Showplace Fall Classic Championship Horse Show Wrap-Up: September 10-15, 2013

Sep 18, 2013 - 6:36 AM

Wayne, IL – September 17, 2013 – The long anticipated Illinois Hunter Jumper Association (IHJA) “A” Medal Finals sponsored by Barrington Saddlery, were the highlight of the Grand Prix Ring Sunday, September 15 at the Showplace Fall Classic Championship Horse Show, running September 10-15 at the Lamplight Equestrian Center.
Skip Bailey of Wellington, FL, designed the IHJA Medal Finals courses with horse show manager, Patrick Boyle. As usual, the designing team pulled out a few surprises and a beautiful course. A combination of derby jumps including split rails, hay bales, brush jumps and snake jumps mixed with some Showplace red and white jumps and white fence lines, made for an attractive and challenging track. Boyle even put real trees in the ring and hundreds of ferns and mums to polish it off.
“I tried to give riders plenty of options,” explained Bailey. “I wanted to give them a course so they could decide how to showcase their talents the best.”
“What Skip [Bailey] and I were trying to do is something that prepares kids for the indoor finals – Harrisburg, Washington and Kentucky coming up,” said manager Boyle. “There are a lot of options in this course, a lot of variances where the kids have to make their own decisions.”
The course varied in the options presented according to the skill level of the class, but all classes had four jumps in the corner that could be jumped in any direction and any sequence. There was also an unusual combination across the center of the ring constructed out of hay bales. In the center it was a two stride and on the outsides it was a one stride, jumped in both directions. There was also a chute built with white fence with a jump into the chute and a single jump out of the chute that turned into a triple combination for the juniors. It was truly an exceptional course that could be used at any national medal final, and it gave local riders the opportunity to experience that.
There were many variations of the options demonstrated, especially in the IHJA Junior Medal. Executing the best set of options was Caitlin Boyle of Hampshire, IL landing a score of 88. Not far behind was the 2012 USHJA Emerging Athletes Program winner, Stephen Foran with a score of 83. Also making the final four was Taylor Sutton of Gurnee, IL and Alessia Woods of Long Grove, IL.
Following the completion of the course, the pick of the crop were asked to enter the ring and stand to hear the work off. The work off began with backing out of line, then riders were asked to canter directly to fence 3, gallop fence 2, jump fence 9 (the snake jump) rolling back on fence 9 to jump it from the other direction, then jump a bending line from the first jump of the course to the last Swedish oxer of the course, trot a jump at the ‘in’ of the chute and finally proceed at a sitting trot back to the line. Riders were asked to then turn around and face their horses out of the ring so they could not see what the other riders were doing.
Again, spectators saw many variations of the theme as riders chose different paths to showcase their strengths. All four riders demonstrated a different track, which kept spectators at the edge of their seats, anxious to see what the riders would do.  Again it was Boyle who demonstrated a handy track with rhythm and smoothness to hold her lead for the win. Foran also demonstrated a smooth work off, holding his spot for second.
“I thought from the judge’s point it was a very good test because there were multiple, multiple options from either taking inside turns or how to correctly jump a jump backward and then figure out how to rollback on it,” Caitlin Boyle said. “There were so many different options that you could have picked it put so much pressure on us, especially because you couldn’t watch each other. You couldn’t feed off of each other’s ideas. I thought it was really good test because you really had to know what you were doing. You really had to use your own idea and make it work.”
Foran commented, “It was a rather challenging test, but my horse is so reliable that it worked out well, and I was really happy with him. Knowing that Cait was ahead of me, I assumed that she was going to put in a pretty solid test, so I figured I would have to be really kind of brilliant. I knew I could trust my horse to do anything so I kind of took all of the hardest options I could and really just showed him off. But she was a good 5 points ahead so I had a lot of room to make up.”
“I knew Stephen could figure out something,” Boyle replied. “I’m sure he thought of something I didn’t, which obviously happened. I tried to play it more on a safe level because I knew I had the point advantage. I just wanted to find all of my jumps and not make any mistakes that could push me back.”
