Recent Results - October 4

Oct 5, 2010 - 6:53 AM

Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games Eventing
Lexington, Ky., Sept. 30-Oct. 3

Great Britain (William Fox-Pitt/Cool Mountain, Mary King/Imperial Cavalier, Nicola Wilson/Opposition Buzz, Kristina Cook/Miners Frolic, 139.4) won the team championship over Canada (Selena O’Hanlon/Colombo, Hawley Bennett-Awad/Gin & Juice, Kyle Carter/Madison Park, Stephanie Rhodes-Bosch/Port Authority, 151.5) & New Zealand (Mark Todd/Grass Valley, Caroline Powell/Mac MacDonald, Clarke Johnstone/Orient Express, Andrew Nicholson/Nereo, 154.8). The United States (Boyd Martin/Neville Bardos, Buck Davidson/Ballynoe Castle RM, Karen O’Connor/Mandiba, Phillip Dutton/Woodburn, 160.3) placed fourth. La Biosthetique-Sam FBW (Michael Jung of Germany, 33.0) won the individual championship over Cool Mountain (Fox-Pitt, 42.0) & Nereo (Nicholson, 43.5).

Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games Dressage
Lexington, Ky., Sept. 27-Oct.1

The Netherlands (Edward Gal/Moorlands Totilas, Imke Schellekens-Bartels/ Hunter Douglas Sunrise, Hans Peter Minderhoud/Exquis Nadine, Adelinde Cornelissen/Parzival, 229.75) won the team championship over Great Britain (Laura Bechtolsheimer/Mistral Hojris, Fiona Bigwood/Wie-Atlantico de Ymas, Maria Eilberg/Two Sox, Carl Hester/Liebling II, 224.77) & Germany (Anabel Balkenhol/Dablino, Cristoph Koschel/Donnperignon, Isabell Werth/Warum Nicht FRH, Matthias Alexander Rath/Sterntaler-Unicef, 220.6). The United States (Steffen Peters/Ravel, Tina Konyot/Calecto V, Katherine Bateson-Chandler/Nartan, Todd Flettrich/Otto, 218.13) finished fourth. Moorlands Totilas (Gal, 85.70% & 91.80) won the Grand Prix Special championship and Grand Prix freestyle championship over Mistral Hojris (Bechtolsheimer, 81.70 & 85.35) & Ravel (Peters, 78.54 & 84.90).

Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games Individual Reining Final
Lexington, Ky., Sept. 30

Gunners Special Nite (Tom McCutcheon of the United States, 228.0) won the individual reining gold over Mister Montana Nic (Craig Schmersal of the United States, 223.0) & Dun Playin Tag (Duane Latimer of Canada, 222.5).

Dressage At Devon
Devon, Pa., Sept. 28-Oct. 3

FEI-level winners included: sections of FEI Test 5-year-olds—Amigo (Nadine Buberl, 71.20%) & Suntreader (Inga Janke, 79.00); sections of FEI Test 6-year-olds—Zefier (Alex Robertson, 75.20) & De Facto (Christopher Schruefer, 69.80); Prix St. Georges—Paragon (Heather Bltiz, 72.26); sections of Grand Prix—Come On III (Shawna Harding, 65.14) & Winyamaro (Catherine Haddad, 68.42); FEI Junior Team Test—Aaron VI (Julia Burtt, 64.68); FEI Young Rider Team Test—Bentley (Meagan Davis, 67.36); FEI Pony Team Test—Tristan (Nicole Babich-Morin, 62.40); Intermediaire I—Paragon (Blitz, 70.47); Grand Prix Special—Come On III (Harding, 68.29); Grand Prix freestyle—Winyamaro (Haddad, 74.25); FEI Junior Individual Test—Charming Princess (Dominique Cassavetis, 64.73); FEI Young Rider Individual Test—Bentley (Davis, 67.54); FEI Individual Pony Test—Tristan (Babich-Morin, 73.50); Intermediaire I freestyle—Olympia (Cesar Parra, 73.50); FEI Junior freestyle—Aaron VI (Burtt, 65.30); FEI Young Rider freestyle—Bentley (Davis, 69.60).Other winners included: open fourth level, test 1—Warsteiner (Heather Mason, 73.25); sections of open fourth level, test 2—Pacino (Christopher Hickey, 68.18), Warsteiner (Mason, 69.24 & 70.00) & Fioretto (Caroline Cheret, 63.71); open fourth level, test 3—Pacino (Hickey, 66.99).

