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  1. Bipolar woe's
  2. Anyone riding with Hidradenitis Suppurativa
  3. Equi Therapy
  4. rhizotomy for nerve damage in lower back?
  5. Gaining strength with neurological damage
  6. Hip Replacement
  7. Fibromyalgia??
  8. Thank you!
  9. I showed last weekend! 1.5 years post-accident.
  10. Boutonniere Deformity and holding reins!
  11. Spinal Fusion surgery?
  12. Anyone riding with a coagulopathy?
  13. Explaining to Clients a Medical Condition...
  14. Hardware Removal!
  15. Question on using horse for Para-Dressage
  16. So the therapeutic instructor has now called to become the student
  17. OMG I cantered / I love this horse thread
  18. Riders with Rheumatoid
  19. Shoulder pain
  20. What will we do when we are unable to ride?
  21. Enbrel
  22. Facilities in Massachusetts
  23. PRP or Prolo in ankles?
  24. Hip Labral Tear
  25. Staying motivated when you keep getting knocked down
  26. Ignoring doctor's recommendations
  27. Stirrups/pads to address foot pain/cramping?
  28. Thyroid Problems
  29. Life after symptoms but before diagnosis.
  30. Chiari 1 Malformation - Getting diagnosed
  31. health insurance holding payment of claim from non-riding accident
  32. MCL/meniscus injuries...
  33. Taping an ankle to ride...
  34. Finding a Lyme Doctor
  35. Big toe nail removal...
  36. Bad accident...do I want to keep riding?
  37. Blood thinners and riding
  38. Restless Leg Syndrome caused by barn work?
  39. buying another horse
  40. Enjoy!
  41. They want to fuse my pelvis can I still ride?
  42. bone spurs and disc degeneration in cervical area - options?
  43. Thin Line pads for back pain?
  44. what exercises do you do to strengthen your back?
  45. Retirement
  46. GOOD !!!!
  47. Ankle fusion anyone? how long before you could ride again?
  48. Wanting to ride after recovering from Pancreatitis...any 1 experience this?
  49. Breast Cancer Diagnosis
  50. Knee replacement
  51. Sjogren's syndrome and riding.
  52. Advice/experience with compression fracture @T12
  53. Getting Volunteers or Donations for Program
  54. Should I lower my exceptions and goals of my self because my coaches low goals
  55. Suggestions for a good thyroid doctor near 17366, PA
  56. Hands don't work--bridling & haltering probs
  57. IRAP for humans?
  58. Vitamins for Bone Growth
  59. Severe osteo-arthritis in big toe: Ouch
  60. Good exercises for hip issues?
  61. Has anyone transitioned from loop reins to standard reins
  62. Riding after bilateral mastctomy with latissimus dorsi reconstruction
  63. OrthoVisc Injections?
  64. facing surgery need advice
  66. Trapped Ulna nerve?
  67. How soon should I start riding again?
  68. Nerve Cord Stimulators--Anyone have one?
  69. Need help and advice....
  70. Tibial plateau fracture of knee
  71. Broken tibia/fibia :o(
  72. Tackling Rheumatoid Arthritis
  73. NEDA/Para Equestrian Championships
  74. Old injuries, flaring up, life is miserable...
  75. bow balence vs composite stirrups
  76. Stirrups for Chronic Foot Problems
  77. First time posting under this topic...
  78. Volunteer opportunities in VA/MD?
  79. Spinal Decompression Therapy - Anyone?
  80. Riding with lateral meniscus tear?
  81. help for the trigger-fingered?
  82. Where to donate used tack/ riding supplies?
  83. Multiple Sclerosis horses and riding?
  84. At-risk Youth Therapy Programs
  85. Another broken ankle thread - bone chips
  86. HORSE
  87. Multiple disabilities took my heart horse away
  88. Jaw Bone Tumor
  89. Offering 'lessons' for mildly - moderately 'special needs' kids -
  90. Intelectual Disability
  91. custom tack makers?
  92. lymes disease? in humans not horses
  93. Sports hernia/pelvic pain...getting married in 2 weeks & need the pain gone!!!!
  94. Torn miniscus & riding
  95. Recovering from broken ribs
  96. Breast Reduction
  97. migraine sufferers?
  98. Sciatic Nerve Pain
  99. Chiro: BS or Beneficial?
  100. $*@%!%& Sciatica !!!!!!
  101. Blind horse
  102. Pulsed radio frequency ablation--it worked!
  103. Ehlers Danlos
  104. Maryland - Physical Therapists
  105. Halos, neck braces, rehab.
  106. Mental aspect of disabilities
  107. Radiation Soreness: Solutions?
  108. Need list of Therapuetic Centers in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area~
  109. Fragile, elderly eyes
  110. Broken Collarbone/Rib - Update 3/15 - Surgery over - see first post
  111. Service Dogs?
  112. Riding with bilateral hip and knee joint replacements
  113. Riding after a heart attack
  114. Riding after a Transvaginal Ultrasound
  115. Any of you here who experienced hip replacement to be recalled?
  116. im having a pity party
  117. Rider with no arms - please read this inspiring story!
  118. dressage saddles
  119. Fibromyalgia and Myofascial pain sympton questions.
  120. Any advice on how to ride with a foley catheter in place??
  121. Joint pains but negative Arthritis tests?
  122. Fractured tail bone
  123. Micro-fracture surgery-any experiences?
  124. any Deaf riders?