The day was filled with medal class after medal class. The IHJA Pony Medal had eleven riders eager to take on the challenge. Making the test were Natalie Jayne, Mia Walvoord, Honor Pickus and Charlise Casas coming back on top. Keeping the lead, Charlise Casas won the class with Natalie Jayne holding second, Honor Pickus finishing third and Mia Walvoord rounding out the top four.
Next the adults tried their skills in the IHJA Adult Mini Medal Finals. The brave adults gave it their best shot with Jessie Jablon, Jane Dickinson, Rosie Punzi and Lauren Robishaw returning for the work off.  Each work off throughout the day was a bit different. This group cantered three specific jumps, halted and returned to line at the posting trot. Lauren Robishaw of Chicago finished at the top of the list.
The IHJA Children’s Mini Medal was a large class with twenty-seven riders, all trying to make the cut. Again you saw many different interpretations of the course with Sydney Gruchot of Glenview, IL going to the top of the leader board with an 85. Ella Zimbrick of Fitchburg, WI returned for the work off with an 81, Olivia Stoeckel and Kalie Hoskins also returned. The test for this group included some canter jumps, a trot jump and a halt. Both Gruchot and Zimbrick held their spots after the work off finishing first and second.
Winning the largest class of the day out of 31 riders in the IHJA Children’s Medal was Shelby Long of Clarendon Hills, IL.  Also making the top four were Celia Bresch of Barrington, IL, Anneka Jansson, and Samantha Jensen of St. Charles, IL.
Riding in a slight downpour were the riders in the IHJA Adult Medal Finals. Returning for the work off, Michael Leonard of St. Charles, IL was in the lead followed by Kathleen Bruce of Kildeer, IL, Mary Beth Canfield of Chicago and Kimberly Plaster of Bartlet, IL.
The group tested over another combination of canter jumps with a trot jump and a halt. Leonard held his lead for the win, Mary Beth Canfield was able to move up a spot for second and Kimberly Plaster also moved up a spot for third.
All of the medal winners will be acknowledged at the IHJA Awards Banquet on November 23rd. Combined with the Marshall and Sterling Midwest Championships, the Showplace Fall Classic Championship Horse Show is one of the most elaborate local finals in the country.
In the Marshall & Sterling Midwest Regional Finals, Emily Scarnechia and Paige Matthies both secured wins on Sunday.
For Scarnechia, the win in the Marshall & Sterling Pony Medal Finals, not only marked the perfect end to the week at the Showplace Fall Classic Championship Horse Show, it also put the final exclamation point on her show career with her pony, On Angel’s Wings. Following her success with “Angel,” the 12-year-old rider from Barrington Hills, IL will now look to make the move from ponies to horses.
Scarnechia trains with Mary and Lisa Goldman at Redcoat Farm, based in Hawthorn Woods, IL. The Goldmans are continually strong supporters of the Showplace Fall Classic Championship and
Showplace Productions, the popular management company behind the horse show’s success.
“Pat [Boyle] supports our team, and we support his. The Showplace Production horse shows are all about the exhibitors, and we love that,” Mary Goldman said.
Joining Redcoat Farm as a generous sponsor at this year’s event is Michelle Durpetti. A competitive Amateur-Owner hunter rider herself, Durpetti runs Michelle Durpetti Events, a wedding and event planning company. This weekend, Durpetti sponsored the $1,000 Junior Hunter Classic and the $1,000 Amateur-Owner Hunter Classic.
“I absolutely love supporting horse shows through being an exhibitor as well as a sponsor because for me, this is a passion, a great past time and a privilege,” said Durpetti. “I think that Showplace Productions has always done a great job of offering quality shows that are easy to get to and allow us a chance to show our horses without being out of town every weekend.”
Earning the championship tricolor and cooler in the $1,000 Amateur-Owner Hunter Classic were Kelsey Thatcher and Fredrick, owned by Pony Lane Farm of Bluffdale, UT. Thatcher and Fredrick, or “Ricky,” also earned back-to-back blue ribbons over fences and a second under saddle to be named the Amateur-Owner Hunter division champions.