Capital Challenge Equitation Weekend
Upper Marlboro, Md., Oct. 2-3

Molly Braswell won the North American Adult Amateur Flat Equitation Championship over Lauren Fabiano & Samantha Smith. Victoria Birdsall won the North American Junior Equitation Championship over Hayley Barnhill & Abby O’Mara. Sara Green won the North American Adult Amateur Equitation Championship over Adrienne Dixon & Jacqueline Lubrano. Other equitation champions included: 12 & under—Victoria Colvin; 13-14—Naomi Weirens; 15-year-old—Meg O’Mara; 16-year-old—Chase Boggio; 17-year-old—Samantha Harrison; adult amateur—Sara Green; Molly Peddicord won the THIS Children’s Medal Final over Maggie Savoie.

Morven Park Fall Horse Trials
Leesburg, Va., Oct. 2-3

Winners included: divisions of advanced—Cambalda (Jennie Brannigan, 41.5) & Anthony Patch (Laine Ashker, 37.7); divisions of intermediate—Fernhill Fearless (Nina Ligon, 31.6), Pirate (Meghan O’Donoghue, 33.2) & Lexus (Nicole Parkin, 34.8); divisions of open preliminary—In The Fog (Stephen Bradley, 32.5) & Monte Carlo (Ashley Leith, 30.0); preliminary horse—Crown Talisman (Douglas Payne, 23.0); preliminary rider—Classic Touch (Caroline Martin, 38.7); open training—Zipp (William Coleman III, 26.4); divisions of training horse—Indie (Brannigan, 31.8) & Danio (Kurt Agardy Martin, 28.6); divisions of training rider—Longfield Dougal (Samantha Reinbold, 34.6) & Along Came A Spyder (Louise Foster, 28.2); divisions of novice horse—Nevaeh (Courtney Cooper, 33.0) & Boateng (Matt Flynn, 24.5); divisions of novice rider—Douglas (Mackenzie Smith, 26.8) & Moonlight Rock N’ Roll (Kali Cavanaugh, 31.9); open novice—Car Tanga (Yvonne Lucas, 27.5).

HITS Culpeper Finals
Culpeper, Va., Sept. 29-Oct. 3

Lazy Creek Ranch Holding’s Inside Out (Chris Nelson) won the $40,000 National Stud Grand Prix over Apex Equestrian Center’s Wadisson (Matthias Hollberg) & Patty Stovel’s Carigor  (Stovel). Hunter champions included: first year green—Stonewall (Pam Baker LLC); regular working—Better Days (Kris Nixon); amateur-owner—Unlimited (Susanne Stroh); amateur-owner, 36 & over—Senator (Penny Denegre); low amateur-owner—Quintessence (Lauren Perhala); adult amateur, 18-35—Rio’s Dancer (Caitlin Hewitt); adult amateur, 46 & over—On The Air (Lysa Burke Horkan); small junior, 15 & under—Caretano (Hannah Goodson-Cutt); large junior, 15 & under—Quintessential (Paulexi LLC); large junior, 16-17—Superman (Goodson-Cutt); small/medium children’s pony—Anabell (Grace Anne Owens); large children’s pony—Prom Night (Claudia Fass); children’s, 14 & under—Fargo (Kimberley Maginnis); children’s, 15-17—Me And Julio (Shannon Bartlett); small/medium green pony—Smallwood’s Lickity Split (ShowPlace Farm); large green pony—Stella (Rachel Tavelman); small pony—Embellished (Taylor St Jacques); medium pony—Brighton Undeniably (Holly Hill Farm); large pony—Mizzentop (The Barracks). Jumper champions included: low adult jumper—Toulouse (Oak Manor Farms); high adult jumper—Taking Chances (Jane Wiley); low children’s—tie, Candido Z (Stephen Comunale) & Bling Bling (Sarah Ward); high children’s—Newbridge (Laramie Fink).

