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  1. Home made dog food?
  2. Best soft dog crate?
  3. Martingale collars for dogs (and do you leave your dogs collar on)
  4. OT. So sad my cat just died.
  5. About this forum...
  6. Parrots
  7. Joint supplements
  8. So... what non-equid pets do we all have?
  9. Any JRT experts?
  10. Thundershirts work!!!!
  11. Fostering For Rescues?
  12. Parrot owners,do you cook for your birds?
  13. Canine Thyroid Meds
  14. Craigslist
  15. Introducing! LONG WOT alert
  16. Ace alternatives for dog?
  17. Introducing a new cat into a one-cat household?
  18. F.I.P. and RIP, Gorack
  19. Senior Cat with High Protein Levels in Blood
  20. Food ideas for the picky cat who needs a special diet
  21. *
  22. Anyone else have a cat with asthma?
  23. dog acl surgery?
  24. Flemish Giant Rabbits
  25. the Very Bad Cat: an introduction
  26. Godspeed Hairy
  28. Keeping a Dog in a Hotel Room
  29. Once you go corgi...
  30. Dog dewormer?
  31. Can I have a quick pet related rant?
  32. The new cow
  33. Picky eater dog needs limited ingredient diet
  34. Spud is a hero!
  35. Dog De-Barker
  36. So apparently dogs are different than horses... :D
  37. So easily entertained!!
  38. A Family's Best Friend? (how our pets help/hurt relationships)
  39. Feeding dogs
  40. Jingles for Lily
  41. Addisons Disease in dogs
  42. Do you show?
  43. kitty laxative - options?
  44. Dog gnawing herself bloody
  45. for all those picky eaters out there....
  46. Toilet bowl water is the BEST according to my dogs
  47. Potty Training JRT - indoor grass patch?
  48. Olympia, Washington vet for dogs
  49. Need a pet sitter in Dallas
  50. VPI Pet Ins. reviews?
  51. Agility folks- check in here!
  52. Spin off of "Do you show": Competitive Obedience Check-in
  53. German Shepard is an escape artist
  54. Feral cat is 3-legged lame
  55. Italian Greyhound people
  56. Ibizan Hounds?
  57. 7 year old Boxer has a boney protrusion on her face
  58. Canine teeth cleaning: Why?
  59. Cats Rule & Dogs Drool!
  60. New JRT Puppy Pics :)
  61. Seizures in dogs
  62. Debating surgery for a dog
  63. Cat deterrent?
  64. Dominant Aggressive Dog
  65. Dog having surgery, owner having nervous breakdown...
  66. I screwed up...kitten/dog
  67. Shampoos for dog allergies
  68. When do you start thinking kitty needs Prozac?
  69. Nice leather (nonPetco) dog collars?
  70. My "aggressive" dog just cost me a date!
  71. Are you a better horseperson or dogperson?
  72. Whew! Stinky cat breath!
  73. "Kitten Cam" Online!
  74. Foxhounds
  75. can't move hind legs- NOT MY DOG
  76. I love my dog but cannot stand the smell!
  77. Do You Take Your Dog Inside Stores?
  78. Hunting Lessons....
  79. Update (on vet needed for rat) Post #8 Good/Bad news
  80. Not just starving horses on CL anymore :(
  81. Salukis
  82. Puppy not eating-NOT parvo
  83. Removing pet hair off the carpet before vacuuming
  84. Do you follow someone's dog philosophies?
  85. Dog parks
  86. If you need a good dog laugh:
  87. Infinia Foods - Anyone feed?
  88. deleted
  89. NON DOG Topic! whiney cat behavior
  90. CRF cats, anyone dealing with this?
  91. Nice dog needs new home. Tx area
  92. Need some jingles for Mr Turtle
  93. who had the duck toller dog?
