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  1. Therapeutic Riding
  2. Anyone use "Shoulders Back" for therapeutic reasons?
  3. Kudos to NVTRP therapeutic riding!
  4. therapy horses--what's more important? temperment or training?
  5. Therapeutic Riding in MA area and some general ?s
  6. MDC stirrups and peripheral neuropathy
  7. Anyone have a broken pelvis?
  8. Who makes para-equestrian saddles?
  9. Trainers for physically disabled riders
  10. Which reins?
  11. Pudendal Neuropathy
  12. Breeches for the one and a half handed rider?!?! Revisited for winter post 79
  13. Clinic on a borrowed horse?
  14. Therapy Horses
  15. Introducing LoveWay - a therapeutic riding center
  16. Equine Assisted Therapy
  17. Therapeutic Riding...SpiritHorse? NARHA?
  18. Therapeutic Riding center near Cleveland - Nicki VonGunten
  19. Dressage, Para-Equestrian and Freestyle Clinic with Paulien Alberts and Hope Hand
  20. New Para FEI Tests Movement Question
  21. Job requirements for a therapy horse?
  22. About this forum...
  23. WAY TO GO! Hands On Atlanta Volunteers Help Therapeutic Riding Center
  24. Anyone dealing with Erbs Palsey?
  25. arthritic hand
  26. Any Lymphedema riders out there? Fitting boots and breeches?
  27. Thank you moderators
  28. Hoofbeats Therapeutic Riding Center volunteer!
  30. Hearing Impairments and Lessons
  31. Coach With Courage
  32. Somewhere Inbetween... Fibro riders...
  33. TREC
  34. I have a ?
  35. Roll call...
  36. Riding with Multiple Sclerosis or degenerative discs?
  37. Does your horse "know" your issues? Do they adjust, on their own, for you?
  38. Lets see those horses
  39. tightening the girth. . .
  40. Non-physical disabilities
  41. Is there a listing for regions?
  42. Free Wheelers mini horse rescue for disabled
  43. Impulsion and the para dressage horse
  44. Does this forum offer you a "comfort zone" for asking questions?
  45. Aging..
  47. Our equine partners...let's give them a little bit of the limelight!
  48. Please post tips for easing your aches and pains during or after a ride!
  49. Riding during chemotherapy
  50. Information links
  51. Are there any products that make riding&barn life easier for you?
  52. Don't Forget Other Ways To Keep "Riding"
  53. Fear of Riding with a Herniated Disc & Sciatica ~
  54. Temporary Location for New Therapeutic Riding Program??
  55. ABC News 10/19/09 - Fort Myer Caisson Platoon has new mission
  56. Cavaletti
  57. Post on Off course about Army horses helping wounded warriors
  58. Pool therapy anyone?
  59. Therapeutic Riding in Maryland - where to donate?
  60. Saddle In Dressage Today
  61. Paraequestrian rider qualifications re shows
  62. Para demo at WIHS
  63. CPR and First Aid Certification required for NAHRA instructor certification
  64. Fulkerson Procedure on knee
  65. Winter? how do you stay warm in the saddle?
  66. Horse Boy-The movie-anyone seen it?
  67. Therapeutic riding- Orlando, FL
  68. Riders with disabilites and organized programs
  69. a proud announcement!
  70. Para driving
  71. Riding After Knee Surgery
  72. Trainers for paras, disabled & special needs equestrians
  73. Now training again after suffering from neurological lymes in 4 years!
  74. I did it!
  75. Loop reins/reins with holds
  76. Help with shoulders back (with no pain)
  77. Jumping again!
  78. Starting a Therapeutic Riding Program
  79. Just when I thought things were looking up
  80. Breast cancer/mastectomy/reconstruction
  81. Para-Equestrian
  82. Training our horses to do the special tasks
  83. Broken leg....
  84. Broken vertebrae
  85. Anyone ever taught a blind rider?
  86. The Alexander Technique
  87. Lunging techniques for one handed riders...
  88. Riding with Epilepsy?
  89. Explaining your disability
  90. Anyone here with Cerebal Palsey?
  91. So we did a little show..
  92. ACL Injuries
  93. In honor of the stressful holidays, a fun disability thread!
  94. Interesting thread
  95. Equine Assisted Therapy?
  96. Horsemen?
  97. Degenerative disk flare-up
  98. OT Handicapped Access at Kentucky Horse Park
  99. Exercises for Riders with Scoliosis
  100. One Step Forward, How Many Back?
  101. Adaptations for stiff ankles and hands?
  102. Competing When You Have a Disability?
  103. "Above It All: Alana Renaud"
  104. Where do you find appropriate horses?
  105. Reaching your limits
  106. NARHA Driving Certification?
  107. Any Speech Language Pathologists Out There?
  108. for Para-Dressage riders: What's THE MOST important attribute in a horse?