  125. Interest in AQHA EWD classes~upstate NY?
  126. Side saddle
  127. GcMaf for auto-immune etc illnesses???!!!
  128. Bowen Therapy Anyone?
  129. Riding after neck surgery
  130. spinal decompression, laser or light therapy?
  131. Depressed rider UPDATE post 36 now trying to make an effort to start therapy
  132. Ankle pain???
  133. Anyone ever have an artificial disc replacement in lower back?
  134. ACL surgery complications, anybody else? Also knee pain
  135. Can't contain my excitement any longer!
  136. Why does my sciatica/hip/back pain hurt most in the AM
  137. ulnar collateral ligament - thumb
  138. Dealing with confidence issues
  139. Hip replacement - it's over! Now in recovery mode.
  140. Any atypical sleep apnea people out there?
  141. para horseless riders?
  142. Help for Bad Arthritic Ankle
  143. PTSD-Combat related injuries-Soldier therapies?
  144. winter pain management
  145. PT & Walking for a broken ankle & a sprained Ankle
  146. Gift/Care Package ideas for equestrian friend on bed rest
  147. Acoustic neuroma (brain tumor) balance issues
  148. Hip replacement--falling off
  149. Meniscal Repair Surgery? (Stitches included)
  150. Anyone riding without their ACL?
  151. Riders With Learning Disabiltys?
  152. Shoulder Injury: Broken End Of Humerus Experiences?
  153. anyone riding with a fused neck?
  154. anyone ride with a nephrostomy bag?
  155. What are the very best knee braces for riding after ACL repairs?
  156. Peroneal Tendon Rupture Repair?
  157. little update
  158. Riding with one arm?
  159. stem cell therapy & plasma rich for people, in the US
  160. COTH Trashed Knee + Ankle Brigade
  161. NoVA TR program & vets
  162. Low back pain - Muscle Activation Techniques
  163. Husband with Depression
  164. Anatomically gifted :-)
  165. Do you at some point question why?
  166. Right side weakness/numbness - Update #14 - went to doc
  167. Riding With Painful Hands
  168. Hamstrings? What can I expect?
  169. •Duchenne muscular dystrophy and riding for therapy
  170. Update/Question pg. 3 - spine injections: to be "knocked out," or not?
  171. Has anyone had an EMG and/or Nerve Conduction Study?
  172. cancer--need some motivators!
  173. Riding and Lessons with Deafness/Hard of Hearing
  174. Need cheering up
  175. broken wrist
  176. Excited about new program
  177. riding after a knee replacement
  178. Broken Finger, what a pain!
  179. I have nerve damage. Update: Let me tell you me tale of woe #230
  180. Free Therapeutic Horse
  181. Hip Bursitis
  182. Career Options - what do you think?
  183. Get well gift for eye surgery
  184. Plantar Faciitis
  185. I'm having a Hysterectomy on Feb 14th~ eeks!
  186. Lower Leg Support
  187. Anyone with full lumbar fusion or close?
  188. Who is riding after DIEP flap surgery??
  189. Adult Attention Deficit Disorder
  190. APF - Anyone taking this? Am I crazy?
  191. Missing half-finger
  192. migraines
  193. Piaffing update!!!
  194. si joint disfunction, otherwise known as a pain in the a$$
  195. Tendonitis or Carpal? Answers needed, please!
  196. Send Your Good Thoughts This Way
  197. Knee revision whines
  198. Chiari malformation
  199. Small (but big!) update
  200. Best type of SI Stabilization belt for under breeches?
  201. Help for blind dressage rider
  202. Missing half-finger update
  203. gel cryo wraps
  204. nice article on Robin Bruekmann with a video!
  205. Osteoporisis: Riding Not Theraputic?
  206. Power chair using coachs
  207. Adaptions halt throgh seat
  208. Those of you with total knee replacements who still ride
  209. partial acl tear?
  210. Pasture therapists
  211. Broken pelvis
  212. Reins for riders with one hand?
  213. Long term drug therapies
  214. Pony for therapy
  215. So sad
  216. Reins
  217. Nearly Severed My Toe - Looking For A Brace Option
  218. fosamax
  219. trying to place a horse in a therapeutic program
  220. paddocks with good ankle support?
  221. Physical torture ... I mean therapy
  222. Riding in a cam boot?
  223. Osteoarthritis - what can you share?
  224. Mounted quadrille (video link)
  225. possible C2-whoknows disk damage
  226. surgery
  227. Seasonal allergies (human, that is).
  228. Recovering from a multiligament knee injury
  229. Complex ovarian cyst/tumor and surgery
  230. Anybody suffer from anxiety or have anxiety attacks?
  231. I'm So Sick of Having Surgeries...
  232. low lymphocytes
  233. Riders with back fusion...Is riding the same, worse, or better?
  234. Can't pick up irons anymore
  235. Ra and pain management
  236. Mini Horse Pet Therapy
  237. Para-Equestrian Eventers
  238. Tell me there's hope! Disc degeneration, bulging/ herniated discs and collapsed disc.
  239. how life chaged
  240. artificial joints and eventing
  241. Journalist looking for para-equestrian show jumper
  242. Para-Equestrian Process
  243. anyone online tonight?
  244. Dear COTH doctor: what happened to me?
  245. May I brag for just a moment?
  246. Does anyone have a Spinal Implant Stimulator?
  247. Dealing with insecurities
  248. PSA**Wear your vest- as well as your helmet- when riding a greenie!
  249. Fellow Chronic Lyme disease CoThers-I need help
  250. What style of riding is the lowest-impact ?