SmartPak Announces the Launch of New Gastric Health Supplement

Mar 11, 2013 - 9:01 AM

SmartPak has taken another step in the effort to keep horses healthy with the launch of SmartGut® Ultra, a breakthrough gastric health formula that is clinically proven to work.

During a research study conducted at Louisiana State University,SmartGut® Ultra helped maintain stomach health in horses under stress, as well as horses that had been treated for gastric lesions. This enhanced formula provides all the ingredients of original SmartGut®, plus GastrAvert™, a proprietary blend of sea buckthorn, glutamine, aloe vera, pectin, and lecithin. SmartGut® Ultra is a powerful new tool for supporting horses at risk of gastric problems due to stress from training, competing, traveling and living in a stall, as well as those with a history of gastric problems.

Stomach ulcers are surprisingly common, affecting 60% of show horses. Ulcers occur primarily in the non-glandular portion of the stomach due to its lack of protection against the erosive effects of gastric acids. Horses with stomach ulcers can show a variety of signs, from poor performance to decreased appetite and may even experience colic. Perhaps even more alarming, some horses with ulcers will show no symptoms at all.

The SmartGut® Ultra research study was conducted by Dr. Frank Andrews, Director of the Equine Health Studies Program at the Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine. Based on the outcome of the study Dr. Andrews, an investigator in the clinical testing of GastroGard®, says “If your horse has ulcers, you need to treat with GastroGard. Then I recommend using SmartGut Ultra to maintain stomach health.” Dr. Andrews continues, “If your horse is under stress, I recommend feeding SmartGut Ultra to help reduce your horse’s risk of developing ulcers.”

SmartPak’s CEO, Paal Gisholt, commented “We are proud to be contributing to the growing body of research that shows how judicious use of supplements can help our horses to cope with the stresses of the modern equine lifestyle.”

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