Recent Results - August 10

Aug 10, 2010 - 5:47 AM

Collecting Gaits Farm/USEF Dressage Festival Of Champions, Week 1
Gladstone, N.J., Aug. 6-8

Toscano (Kassandra Barteau, 70.00%) won the Prix St. Georges over Olympia (Cesar Parra, 69.73) & Cabana Boy (Christopher Hickey, 68.10). Calecto V (Tina Konyot, 74.89) won the Grand Prix over Nartan (Katherine Bateson-Chandler, 71.87) & Otto (Todd Flettrich, 71.40). Olympia (Parra, 73.26) won the Intermediaire I over Toscano (Barteau, 71.10) & GP Raymeister (Yvonne Barteau, 69.73). Calecto V (Konyot, 72.37) won the Grand Prix Special over Nartan (Bateson-Chandler, 71.87) & Otto (Flettrich, 69.91). Olympia (Parra, 74.80) won the Intermediaire I freestyle over Cabana Boy (Hickey, 72.50) & Toscano (Barteau, 71.65).

Millbrook Horse Trials & The Chronicle of the Horse/USEA Eastern Adult Team Challenge
Millbrook, N.Y., Aug. 5-8

Bays & Grey’s Anatomy (Denver’s Jovial Lass/Nancy Read, Juno/Meredith Scarlet, Free Agent/Dominic Bergen, Shadowfax/Laurie Shiffe, 105.5) won the novice ATC over Maine Moose (Samson VIII/Tiffany Cunningham, Shao Lin Finn/Mary Lee, Gallentry/Beth Ruksznis, Body N Soul/Clarissa Edelston, 126.5) & Mikki’s Marauders (Beyond The Banter/Megan Strickler, Ridley/Michele Leasure, Life In The Fast Lane/Charlotte Nagel, Good Humor/Megan Murphy, 139.0). New England 4mation (Back In Boston Again/Diane Thompson, Razzmataz II/Samantha Normany, Victoriano IGS/Julie Christensen, Heaven In My Hat/Suzanne Lavoie, 131.7) won the training ATC over Chase Farm (Clifton Rouge/Michael Hannaman, White Out/Julie Graham, Dandelion Montana Heather, Nancy Henderson, 142.1). CDCTA Ladies In Red (Likolina/Wendy Masemer, Vernon Tiger/Amanda Tamminga, Rosie Red/Tracey Young, Aqua Tom/Helen Hayn, 78.0) won the preliminary ATC over Team Hit-Air (EM Wow/Ann Wicander, First Glance/Katie Murphy, Bantry Bay’s Dublin/Eliza Farren, Hurricane Bay, Kami Wolk, 100.6) & Fair Dinkum (Flyte, Susan Berrill, Theatre Royal/Gayle Davis, Bali Hai/Ferial Johnson, Tabasco Lad/Dorothy Van Gerbig, 110.2). Other winners included: divisions of advanced—Are You Ready (Kristen Bond, 40.3) & Ballynoe Castle RM (Buck Davidson, 32.4); divisions of open intermediate—Share Option (Lillian Heard, 36.8) & Manolo Blahnik (Sara Kozumplik, 38.4); junior/young rider preliminary—Blue Devil (Carrie Meehan, 34.6); divisions of open preliminary—Vancover (William Coleman III, 30.9) & All The Buzz (Coleman III, 20.0); preliminary rider—Yoscha Bosche (Michelle Chester, 25.2); divisions of junior training—Insync (Sarah Epstein, 20.5) & Stilo Samika (Lauren Davis, 25.5); divisions of open training—War End (Coleman III, 31.2) & Zeizos (Phillip Dutton, 28.1); divisions of training rider—Good Luck Charm (Kerry Sachs, 31.4) & Felix (Taylor Faccio, 37.4); junior novice—Bunowen (Nikki Lendl, 36.0); novice rider—Chadwell (Patricia Aitken, 22.0); divisions of open novice—Kiwi (Laura Vello, 30.0) & Summer Breeze VV (Boyd Martin, 23.0); Two Is Better Than One (Doug Payne, 34.5); divisions of beginner novice rider—Little Girl (Kelsey Christ, 24.8) & Ironhorse Touch Of Pride (Kate Bailey, 28.6); open beginner novice—Princess Fiona (Marcia Kluak, 28.6).

