The Second Round And Final Results Of The Pessoa/USEF Medal Finals

Oct 10, 2009 - 10:00 PM


1st – Jessica Springsteen (trainers Stacia Madden, Max Amaya, Krista Freundlich and Beezie Madden)

2nd – Zazou Hoffman (trainers Missy Clark and John Brennan)

3rd – Tina DiLandri (trainers Andre Dignelli, Patricia Griffith, Kirsten Coe and Karen Healey)

4th – Samantha Schaefer (trainers Andre Dignelli, Patricia Griffith, Kirsten Coe and Kim Stewart)

5th – Jennifer Waxman (trainers Ken and Emily Smith)

6th – Catherine Pasmore (Andre Dignelli, Patricia Griffith and Kirsten Coe)

7th – Chase Boggio (trainers Bob Braswell and Christina Schlusemeyer)

8th – Jacqueline Lubrano (trainers Stacia Madden, Max Amaya, Krista Freundlich and Beezie Madden)

9th – Paulena Johnson (trainers Ken and Emily Smith)

10th – Molly Braswell (trainers Bob Braswell and Christina Schlusemeyer)

Reserve: Rachel Thurman

They’ve called Tina DiLandri, Jessica Springsteen, Zazou Hoffman and Samantha Schaefer back for more testing.

They’ve gathered in the out-gate end of the ring, and they’re supposed to hand-gallop Fence 4 (see course map below), canter Fences 5, 6AB, and 7. Then counter-canter Fence 8, canter fence 9, and halt. Than canter Fence 10 and return to the line-up at the walk.

Tina DiLandri’s hand-gallop to Fence was was a bit conservative. She did flying change to the counter-canter at the end of the ring, but lost the counter-canter for a stride on the tight roll-back turn to the fan jump. Her halt and canter of the last jump were very nice.

Jessica Springsteen had a bold hand-gallop to Fence 4, then a lovely and precise tour of the next few fences. She did a flying change to the counter lead in the short end of the ring and her horse changed a stride late behind. She did a wonderful job of holding the counter-canter through a tight turn to Fence 8. Her halt and canter of the last jump were textbook.

Zazou Hoffman was bold to the first jump, but it backfired a bit when that boldness carried over to her approach of the in-and-out and she found a long one there. Her change to the counter-canter was a bit sticky, and she swung wide on the counter-canter turn.

Samantha Schaefer struck up a good gallop to the first fence, but she got deep to it and had the front rail down. She then got tight to the narrow wall as well and knocked the blocks off the top of it. She had a good change to the counter lead and held it through a tight turn to the fan jump. She finished with a good halt and last fence. 

The 25 For The Second Round
Zazou Hoffman started off with a forward, bold pace and had a lovely first few fences. Her horse landed on the left lead after Fence 3, and she had to fit a flying change in quickly before the tight rollback to Fence 4. She found Fence 4 on a quiet stride, then was a touch long to 6AB. She finished the course with her usual quiet, easy style.

Tina DiLandri rides with a very soft, fluid touch. She maybe was a bit weak in the turn back to Fence 4 and her horse pulled the back rail. She also didn’t have a perfect jump at the wall, but her elegance and flow are wonderful.

Samantha Schaefer’s horse got a bit unbalanced on the tight turn back to Fence 4 and rubbed the fan jump, but she had a nice sense of pace and track and rode well. 

Jessica Springsteen couldn’t have ridden the first five fences any better and just kept going. Her horse rubbed the oxer out of the in-and-out and the last fence, but she was wickedly accurate and had a ncie flow.

Chase Boggio, the only boy in the final 25, was a bit conservative to Fence 1, then developed a nice rhythm. He negotiated the wider turn back to Fence 4 nicely, and had a beautiful rollback to the fan jump.

Molly Braswell rode fluidly forward to the first few jumps and had a great turn back to Fence 4, but then ended up close to the fan jump and the last oxer. 

Jennifer Waxman was dead-on accurate to the first five jumps, but might have been a touch close to the A element of the in-and-out. Falcon gives such a lovely effort over every jump, and made it look good. A beautiful round.

Paulena Johnson had a lovely round, doing a nice job at the tighter turn back to Fence 4. She was a touch close to the base of the fan jump, but had a good flow to her course.

Catherine Pasmore showed a good sense of track, riding lovely turns with a great rhythm. Her turn to the coop jump wasn’t as smooth and flowing as the rest of her turns, however.

