An Unexpected Beginning

May 28, 2009 - 10:00 PM

I am currently quite excited about my first trip abroad with Cooper and am scrambling to get everything together. Luckily Emma Ford [Phillip Dutton’s groom] is amazing and is helping me along with all the packing, which if you haven’t done it before can be a bit overwhelming. Let me start off this blog with a bit of a story that I found to be quite amusing, as did everyone else.
When the planning of this trip first started, Phillip suggested that I go ride with David Green, and that he could take me to the event and coach me because Bromont is the same weekend, and Mark Phillips will be in and out of Bramham because Luhmuhlen is on that weekend as well.

So I emailed the Greens quite awhile ago, and then Phillip told me to give David a ring last week to finalize plans. Well I have spoken to David once in my life so I was a bit nervous…..  I gave him a ring on his home phone and said, “Hi it’s Jennie Brannigan calling, is David in?” He told me to F*&% off and hung up the phone. Needless to say, I was trying to figure out what I had done to upset him so much, and I talked to Phillip right away and told him this.
Turns out David had been getting a lot of calls from telemarketers that night and thought I was one. When he heard my American accent he realized who I was and called Phillip to double check. I was quite relieved to hear this and called David again and asked him if he would like to buy some new life insurance from me. He seemed to be quite embarrassed and told me not to tell a bunch of people that he told me to F*&^ off and hung up on me, but I think the story is to amusing to not pass on…..
Looks like the trip is starting off interesting.
Well that’s all for now…Talk to everyone soon!

Jennie Brannigan and Cooper

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