The Showplace Fall Classic Championship Horse Show provided Thatcher and Fredrick the perfect opportunity to gear up for the indoor circuit, including the Capital Challenge Horse Show and the Pennsylvania National Horse Show. And with the Lamplight Equestrian Center only 15 minutes away from the Jayne family’s Our Day Farm, where Thatcher trains with Alex and Maggie Jayne, the horse show and venue are a tough one to beat.
“I love Lamplight; it’s like home for us,” said Thatcher. “The footing is amazing. Plus the food around this St. Charles area is great!”
Lake Leelanau, MI native Paige Matthies also enjoys all that the Lamplight Equestrian Center and the Showplace Production horse shows have to offer relatively close to home. Saturday’s horse show was particularly enjoyable for Matthies thanks to her win in the $1,000 Marshall & Sterling Children’s Hunter Championship presented by Tapestry Farms.
She bested a competitive field over the Skip Bailey designed course to earn the winner’s share of the prize money aboard her own Audience of One, known affectionately as “Audi.”
Perfect weather, a newly remodeled Grand Prix Ring and a beautiful course set the stage for another great show day at the Showplace Fall Classic Championship Horse on Saturday, September 14. The headline event for the day was the $30,000 WeatherTech Grand Prix presented by  
Hector Loyola designed the course to test the twenty-four competing horse and rider combinations. The course used every inch of the Grand Prix Ring, weaving from one side to the other and down to the very end. A triple combination to the half wall-half plank Chicago Equestrian jump at the end of the course seemed to be the true test for most horses. Passing all the tests with flying colors to earn the victory was Ryan Genn of Lebanon, OH aboard Umberto.
Brother Theo Genn was the first of eight to attempt the jump off on Paradox, owned by Thomas Bruinsma of Ada, MI. The youngest Genn set the bar high with a clear round and a time of 45.259 seconds.
Next to take on the jump off track were Lisa Goldman and Centurion B, known for their speedy jump-offs. The pair pulled a rail at the WeatherTech jump, ending up with 4 faults and a time of 45.366 seconds.
Fourteen-year-old Giavanna Rinaldi of Wayne, IL, in her first Grand Prix attempt, pulled the plank at the Chicago Equestrian jump but put in a good time of 44.706 seconds on GPS Brilliant Disguise. The pair placed third in their first Welcome Stake earlier in the week.
Putting in a fast time of 44.342 seconds was Athena and Kelsey Thatcher of Bluffdale, UT, but they unfortunately pulled a rail on the out of the combination for four faults.
Taking another turn was Theo Genn on his second mount, Palim Palim owned by Nancy Gooding of Larkspur, CO. Taking his time in hopes of adding another clean round to the list, Genn had a slower time of 48.562 seconds, but he pulled a rail as he angled the second to last jump.
Happy Z with Wilhelm Genn is a Chicago favorite with long record of wins. Returning for the jump-off Wihelm Genn now had a chance to take over the lead from son, Theo and Paradox. Wilhelm Genn set another fast time with 44.354 seconds, but he had two rails for eight faults.
It was then back to Ryan Genn, who would not be outdone with his mount Umberto, owned by North Star of East Aurora, NY. Ryan managed to one-up brother Theo with the only other clear round and a faster time of 44.065 seconds.
In usual fashion as the last one to jump off, Lisa Goldman and Zacantos Z put in a very quick round for the fastest time of the class in 43.945 seconds, but they pulled a plank at the Chicago Equestrian jump. The round landed her in the third place slot, and she also took sixth on Centurion B.
The Genn family proudly took home first, second, sixth and seventh place, but the win was more than that for the group. The boys’ grandfather passed away just a few days ago, and the three decided they wanted to try to win one for the grandpa they were so close to – and they did.
 “We’re all on the same team. I’m very proud of them,” remarked Wilhelm Genn following the class. “Especially today.”
