Pre-Departure To-Dos

Mar 17, 2012 - 6:50 AM
Photo by Sara Lieser.

Things left to do before I leave next Tuesday, the 27th:

- Pack. Pack everything. And pack everything in at least some semblance of order, because I will arrive at the farm mid-afternoon on Wednesday, the 28th, and have just a few hours of daylight before I start business in full swing at 6:30 in the morning on Thursday, the 29th, and I’d rather not be frantically looking for my toothbrush.

- Find Midge’s FEI passport. It has to be here somewhere.

- Farrier comes this morning, Sal-the-super-masseuse this afternoon, vet tomorrow for spring shots, Round 2, and a health certificate. I nearly forgot that we needed a health certificate to leave Florida, which would have been OH-so-bad.

- Hit the gym a few more times. I’ve done SO well this season, but I’m squeamish about how to carry it forward once I’m home.

- Lessons, lessons, lessons. Michael takes his first load of horses home on Sunday, and he’ll be back Wednesday, so I’m cramming them in. I just did my tentative 2012 schedule, and four lessons a month each for Ella and Midge pales to the one-a-day plan I’ve had down here. Sigh.

- Find Midge’s stupid FEI passport. You know how much it costs when you lose a passport? Crap.

- Go to the Farmer’s Daughter farmers market and pick up as much of that DIVINE tea with pineapple in it (yes, pineapple; it is INSPIRED.) to take up north with me, because I’ve never seen it anywhere else, and my attempts at copying it myself have been abysmal.

- Try and see everybody I adore down here one more time. Michael’s clients and staff tonight, ice cream at Menchie’s with Sue and Jonna on Sunday, Jess Monday, Roz Tuesday, Angelea et al Wednesday…

- Ugh. One more trip to the laundromat, which I HATE, because it costs a bajillion dollars in quarters, and the guy who runs the place looks – and acts – alarmingly like Lurch from “The Adams Family.”

- Show! One last show for Midge, his second (and potentially final) qualifier for the Developing Championships.

- Go to Publix and have exactly one piece of their Tres Leches Cake, which I have wanted to eat since Day 1 in Florida, because it is the Nectar of the Gods. I’m saving this one for the Monday before I leave.

- And last but not least, find Midge’s &*@#$&! FEI passport!


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