Dublin CSIO*****
Dublin, Ireland, Aug. 4-8

The Netherlands (VDL Groep Utascha SFN/Eric Van Der Vleuten, VDL Bubalu/Jur Vrieling, Exquis Walnut De Muze/Harrie Smolders, Tamino/Marc Houtzager, 4 faults) won the Meydan FEI Nations Cup over Ireland (Tinka’s Serenade/Billy Twomey, Hallmark Elite/Dermott Lennon, K Club Lady/Cian O’Connor, Nabab’s Son/Dennis Lynch, 20 faults) & the United States (Coral Reef Via Volo/Beezie Madden, Ublesco/Cara Raether, Rothchild/McLain Ward, Flexible/Rich Fellers, 20 faults). Antares F (Ward, 0-0/43.45) won the $264,597 Longines International Grand Prix of Ireland over Kraque Boom (Kevin Staut of France, 0-0/44.47) and Je T’Amie Flamenco (Billy Twomey of Ireland, 0-0/44.90).

FEI World Breeding Dressage Championships For Young Horses
Verden, Germany, Aug. 4-8

Uno Donna Unique (Andreas Helgstrand of Denmark, 9.46) won the 6-year-old World Breeding finale over Soliere (Eva Moller of Germany, 8.66) & Blickpunkt (Moller, 8.54). Astrix (Emmelie Scholtens of The Netherlands, 9.18) won the 5-year-old World Breeding finale over Lissaro Van De Helle (Claudia Ruscher of Germany, 9.08) & Schumacher (Ruscher, 8.76). President’s Allright (Laurens Van Lieren of the Netherlands, 8.36) won the 5-year-old World Breeding consolation finale over Henglein’s Licosto (Steffen Frahm of Germany, 8.18) & Aaron (Jana Freund of Germany, 7.96). U.S. placings included: 4th—Wake Up (Emily Wagner, 7.94).

New York Horse And Pony Show
Saugerties, N.Y., Aug. 4-8

The London Group’s Athena (Charlie Jayne, 0-0/33.34) won the $125,000 Strongid C 2X Grand Prix over Bynum Farm’s Vince (Kimmy Torano, 0-0/33.73) and Abigail Wexner’s Armani (Jeffery Welles, 0-4/32.99). Top Stallion’s Norton De Vains (Marie Hecart, 0-0/30.15) won the $25,000 Grand Prix over Cathy Gerhart’s Timo (Kate Gerhart, 0-0/ 30.34). Don Stewart’s Van Guard (Megan Edrich) won the $10,000 Devoucoux Hunter Derby over Lori Gaudet’s Generous (David Oliynyk). Hunter champions included: first year green—Star Quest’s Serenade (Deborah Brenner); second year green—Smoking Gun (Cynthia Williams); regular working—Jersey Boy (SBS Farms Inc.); amateur-owner, 18-35—Nicolette (Kenzie Snyder); amateur-owner, 36 & over—Accomplice (Meredith Lipke); low amateur-owner—True Story (Carol Hoffman); adult amateur, 18-35—Utah (Jennifer Martucci); adult amateur, 36-49—Willow (Heather Potrzeba); adult amateur, 50 & over—The Closer (Sue Ellen Marder-O’Connor); small junior, 15 & under—Huntington (Stratford Stables); small junior, 16-17—ChaCha (Pam Wildman); large junior, 15 & under—Lalique (Alexandra Carlton); large junior, 16-17—Allejandro (Katie Dinan LLC); children’s small/medium pony—Strawberry Kid (Nina Montross); children’s large pony—The Most Happy Fella (Susan Schoellkopf); children’s, 14 & under—Remington (Ashley Prusak); children’s, 15-17—Red Indian (Katelyn Roberts); green pony—Little Black Dress (Isabel O’Connell); small pony—Rafael (Bridlebourne Stables LLC); medium pony—Simply Magical (Marigot Bay Farm LLC); large pony—Mystic Pizza (Don Stewart). Jumper champions included: low adult amateur—Uccello (Paula Kotwick); high adult amateur, 18-30—Phoenix Rising (Caitlin Watterson); high adult amateur, 31 & over—Unreel (Stephanie Balducci); low children’s—Keebler (Katie Miranda); high children’s, 15 & under—Only Jumping Boy (SBS Farms Inc.); high children’s, 16-17—Johnny On The Spot (Frostbite Falls Farm); pony—EZ To Spot (Equi-Sport LLC); low junior—Rabin (Jamie Prusak); medium junior—Le Diam De Rhuys (Jazz Mace); low amateur-owner—Less Is More (Linda McBurney); high junior/amateur-owner, tie—Venus TR (Francesca Bolfo), Valentino (Jazz Mace) & Vancouver (Katie Dinan LLC).