Another of the Championship classes held at the Showplace Fall Classic was the $5,000 Marshall and Sterling Children’s/Adult Jumper Championship sponsored by Luxmax USA and the Scarnechia Family. Luxmax USA is a manufacturer of LED video displays for architecture and concerts.The company has produced the background screen displays for such groups as Maroon 5, Keith Urban, The Rolling Stones, Springsteen, Michael Jackson and Beyonce’s Superbowl halftime show.  Vice President of the company, Robert Scarnechia, has two daughters, Sarah and Emily, who ride with Lisa and Mary Goldman, and he decided to get involved.
Thirty-eight horse and rider combinations tackled the thirteen jump course for the M&S Children’s/ Adult Jumper Classic Championship. The course included a triple combination midway through and oxers, which allowed for turning and galloping. The jump off also demanded turning and galloping with an additional oxer- vertical combination. The course produced eight double clear rounds, but one rider clearly rose above the rest. Grace Knox, 14, of North Barrington, IL and Rapidash set a speedy time of 35.743 seconds for the win.
Following the $30,000 WeatherTech Grand Prix, equitation riders took to the ring for the Farnam Adult Medal Finals, the Smartpak Children’s Medal Finals and the Marshall & Sterling Junior Medal Final, all generously sponsored by Freddie and Jodi Vazquez and Messenger Hill Farm.  
Leading the Marshall & Sterling Junior Medal Final victory gallop was Caitlin Boyle aboard Loredo, owned by Micaela Kennedy of Chesterfield, MO. Boyle has seen much success in equitation classes throughout the country thanks in part to the strong supporting team that she has behind her.  The Hampshire, IL native trains with Messenger Hill Farm’s Freddie and Jodi Vazquez, Katie Kapppler, Kim Gardiner of Perfecta Farm and her father, Patrick Boyle.
Her strong training was evident as she skillfully equitated over the Hector Loyola designed opening course. The course tested riders with two combinations, rollback turns and two lines that allowed for striding options.
Following the completion of the first round course, the top four riders were called back for additional testing. Returning in the fourth place position were Nicole Jensen and Talent, followed by Nicki LaChapelle in third, Caitlin Creel and Confession in second and Caitlin Boyle and Loredo in the top spot.
Each of the four riders was called into a line-up along the rail and asked to walk forward from line, canter directly over the first round’s opening fence, counter canter to fence number two, and then proceed to jump two additional fences before returning to line at a sitting trot.
All four riders executed the test well, but with a particularly well-performed test the top spot remained Boyle’s. Creel also delivered an impressive short round ride to remain in second, while Jenson moved up to third and LaChapelle finished in fourth.
As both an important part of Caitlin Boyle’s training team and as the presenting sponsors of the Marshall & Sterling Junior Medal Finals, Freddie & Jodi Vazquez were happy to be able to play a part in the success of the show.
“This is home for us so we like to support the home team,” said Freddie Vazquez. “We believe in the product and are proud to be a part of it. Pat (Boyle) really takes pride in the awards, the jumps, the footing and the entire show. This show is a great warm up for the kids to learn and get ready for the indoor finals, and we like to do our part.”
In the Farnam Adult Medal Finals, it was Chelsea Borgeson and Make Believe who earned the win. Their victory on Saturday was a particularly meaningful and emotional one for Borgeson.  
“Make Believe was my junior hunter a long time back,” explained Borgeson, a 24-year-old Northbrook, IL resident. “I showed him for a couple years in the Amateur-Owners and then he got really sick. He colicked, had surgery, and they found an abscess. He wasn’t even expected to still be alive, and now he’s showing again.”
Borgeson chocked back tears as she continued: “It’s really emotional. We just returned to the show ring together in June after he had about two years off. We’re taking it slowly, but he’s been great and he was absolutely great today.”  
Borgeson rides with Galway Farm in Long Grove, IL, another strong supporter of Showplace Productions and the Showplace Fall Classic Championship Horse Show.
