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Jesse Richardson

April 25, 2014

A Horse Husband's Take On The Hunter Derby

The headline event for hunters is the hunter derby.

Getting ready for the derby is kind of like getting ready for prom. Everything has to be just right. You need the perfect outfit;, your horse needs to be at the perfect weight, with the perfect up-do. Everything needs to come together perfectly at the right time. If everything goes just right, you hope to get lucky. You hope to be asked back.

March 5, 2014

Awards Season

Horse shows have a season and at the end, there is banquet to celebrate and confer year-end awards. These are formal affairs, and since the food is pretty good, the ranks of horse husbands in attendance swells considerably.

February 10, 2014

Christmas Show

Years ago the term "Christmas show" would imply some kind of singing, dancing, or play-acting. By now of course I know "horse" is implied in any show.

On the elevator, a fellow LaQuinta patron asked about my DSH shirt, and was quite impressed to learn that the D, S, and H represent Devereaux Sport Horses. I explained I was there for a horse show, and I was reminded that for those outside the lifestyle, the term that requires explanation is "show." 

"So, like, do you ride them or present them like at a dog show?"

January 22, 2014

Horse Husband

The Chronicle's newest blogger takes you through the adventures of being a "horse husband."

My name is Jesse, and I am a horse husband. Now, don’t take that literally. I am not actually married to a horse. Well, not directly anyway. But there are a lot of horses in my marriage. When my wife refers to someone new, it is usually another round of a game we play in the car called "horse or person?"

"We are going to pick up Joey on the way…" "And Joey is a, um, person?" "No, Joey is a horse." "OK, cool, then he can ride in the back."

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