Fair Hill International August Horse Trials
Elkton, Md., Aug. 7-8

Winners included: open intermediate—Troy (Sarah Cousins, 34.8); divisions of open preliminary: Expensive Playmate (Bruce Davidson Sr., 35.6) & Woodrow III (Kate Aldrich, 37.5); divisions of open training—Zack (Debbie Adams, 34.9),  Wallstraed (Julia Ennis, 32.6), Golden Opportunity (Laura Hillard, 38.2) & Rokeby Road (Karen Schlingmann, 33.2); open training—Shiver Me Timbers (Kevin Emes, 39.8); junior open novice—Cooperstown Caliber (Carly Easton, 34.5); divisions of open novice—Adirmo (Adams, 22.0), Page 3 Girl (Kerra Johnson, 41.0) & Ace Of Spades (Christy White, 27.0).

 Showpark August Festival
Del Mar, Calif., Aug. 4-8

Jamie Azcarraga’s Selicus (Azcarraga) won the $25,000 August Festival Grand Prix over Michelle Parker’s Clever (Parker). Hunter champions included: green conformation—Querido (Emma Garber); regular conformation—Relentless (Artisan Farm LLC); low children’s/adult—Rezidaa (Kost Karazissis); children’s, 13 & under—Apple Jack (Madison Root); children’s small/medium pony—Stepin’ Out (Grady Lyman); children’s, 14-17—Coronado (Paige Hamilton); children’s large pony—Copyright (Claire Cella); small junior, 15 & under—Querido (Emma Gerber); large junior, 15 & under—Fabricio (Katie Kelso); small junior, 16-17—Pringle (Ashley Pryde); large junior, 16-17—Truly (Pryde); low amateur-owner—Sebastian (Gayle Donner); amateur-owner, 36 & over—Overseas (Laura Wasserman); first year green/regular working—Victory Road (Pryde); pony—A Hoof And A Prayer (Lyman); adult amateur—Scarlet (Jill Finora). Jumper champions included: children’s—Hidden Assets (Samantha Ewdwards); low children’s/adult—Gentleman (Humberto Guzman); junior/amateur-owner—Conan (Lorenzo Cue); low junior/amateur-owner—Cartolina (Heather Smith).

River Glen Summer Horse Trials
New Market, Tenn., Aug. 7-8

Winners included: open intermediate—Llewellyn (Brittany Kart, 43.6); open preliminary—Bleak House (Chelsea Martin, 42.8); preliminary rider—Grayboo (Amanda Cunefare, 44.9); open training—Beltane (Lindsey Rairden, 25.0); training horse—Mad Hatter (Benjamin Tursam, 34.1); divisions of training rider—Maiden France (Chelsey Sawtell, 32.3) & Mischief’s Replica (Mary Ables Ray, 32.7); open novice—Starlet Rose (Candace Wheeler, 24.6); novice horse—S2K (Michael Godfrey, 23.2); divisions of novice rider—Bedroom Pal (Robert Bezzeg, 29.9), Blue Grey Illusion (Alex Cole, 24.5) & Skipping Stones (Rachel Finlin, 28.6); beginner novice horse—Thinking Big (Wheeler, 26.2) divisions of beginner novice rider—Thumbelina (Debbie Connell, 31.9), Thinking Big (Wheeler, 26.2), Amelie (Christine Appling, 27.6) & Just In Time VII (Claire Briggs, 33.3).

