Therein Lies A TAILRx

Apr 5, 2013 - 3:54 AM

‘Educated horses’ were the rage of the horse age a century ago.  Cunningly trained to cues as subtle as a magician’s sleight of hand, horses like Colonel Fred, the ‘horse with the human brain,” appeared to calculate math, spell, and play a tune on pendulum-like chimes.  The era too was fascinated by natural curiosities, destined to inspire a young man named Robert Ripley to create ‘Believe It or Not!’ cartoons, and prompting Barnum & Bailey Circus to campaign a ‘hairless’ horse.

But the most natural beauty and star of his day in the turn of the 20th century spotlight was Victor.  Campaigned as ‘The Greatest Show Horse in the World,” the light grey gelding had a patchwork of dapples down his glossy hindquarters, and a nearly-white mane measuring 21-feet long to accompany his equally-dramatic 18-foot tail.

The secret to Victor’s amazing locks may have been lost to history but for today’s horses and ponies who are the stars of their owners’ barns, the secret to a beautiful tail is no secret at all:  it’s TAILRx.

How does TAILRx work?  TAILRx is formulated for performance. Each product is uniquely developed with clinically tested ingredients and targeted, nurturing botanicals to restore, strengthen, and nourish the tail and mane, encouraging new, lustrous hair growth. Its three products work together to unclog follicles, relieve itchiness, fortify the hair and re-energize circulation. TAILRx delivers vital benefits for horses with tail and mane growth problems, as well as those needing to maintain optimum hair health and condition.

At the base of every follicle is the dermal papilla, a vital structure for instigating and directing hair growth. Located in the hair bulb, along with the matrix, the papilla contains tiny blood vessels that carry nourishment to hair. Hair is 90% protein, in particular a fibrous protein called Keratin, and a healthy flow of blood is essential to feed the cells that form Keratin.

An enzyme found in each follicle’s sebum-producing oil glands is also implicated in hair loss. This enzyme converts androgens into DHT, which binds to follicles, causing blood vessels to diminish and wither. In essence, choking off the follicles. By eliminating the natural debris of dead cells and sebum, TAILRx clears the way for stronger, healthier hair growth.

Your horse can be a victor in the battle for shiny, silky, beautiful tresses with TAILRx, from the stable of outstanding products presented by RS Bioceuticals.  Dedicated to bringing targeted niche products, in categories that have traditionally been underserved or underrepresented, to equine and companion animal markets and health care, the RS Bioceuticals team of industry professionals represents more than a century’s worth of collective horse sense.  

The RS Bioceuticals motto “Innovation thru Collaboration™” is based on recognizing the value and importance of relationships: “Knowing what we know and knowing what we don’t,” say founders Jim Ruder and Stacey Small, “allows us to use our manufacturing, marketing, sales distribution and product development relationships and experience to solve critical business challenges and build successful and viable product and brand solutions.”  Don’t go it alone.  Let RS Bioceuticals work with you. To learn more call 877-288-1760 or visit

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