Vita Flex Nutrition: A Key Element In 2012 Silver Medalist Chester Weber’s Formula for Success

Oct 2, 2012 - 6:39 AM

Vita Flex Nutrition is pleased to be part of the success formula that “drives” combined driver Chester Weber and his team.  Weber, the nine-time USEF National Four-In-Hand Champion, took the team comprised of his horses and Jane Forbes Clark’s horses to Europe this summer where he won a second Individual Silver Medal and Team Bronze at the 2012 FEI Four-in-Hand Driving World Championships in Reisenbeck, Germany. Vita Flex is an integral part of Team Weber and they are proud to help Weber’s horses continually remain at the top of the combined driving world. Along with capturing two medals for the U.S., Weber was also dubbed “Mr. Dressage” for earning winning dressage scores at every European event he competed in.

Vita Flex and Weber make an excellent team. Vita Flex stands for victory and victory could practically be Weber’s middle name. As one of America’s most decorated competitors, Weber added yet another win to his noteworthy record this weekend when he drove away with the Advanced Horse Four in Hand Championship at the Hermitage Classic in Louisville, Kentucky. Team Weber is comprised of horses owned by Weber and Jane Forbes Clark, and the combined forces of Team Weber and Team Clark has proven to be a brilliant move – just like the combined forces of Vita Flex and Team Weber.

“I am pleased to be teamed up with Vita Flex as their products contribute truly do contribute to the team’s winning edge,” Weber said. “All of our horses use Vita-Hoof® Hoof Conditioner and Dressing every day. Vita-Hoof helps make the hooves more resilient, strong and pliable. A lot is expected physically of combined driving horses, and excellent hooves are essential. We also rely on Lactanase®for Boris W and Senate and we use Accel® on Boy W, Para and Rolex W.”

The Vita Flex® product, Lactanase®  supplement, provides ingredients important for the formation of acetyl coenzyme A, in the horse’s body, critical for cellular energy. “Lactanase provides essential ingredients needed to release energy from both carbohydrates and fats,” said Tanner Clark, Brand Manager for Vita Flex Nutrition. “Some of Chester’s horses also use Accel, which is a comprehensive multi-vitamin and mineral supplement balanced in proper ratios, such as zinc to copper and calcium to phosphorus. Chester uses Vita Flex products on his horses on a daily basis on his horses and their success on the competition field has been proven time and again. Vita Flex is glad to be along for the ride, or in this case the ‘drive’.”

Weber is also a member of the Vita Flex Victory Team, a team of world-class equestrians from different disciplines who use Vita Flex®products, support the nutritional product company and set the standard at the top of their disciplines. “No one else has the Vita Flex reputation for winning results with products formulated specifically for top performers. Take one look at Chester and his award-winning team of horses and you can see what success is all about. Vita Flex is pleased to be an integral part of Chester’s success. Working together, Vita Flex helps keep Chester’s horses competing at their peak,” Clark said.

Vita Flex is dedicated to developing the best supplements for your performance horse. Their staff of equine nutritionists, veterinarians and scientists continuously research and test new and existing products with the goal of giving equestrians a full range of high performance products focused on getting top-ranking results.

For more information about Vita Flex Nutrition products, visit their website at or call (800) 848-2359. For more information on Weber and his combined driving team, visit their website at

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