Kentucky Summer Classic
Lexington, Ky., Aug. 4-8

Crelido (Michael Morrissey, 0-0/27.67) won the $50,000 Rood And Riddle Grand Prix over Shay Griese and Gladewinds Farm’s Indigo (Margie Engle, 0-0/27.89). Hunter champions included: green conformation—Listen (Jane Gaston); first year green—Casallo (Robert Crandall & John Ledakis); second year green—Sugar Boy (Wendy Hofmeister); regular working—Summer Place (Fashion Farm); regular conformation—Quintin (Tracy Scheriff-Muser); medium green pony—Woodlands Tallulah (Camila Conesa). Jumper champions included: children’s—Caretino (Katherine Strauss); adult amateur—Malibu (Kimberly Waggoner).

Area VII Young Rider Benefit Horse Trials
Centralia, Wash., Aug. 6-8

Winners included: open preliminary—Basically Black (Alissa Gjelten, 34.8); junior training—Count Down (Anna Stein, 33.6); senior training—Southern Vintage (Sarah Lorenz, 27.3); young rider training—Lightfoot (Mackenna Shea, 31.3); divisions of senior novice—E-Ticket Ride (Samantha Higgenbotham, 33.0) & Nicely Dunn (Susan Goodman, 28.3); young rider novice—Aliado (Jordan Hanson, 33.0); junior novice—Zephyrus (Lauren Plog, 29.6); senior beginner novice—Amusing (Sarah George, 31.9); young rider beginner novice—Manolo (Alexandra Ahearn, 27.6).

Dressage At Lake Oswego Hunt
Lake Oswego, Ore., Aug. 6-8

FEI-level winners included: sections of open test of choice—Onique (Nicki Grandia, 71.57%) & Rembrandt (Brooke Voldbaek, 68.94); sections of adult amateur/junior/young rider test of choice—Falcor (Laura Ritacco, 70.26 & 71.84).

Yarra Yarra Dressage
Pleasanton, Calif., Aug. 7-8

FEI-level winners included: sections of Grand Prix—Remus (Kirsten Linley, 57.44% & 57.44); Intermediaire freestyle—Sante (Stacy Zwergel, 62.25); Para-Equestrian Grade IV Team test—Moneypenny (Susan Treabess, 67.50); Prix St. Georges—PEC Womanizer (Ruth Shirkey, 60.52).

Summer Dressage At Copper Creek
Williamson, Mich., Aug. 7-8

FEI-level winners included: sections of open Prix St. Georges—Dezent (Teah Bankes, 63.15% & 63.68); sections of adult amateur Prix St. Georges—Fidelio (Christina Bellopatrick, 60.52 & 66.57); sections of Intermediaire I—Paddington (Rob Van Wessum, 56.84 & 54.21); sections of Intermediaire II—Atreecue Cartero (Anne Stahl, 61.31 & 55.78); Grand Prix—Privateer (Jane Kelly, 58.72).

Signature At Rancho Mission Viejo
San Juan Capistrano, Calif., Aug. 7-8

Hunter champions included; pony—Lalique (Natalie Templeton); children’s, 12 & under—V.D.L. Rolex (Caroline Thomas); children’s, 13-17—Boone (Shannon Hunt); junior/adult amateur working—Volturi (Dinnia DiGennaro); adult amateur—Astaire (Karen O’Leonard); working—Mozart (Olivia Allison); low children’s—Acquired (Libby King); low adult amateur—Little Prince (Laura Purcell); low children’s, 13-17—Matrix (Romi Skolnik). Jumper champions included: pony—Flags (Natalie Mutch); low children’s/adult tie—Caliber (Stephanie Jensen) & Flags (Natalie Mutch); junior/adult amateur—Reed Petitie (Genevieve Englehorn).

