Recent Results-Nov. 10

Nov 10, 2009 - 10:33 AM

Duke Children’s Hospital Benefit
Raleigh, N.C., Nov. 3-8

R.C.G. Farm’s United (Kent Farrington, 0-0) won the $25,000 Duke Children’s Hospital Benefit Grand Prix over Stars And Bars Farm’s Big Air (Harold Chopping, 0-0). Hunter champions included: regular working—Sin City (Rachel Howell); first year green—Island Life (Betsy Fauntleroy); second year green—Starstruck (Savannah Jenkins); regular conformation—Promenade (Twin Oaks Farm LLC); green conformation—Lions Paw (Danny Robertshaw); small junior, 15 & under—Burberry (Madeline Turner); small junior, 16-17—Heartthrob (Kimberly Cummings); large junior, 15 & under—Dolce And Gabbana (Redfield Farm); large junior, 16-17—Saving Grace (Grace Stuntz); amateur-owner, 18-35—Tenacious (Christina Gaither); amateur-owner, 36 & over—Promenade (Twin Oaks Farm LLC); small pony—Flashback (Madeline Schaefer); medium pony—Woodlands Lil Bill (Frances Merryman); large pony—One More Time (Anna Rossi); green pony—True Sport (Redfield Farm); children’s small/medium pony—Picturesque (Cody Goldberger); children’s large pony—Celtics Creek Friar Tuck (Erin Dombroski). Jumper champions included: children’s—Pretty Kitty (Redfield Farm); adult amateur—Cut The Cards (Caroline Williamson); low junior/amateur-owner—Napoleon De Upatoi (Fernando Cardenas); high junior/amateur-owner—Wendelin (Felicia Russell).

Atlanta Fall Classic I
Conyers, Ga., Nov. 4-8

Judy Richter’s Malcolm (Nicholas Dello Joio, 0-0/38.85) won the $25,000 EMO Grand Prix over Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Waters’ 747 (Chuck Waters, 0-0/40.16). Hunter champions included: first year green—Bonafide (Elizabeth Tarumianz); second year green & large junior, 16-17—Gianni (Pony Lane Farm); regular working—Early Applause (Pony Lane Farm); amateur-owner, 18-35—Status (Triple Creek Farm); amateur-owner, 36 & over—Gershwin (Kimberley Quinn); low amateur-owner—Carlyle (Lindsey Irvin); small junior, 15 & under—Marvelous (James Fisher); large junior, 15 & under—Rio (Rebecca Hunter); small junior, 16-17—O.C. (Meadow Hill Stables); small pony—Rico Suavé (Aleece Jarman); medium pony—Royal T (Amber Hill Farm); large pony—Cassius Clay (Dana Rizzo); small/medium green pony—Bluetiful (Jarman); large green pony—Camelot (Hannah Clements); adult amateur, 18-35—Co Star (Linda Ketcham); adult amateur, 36-45—Kayak (Bristol Bay LLC); adult amateur, 46 & over—Vermilion (Ainsley Sadlo); children’s, 14 & under—Believe (Emily Weeks); children’s, 15-17—Park Place (Hannah Bedwell); children’s pony—Epic (Jarman). Jumper champions included: pony—Tornado Alley (Sovan Hill Enterprises); low junior/amateur-owner—Biloxi (Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Waters); high junior/amateur-owner—Aristide 7 (Amy & David Jennings); high children’s, tie—Irish Hunt (Kady Abrahamson), Sugarland (Amy Mabry) & Jordy (Fox Meadow Farm), high adult amateur, tie—Colina (Lionsway Farm), Defying Gravity (Randii Goble) & Papillon (Emily Wyatt), low children’s/adult—Hay Jude (Amy Noffsinger).

Tucson Fall Classic
Tucson, Ariz., Nov. 4-8

Hunter champions included: green—Worth The Wait (Bobbie Schaef); small junior—Bravo (Javen Benton); large junior—Capiche (McKinnon Roberts); amateur-owner—Shine On Me (Nancy Gray); medium pony—Beaverwood’s Echo (Emily Gordon); small/large pony—Land’s End Juliet (Hannah May); children’s, 13 & under—Speechless (Alexandra Murray); children’s, 14-17—Ain’t No Other Man (Wren Lapsansky); adult amateur, 18-35—Carat (Mary Ann Funk); adult amateur, 36 & over—Makin’ A Splash (Charlotte Lamont). Jumper champions included: low children’s/adult—Himself (Carolyn Miller); high children’s—Hortensia (Amanda Pollack); high adult amateur—Pioneers Dorado (Carsten Heyer); low junior/amateur-owner—Amadour (Madelaine Martinez); open—Athletica (Claire Gallagher).

