Our Best Of 2013

Jan 2, 2014 - 6:47 AM

As 2014 begins, we took a look back at the most read articles on www.chronofhorse.com in 2013. They ranged from thought-provoking blogs to hilarious lists to unusually colored horses and inspiring partnerships… Click on the titles to read them all.

The Souls The Barn Builds

Kristin Carpenter’s poignant blog about how a childhood spent in a barn shapes a person was far and away the most-read article on the Chronicle’s site in 2013, with more than 57,000 views. Kristin’s words struck a chord in readers.

“The barn makes for a different childhood experience. When all the other teenagers are out partying on a Saturday night, you will be lying in the bed of a truck staring at the sky. You’ll get to see stars how they are meant to be seen—by the thousands—not just the few that shine through the light pollution of the cities. You will learn peace with the silence of the outdoors, and a kind of meditation that comes from hours of manual labor with nothing but wind and animals’ breath as music.”

What’s Not For Sale

Chronicle Editor Beth Rasin’s staff blog about the horse with no price also resonated with readers, with more than 42,000 views.

“Although he was really maybe too small for me, I felt at home on him. Although I never really got the half-halt or proper brakes on him, I enjoyed the speed. Although he never completely settled, I trusted him, and I think he always took care of me in a way I would never have admitted back then.”

Don’t Puke At C

This humorous look at some gems of trainer quotes was hugely popular, with more than 40,000 views.

“Honey, just save us both some time and get off and lay in the dirt. It’s where you’re headed anyway.” –Cara Schmidt

No words. She just walked over to a big jump standard and banged her head against it three or four times. –Buffy Seidel

“CSU Blanketing Study” Facebook Post A Hoax

Ever see that “blanketing sudy” post pop up in your Facebook feed? We did a little research to see if it was valid. Guess what!

Surviving A Scary Moment

Chronicle reporter Mollie Bailey happened to catch a remarkable series of photos while she was covering the Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup Final in Barcelona. Angelica Augustsson stayed composed while her horse, Mic Mac du Tillard, had a temper tantrum.

How Much Do You Have To Pay To Play?

After the sale of a show jumper for 11 million Euros, Chronicle Associate Editor Molly Sorge wrote a staff blog pondering the repercussions of the exorbitant price. 

“The sad reality of the horse world is that it very rarely makes sense to say no to selling a horse. So, young up and comers like Janika Sprunger wave goodbye to their championship medal hopes for the next few years as the horse van pulls out the driveway in a cloud of cash.”

From The Kill Truck To National Grand Prix Championship

A draft cross who was bred in a PMU program has made his way to the top of the dressage world, competing at Grand Prix.

“It was exciting to me that his breeding isn’t traditional,” said his rider Candace Platz. “It’s not like I’m trying to prove something by riding an untraditional horse—and if he wasn’t able to do it, they wouldn’t give him the scores—but it just made me laugh. I want to ride with my brain and my heart, and I want horses that reward that. I think it’s fun to do things in unexpected ways. I love when life is unusual and creative. Having such an unconventional horse, I was like, ‘This horse is born for me.’ ”

A Horse Of Another Color

When Chronicle reporter Lindsay Berreth saw a brindle horse canter around the hunter ring, she knew she needed to find out more. Her story about Queen Of Hearts and the reason for her coloring captivated readers.

Eek! A Jump!

A photo of a young horse WAY overjumping a little fence went viral on Facebook and we got the story behind the photo. 

Horse Show Photographers Are Facing A Crisis

It was in 2011 that horse show photographer Shawn McMillen (who sadly passed away in the fall of 2013) wrote this column for the Chronicle. It addresses the growing problem of copyright violation and the theft of digital images. The article has become a touchstone for photographers in trying to explain the problem to their customers and it is linked to frequently.

“I know that the theft exists. I would be an idiot if I didn’t; all I have to do is look at Facebook and find thousands of my and my fellow photographers’ proofs stolen. So far, I’ve chosen to concentrate on the paying customers and not worry about what can’t be stopped.

“The only way that Internet theft will stop is if the equestrian community polices itself. I’ve tried limited posting of proofs, pay for posting, no posting, etc., and everything that I do only punishes the good customers. The photo thieves just work quicker, smarter and faster.”

Check out the best Chronicle photos moments of 2013 and a collection of Chronicle reporters’ favorite memories of the 2013 season.



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