  94. Obedience- Stay
  95. Hen not eating
  96. Thunderstorm anxiety
  98. Gaston County, NC Spay/Neuter Clinic (open to non-residents, too) 5/11; register 5/4
  99. Cat Killer :-(
  100. Flea nightmare.
  101. My cat is a person....
  102. PetArmour vs Frontline Plus
  103. Attack of the killer tomatoes! Serious information.
  104. Would getting another dog make the first one less of a pain?
  105. Spinoff of Stores: Do You Take Your Dog to Someone Else's Private Property?
  106. WHY does my dog eat so dang much grass????
  107. Cute pup needs a home asap
  108. The Flexi Rant Thread
  109. Introducing new dog to home/other dog...
  110. Sneaky Cat
  111. Long-acting sedative for dogs?
  112. SPIN OFF of Flexi rant: Dogs and cell phones
  113. dog vs cat; competitive marking
  114. Poison plants!
  115. Great Pyr (sp) Fans
  116. Help me with an aggressive chewer, please :)
  117. Dog Food - What's your dog eating?
  118. Clipping my scared dog's legs...
  119. Martengale collar for a "bullnecked" puppy?
  120. Okay to give a dog a cooked ham bone?
  121. Saintly Vet Costs
  122. Coprophagia/gastroenteritis
  123. Rescued pets from flood area
  124. Foxtail in kitty's ear...
  125. Good Behavior Pheromone Collar
  126. Ticks!
  127. Separation Anxiety
  128. Who has a heeler?
  129. Chicken experst!
  130. Microchip Reminder
  131. "Friending" the feral cat
  132. Gentling a calf
  133. Weird things our pets love...
  134. Hemangiosarcoma - Again
  135. I'm surprised this hasn't come up yet: I need a name for my new kitten!
  136. Cats and rawhide chews?
  137. Need some jingles for my Beagle, Ginger
  138. Avoiding bloat risk in dogs
  139. Bunny jumping!
  140. Off course thread on horse vs pitbull attack
  141. Dog jumping on doors/walls - help!
  142. Dog IBS? Low folate...
  143. Dog Clipping Anyone?!
  144. Dog show dress vs horse show
  145. feel good story: Donkey rescued by Marines in Iraq gets new home in Nebraska
  146. Trixsyn--canine formula used for cats?
  147. Barn cat lonely?
  148. One of my dogs eats the other dog's collar....help?
  149. The absolute best, tastiest kitty treats?
  150. deleted - duplicate thread
  151. Sheltie love, anybody?
  152. Honoring Mukluk, my best kitty.
  153. The Cat Yeller is open for business
  154. who keeps birds as pets, how old are the birds?
  155. Kitty IBS? Update #10!
  156. This. Is. Hysterical! Enjoy!!
  157. Spring reminder on Ivermectin and Collies
  158. Hypothyroid and aggression in dogs?
  159. Pets needing help in GA, AL, TN from tornados
  160. Puppy pics
  161. anyone w/ turtle (red eared slider) experience?
  162. Recycled Racers anyone?
  163. Boxers, Anyone?
  164. Person who was looking for rat doctor?
  165. Ticks on dogs?
  166. Good Arthritis meds for dog
  167. Charcoal flavored dog biscuits?
  168. Scalibor - new flea and tick collar?
  169. Ehrlichiosis in dogs - Tick-borne illness
  170. Applying Frontline Plus (timeline?)
  171. WWYD? Abuse?
  172. DH and his search dog featured on TEEX site
  173. Anyone else have cat with orange eyes?
  174. Diabetic Cat
  175. Dachshund Lovers Roll-Call
  176. RIP Thumper, World’s Coolest Rabbit
  177. Tonights's It's Me or the Dog
  178. suggestions on increasing yard fence height
  179. Anal glands in corgi - Update!
  180. Cat who is a Picky Eater
  181. Separation anxiety in new dog
  182. Urgent help needed - how do you "stop up" a dog with an upset tummy?
  183. Cats vs. Dog: Different Perspectives on the New Purchase from Wal-Mart
  184. TOTW for large breed puppy?
  185. Another great story from Hyperbole and a Half
  186. Pet toys NOT made in China?
  187. Cat cough: need opinions
  188. Evanger's cat food?
  189. It's..It's a...Pigeon Yeti??
  190. BEST food for puppies? I have a new one.
  191. Cosmetic Procedures on Dogs...
  192. Dog licked toad - vomited - are they poisonous?
  193. Cat problem
  194. Chicken gender identity crisis? My hen is crowing...
  196. Dog training
  197. Summer Cut for an Aussie?
  198. Handling paws, nail trims.
  199. This dog's story absolutely breaks my heart.
  200. Special food to reduce pet dander
  201. What animal makes this noise?
  202. Can you teach an old dog new "tricks?"
  203. Anyone else have Llewellin Setters?
  204. kitten vs a scary thing
  205. Dog Toys?
  206. How about some Pug Love?
  207. how do keep dog play from escalating into fights
  208. So, how big will my puppy get?
  209. Keeping the House Bunny Entertained...
  210. Fostering again-- puppies this time
  211. butt scooting
  212. Dog collars
  213. Cheapest 'decent' canned cat food
  214. A shout-out to a good pet company!
  215. Please help with "happy tail" !
  216. Anyone do this with their herding dogs?
  217. Older house cat HATES kitten...will it cease
  218. RIP Mukluk- my best kitty.
  219. Has anyone DNA tested their mixed dog? UPDATE ADDED PICS OF "POTCAKE" PUP POST #1
  220. Separation Anxiety -- We have playing! Update post #23
  221. Does your animal know when you're in pain?
  222. kitten question #2
  223. Car sick collie-X pup
  224. Kitchen renovations and the dog?
  225. Best joint supplement?
  226. Anyone Ever Toilet Trained Their Cat?
  227. Does Anyone have a Dog like This?
  228. is there a dog version of CoTH?
  229. Cats in tanks!
  230. Ataxia/toxoplasmosis/feline leukemia?
  232. Remembering your pet- Some ideas for those who love their pets.
  233. Feral cat question
  234. Dog Walker Recommendation- Middleburg, VA
  235. At home dog grooming?
  236. housecat HELP
  237. Nonstop itching--allergies?
  238. Mosquito repellent for dogs?
  239. Anything to be done for feline acne?
  240. cataracts in dogs?? Update: Really is a cataract!!!
  241. Panacur/fenbendazole/Safeguard worming for dogs and cats
  242. Cat not eating/drinking 4 days post surgery
  243. Dog and weird urinary accidents
  244. Mattaponi Show this weekend or How to read a premium?
  245. Eagle drops dog
  246. Please help me teach these 2 canines to co-exist
  247. Italian Greyhounds
  248. Well, crap. Tell me about canine lymphoma
  249. Crazy kitten post 3..NEW PICTURE on Page 2
  250. Confession