Manchester And The Mountains
East Dorset, Vt., Aug. 4-8

The Dobbs Group’s Marengo (Hillary Dobbs) won the $30,000 Manchester And The Mountains Grand Prix over Missy Clark/North Run’s Gael Force (Kenny Darragh). Hunter champions included: large children’s pony—Radiance (Morgan Hartman); small/medium children’s pony—Short Notice (Sydney Gever); children’s, 13 & under—Summer Time (Dennis Sisco); children’s, 14-17—Onyx (Denise Siegel); pony—Rock Star (Isabel O’Connell); small junior—Petit Prince (Trade Winds Farm LLC); large junior—Bring It On (Laurie Lewis/ North Star Ventures LLC); adult amateur, 18-35—Inishmore (Elizabeth Schaper); adult amateur, 36 & over—Brave Art (Hannah Skolink); first year green working—Eye Spy (Allison Scott); second year green working—The Artful Dodger (Kaela Paternoster); low amateur-owner—Attache (Ellen Toon); amateur-owner—Vicarious (R & R Hunter Horses LLC). Jumper champions included: low children’s—Louis (Alexandria Andrews); low adult—Brasil (Cheryl Curran); low junior/amateur-owner—Tabella (JT Farm).

Snowfields Horse Trials
Pownal, Maine, Aug. 7-8

Winners included: open training—Bantry Bay’s Kenny (Lauren Ochs, 32.7); open novice/beginner novice—Athena (Caitlin Donahue, 27.7); open novice—Voodoo Too (Don Devine, 45.0); divisions of senior novice—Power Score (Sue Powers, 34.5) & Ray (Kathy Schultz, 30.5); junior novice—Miss October (Jessica Champagne, 34.0); divisions of junior beginner novice—Canterberry’s Quinn (Hannah Turgeon, 38.1) & Bravehearts Last Chance (Jessica Flynn, 48.9); divisions of senior beginner novice—No It All (Emily Hardy, 31.9), Kennebec Ladyhawke (Margaret Bailey, 30.5) & Donnybrook’s Jedi Knight (Kimberly Stinson, 38.3).

Carriage House Horse Show
Hugo, Minn., Aug. 5-8

Hunter champions included: junior—Eastwood (Kate Roach); amateur-owner—Benelli (Summer Lutgen); children’s—Shades Of Gray (Mackenzie Braun); adult amateur, 18-35—Sea Captain (Rebecca Renier); adult amateur, 36 & over—The Real McCoy (Tammy Johnson); low amateur-owner—Dawson Creek (Mary Armstrong).

Blowing Rock Charity Horse Show
Blowing Rock, N.C., Aug. 3-8

Janet Peterson Boyd’s Brunello (Elizabeth Boyd) won the $10,000 USHJA International Hunter Challenge Derby over Sarah Cate Ward’s Onassis (Cate Ward). Hunter champions included: small pony—Church Mouse (Carly Hoft); medium pony—Cosmic (Nicole Shahinan Simpson); large pony—Katydid Kissme (Katrinah Becker); small junior, 15 & under—Marvelous (James Fischer); small junior, 16-17—Forecast Sunny (Chris Chance); large junior, 15 & under—Pharrell (Reid Patton); large junior, 16-17—Mio (Mary Guynn); amateur-owner, 18-35—Isaac (Sarah Cate Ward); amateur-owner, 36 & over—Boudreaux (Mary Barben); low amateur-owner—Fine Kiss (Mr. & Mrs. Earnest Oare); regular conformation—Surely (Debbie Ireland); first year green—Good Humor (Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Wheeler); second year green—Bonafide (Elizabeth Tarumianz); regular working—Castle Rock (Bryan Baldwin); children’s, 14 & under—Arch Angel (Christine Morrison); children’s, 15-17—Me And Julio (Shannon Bartlett); adult amateur, 18-35—Surely (Debbie Ireland); adult amateur, 36-50—Walk The Line (Nancy Merritt); adult amateur, 51 & over—Nevada (Bruce Duchossois). Jumper champions included: children’s—One Up (Katie McDaniel); junior/amateur-owner—Nobel Mail (Cici Riddle).


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