The Packing List

Dec 21, 2012 - 8:21 AM

Saddle Pads:

  • 6 white everyday – nice enough but not too nice
  • 4 show pads
  • 3 brown pads (the pretty ones with my logo on them)


  • 2 everyday scrims, 2 nice scrims
  • 4 coolers (2 everyday, 2 nice)
  • Sheets, turnout sheets, blankets (Ugh, blankets. We’ll only use them a few nights, but there will be a few nights in the 20s or 30s. Woe is me!)

Fly masks (that’s more like it!)


  • 3 brown sets
  • 6 white sets (including 2 that are nice enough for award ceremonies – wishful thinking!)


  • Schooling boots
  • Ella’s turnout boots + Equifit ankle-boot liners (maybe I can jerry-rig some way of protecting her leg from doing whatever other dumbass thing she can come up with this year…)
  • Bell boots x2 sets

Grooming supplies, including cowboy magic, vaseline, 3 squishies (my affectionate term for the chin cushions I use), in blue tote
Braiding supplies, including Quic Braid, clippers
Cross ties
Step stool
Bathing supplies, including Quic Silver, sponge, squeegee, Sore No More in a spray bottle, separate bottle of Trackside SNM, crud shampoo
TOWELS! All shapes and sizes.
Fly spray, different kinds (not that any of them work anyway)
Fly bonnets:

  • 3 schooling
  • 1 nice navy one and 1 nice brown one (to wear at shows because my forelock braids never look good. Confession.)

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Zip ties, stapler, duct tape, packing tape
Pen, markers, scissors
Wheelbarrow, fork, broom, shovel
Boot jack, boot pulls
Fans x4, bungees, extension cords
Freezer, ice boots
Trailer Aid, 4-way wrench (DO NOT FORGET THE WRENCH, YOU DUMMY)


  • Water buckets x14 (8 stall, 6 turnout, all with snaps)
  • Feed buckets x3, ground feeders x2

First aid kit, including banamine, vetwrap, dex, needles & syringes, vetwrap, dex powder, 6 tubes Ulcergard, LOTS of vetwrap, Alushield.
6 standing wraps & bandages
2 bandage racks
extra 2x ended snaps

Did I mention vetwrap?

CRUD GOO-PALOOZA: desitin, QuickDerm, Dr. Allen’s voodoo

THRUSH GOO-PALOOZA: neato spray stuff I discovered in Florida last year, clear stuff that doesn’t work as well but at least isn’t green

Hose + nozzle (to replace the (at least!) one that, inevitably, I will break)
Laser (more for me than for them at this point – they’re quite sound, and I’m quite not)
Hay bags for trailer (so I don’t have to run around like a fool trying to find some like two years ago. Whoops!)
Salt blocks & holders
Feed scoop
Nice halters (the pretty leather ones with their names on them, for when I’m embarrassed to be seen in the nylon ones covered in mud/poo/lord-only-knows-what that I bought for $6/each on Ebay)
Jolly balls on ropes (because HEAVEN FORBID Midgey or Fender be without their toys!)

Boots (schooling, showing)
Helmets (schooling, showing)
Gloves (schooling, showing)
Spur straps (schooling, showing… you know, even with two of everything, one set of black and one set of navy, I will still inevitably break, lose or be without at one point or another during the season. How is that possible?)

…oh yeah, and the horses. Guess they should come, too.


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