“We love what Pat Boyle does for the area,” Lorrie Canady, owner and trainer at Galway Farm said. “We’re lucky to have such nice horse shows right in our backyard, and we’re happy to support the shows and the exhibitors who attend them. Pat gives back to the industry in the form of scholarships and provides great shows with the exhibitors in mind, so we like to help make a difference too.”
Finishing in second in the Farnam Adult Medal Finals were Lesley Quillen and Bombardier, while the third place ribbon went to Alissa Norris and Lanshark.
Rounding out the afternoon equitation victories was young rider Gia Gulino who earned the win in the SmartPak Children’s Medal Finals riding her own Bennett. Finishing in second in the class were Shannon Donovan and Harvey, and finishing in third were Courtney Berlin and Pioneer.
In addition to her success in the equitation division, Caitlin Boyle saw much success in the hunter ring. The Hampshire, IL native rode to three top two finishes in the Small Junior Hunters aboard Finders Keepers on Friday, September 13.
Other top junior finishers on Friday in the main hunter ring, sponsored by Wisconsin Equine Clinic & Hospital, included Emily Kabeshita, Madeline Thatcher, Madison Edwards, Emily Schneider and Alexis Cohen. Schneider and Windy V, owned by Alan Korotkin of Wellington, FL, took the top call in the first Small Junior Hunter class, while Boyle and her own Finders Keepers finished second over the Skip Bailey designed course.
Over the second course of the division, it was again Boyle and Finders Keepers who claimed the second place honor, while Alexis Cohen of Highland Park, IL and her own Ferrari took the blue. Boyle concluded the day’s Small Junior Hunter classes with a first place finish in the under saddle, leading the division standings heading in to Saturday’s competition. Boyle eventually finished as the reserve champion while Emily Schneider and Windy V earned the championship tricolor.
In the Large Junior Hunters, it is Madeline Thatcher and Summer Place, owned by Pony Lane Farm of Bluffdale, UT, who led the way heading into the second day of the division. The consistently top performing pair earned both a first and second over fences and third under saddle to head up the point tally for the day. Leading the jog for the first place award in the first over fences class was Madison Edwards of Lake Forest, IL aboard her own Last Wish. Thatcher and Summer Place continued their winning ways on Saturday to earn the division championship, with Edwards taking reserve.
Back in the Grand Prix Ring on Friday, the day’s highlight was the $5,000 Junior/Amateur Owner Hall of Fame Jumper Classic Season Final, sponsored by Wisconsin Equine Clinic and Hospital. The ring also featured the $1,500 Modified Child/Adult Jumper Classic and the $1,500 Low Children’s/Adult Classic sponsored by Bill Jacobs BMW of Naperville, IL.
Seventeen Junior/Amateur Owner riders competed to earn the blue ribbon in the $5,000 High Junior/Amateur Owner Hall of Fame Jumper Classic in the newly remodeled Grand Prix Ring.  The Hector Loyola designed course was a galloping course flowing across the entire ring. The designer used a triple combination near the end of the course and an end jump away from the gate as the final jump. Bold oxers and multiple approach options to the verticals led to an interesting and fast jump off.
The battle for the lead changed hands several times throughout the class. Setting the pace from the start was Kelsey Thatcher and Balougris SL Z with a double clear round and a time of 42.282 seconds. A few trips later, Lillie Ross and Pako took over the lead with a double clear and a time of 40.990 seconds.
Two trips later it was the younger Thatcher sister, Madeline, and Splendor who took the lead in 40.573 seconds. Four trips later the lead went back to Kelsey Thatcher and her mount, Everything, making sure she gave her little sister a run for their money.
Then the ball was back in Madeline Thatcher’s court with her horse, Licapo. The pair galloped and jumped the verticals at hard angles to save time but fell just short of the time at 39.855 seconds.
Breaking up the family party was Stephan Foran, EAP winner, and Etienne B, again pulling out all the tricks in the bag to leave the sisters in the dust. Again falling short of Kelsey Thatcher’s blazing time, Foran had 38.843 seconds, which just wasn’t fast enough for the lead.