Olivia Dorey found deep distances to both the vertical at Fence 3 and the fan jump, but had a nice round.

Jacqueline Lubrano showed great adjustability of stride, shortening to get the tight rollback to Fence 4 done, then opening up the stride to the coop and in-and-out. Her horse just barely dragged a hind toe over the back rail of the last oxer and it came down.

Carolyn Lichtenberg was a hair quiet to the first jump, then picked up a lovely pace. She did leave quite long to the wall and her tight rollback to the fan jump brought her right to the base of that fence. She finished well.

Morgan Hale had a nice, forward and fluid pace, but got quite close to the wall jump, then had a rail at the vertical at Fence 9 when she left a bit of a gap there.

Quincy Hayes had a rail down at Fence 4 when she got a bit deep to it, then her distance didn’t quite work out to the narrow wall and she had an awkward jump there. She rolled back very nicely to the fan jump and finished up with poise and style.

Hasbrouck Donovan was the first to really give the impression that she was attacking the course, and she had a bold ride. A rub at the fan jump was the only flaw. She chose the wider turn and executed it well.

Navona Gallegos executed her plan well, turning back tightly to Fence 4 and keeping a lovely rhythm.

Christina Lin chose the wider turn option, but had an accurate and bold ride to the first few jumps. Her horse had the back rail of the fan jump down, however.

Rachel Thurman made the tight turn option work for her as well, but was a bit quiet to the fan fence at Fence 8. A very polished ride for her.

Emma Johnson rode confidently and executed the tight turn to Fence 4 well. She had a bold, forward ride to the narrow wall, really trusting her horse and making it work well.

Alexandra Arute rode the tight turn to Fence 4 very accurately and looked forward and confident, though she was a bit quiet to the last fence. Her horse made beautiful efforts over the jumps.

Christina Gellos started with a bit more pace to the first few jumps, and negotiated the wider turn option to Fence 4 and did it quite well. She slowed down a bit toward the second half of the course and had two hard rubs, however.

Taylor Brown also rode accurately, but a tad conservatively. She turned through the gap to Fence 4 as well, nad had a bit of a quiet distance there. Everywhere else, she was fluid and had great sense of track and pace.

Charlotte Jacobs started off well, but had a bit of a quiet distance to Fence 4 after turning tight between the ga in the ferns. Her rhythm was a bit interrupted, so she ended up tight to the coop at Fence 5 as well.

Lucy Davis was also quite fluid and pleasant, with efficient turns and a lovely pace.

Samantha Ramsey led off the second round with a nice, flowing trip. She negotiated the tighter turn option to Fence 4 and did it well, but she seemed a touch conservative. 

Riders start Round 2 by cantering directly from the in-gate to a brown vertical heading into the far corner of the ring. They make a tight left turn to an airy gray oxer in the end of the ring, then come diagonally out of the corner to a split-rail vertical. From there, they have a two-option turn, but the other way, back to Round 1’s Fence 6 (now Fence 4). So, they have a choice of turning wide around the straw bales, or rolling back tightly through a gap in the ferns.

A bending line of seven strides to the right follows to the coop, which doesn’t have wings. From there, a bending five or more direct four strides lead to a vertical-oxer in-and-out at 6AB set on the far wall, made of the same birch rails and rolltop as the triple combination of Round 1.

A tight turn to the right to the wingless narrow wall—now set at the other end of the ring—follows. Then, the riders have to circle around the end of the ring, past the in-gate, to jump a fan fence at Fence 8. A bending line to the right leads to a vertical, and then they finish off a sweeping bending line to the left over a white oxer. Just as in Round 1, the course doesn’t have any easy sections and the accuracy and track questions never let up.

Order Of Go For Round 2

Samantha Ramsay 

Lucy Davis

Charlotte Jacobs

Taylor Brown

Christina Gellos

Alexandra Arute

Emma Johnson

Rachel Thurman

Christina Lin

Navona Gallegos

Hasbrouck Donovan

Quincy Hayes

Morgan Hale

Carolyn Lichtenberg

Jacqueline Lubrano

Olivia Dorey

Catherine Pasmore

Paulena Johnson

Jennifer Waxman

Molly Braswell

Chase Boggio

Jessica Springsteen

Samantha Schaefer

Tina DiLandri 

Zazou Hoffman



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