Waiting Home Letter

Jun 5, 2012 - 2:52 AM

Jan. 1, 1960

Letters to the Editor

That’s What The Photographer Said

Dear Sir:

Even though I am now nothing but a retired champion and probably pretty much forgotten, it hardly seems fair that the current star of our stable, Little Sailor, (and he’s only a working hunter) steals all of my glory, to say nothing of my girls! I refer to the picture of the donkey and foal (Sally Sensational and Fanny Fantastic, by name) which appeared in your fine publication on December 4th. I would like it to be known here and now that the only one who is an “inseparable companion” to this pair is ME!

I waited until I received the next issue of The Chronicle to see if my benefactress, Miss Augustus, would rush to the defense (excuse the pun) of a formerly cherished friend, but no such luck. Do you suppose EVEN she doesn’t care about me anymore?

Oh well! I guess every dog has its day and I suppose if the horseshoe fits one must wear it!

Your humble has-been (but still the idol of two)

Waiting Home

Dear “Waiting Home,”

Our muzzles are definitely pink because of our error in calling Sally Sensational and Fanny Fantastic Little Sailor’s inseparable companions, whereas we really knew they are yours. We can’t imagine why your benefactress, Miss Augustus, didn’t call us on the telephone, but of course she is a very popular young lady and receives many attentions which can be time-consuming, not to say distracting. We assure you that she cares as much about you as ever and we do, too—with a great show ring record such as yours, you will never become a has-been.

Our humble apologies.
The Chronicle

This article was first published on Jan. 1, 1960, in The Chronicle. It’s part of a series celebrating 75 years of Chronicle history.


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