After all the dust settled and the boxing gloves were put away, it was Kelsey Thatcher and Everything at the top, Stephen Foran and Etienne B took second and Madeline Thatcher walked away with both third and fourth on Licapo and Splendor respectively. Lillie Ross and Pako won the fifth spot and Stonestreet with Madison Billings swept up sixth.
The class was sponsored by Wisconsin Equine Clinic and Hospital, which has supported the Junior/Amateur Jumper division since this spring at the Showplace Spring Spectacular Shows. The equine clinic has been available at the Chicago area shows to help educate and support the riders and trainers in competition.
“The doctors and staff want to thank Showplace Productions, Lamplight Equestrian Center and the exhibitors for the opportunity to support and provide care to the local horse community through the help of its industry partners,” stated Dr. Chuck Johnson of Wisconsin Equine.
Another sponsor in the Grand Prix Ring was Bill Jacobs BMW of Naperville, IL. The top dealer had several models of BMW’s displayed on the show grounds for spectators to see.  Client Advisor, Nancy Schmitz explained that her daughter rides and she thought it was a great opportunity to match four-legged horsepower to the horsepower of the Ultimate Driving Machine, BMW. The dealership sponsored the $1,500 Low Children’s Adult Jumper Classic and the $1,500 Modified Children’s Adult Jumper Classic.
Riders tackled the lengthy course and a speedy jump off in order to claim a prize. For twelve-year-old Celia Bresch of Barrington Hills, IL, Friday the 13th was nothing but luck for her as she took the blue ribbon in both classics. Riding the veteran 19-year-old Thoroughbred gelding, Keepen Posted owned by Mint Hill Farm, Bresch set the fastest times of the day.
Finishing second in the Low Children’s/Adult Jumper Classic was Caelinn Leahy and Steve Scheafer’s Joseph Phelps. Leahy is no stranger to the top ribbons in the Children’s Jumpers.She was Champion in Colorado this summer and won the Low Child/Adult Speed Derby there.
Taking the well deserved third place ribbon home was Molly Struve and Blackrock, owned by well known local Amateur rider Donna Struve, who finished clean and quick.
Following the winner, Bresch, in the Modified Child/Adult Jumper Classic was Heather Concklin of Hinsdale, IL and her Savoy. Savoy is a 14-year-old warmblood mare. Concklin, an adult rider, kept up with the youngsters as she blazed around the course with the second fastest time of 33.036.
Another fast time of 36.586 was set by Rebecca Lannoye and Mercedes Bay, earning them the third place ribbon.
The Showplace Fall Classic Championship Horse Show also welcomed professional hunters, and with beautiful hunter courses and picturesque weather there was no question on Thursday as to why the regions top hunter professionals and horses are drawn to the Lamplight Equestrian Center. Among Thursday’s top finishers in the professional hunters were Russell Frey, Maggie Jayne, Tina Judge and Meagan Murray.
“It’s just so enjoyable to be here,” said Frey who earned the Conformation Hunter division championship aboard Ferrari. “Big kudos to the new owner, Nina [Koloseike], because she’s really done a nice job with this place. You look around and it’s absolutely beautiful. There’s good stabling, plenty of areas to work horses, upgraded footing – Pat [Boyle] does a great job with this show.”
Frey and Ferrari, owned by Alexis Cohen of Highland Park, IL, came into the day with a blue ribbon win already under their belt from Wednesday’s classes, and on Thursday they bested the field over both Skip Bailey designed courses to clinch the division championship.
Finishing behind Ferrari in the reserve position in the Conformation Hunters was Freddie Vazquez aboard Talan, owned by Meg Gehron of Chicago, IL.
In the High Performance Hunters, it was long-time Lamplight Equestrian Center and Showplace Productions competitor Tina Judge who earned the top tri-color riding Trust Me, owned by Shannon Kelly of Chicago, IL.