Great Southwest Fall Classic
Katy, Texas, Sept. 30-Oct. 3

Hunter champions included: regular/green—Midnight Hour (Audrey Trimble); amateur-owner—Fun One (Emily Woodall); medium pony—Keep A Secret (Isabel Coleman); small/large pony—Key Largo (Kaelyn Cook); children’s, 14 & under—Camarico (Halle Kutsche); children’s, 15-17—Celano (Cassandra Shipp); adult amateur, 18-49—Sidekick (Jamie Jarvis); adult amateur, 50 & over—Excuse Me (Leslie Kramer); children’s pony—My Fair Lady (Peighton Cook). Jumper champions included: low children’s/adult—Granada (Emily Dewing); high children’s—Skylark (John De Leyer); high adult amateur—Albarez (Guy Hodgson); low junior/amateur-owner—Al Cantaro (Jazz Hawk).

University Of New Hampshire Horse Trials
Durham, N.H., Oct. 2-3           

Winners included: open preliminary—Knight In A Jag (Keith Robinson, 27.4); preliminary/training—Sea Me Smile (Kara Riley-King, 36.7); divisions of open training—Gryphondor (Linda Kipperman, 30.0), Brown Paper Wrapper (Lelo Reeves-Curtis, 30.0) & Baker (Kevin Roche, 35.9); divisions of open novice—Ivan (Beth Murphy-Keane, 26.0), Semi-Automatic (Maura Gorman, 30.5), High Flyin Cricket (Cali Oliver, 37.5), Making History (Kira Lovas, 38.0) & South Shore’s Dodger (Danielle Dintino, 29.5); divisions of open beginner novice—M-S Royal  Z (Jill Smith, 28.1), Lou (Roche, 35.4), Bantry Bay’s Devon (Paige Crotty, 32.4) & Drop Kick Murphy (Kara Comeau, 32.9).

Windy Knolls CDE
Sullivan, Ohio, Oct. 2-3

Winners included: preliminary single pony—Dennis Yancho (102.98); preliminary pair pony—Sarah Bates (122.02); preliminary single horse (Myron Miller (141.21); preliminary pair horse—Debbie Egan (142.69); intermediate single pony—Paul Maye (106.83); intermediate pair horse—Barabara Chapman (127.61).

Madison County Fall Challenge
Cumming, Iowa, Sept. 29-Oct. 3

Hunter champions included: working/first/second year green—Philadelphia (Cynthia Bulwicz); amateur-owner, 36 & over—Vancouver (Margot Sutherland); low amateur-owner—Galleywood (Lesley Smith); small/large pony—Blueberry Hill (Hailey Livingston); medium pony—Stonehaven Ring Master (Mc Carthy Farms); adult amateur, 18-49—Tedesco (Quail Run Horse Centre Inc); adult amateur, 50 & over—Mon Amie (Mary Grossman); children’s—Cecret Weapon (Black Rabbit Ranch); children’s pony—Stonehaven Ring Master (Mc Carthy Farms). Jumper champions included: low children’s/adult—Kid Rock (Raven Ridge Farm); children’s—Champange Du Riouz (Wild Oak Farm); adult amateur—Special Affair (Maffitt Lake Farms); low junior/amateur-owner—Rockabye (Anne Nowlan).

Flintridge Autumn Classic
Flintridge, Calif., Oct. 1-3

Hunter champions included: junior/amateur-owner—Einstein (Ashlyn Matheus); adult amateur—Beautiful Bodie (Cynthia Hyde); pony—Silver Steps (Lexie Looker); children’s, 17 & under—Pantera Z (Lauren Bell); adult amateur, 36-49—Vancouver (Elizabeth Murray); low adult amateur—Excel (Nicole Roehrig). Jumper champions included: low children’s/adult amateur—Thalassa (Susan Azad) & children’s/adult amateur—tie, Air Force One (Nicole Harrity) & Leap Of Faith (Paige Kerwin).

