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August 12, 2015

For Those Who Don't "Get It": A Non-Horse Addicts Guide To Horse Addicts—Part 2

This guide is meant for anyone that lives with, loves, knows, or is raising a horse addict, and is intended to explain (justify?) our quirks and the mysteries that surround horses and horse showing.

Part 1 of this guide addressed such mysteries as our lessons, the black hole that is the barn, the even blacker hole that is a horse show, and the money we spend on each.


2 days 8 hours ago

herbisides and horses

Would love to hear from anyone who can help me.....I lost my first horse(wished for him for 53 years) 7 days after a cell tower sprayed the gravel within the towers fenced in area. The vegetation died on three sides of their fencing which is next to our grazing pasture. within 3 feet of the fence is a small gutter hand dug to help drain the area. In a field of !! horses, mine was the only one that liked to graze the sides of the small ditch and he also would drink from it after a rain. The vet diagnosed him with sepsis after a thorough internal exam and his heart rate was 94 bpm, fevered and projectile diarreah to the point of severe dehydration. We spent the night in his stall, giving anti-biotics, anti-inflamatories and bag after bag of I.V. He fought hard to live but it wasn't enough. The cell tower company is denying responsibility of course. Please talk of experiences like this with me....Thanks
August 12, 2015

For Those Who Don’t “Get It”: A Non-Horse Addict’s Guide To Understanding Horse Addicts—Part 1

For most of us it starts when we’re young. So young that we don’t remember our lives before it, and our lives after are entirely consumed by it. It’s a habit for which we would (and sometimes do) lie, sneak around, or spend money we (or you) don’t have. It’s a four- or five- (OK, maybe sometimes six-) figure-a-month habit that we will never consider a problem. 

Even if we did, there are no support groups. No 12-step programs for the . . . yes, I’ll say it . . . addiction.   

Yes, horse addiction is a thing.

August 20, 2014

Horse Show Mom Vs. Mom That Horse Shows

Like any great outfit that begins with a fabulous pair of new shoes, my son’s leadline “debut” began with the purchase of a fabulous bowtie. Neither the bowtie nor leadline would have seemed like good ideas but for the two (maybe three?) martinis that preceded them.  

I did learn this: A mom that horse shows does not a “Horse Show Mom” make. I don’t know how the pony moms do it. Never mind the financials, I mean the nerves.

June 19, 2014

Devon Is An Adjective

I'm not a hero. I'm not a Superwoman. I’m a lawyer, a mom, and a rider. And not necessarily in that order.

Lawyer simply means I went to school for a long time, took a lot of tests, and have eight extra letters after my name (do not ask me in what order they go). It means my work life ticks by in six-minute increments that must add up to 2,300 hours each December.

May 31, 2014

The Dixon Oval Is A Mythical Place

Like the college t-shirt that lauds, “This is a football town with a college problem,” I am an amateur rider with a work problem.

Work-life balance is a challenge every day, but this week is a particular challenge: It’s Devon week.