The Men Have Their Day In The $75,000 Battle Of The Sexes

Jan 14, 2018 - 9:13 AM

Wellington, Fla.—Jan. 13  

It’s a friendly rivalry to be sure, but that doesn’t mean the female and male teams in the $75,000 Battle Of The Sexes at the Winter Equestrian Festival weren’t giving it their all!

An annual light-hearted Saturday night class to kick off the season, riders are divided on to pink and blue teams of 10 riders each to compete head-to-head in match races, relay races and speed classes. This year, for the first time in the 10-year history of the class, the male team—captained by Charlie Jayne—captured the win.

Jayne’s team included David Blake, Andrew Bourns, Jordan Coyle, Alex Granato, William Hickey, Darragh Kenny, Luis Larrazabal, Spencer Smith, and Michael Tokaruk.

It came down to the second-to-last match race and it was Spencer Smith of Wellington, Florida, who secured the win for the men’s team by beating his team captain’s sister, Maggie Jayne. With a 4-point difference after Smith’s win, the riders didn’t need to ride the final match race.

“There have been a lot of years where it comes down to the last rider or the second to last rider, and Spencer really pulled it off for us today,” said Charlie Jayne. “Spencer went in, and he out-turned my sister at the end. Everybody in the match races did a fantastic job. Spencer really sealed the deal for us.”

Nicole Bellissimo led the women’s team of Heather Caristo-Williams, Amanda Derbyshire, Maggie Jayne, Caelinn Leahy, Abigail McArdle, Chelsea Sundius, Annabella Sanchez, Sydney Shulman, and Alexandra Welles.

Check out some of our favorite shots from the night!

Some people kept it simple with the extra costuming—Alexandra Welles elected for a pink hair ribbon. Photo by Ann Glavan.
For the first time in the Battle Of The Sexes 10-year history the women did not carry the night, but they certainly gave it the old college try! Alexandra Welles turns and burns in the speed event. Photo by Ann Glavan.
Annabella Sanchez looked back at the score clock as she blazed across the finish line in the match race. Photo by Ann Glavan.
Weather forecast for the main grand prix ring was cloudy with a chance of champagne showers! Photo by Ann Glavan.
Caelinn Leahy put some fun colored pom-poms in her horse’s mane. Photo by Ann Glavan.
Amanda Derbyshire raced into a turn in the speed event for the women’s team. Photo by Ann Glavan.
The teams lined up for a group photo before the event, and the women’s team mascot really wanted that treat from the ringmaster! Photo by Ann Glavan.
Equines and puppies alike got their time in the spot light! A parade of adoptable dogs from a local shelter kicked off the evening’s competition. Photo by Ann Glavan.
Speaking of dogs, some of them were even dressed for the occasion! Photo by Ann Glavan.
The Battle Of The Sexes is one of the most well attended night classes, making for a rather electric atmosphere for the horses racing around in the fun events. Photo by Ann Glavan.
It wouldn’t be Palm Beach if there wasn’t a Lamborghini hanging out ringside. Photo by Ann Glavan.
Some young fans of the female team just saw themselves on the jumbotron! Photo by Ann Glavan.
The match race is the final and most nail-biting of the three events in the Battle Of The Sexes. One rider from each team enters the ring at the same time and races toward the final fence and timers together. Photo by Ann Glavan.
After a decade of losing, the men were finally No. 1. Photo by Ann Glavan.
Fire dancers entertained the crowd during drag breaks. Photo by Ann Glavan.
Heather Caristo Williams won best outfit of the night—how much better does it get than a pink and white unicorn?! Photo by Ann Glavan.
Just a little extra pizazz in the mane and tail! Photo by Ann Glavan.
Forgot your pony? No problem, borrow one of ours! Kids from the crowd competed in a bouncey horse race halfway through the class. Photo by Ann Glavan.
Abigail McArdle’s mount was sporting some fun pink polos. Photo by Ann Glavan.
Michael Tokaruk got the most dressed up of the men with his face paint, mane pom-poms and even blue hoof paint! Photo by Ann Glavan.
Each team had a mini horse mascot. Photo by Ann Glavan.
Nicole Bellissimo’s horse was strutting its stuff in a plethora of pink! Photo by Ann Glavan.
Sydney Shulman’s horse gave an excited little kick out over the fences. Photo by Ann Glavan.
Sydney Shulman blazed across the finish line for the women in the match race—better luck next year ladies! Photo by Ann Glavan.




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