Virginia Fall Races
Middleburg, Va., Oct. 2-3

EMO Stables’ He’s A Conniver (Jody Petty) won the $35,000 National Sporting Library Chronicle Cup Timber Stakes over Lucy Stable’s Westbound Road (Brian Crowley) & Anna Stable’s Music To My Ears (Robert Walsh). Other winners included: optional allowance/claiming hurdle—Irvin S. Naylor’s Chess Board (Darren Nagle); maiden timber—The Fields Stable’s Hold Your Fire (Paddy Young); maiden claiming hurdle—Christ Is King Stable’s Dispute This (Young); maiden three-year-old hurdle—Mrs. George L. Ohrstrom Jr.’s Demonstrative (Matthew McCarron); maiden hurdle—Mede Cahaba Stable’s Complete Zen (Richard Boucher); Virginia maiden hurdle—Michael A. Smith’s Mask And Wig (Liam McVicar); filly and mare flat—Frances M. Dulaney’s Mariah’s Promise (Michael Harris); sections of maiden flat—Mede Cahaba Stable’s Class Launch (Richard Boucher) & Mrs. George L. Ohrstrom Jr.’s Four Schools (Robert Walsh); Virginia restricted flat—Debra E. Kachel’s Love Colony (Paddy Young); sections of amateur/apprentice highweight—Michael A. Smith’s Humdinger (Christopher Read & Vicki Fuller’s Legendary Pacer (Jacob Roberts).

Woodside Fall Finale
Woodside, Calif., Sept. 30-Oct. 3

Hunter champions included: small junior—Edgewood’s Denver (Edgewood Equestrian); large junior—Lorando (Meredith Loughlin); children’s, 13 & under—Andiamo (Paige Pastorino); children’s, 14-17—Content (Kirsten Strain); adult amateur, 50 & over—Maximus (Kathryn Taylor); children’s pony—Trenton (Isabelle Henriquez); low adult amateur—Horatio (Suzanne Jain); green/regular conformation—Absolute Gold (Twinkle Gorman); pony—Right On Time (Caroline Robbins); adult amateur, 18-49—Playmaker (Laura Strasburg).

Del Sol Classic
Del Mar, Calif., Oct. 2-3

Hunter champions included: pony—Cookie Monster (Miela Gross); children’s, 12 & under—Tabasco (Summer Hill); children’s, 13-17—Van Gogh (Alex Womack); junior/amateur-owner—Elusive (Von Henkle Industries); low adult amateur—The Back Up Plan (Judy D’Arpa). Jumper champions included: open—Holden Out (Kati Ansert); junior/amateur-owner—Galliard (Natalie Howard); low children’s/adult amateur—Wizard Of Oz (Anastacia Gonzales); pony—BKR’s Ringo Star (Brooke Rygg); children’s—Training Wheels (Pat Wilson); adult amateur—Training Wheels (Wilson).

Gallop In The Glen
New Market, Tenn., Sept. 30-Oct. 3

Hunter champions included: amateur-owner, 18-35—Bonafide (Elizabeth Tarumianz); low amateur-owner—Voklund (Megan Million); small pony—Fort Knox (Kathleen Harrigan); medium pony—Woodland’s Pick Pocket (Rachel McCormick); large pony—The Bluh Mountie (Elena Wicker); children’s pony—In A Dream (Meadow Hill Stable); regular/green working—Vince (Greg Burrow); junior—Charmed (Michael Holstein). Jumper champions included: children’s/adult—Dream Machine (Olivia Norton) & low children’s/adult—Iczing (David Q. Wright).

Victory Horse Show
San Juan Capistrano, Calif., Oct. 2-3

Hunter champions included: adult amateur—Donegal (Michelle Kerivan); children’s—Chambord (Marci Mosconi); low children’s/adult amateur—Mala Mala (Paige Marshall) & Duncan (Paula Gardner); children’s/adult amateur—Conundrum (Pamela Doddridge); working—Mala Mala (Marshall). Jumper champions included: children’s/adult amateur—tie, Amazing Grace (Nicol Shefmire) & Just You Wait (Kira Mamula); low children’s/adult amateur—Amazing Grey (Lauren Malestic) & Jet Blue (Jonelle Ramsey); pony—Broadway (Kendall Gath).

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