“We’ve been coming here since the beginning of time,” joked Judge of Judgement Farm, based in Oswego, IL. “We love it here. It’s close to home so we bring a lot of horses, and the facility is always beautiful. Showplace Productions does a great job.”
Judge and Trust Me earned the top call in the first High Performance over fences class of the day and took the third place award in the handy round. Their top ribbons on Thursday, coupled with two first place finishes on Wednesday earned them the division championship.
Finishing in reserve were Cookie Beck and Prologue, owned by Rendezvous Farm of Whitefish Bay, WI. Beck and the 8-year-old Warmblood have earned division tri-colors across the country, and they again displayed that winning style, earning the first place spot in the handy round and the second place award in the opening round.
Rounding out the Thursday’s championship winners were Meagan Murray and Esperado in the First Year Green Hunters and Maggie Jayne and Fredrick, owned by Pony Lane Farm of Bluffdale, UT, in the Second Year Green Hunters.
The highlight of the Grand Prix Ring on Thursday was the $10,000 Open Welcome Stake. With an impressive double clear round, Maggie Jayne and Manneken du Cory earned the Welcome Stake victory gallop.
Nineteen horse and rider combinations took a swing at the Hector Loyola designed course for a piece of the prize money in the Welcome Stake. The fourteen jump course included three combinations – one early on, one in the middle and one late in the course, with most of the faults occurring at the verticals in the combinations.
Nine riders made it to the jump off phase with only four managing a double clear round. First to jump off was Willie Tynan of Battle Creek, MI on Flying C, owned by Spy Coast Farm, LLC. They had a middle of the road time of 46.364 seconds but also accumulated 12 faults. Next to go was Ryan Genn of Lebanon, OH with Umberto, owned by North Star. The duo produced the first double clear round with a quick time of 39.559 seconds.
Next to try their skill were Robin Walker of Grass Lake, MI and Under the Radar, owned by Patrice Schreiber. The pair managed to jump clean but incurred three time faults.
A newcomer to the Grand Prix scene, 14-year-old Giavanna Rinaldi on GPS Brilliant Disguise, was riding in her first Welcome Stake. Rinaldi made an impressive debut as she went double clean with a competitive time of 41.273 seconds.
Caribe and Steve Schaefer of Maple Park, IL were next, turning in an incredibly fast time of 37.454 seconds, but they pulled a rail at the third vertical after making a tight inside turn.
Luciana Solari of Marengo, IL and Cognac do Jacare added another clear round making it three to be double clear but with a slower time of 50.495 seconds.
Maggie Jayne and Manneken Du Cory, owned by the Pony Lane Farm, showed Chicago how it was done, blazing the course in 38.572 seconds and leaving up all the jumps for the Welcome Stake win.
Ryan Genn and Umberto ended up second and the new kid on the block, Giavanna Rinaldi, took third in her first Welcome Stake.
In the Junior/Amateur-Owner Jumpers, it was Stephanie Novas who finished both first and second in the first class of 20 riders. Setting the pace for the class with her first ride, Amyra R, at 38.584 seconds, proved to be difficult to match. Fifteen of the twenty went clear in the first round and twelve went clean in the jump off, leaving time as the deciding factor. Novas, outdoing herself, jumped around in a speedy 37.511 seconds on her second ride, Aretina M, for the win.
Novas took first (Aretina M) and second (Amyra R) with Emily Shevelend and Lyla finishing third with another fast round.
The second Junior/Amateur-Owner Jumper class was power and speed. Twelve riders rode in the second class over the twisty, turning course. Again it was Novas setting a tough time to beat for the rest of the class. Novas jumped clean in 33.435 seconds on her mount, Aretina M.
Try as they might, the others just couldn’t catch the speedy Novas until the very end, when Novas herself beat the time with her second horse, Amyra R, in 32.439 seconds.
The Showplace Productions team will next head to the Minnesota State Fairgrounds in St. Paul, MN for the Minnesota Harvest Horse Show. To learn more about Showplace Productions and upcoming shows visit:

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