. Horsemanship lessons
  139. Fitting a Western saddle for a Newbie!
  140. Favorite western pad?
  141. Team roping (heading) lesson 2
  142. What is western?
  143. A shout out for Inspired Turquoise Tack.
  144. WP/Horsemanship Lessons vs. Other Disciplines
  145. colt stiff to right; what's the prognosis?
  146. New Year's Day ride
  147. ISO Reputable Western boarding barn near Clemson, SC
  148. Stupid little girl who noes nothing about pole bending!
  149. Adequan seems to be working
  150. Saddle type for a mustang
  151. Does anybody else make their own show clothes?
  152. Suggestions about teaching neck reining?
  153. Charlie Horse in feet while riding in western saddle
  154. Horse does not like to lope
  155. Does anyone recognize this brand? (Y with a wavy line) Link to pic in post:
  156. QH Pedigree Help: Society's Lady?
  157. leather halter extender?
  158. I have so much to learn!
  159. Mercedes western saddle
  160. Issues tying...still
  161. Reining; Nothing Like It
  162. Reining or Cutters?
  163. Jazzed horse
  164. Leather cleaner for western saddles?
  165. Finally found a saddle
  166. Largest Cutting East of the Mississippi
  167. Converting to Western in the SF Bay Area?
  168. Horse World Expo at Timonium, MD Jec Ballou -Western Dressage exhibition
  169. So...the "Spur Stop"
  170. David Connors
  171. New Horse - Old Western & All Around Rider - Question on Settling In & First 30 Days
  172. Base Narrow or Close Behind Conformation Fault in Two Yr Old
  173. Having trouble deciding if I should keep this saddle or not...
  174. Preferred Size in the Speed Events Horse
  175. Western saddle with narrow twist/riders stride?
  176. The purpose of western dressage?
  177. I rode Western in the age of dinosaurs, tell me about newer cinches, padding, elastic
  178. A New type of Retraining Project!
  179. How to keep girth tight?
  180. Reiner Andrea Fappani trying to put a MotoCross track in my Neighborhood!
  181. Can a western saddle fit these withers??
  182. Falling off of a Western saddle worse than English fall?
  183. Bit suggestion?
  184. Working a Western horse vs English horse
  185. Rounded Pad - pony size
  186. Split Riding Skirts Anyone?
  187. Learning to trust the OTTB...Bluey? Anyone?
  188. Registering Appy?
  189. Aerial view of cutting horse in action, WOW
  190. Western Saddle fit ???
  191. OTTB Using Spooking as a behavior tactic?
  192. Need a little advice on bits
  193. Jim Palm saddle from CA?
  194. Jeans?
  195. To young for barrels?
  196. Orthoflex western saddle questions
  197. Interesting comment in Western Horseman about "buckaroos".
  198. Stepping Over To The Dark Side
  199. Undoing the "spur stop"?
  200. Web sites for selling a western saddle?
  201. Hats anyone???
  202. Fallis Balanced Ride saddles: Do I still want one?
  203. Need Witty Replies To Saddle Comments
  204. Cutter/Reiner Trainers in San Antonio/New Braunfels area!
  205. The Non-Disparaging Western/Cowboy Dressage Thread
  206. A good price for this headstall?
  207. Boots-Can't wear Ariat. Help!
  208. Trying to remove conchos
  209. Apha halter attire
  210. Black & Silver parade saddle & the fixin's-- for 500 Smackers!
  211. AQHA People! Quarter Horse lines?
  212. Video of My Little Guy's Jog
  213. Spin-off from Fallis saddle thread: Monte Foreman
  214. Help my neck reining, please!
  215. Saddle
  216. Technically, what is a loper?
  217. Dressage horse wants to be a cutter? Central VA
  218. The 2013 Legends of Ranching Performance Horse Sale - Anyone been?
  219. Teaching the western horse to stay bent?
  220. Saddle recommendations
  221. Need help finding this specific saddle pad... do you recognize it? Please help.
  222. here we go again..saddle fit help
  223. Encouraging a forward trot on a spur stop horse
  224. Need my first Western/Australian saddle and have no idea how to start
  225. Barrel racing lessons- AL
  226. Seeking info. about vintage saddle made by Freeman's Saddlery in Klamath Falls, OR
  227. Please help me win this contest for my mare!!
  228. Saddle horn broken- can it be fixed?
  229. Missing sorrel gelding +tack and trailer.Updated 8/6
  230. Favorite Riding Jeans?
  231. Back cinch on western saddle?
  232. Need Western Riding Lessons in Hunterdon/Somerset County NJ
  233. HYPP Status
  234. Best way to teach one to hobble
  235. YeeHaw...spring flings!
  236. Chaps, Chinks or Armitas - and why?
  237. Western Lessons in northern MD/SE PA/ DE area
  238. Ranch pleasure and cross entry at show
  239. Youth saddle for the WIDE horse?
  240. Saddle fleece damage
  241. New Orleans
  242. Reining costs/shows/lessons?
  243. trainer wanted in Ga.
  244. Shariing
  245. Wondering about Western Dressage?
  246. Barns in North Texas with a solid trainer
  247. Exercises for a disorganized lope
  248. Carol Rose Quarter Horses Dispersal!
  249. Help! Riding an Arab in a mostly QH/Paint open show - appointments?
  250. "Western" jewelery any wild guesses?