A Waiting Game

Nov 5, 2009 - 5:21 AM

Horses are heartbreaking aren’t they? Everybody hears or talks about tales of this all the time. The stories of, “I know this one horse that…” circulate around barns all over the country no matter what discipline you do.

I appreciate the people who have reached out and shared their own stories. I think these incidences can bond people together. No matter what level or sport you and your horse do, everyone still sits in the same waiting room.

Cooper’s chapter at New Bolton Center doesn’t want to end unfortunately. The initial shock and heartbreak of the situation have worn off, and now we are stuck in this waiting game. Every time the vet calls, I pray that she’s going to give me some sort of good news, but Cooper seems to be doing the same.

His incisional infection doesn’t want to heal, and he had become uncomfortable in his cast and needed it changed. That did go well though! So that is something. I just want my horse to come home now. It’s coming up on three weeks, and he is so bored.

The good news is that Cooper’s attitude is great! As you can see from the pictures, he is seriously full of himself and ready for something to do. He has such a personality, that horse. He looks a bit heartbroken when I walk in, but within a few minutes he is biting my hair, unzipping my clothes, and trying to take my hat off. I can’t wait until he comes home.

Ping, on the up note, is doing great!!! His knee looks awesome, and he can flex it so well! Kevin Keane is really, really happy with how it is going. Dean Richardson did his surgery, so I know that he was with one of the best, and he and Kevin have been speaking about the progress of the horse.

The end of the season fast approaches, and with one competition left, I am looking forward to teaching some upcoming clinics. I have a fundraiser clinic for Cooper on the 15th and am looking forward to it.

It is amazing in a situation like this how people come together. Although I wish it wasn’t because of something tragic happening to Cooper, I am impressed with the support.

Thanks everyone,
Keep your fingers crossed for Cooper,

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