Ocala Week V

Mar 22, 2010 - 3:02 PM
Kristen Mohr receives some last-minute advice from trainer Kate Conover before heading into the ring with Pam Wildman's ChaCha. Photo by ESI.

Ocala has been a blast so far. I have been able to ride so many different horses, and every week has been a successful one in my eyes as far as how good the horses are getting. Emil and Kate are so much fun to work with, and they have taught me so much.

This is my first time staying down here for the whole circuit and not commuting back to New Jersey. Sometimes it’s hard to balance schoolwork and riding, but I manage it because school is so important for me to do well in. I go to a public school, and I am so grateful that they are willing to cooperate with me so I can pursue this great opportunity. 

There have been so many memorable moments, but one thing that I will definitely remember for a while was the USEF Medal last week. I rode a horse that I’ve never ridden before, named Calvin, and I got into the test and for the test, we had to completely remove our stirrups! I was walking into the test with my friend laughing and thinking this is just perfect. I actually ended up second though!

This week was really fun. A bunch of the ponies got off this week, so my schedule wasn’t as crazy as usual. I got to show a new equitation horse named Cartier. He has been at Redfield, but this weekend was my first time riding him. He was so much fun. We were third in the M&S Medal (we were called back first but had a little bobble in the test!), and we were second in the Maclay. He is such an amazing horse, and Emil helped me so much in getting to know him in such a short period of time.

Along with Cartier, I also have been showing a horse named Lorentin in the equitation. I rode him when he was a fairly new horse at Redfield, and Emil and Kate have been helping me with this horse. We are all getting to know him together, and he is getting better and better every day.

I have been showing a junior hunter named ChaCha, owned by Pam Wildman and I want to thank her so much for letting me ride him. We have been doing really well every week, and we won the classic one of the weeks. He is so much fun, and I love showing him in the main hunter ring because we can just be on an open stride the whole time. We all spoil him so much because he’s so cute! He has to be one of the funniest horses ever—he loves banana peels! He will just eat a banana, peel and all, or you can just give him the peel! ChaCha is one horse that can always make me smile; he is always so happy and friendly and looking for a treat no matter what!

I also got to show the medium pony hunter, Rockport, for the Schaefers. He goes like a horse, so he is a perfect ride for me. We were third in the pony commotion that went in the grand prix ring, and we were champion this week. Last week was my first time showing him, and we won the classic. The Schaefers are some of the nicest and most genuine people to be around; I love riding for them.

I am so excited for next week because I get to compete in the Ronnie Mutch Equitation Classic. In order to qualify for this class, you have to win a 3’6” equitation class. You have to walk the course and do everything without a trainer. I am excited to see what the course is like and what kind of ideas we will all come up with for the course without having our trainers there. This class should be so much fun and such a great learning experience.

I can’t believe we only have one more week of Ocala left. The circuit has gone by so fast! Emil and Kate have helped me get so many nice rides over the past few weeks, and it has been so much fun getting to know the horses along with them. After Ocala we get to go to Tampa. I’m so excited!

Next up: Week 6! The final week of Ocala!

Talk to you later!
Kristen Mohr

Kristen Mohr, winner of the 2010 R.W. “Ronnie” Mutch Scholarship, has agreed to blog about her showing experiences this year and the opportunities she’s been able to take advantage of after winning the scholarship.


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