Harvest Time
Germantown, Tenn., Nov. 5-8

Hunter champions included: low amateur-owner—How Now (Elizabeth O’Leary); amateur-owner—Colorado (Nancy Jones); large junior—Gribaldi (Parker Schooley); small junior—Cooper (Victoria Efird); medium pony—Champlain Charade (Katie Ramsey); large/small pony—Center Field (Grand Central Inc.); green pony—Kiss For Luck (Kaitlyn Alsup); adult amateur, 18-35—Rendezvous (Reagan Bugg); adult amateur, 36 & over—Vocarday (Linda Brzoza); children’s—Matador (Elizabeth Morrow). Jumper champions included: low children’s/adult—Southern Grace (Rose Marie Lawson); high children’s/adult—Valoot (Britiani Brown).

Sacramento International
Rancho Murieta, Calif., Nov. 3-8

Harry & Mollie Chapman’s Flexible (Rich Fellers) won the $75,000 Anderson Family Grand Prix Of Sacramento over Forest View Farm Inc.’s Chianto (John Pearce) and Willow Tree Farm Inc.’s Carino (Guy Thomas). Linda Smith’s Archie Bunker (Will Simpson) won the $25,000 Equistar LLC Welcome Grand Prix over Forest View Farm Inc.’s Chianto (Pearce). Jumper champions included: low children’s/adult—Fleur De Lys (Daniel Viviani); high children’s—Perlina (Lauren Marra); high adult amateur—Tarina (Kathryn Pennal); low junior/amateur-owner—Silvana (Jen Matthews); high junior/amateur-owner—San Diego (Danielle Korsh); open—Swoop (Silverstar Farms).

GSWEC Autumn Classic
Katy, Texas, Nov. 4-8

Hunter champions included: first year green—Solitaire (Sherry Atherton); second year green/regular working & amateur-owner, 36 & over—Dubari (Gayle Cox); low amateur-owner—Blahnik (Lindsey Black); amateur-owner, 18-35—Tabloid (Lindsey Fishell); large junior—Capistrano (Mimi Herbert); small junior—Holiday (Laura Beckworth); large/medium pony—Brownwood Rock N’ Roll (Stone Ridge); small pony—You’re My Hero (Kathy Girling-Odom); children’s, 14 & under—Alezzio (Jennifer McNamara); children’s, 15-17—What You Will (Brittany Hildebrand); adult amateur, 18-35—Pimm’s Cup (Whitney Miller); adult amateur, 36-49—Paris (Claire McCrummen); adult amateur, 50 & over—Bliss (Laura Beckworth). Jumper champions included: low children’s/adult—Dolce’s Mega Starburst (Ashley Kyle); high children’s—Skylark (John De Leyer); high adult amateur—Ulona (Beth Von Brecht); low junior/amateur-owner—Sweetness (Jan Beavers); high junior/amateur-owner—NLF Trans Atlantic (Eirin Bruheim).

National Preview
Burbank, Calif., Nov. 4-8

Hunter champions included: small pony—Strawberry Swirl (Annalise Gabler); medium pony—Macy Grey (Wild Sky Farm); large pony—Romeo (Marissa Platt); children’s, 11 & under—Timber Line (McKenna Skelton); children’s, 12-14—Rumba (Dogwood Hill); children’s, 15 & over—Jet Set (Rachael Sears); small junior, 15 & under—Caretano (Hannah Goodson-Cutt); small junior, 16-17—Best Man (Melissa Doddridge); large junior, 15 & under—Cincenatty (Maplewood Inc.); large junior, 16-17—Bentley (Melissa Doddridge); adult amateur, 18-35—Concorde (Stephanie Goodson); adult amateur, 36-50—American Idol (Heather Paulus); adult amateur, 51 & over—By Design (Oscany Inc.); amateur-owner, 18-35—Crocodile (Woodvale Inc.); amateur-owner, 36 & over—Overseas (Laura Wasserman); first year green—Small Affair (Iwasaki & Reilly); second year green—Escapade (Julie Ridgeway); regular working & regular conformation—Cunningham (Mary Slouka); green conformation—Cruise (Tracy Sully); small/medium green pony—Posh Princess (Sarah Sharou). Jumper champions included: low junior/amateur-owner—Acrobat (Felyn Farms); low children’s/adult—Koda (Jasmine Hainer); high children’s—Bewitched (Paige Parker); high adult amateur—Romme-Toltien (Penny Lane Farm LLC).

PSJ Highfields
Aiken, S.C., Nov. 6-8

Hunter champions included: divisions of green working—Classic Murmur (Taylor Hawes) & Wedding Bells (Anna Patty); divisions of regular working—Funny Face (Charlotte Hoffman); divisions of adult amateur—Blue Print (Hunter McEaddy Dawson); divisions of junior—South Beach (Kaylee Sheppard) & Veritas (Elizabeth Melton); divisions of pony—Easy Breezy (Stuart Faith), Legally Blond (Skylyn Mickler), Violets Are Blue (Natalie West) & Lee Hill Rainman (Marisa Tetreault); divisions of children’s—Starbucks Cappichino (Rebecca Richards) & Art Nouveau (Caroline Brennan).

