Wardrobe Malfunction

Jan 16, 2012 - 3:01 PM
Fenders models his new padded bridle from Advanced Saddle Fit. Photo by Lauren Sprieser.

This weekend was the first show of 2012 in White Fences, the subdivision in which I keep the horses. So I decided to hack Midge over on Saturday to school on the grounds. Naturally, that meant that between Friday and Saturday, the temperature dropped like whoa, and the winds picked up, and because he’d thrown a shoe he didn’t get ridden Friday, and things were generally not conducive to good Dutch horse behavior. 

And Midge was a STAR.

After a few minutes of tightness in his warm-up—but no more than at home—he was a genius. Good one-tempis, beautiful pirouettes, SUPER piaffe and passage. At least twice, people came over to Michael to ask who I was. Amazing, amazing, amazing.

And then Vera, Michael’s wife, had me stop and come over. Midge’s boots were falling off. This is not the first time this has happened; here in Florida I don’t have access to a washing machine, so laundry means a (stupid expensive) trip to the laundromat, which means I’ve been using neoprene Woof boots. Which are several years old. And in need of replacing.

Michael, Mr. Fashionista, has this to say: “You’re riding some awfully nice horses right now. Maybe it’s time for some equipment that doesn’t fall off?”

Duly noted, MB. Duly noted.

While I may have been skimping on my horses’ legwear, one thing I don’t cut corners on is their leatherwear. And I have a new toy to play with… or at least look at. Colleen Meyer, my dear friend, of Advanced Saddle Fit is offering handmade bridles, and I just had to have one. After a wee skirmish about whether or not white padding was making a comeback or not (Colleen says fuddy-duddy; I say Ravel and Totilas), Fender is now the proud owner of a GORGEOUS white padded double bridle.

As Fender is still four months shy of his sixth birthday, he really has no need for a double bridle at this point in his life. So he got to model it, missing one rather crucial detail (no curb bit; my box of bits is at home in Virginia), and then it got cleaned and put on a hook in my trailer for me to admire.

In the meantime, all three horses continue to be splendid. And I’m off to get some new boots.


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