  109. Anyone ever torn a gluteus minimus tendon?
  110. Dressage and Para Dressage Clinic Series with Paulien Alberts
  111. Anyone here riding at "ARCH" in southern NJ?
  112. had a bad day-feeling frustrated
  113. Update: it's Latent Auto Immune Diabetes in Adults, not Type 2 adult onset diabetes
  114. Myasthenia Gravis anyone?
  115. excerises to do with riders with Cerebral Palsy
  116. Arthritis... what do you do about the pain?
  117. Broken Vert. Saddle thread
  118. hypermobility/EDS: avoiding joint pain
  119. saddles to use for a rider with cerebral palsy
  120. coming back from an injury..need advice
  121. I didn't win the Train With Jane DVD, but......
  122. A little step closer to a WW program!
  123. young horses, unreliable body...Please tell me it can be done
  124. Mitral Valve Prolapse - Dysautonomia
  125. would like input on product design
  126. Spin-off of the product design thread
  127. Dispensation Questions
  128. When you KNOW you've overdone...
  129. Raynauds vs. frostbite vs... ??
  130. Degenerative Arthritis Of Both Hips
  131. Super thin and tacky gloves in white
  132. Unconscious Fear; from illness or injury
  133. My therapeutici riding center is going to be on the news!
  134. My therapeutic riding center is going to be on the news!
  135. Riding While Medicated
  136. Hip folks: Paddies if Danskos work for you?
  137. Paraequestrian on WEG radio show!
  138. reins: help me choose!
  139. Molly
  140. Asthma in the winter
  141. Recovering from Arthroscopic Knee Surgery
  142. Losing Another Doctor
  143. Bridging reins on TOTD today
  144. Products that help with grip..saddle, breeches
  145. Hippotherapy- PT & OT in New England
  146. Cool para promo video
  147. Horses for Heroes event in Mass. UPDATE
  148. Deaf riders - Anyone have a Cochlear Implant?
  149. Fractured hip
  150. Awesome Video - Para-Equestrians
  151. Losing my mind? too many happy pills? or...
  152. Leading with one arm/heimplegia/hemiparesis
  153. ACL injury and riding
  154. Reiki... for human? for equine?
  155. Vertebrae Question(s) - Fall
  156. Depressed, sick again what would you do? (HR)
  157. Epidural Injections - more pain!
  158. Hand Hurt So Much in the Cold
  159. Chronically Gibbled By Barn Work
  160. Warning about RA Meds
  161. Seizures and Riding...
  162. Orlando is booting Freedom Ride
  163. Rode for the first time in months, hurt so bad felt like I was in an accident
  164. Total hip replacement and riding after revision surgery
  165. Equine Nonprofit Organizations
  166. USDF Region 1 Omnibus Cover
  168. Returning to jumping post shoulder surgery?
  169. Chronic Lyme Disease in Humans
  170. Any one ever pulled a groin?
  171. undecided about lumbar epidural, but scheduled for one on Monday!
  172. Helmet company that donated to a center?
  173. Halter Without Buckles
  174. Ongoing sinus & allergy problems...
  175. Support Systems
  176. Anyone any experience with a mallet finger?
  177. Totally rattled after a fall
  178. One year anniversary of elbow obliteration- Update, now jumping!!
  179. Jingles for Jan
  180. Oh well THIS is fun
  181. What I did this weekend
  182. I may not be able to ride but....
  183. Ruptured Disc Surgery/Sciatic Nerve Pain Recovery
  184. Second surgery completed today
  185. Need adaptation ideas...
  186. usef dispensations for back injuries?
  187. lower back hurts when riding
  188. Disc Injuries: Non-Surgical Treatments
  189. Winter gloves that don't pinch joints???
  190. Health problems, and worrying...
  191. Broken Vertebrae-will point 2 pro air vest help?
  192. Light Boxes
  193. More news on PRP
  194. RA peeps...Having a moment...and a question
  195. Going in for surgery for my chest port on monday
  196. Radial nerve palsy
  197. Question about parents of children with issues/challenges?
  198. Keep rider's foot in english stirrup
  199. Back in the saddle after 6 months!
  200. NARHA Region 2 Conference
  201. Riding with Osteoporosis?
  202. Hip replacement question
  203. European Para Dressage Champion, Sophie Wells (GBR) Blogs for WEG
  204. Back Surgery & Returning to Riding
  205. Riding, pregnancy, and pelvic pain
  206. Anyone have to stop their pursuits of being a trainer
  207. Zenyatta
  208. anyone dealing with arm lymphedema and horsecare/handling?
  209. Prolotherapy For Hypermobile Neck?
  210. Going insane having to take it easy while on my meds
  211. *
  212. Just tore my ACL.....
  213. Back pain
  214. Dealing w/ Female Cancer
  215. Sciatica
  216. Anyone with a pinched nerve?
  217. Showing open classes vs theraputic classes
  218. Kicking the Painkillers after Surgery
  219. Riding When You Are on Disability
  220. Riders with MS
  221. Traumatic Brain Injury - Riding
  222. Anybody tried BackJoy, BackJoy Core or Relaxobak?
  223. Para-equestrian Rebecca Hart will do the Rolex test ride
  224. X Post: Achy hips: Dressage or hunt seat?
  225. Paraequestrian at the Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event!
  226. Sprained ankle - how long to heal?
  227. Anyone try Rolfing?
  228. Oh. My. God. Best $15 I ever spent!!
  229. Dealing with insomnia due to pain and illness?
  230. Visually impaired riders?
  231. Pelvic fracture whine...
  232. Trochanteric Bursitis?
  233. Riding Again After Total Knee Replacement
  234. Ankle
  235. Any Ulcerative Colitis sufferers who ride?
  236. A message that should be heard
  237. Cataracts, please, with sugar
  238. Oxygen use while riding?
  239. Memorizing courses while on medication
  240. Special Education:
  241. Is There Such A Rein, And Where Do I Find It?
  242. Arthritis in Fingers
  243. I'm Bummed
  244. Lesson Plans
  245. Combinied Driving Event
  246. Else Donnell and chronic pain
  247. back pain on walking trail rides
  248. back pain-how long to heal?
  249. Issues with Blood Clots & Riding
  250. blood clots