Montpelier Hunt Races
Montpelier Station, Va., Nov. 7

Kenneth L. Ramsey’s Slip Away (James Slater) won the $40,000 Noel Laing Stakes over Eldon Farm Racing Stable’s Chess Board (William McCarthy) & William D. Fossett’s You The Man (Jody Petty). Other winners included: training flat—Debra E. Kachel’s Moving Violation (Paddy Young); claiming hurdle—Irvin S. Naylor’s Dubai Sunday (Darren Nagle); maiden claiming hurdle—S. Bruce Smart Jr.’s Bullet Dancer (McCarthy); maiden hurdle—Oakwood Stable’s Country Cousin (Carl Rafter); optional allowance/claiming hurdle—Dale K. Thiel’s Zozimus (James Slater); training flat—Koncordia Farm’s Love Colony (Matthew McCarron).

Steeplechase At Callaway Gardens
Pine Mountain, Ga., Nov. 7

Mede Cahaba Stable’s Class Bopper (Richard Boucher) won the $75,000 Aflac Supreme Sport Of Kings Novice Hurdle Stakes over Harold A. Via Jr.’s Tricky Me (William Dowling) & Mrs. Rufus M. G. Williams’ Seer (Xavier Aizpuru). Mrs. Charles C. Fenwick Jr.’s Confined (Robert Walsh) won the $30,000 Crown Royal Sport Of Queens Filly & Mare Hurdle Stakes over Calvin Houghland’s Sweet Shani (Aizpuru) & Kate Dalton’s Miss Crown (Bernard Dalton). Other winners included: maiden timber—Athene Noctura Stables’ Plum Brush (Dalton); amateur highweight hurdle—Karen M. Gray’s Cuse (Adam Helders); divisions of maiden hurdle—Perry J. Bolton’s Arch Hero (Ross Geraghty) & Irvin S. Naylor’s Best Alibi (Walsh).

River Glen Fall Horse Trials
New Market, Tenn., Nov. 7-8

Winners included: open intermediate—Foreign Executive (Jennifer Rivera, 46.7); open preliminary—Super Fly (Selena Pape, 33.6); preliminary/training—Zydeco (Lauren Gibbs, 64.8); training rider—Ben (Margaret Kimmel, 28.0); open training—River’s Curiosity (Simon Eads, 26.0); junior novice rider—Dorsola’s Happy Liam (Parham Wallin, 26.0); novice horse—Maxfli (Deborah Iezzi, 26.0); open novice—Benton (Jill Decker, 30.0); junior beginner novice rider—Upgrade (Jesse Krusenklaus, 31.0); open beginner novice—Sportsfield Cocktail (Carroll Ann Bowers, 29.3).

Rocking Horse Fall Horse Trials & Training-Level Three-Day Event
Altoona, Fla., Nov. 6-8

Winners included: training-level three-day event—Chasing The Music (Kerry Tracey, 38.4); open intermediate—The Graduate (Elizabeth Barron, 37.7); junior/young rider open preliminary—Filou (Rachel Dwyer, 32.3); open preliminary—Loughan Glen—(Clark Montgomery, 35.3); preliminary rider—Space Pictures (Brent Leytem, 34.1); open training—Absolut V (Erin Flynn, 36.3); training horse—Fritz (Dean Graham, 27.4); training rider—Rudolfo (Allison Mickler, 39.0); novice horse—Violet Rain (Ruthie Harbison, 29.0); novice rider—Dixie Darlin’ (Whitfield Broughton, 32.1); open novice—No More Rocks (Buck Davidson, 29.0); beginner novice rider—Dakshina Kalika (Melissa Lundberg, 32.5); open beginner novice—Kozmo (Brittany Wyatt, 32.5).

Rubicon Farm Fall Horse Trials
Leesburg, Va., Nov. 6-8

Winners included: junior/young rider open preliminary—Lucky Bucky (Chase Beach, 36.5); open preliminary—Minotaure Du Passoir (Boyd Martin, 28.3); preliminary rider—Blue Devil (Carrie Meehan, 31.2); junior training rider—Midas (Colin Reynolds, 30.3); open training—Moonlight Rock N’ Roll (Molly Cavanaugh, 22.5); divisions of training horse—Master Frisky (Kurt Martin, 21.6) & Drifter (Phyllis Dawson, 32.6); divisions of training rider—Eragon (Mary Clare, 33.7) & Along Came A Spyder (Louise Foster, 29.7); divisions of junior novice rider—Centaur (Annie Horrigan, 27.4) & Tiger Lily (Alexa Easton, 26.3); divisions of novice rider—Matus (Kristina Southern, 34.2) & Rave Review (Beth Mueller, 23.7); divisions of open novice—Chasing Dreams (Jennie Brannigan, 22.1) & Catwalk (Claudia Sarnoff, 26.8); beginner novice rider—Miss Julia (Maggie Dupler, 26.6); junior beginner novice—Atticus (Emily Dunn, 27.4); open beginner novice—Lord Ivanhoe (Kristen Parris, 26.3).


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